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Topic: United States order of precedence

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Flag Rules and Regulations
When the flag of the United States is displayed from a staff projecting horizontally or at an angle from the window sill, balcony, or front of a building, the union of the flag should be placed at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half-staff.
The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs.
By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory.
www.ushistory.org /betsy/flagetiq.html   (0 words)

 The Purple Heart - Our First Military Medal
At the time he issued his Executive Orders on August 7, 1782 he stated: "The order (authorizing the Badge of Military Merit) to be retroactive to the earliest stages of the war, and to be a permanent one." But Washington himself, presented only three, and the award faded into obscurity.
The practice of wearing medals was far too reminiscent of European aristocracy, and the people of the United States had taken great steps to build their nation far from the European model.
Though low in the order of precedence on the Pyramid of Honor (it ranks below the Bronze star), it is one of the most widely recognized and respected medals.
www.homeofheroes.com /medals/purple_heart/purple_heart.html   (2788 words)

The amount stated on an insurance policy, to be paid upon death or maturity.
A client order which is not subject to cancellation, or an order to buy or sell for a broker-dealer's own account.
A block order in which the broker/dealer purchases a portion of the block and...
www.fxwords.com /f   (0 words)

 MIG: International Parental Child Abduction Colombia
The Hague Convention: The United States is a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.
The Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues (CI) is the Central Authority in the United States.
If no custody order exists, and your state’s laws are silent as to a parent’s right of custody, an affidavit of law from a U.S. lawyer may be acceptable.
travel.state.gov /family/abduction/country/country_3057.html   (0 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
A further point is that Texas is not the only state that the United States government recognized as an independent nation before being admitted to the Union.
Title 4, United States Code, section 1: "The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be forty-eight stars, white in a blue field."
Title 4, United States Code, section 2: "On the admission of a new State into the Union one star shall be added to the union of the flag; and such addition shall take effect on the fourth day of July then next succeeding such admission."
www.eaglemountainflag.com /frequently_asked_questions.htm   (787 words)

Continental United States: The 48 contiguous States, Alaska and the District of Columbia.
Contiguous United States: The 48 adjacent States, and the District of Columbia.
United does not have to inquire into the correctness or sufficiency of documentation and shall not be liable for loss of expense due to Shipper's failure to comply with this provision.
www.unitedcargo.com /shipping/RRgeneral.jsp   (4597 words)

By the end of the century the Order exchanged Ambassadors or Ministers with the Holy Roman Emperor, the Kings of France, Spain, Portugal, Prussia, and Sardinia, and the Emperor of Russia, the Republic of Venice, the United Provinces of the Netherlands, and the Elector of Bavaria.
A Sovereign State has "the fundamental right to demand that other States treat it on a perpetually equal footing."[38] This must be so even if it may appear that their Sovereignty is limited in a way which classic definitions of Sovereignty would consider sufficient to impeach their claims to Sovereignty or independent status.
The Statutes of the Order are the modern equivalent of the ancient Rule confirmed by Pope Paschal II in 1113, but the authority of the Holy See did not affect or impinge upon the validity of the Order’s rule of either Rhodes (from 1310 to 1523) or Malta (from 1530-1798).
www.chivalricorders.org /orders/smom/maltasov.htm   (9540 words)

 Cooler Nights Are A Blessing, But Caution And Control Are Still In Order | United States Golf Association
When soils are saturated golf course preparation, presentation and playability may have to take a lower priority to turf health.
The turf will be a bit longer, but it will be there for the remainder of the season as long at grass growing judgment takes precedence over desires of the vocal minority.
Hyperodes weevil populations continue to be an issue in the northern tier of the region.
www.usga.org /turf/regional_updates/regional_reports/midatlantic/07-10-2006.html   (307 words)

 Order of Precedence in England and Wales
Precedence existed in pre-Conquest times: an Anglo-Saxon document states that "in the laws of the English, people and law went by ranks." The Conquest presumably resulted in the introduction of precedence as it was practiced at the court of Normandy, just as titles and offices were imported by the victors.
However, the Order of 1520 was held in high regard, and was adopted by the commissioners for executing the office of Earl Marshal in 1595 when they were asked by Elizabeth I to inquire into place and precedence.
House of Lords Precedence Act 1539 and the Ordinance of 1595, both of which were to a large extent codifying current practice, form the canvass of the order of precedence.
www.heraldica.org /topics/britain/order_precedence.htm   (5531 words)

 Order of the Bath at AllExperts
The Order's motto is Tria iuncta in uno (Latin for "Three joined in one"), a reference to either the union of England, Scotland and Ireland, or to the Holy Trinity.
The Order is the fourth-most senior of the British Orders of Chivalry, after The Most Noble Order of the Garter, The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, and The Most Illustrious Order of St Patrick.
The Order's Usher is known as the Gentleman Usher of the Scarlet Rod; he does not, unlike his Order of the Garter equivalent (the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod) perform any duties in the House of Lords.
en.allexperts.com /e/o/or/order_of_the_bath.htm   (2154 words)

 United States Order of Precedence - dKosopedia
The United States order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the United States government.
The order is established by the President of the United States and can be changed by the President.
The order of precedence of the United States of America as of 2005
www.dkosopedia.com /index.php/United_States_Order_of_Precedence   (401 words)

In canon law the general rule is that precedence is determined by rank in the hierarchy both of jurisdiction and of order.
The order of precedence is regulated as follows: the pope always takes first rank, after him come cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops, exempt bishops, suffragan bishops, titular bishops, and prelates nullius.
In these categories priority of ordination and promotion determines precedence, among bishops or archbishops the date of their first promotion to the episcopal or archiepiscopal dignity.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12371c.htm   (519 words)

 Order for the Inauguration
Order For Conducting The Ceremonial For The Inauguration Of The President.
That the members of both Houses assemble in their respective chambers precisely at 12 o'clock, and that the Representatives, preceded by their Speaker and attended by their Clerk and other officers, proceed to the Senate Chamber, there to be received by the VicePresident and Senators rising.
To the end that the oath of office may be administered to the President in the most public manner and that the greatest number of the people of the United States, and without distinction, may be witnesses to the solemnity, that therefore the oath be administered in the outer gallery adjoining to the Senate Chamber.
www.multied.com /Documents/NEWNATION/OrderfortheInauguration.html   (514 words)

 The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Optional Protocols
The sending State shall transmit the commission or similar instrument through the diplomatic or other appropriate channel to the Government of the State in whose territory the head of a consular post is to exercise his functions.
The order of precedence as between two or more heads of consular posts who obtained the exequatur or provisional admission on the same date shall be determined according to the dates on which their commissions or similar instruments or the notifications referred to in paragraph 3 of Article 11 were presented to the receiving State.
The obligations of third States under paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this Article shall also apply to the persons mentioned respectively in those paragraphs, and to official communications and to consular bags, whose presence in the territory of the third State is due to force majeure.
www.sos.state.tx.us /border/intlprotocol/vienna.shtml   (8794 words)

 Joe Biden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Persuaded not to resign in order to care for them, Biden began the practice of commuting an hour and a half each day on the train from his home in the Wilmington suburbs to Washington, DC.
In the small state of Delaware, Biden is highly regarded, mostly because of his frequent presence and attention to local needs.
It was later found to be unconstitutional in the ruling of United States v.
www.proxygasp.com /index.php?q=aHR0cDovL2VuLndpa2lwZWRpYS5vcmcvd2lraS9Kb2VfQmlkZW4=   (3071 words)

 FEMA Executive Orders Paved The Way For Emerging Police State Hell
Executive Order 10999 allows Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control of highways, seaports and waterways.
Executive Order 11002 empowered the postmaster general to register all men, women and children in the U.S. Executive Order 11003 allows seizure of all airports and aircraft.
Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
www.infowars.com /articles/new_orleans/fema_orders_pave_way_ps_hell.htm   (1393 words)

 Beyond Imperialism: The New Internationalism
Still, the United States and Japan reached agreement that they would not challenge their respective empires: the United States would not dispute Japanese control over Korea or southern Manchuria, and Japan would not infringe on U.S. sovereignty in the Philippines, Guam, or Hawaii.
The United States, after all, continued to espouse the principle of national selfdetermination, and the Soviet Union, for its part, preached ideological anti-imperialism.
The United Nations sponsored conferences to deal with them, and it was joined by newly formed nongovernmental organizations that were transnational in character, such as Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International.
hnn.us /articles/13625.html   (3971 words)

 What Does the Office of the Chief of Protocol Do?
Plan and execute detailed programs for foreign leaders visiting the President and accompany them during their official travel in the United States, including their visit with the President at the White House.
Accredit the diplomatic officials assigned to Washington, to the United Nations, and to the Organization of American States.
Arrange the official entertainment by the Secretary of State, especially events in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the State Department.
www.state.gov /s/cpr/51328.htm   (457 words)

 Navy Birthday Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Precedence of the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps
In contrast, the United States Navy until 1972 gave various responses to the question of when it was founded, often citing legislation dating from its reestablishment in the 1790s.
At the time the order of precedenceof the U.S. services was established, the Navy was using the dates from the 1790s, as its founding, and hence was viewed as a younger service than the Marine Corps.
www.history.navy.mil /birthday2.htm   (394 words)

 Ambassador Bill Richardson, Speech delivered to the American Museum of Natural History on Environmental Challenges ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ambassador Richardson said in order to ensure environmental stability and security in the 21st Century, the U.S. must confront the global issues of global warming, desertification and the destruction of endangered species.
If we are to succeed in ensuring environmental security in the face of great challenges to the sustainability of our planet, the United States must firmly commit itself to serving as an international leader in devising and abiding by practical and appropriate multilateral approaches for preserving the environment.
And, the United States should be leading and not lagging behind in embracing those multilateral agreements and approaches that safeguard our interests and sustain human existence.
www.un.int /usa/98_80.htm   (2361 words)

 'The best minds are in India'
You have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Germany.
Yes, a state like West Bengal, in an effort to catch up with the rest of the states, is far more aggressive than any other state in the country today.
There are some states like Karnataka that have reached a point of saturation that they are indifferent to any more new companies coming there, which is reflected in the bureaucracy.
www.rediff.com /money/2006/jan/23inter.htm   (2054 words)

 Amazon.com: The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America: Books: Kenneth Pollack   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The United States "must address Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons," Pollack acknowledges, at the expense of other concerns.
His analysis of Iran, especially its history, and his compact description of how the United States found itself where it stands today is incredibly focused and prescient.
In 1953, the United States along with Britain ousted someone who was perceived as a dictatorial leader un-receptive to classical liberal ideals ostensibly sweeping the globe (Huntington's "Second Wave").
www.amazon.com /Persian-Puzzle-Conflict-Between-America/dp/1400063159   (4444 words)

 Military.com Resources
While the federal code contains no penalties for misusing the flag, states have their own flag codes and may impose penalties.
In 1989, Congress enacted the Flag Protection Act, which states that anyone who knowingly desecrates the flag may be fined and/or imprisoned for up to one year.
It should especially be displayed on national and state holidays, and special occasions.
www.military.com /Resources/ResourceFileView?file=flags.htm   (392 words)

 Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol
States (in order of presentation of their credentials)
Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the United
Representatives of United States Missions to the European Union (USEU) and the
www.nyc.gov /html/unccp/html/protocol/precedence.shtml   (0 words)

The Ceremonials division organizes ceremonial and official functions hosted by the Vice President, Secretary of State, and other high-ranking United States Government officials, and supports the President as requested.
In addition, the Ceremonials division maintains the Order of Precedence of the United States of America; answers questions on flag etiquette, forms of address, seating, invitations, dietary, and cultural restrictions; and compiles lists for and assists the White House in the issuance of presidential holiday greeting cards.
The Gifts Officer is responsible for the appropriate selection of gifts to be given by the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and their respective spouses to foreign dignitaries.
www.state.gov /s/cpr/what/cermnls   (201 words)

 Publications index page - NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
The Diplomatic and Consular List and the order of precedence list are both available as pages on this website.
As part of its legal obligations as a State party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, New Zealand has published the proceedings of the presentation of its initial report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child.
United Nations and Commonwealth Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 195 Lambton Quay, Private Bag 18 901, Wellington, New Zealand.
www.mfat.govt.nz /Media-and-publications/Publications   (1013 words)

 Hereditary Society Precedence List
The rule of precedence for hereditary societies is based upon the chronological order of the date of founding of each society.
The following is a comprehensive list of all current hereditary societies (those which qualify for an HSC listing based on membership and longevity), in the appropriate order of precedence.
1896 Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors
www.hereditary.us /precedence.htm   (918 words)

 Nintendo of America Inc. - Online Privacy Policy
Visitors to Nintendo's Web sites from outside the United States are advised that Nintendo's Privacy Policy is intended to meet the laws and regulations of the United States, which may not necessarily be the same as the laws and regulations of your home country.
Parental permission is required under these circumstances in order for a child under the age of 13 to participate.
Personal information collected on any of Nintendo's Web sites may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Nintendo or its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents maintain facilities, and by using any of Nintendo's Web sites you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.
www.nintendo.com /privacy   (0 words)

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