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Topic: United States casualties of war

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In the News (Mon 18 Jun 18)

  Military history of the United States - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This provoked a war in the Northwest Territory in which the U.S. forces performed poorly; the Battle of the Wabash in 1791 was the most severe defeat ever suffered by the United States at the hands of American Indians.
In the United States, the conflict was termed a police action under the aegis of the United Nations rather than a war, largely in order to remove the necessity of a Congressional declaration of war.
The War on Terrorism is a global effort by the governments of several countries (primarily the United States and its principal allies) to neutralize international groups it deems as terrorist (primarily radical Islamist terrorist groups, including al-Qaida) and ensure that rogue nations no longer support terrorist activities.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Military_history_of_the_United_States   (6163 words)

 Amazon.com: Casualties of War (Extended Cut): DVD: Michael J. Fox,Sean Penn,Don Harvey,John C. Reilly,Thuy Thu Le,John ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Casualties of War, despites some of its flaws, is quite faithful to the original text which was a true story.
Casualties of War is probably the most insightful, thought-provoking Hollywood movie ever to deal with the Vietnam war, and one of the very finest war films ever made.
While Casualties of War is definitely not a bad film, it had the unfortunate distinction of being released at the same time as Full Metal Jacket, Born of the Fourth of July, and Platoon.
www.amazon.com /Casualties-War-Extended-Brian-Palma/dp/B000ELL1R6   (2376 words)

 Casualties of war - Salon
During World War II, a war regarded by all of its combatants as one of national survival, an entire enemy nation, soldiers and civilians alike, was regarded as a legitimate target.
Large numbers of civilian casualties, or individual horrors like Dresden or the firebombing of Tokyo, were seen as regrettable, but they did not cause participants or historians to alter their assessment of the moral status of the parties involved.
Moral purists might argue that Iraqi military casualties, too, should be kept as low as possible; but once hostilities commence, the uniformed personnel of an enemy army, no matter how unwilling they are to fight or tyrannical their leader, are generally considered legitimate targets.
dir.salon.com /story/news/feature/2003/03/20/casualties/index.html   (1112 words)

 The Korean War
In brief, the Korean War began with the invasion of the South by North Korean troops.
For the next two years, the war was fought mostly in the air as the battle line on the ground hardened into a massive defensive network on both sides.
These leaders felt that the human misery and political humiliation associated with pursuing a limited war was preferable to the much greater loss and doubtful outcome of a global war.
www.cotf.edu /ete/modules/korea/kwar.html   (1174 words)

 United States casualties of war - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Military casualties suffered by the United States of America in war or deployments:
CNN list of U.S. Casualties in Iraq since 2003.
Fact Sheet on American Wars from the VA
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_casualties_of_war   (170 words)

 Casualties of war - Salon
Hanson excoriates Westerners who demand that this war be waged in such a way as to minimize Iraqi civilian deaths, saying that that approach endangers their own soldiers.
Hanson's assumption that the United States will endanger its own troops to spare innocent Iraqis is part of what underlies his low casualty predictions.
After all, if one of the war's goals really is a transformation of the Middle East meant to undermine the ideological power of radical Islam, it would be wholly counterproductive for America to hand Osama bin Laden the P.R. coup of murdered Arabs on al-Jazeera TV.
dir.salon.com /story/news/feature/2003/03/20/casualties/index1.html   (1442 words)

 Casualties of War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
During the Civil War there were 31.5 people in the United States.
Mary Chestnut, a southern woman whose diary is now famous, once wrote [about three years into the war] that before the Civil War she did not know a family that had someone in the army, but that now she did not know of any family that had not lost someone to the war.
Also consider that the men in most military units were from the same area, companies being formed of men from the same town or county.
extlab1.entnem.ufl.edu /olustee/related/wtc.htm   (781 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
World War II ended with the surrender of Japan in September 1945, and Army nurses stationed around the world began planning to return home.
The war also revealed the existence of two superpowers -- the United States and the Soviet Union, countries which would determine the fate of Europe and the world for the next four decades.
By the end of the war, in 1945, 27 million of 110 million soldiers and around 25 million civilians had died.
lycos.cs.cmu.edu /info/world-war-ii--united-states.html   (458 words)

 USCWC -- Statistical Summary: America's Major Wars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
It is somewhat unreliable, since it includes multiple enlistments in the case of wars prior to 1900, and is a gross figure, including all personnel ever in the service during the conflict.
In addition, figures for post-1945 wars are polluted to some extent by the fact that a significant portion of the forces under arms during these conflicts were not actually directly engaged in the war, but were securing the nation's other global commitments.
Under Percentages, KIA refers to the percent of those enrolled killed in action, Dead to the percent dead from all causes, and Casualty to the percent killed or injured.
www.cwc.lsu.edu /cwc/other/stats/warcost.htm   (414 words)

 Leap In The Dark: Casualties Of War
A cenotaph for the people from that locale who have died in the wars that our countries have fought memorializing their contribution to whatever cause was considered worth sending them off to die for.
In the United States I know you have erected the fl wall in Washington D.C. in memory of the soldiers who died in Viet Nam, and perhaps local cenotaphs will have added lines for those who died in the first Gulf War, and more recently Afghanistan and of course the current conflict in Iraq.
They exhort us to support our troops by not speaking dissent against the job they are doing, but what in turn are the governments doing to recognise the fact that son, husbands, and fathers aren't going to be coming home to their loved ones.
blogs.epicindia.com /leapinthedark/2006/04/casualties_of_war.html   (1528 words)

 Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A legacy of the ten years of civil war during the 80s is that many military garrisons and facilities are located in urban areas where the Soviet-backed government had placed them since they could be better protected there from attacks by the rural mujahideen.
Yet another, wails about too much press coverage of civilian casualties by a media unable to understand that some civilian casualties must occur but that "what IS newsworthy is that so many bombs hit their targets".
Contrary to myths perpetrated in the United States, there were many reporters on the ground in Afghanistan or in the border areas during the first three months of the air war.
www.cursor.org.cob-web.org:8888 /stories/civilian_deaths.htm   (12430 words)

 The United States at war
The United States was attacked, and we responded.
The President, and his cabinet, along with many in the State Department made the military decisions in Viet Nam that, in the end, failed miserably.
During modern war the media is a double-edged sword.: or, perhaps a two-headed dragon.
home.alltel.net /winlyn/war.html   (648 words)

 CNN.com - Casualties of war: How much should the public see? - Nov. 4, 2003
This was in marked contrast to the first Gulf War in 1991 when reporters were barred from going to the front lines.
But what hasn't changed over the past dozen years is the Pentagon's refusal to permit camera crews to record the return of those troops killed in action.
That's why you're not seeing the nearly daily arrival of coffins in the United States.
www.cnn.com /2003/US/11/04/wbr.US.casualties/index.html   (515 words)

 Al Qaeda Declaration of War - UnitedStatesAction.com
As stated by the people of knowledge, it is not a secret that to use man made law instead of the Shari'a and to support the infidels against the Muslims is one of the ten "voiders" that would strip a person from his Islamic status (turn a Muslim into a Mushrik, non believer status).
At other occasions some righteous people were tricked into a war of words against the Ulama and the leaders of the movement, wasting the energy of the nation in discussing minor issues and ignoring the main one that is the unification of the people under the divine law of Allah.
He described the situation of the Muslims and the Mujahideen and stated that even the military personnel who are not practising Islam are not exempted from the duty of Jihad against the enemy.
www.unitedstatesaction.com /war-declaration2.htm   (14399 words)

 History for Cold War Combat Casualties: United States European Command (1)
It is estimated 22 million former, current military, Department of Defense Civilian, Intelligence, Foreign Service, and United States employees faithfully performed their Cold War duties.
These are estimates of Cold War Casualties: 400,000 were exposed to toxins, and 59% died due to exposure.
The Cold War began when the war weary Western Leaders Roosevelt and Churchill gave in to the demands of Joseph Stalin known as the Yalta Conference Accord 4th-11th February 1945.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageHistory/1,13506,729376,00.html   (330 words)

 Casualties Of War
The good news is that there may be some casualties of this war that are entirely welcome, long overdue, exceptionally positive.
If this war is fought by the rules of political correctness, it will be the last war we as a nation live to fight.
It is equally vulnerable to nuclear attacks by terrorist states quickly arming themselves with unconventional weapons of mass destruction.
www.flamingtorch.org /articles/2002/jfm/casualities.htm   (809 words)

 Fatalities List Since May 1st
The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other--instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.
Koth was assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Eight, serving with Multinational Corps Iraq in Baghdad.
His unit was conducting combat operations against enemy forces in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.
www.antiwar.com /casualties/list.php   (11831 words)

 Casualties of War: First Truth, Then Conscience
The rationales for this war have been thoroughly shredded.
As the apt cliché says, truth is the first casualty of war.
In the domestic media siege being maintained by top-notch spinners and shrewd political advisers at the White House, conscience is in the cross hairs.
www.dissidentvoice.org /Articles2/Solomon_WarCasualties.htm   (609 words)

 Online NewsHour: Casualties of War -- April 30, 2004
On a special edition of Nightline on Friday, Ted Koppel read the names of all of the U.S. troops who have died in Iraq, but viewers of seven ABC stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting were not able to see it.
The Pentagon's ban on media coverage of the return of fallen service members was broken twice this week, reviving the debate over the Pentagon's prohibition on photos of the repatriation of the war dead.
TERENCE SMITH: Arizona Sen. John McCain, a supporter of the war in Iraq, sent a letter of protest today to David Smith, Sinclair's president and CEO, calling the decision "unpatriotic" and "a gross disservice to the public and to the men and women of the United States armed forces."
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/media/jan-june04/nightline_04-30.html   (862 words)

 War Casualties
Many men and women have died defending this nation on the field of battle or "on duty" under the colors of our Flag.
We have listed below casualties of war through the years to illustrate the significance of the sacrifice of many for our country.
These statistics are humbling in the face of the significance of their sacrifice.
www.americanfamilytraditions.com /war_casualties.htm   (152 words)

 Duane's Radio Weblog
Unless, of course, Hadley doesn't really have any memory problems at all, and this entire story was just made up to keep Bush from having to admit that he is responsible for what he says.
Do they really expect us to believe that the State of the Union Address was written by a lackey whose memory of his own actions doesn't extend beyond 3 months, and that no one else checked what he wrote before the president read it before congress?
Bush's speech on the aircraft carrier back in May was greatly premature, as was the war in general.
blogs.salon.com /0001947/categories/casualitiesOfWar   (1572 words)

 HyperWar: U.S. Navy in World War II
HyperWar: U.S. Navy in World War II Including the United States Coast Guard, which operates as part of the Navy during wartime.
United States Government Manual, 1945 for the organization of the Navy Department.
The U.S. Navy in the Pacific War 1941-1945
www.ibiblio.org /hyperwar/USN   (974 words)

 American Battle Monuments Commission
Type the last name, a space, and the first name or the initial of the first name of the World War I casualty you would like to find, then click the Search button.
We only have records of those casualties that are buried in our cemeteries or listed on the Walls of the Missing -- a total of 33,717 records.
You also may view the World War I casualties by STATE AND CEMETERY.
www.abmc.gov /search/wwi.php   (115 words)

 Casualties of War (US - DVD R1) in News > Releases at DVDActive
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a new extended cut of the Brian De Palma directed Casualties of War which stars Sean Penn, Michael J. Fox, Don Harvey and John C. Reilly.
The disc will be available to own from the 25th April, and should retail at around $19.94.
Depends on the thought behind it, If its just the studio wanting more moolah then its a bit pointless but if DePalma feels he has more to add that he was prevented from telling originally then I welcome it.
www.dvdactive.com /news/releases/casualties-of-war.html   (762 words)

 Casualties of War
My chart of U.S. casualties is currently projecting a monthly total of 115 deaths, which is far above any month's total since November, 2004, and does not include non-U.S. coalition troops.
It's not surprising to learn that the war in Iraq has heightened terrorism in the world, rather than lessened it.
The U.S. death toll in the Iraq war hit 2500 yesterday and the Bush administration has yet to give a good reason for going to war there.
homepage.mac.com /duanewilliams/iblog/C319559455/index.html   (2572 words)

 US Navy Armed Guard WWII Veterans (armedguard) (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I had achieved a license from the United States Coast Guard, (which agency of the United States Government is in charge of the U.S. Merchant Marine) as Master of Oceangoing Ships, and First Class Pilot's licenses for Boston Harbor, and New York Harbor.
This was the system adapted by the Government of the United States of America, at the beginning of our involvement in WWII, as being the most expeditious for the Sealift capacity of the thousands of ships, and trained seamen contemplated to be built and manned.
I have not gone into myriad facts and figures about the War at Sea, and the part that was played in WWII by the Seamen, and the USN Armed Guard Gunners who sailed, fought, and in too many cases, laid down their lives, in that terrible conflict.
www.armed-guard.com.cob-web.org:8888   (7877 words)

 United for Peace : MAY 3: Organize a Vigil to Mourn Civilian Casualties of War
United for Peace : MAY 3: Organize a Vigil to Mourn Civilian Casualties of War
CIVIC is asking people in communities throughout the United States — and the world — to hold vigils on Tuesday, May 3, to bring attention to civilian deaths and injuries caused by war.
Please create the most beautiful vigils possible, including candles, flowers, and photos in an effort to bring attention to the immense scale of human suffering that war brings.
www.unitedforpeace.org /article.php?id=2828   (403 words)

The Spanish were already fighting an ongoing war with Cuban Insurgents when the U.S. became involved and the war officially began.
Clerk of the Joint Committee on Printing, The Abridgement: Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress.
If you are interested in books, videos, CD's etc. related to the Spanish American War, simply type in "Spanish American War" (or whatever you are interested in) as the keyword and click on "go" to get a list of titles available through Amazon.com.
www.spanamwar.com /casualties.htm   (302 words)

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