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Topic: Universal Paradigm

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  Universal Access FAQ
Universal access is the goal of enabling all citizens to reach every destination served by their public street and pathway system.
Universal access is the explicit condition that this connectivity be preserved to every destination served by the publicly owned transportation system.
Universal access simply requires that all users be able to travel to whatever destinations their available time allows.
www.humantransport.org /universalaccess/page3.html   (1403 words)

 About Universal Accounting Center Corporate
Universal Accounting Center (UAC) was built around the unmistakable need for competent training in the proper application of accounting principles in the daily processes necessary to run and operate a successful business.
Since that time Universal Accounting®, which is registered with the State of Utah, has become an international institution with campuses located across the nation and a large online presence with multiple websites.
Universal Accounting is committed to creating a positive paradigm shift in the role that accounting plays in business.
www.universal-accounting-center.com /about-Universal-Accounting-Center.htm   (414 words)

 Giorgio Agamben, "What is a Paradigm?" August 2002, European Graduate School, EGS, Saas-Fee, Switzerland
This means that the paradigm does not move from the particular to the universal, nor from the universal to the particular, but from the particular to the particular.
The paradigm analogy is depolar and not dichotomic, it is tensional and not oppositional.
Adam as typos of the messiah is a paradigm of the messiah.
www.egs.edu /faculty/agamben/agamben-what-is-a-paradigm-2002.html   (5890 words)

 Lewis Works
If the universe arose in a simultaneous manner as a single system, then might there not be other representatives of the same class of event structures that we identify as "the universe." I am not going to quibble over definitional issues.
If we look at the universe as a meta-system that encompasses and transcends all systems contained within it, or as a "meta-state" system, then it is possible to at least define a total universe as all encompassing and therefore as a single unique instance of itself.
This assumption of the grand universal continuity of the physical structure of our universe, that light is everywhere light traveling at a constant speed and gravity everywhere has the same capturing and inertial effects, is part of the foundation of the cosmological principle.
www.lewismicropublishing.com /Newsletter3   (12578 words)

 Toward a Development Paradigm for the 21st Century
At the heart of this failed model is a deeply materialistic view of the purpose and fundamental nature of the individual and society.
By linking material progress with fundamental spiritual aspirations, by appealing to those universal values which enable the individual to transcend narrow self-interest, the peoples of the world can be empowered to translate high-minded ideals and principles into constructive, sustained actions for their own well-being and the betterment of their communities.
Thus, a paradigm of development that seeks to promote global prosperity must take into account both the spiritual and material natures of the individual and society, while responding to the increasing interdependence of the peoples and nations of the planet.
www.bic-un.bahai.org /94-0822.htm   (384 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 03.01.08
Thus the number five, conceived as a particular set of objects, together with the notion of equipollence, performs the functions both of a paradigm instance and of a universal and, on the assumption that set theory is consistent, performs both functions consistently.
The reason there is no inconsistency in a Form's functioning both as a paradigm case and as a universal, it can now be seen, is that, strictly speaking, the two functions are divided between the Form itself and the relation of participation.
In the analysans the paradigm case is referred to by the expression 'the Form of Horse' whereas the universal is signified by the entire predicate 'participates in the Form of Horse'.
ccat.sas.upenn.edu /bmcr/1992/03.01.08.html   (3368 words)

 Androidal Systems
Since any conventional hardware utilized by the KP is configured under the universal grammar, the resulting integrated system allows conventional computing paradigms to be realized on the basis of function (in addition to structure) to meet the user's unique software needs.
Because machine languages are viewed through the universal grammar as "high-level languages," both the source and object codes are construed simply as ordinary languages translated by the system's universal translation capabilities.
Because both the physical system and the model are understood by the KP from the standpoint of the universal grammar, and because the model system is embodied in the hardware of the knowledge processing platform, the KP accomplishes both the design and implementation of a physical system in the same technological scenario, as illustrated below.
www.androidal.com /pages/prodapps.html   (2543 words)

 Universal Service in a Ubiquitous Digital Network
Universal service has traditionally been based upon two fundamental assumptions: that there exists a single service to which all are entitled and providing this service is a function of geography.
Universal service is targeted at two groups: rural subscribers who may be unable to support the infrastructure necessary to provide service and the urban poor.
A previous work on universal service characteristics focused upon the structure of the regulatory regime (Gillett, 1994); it argued for a regulatory approach to universal service that is compatible with this set of technological specifications.
www.isoc.org /inet99/proceedings/1c/1c_1.htm   (4917 words)

 Towards an Edge Methodology for Complex Systems Simulation
The paradigm of a universal dynamics on the edge of chaos may be formed by considering the simplest nonlinear dynamical systems (one- dimensional parametrical maps of an interval into itself) in the parameter region from which chaotic behaviour is emerging.
So, the clue is that understanding that there are universal metrical and qualitative properties in the parametrical transition between regular and chaotic attractors is the effective methodological heuristic in the searching for simulation algorithms whilst a concrete "inward" mechanism which gives rise to the complex edge behaviour is not known.
If an expert system based on the paradigm of the universal behaviour on the edge of chaos is built, then it is necessary to fix the relation between basic elements of the system and key notions of the paradigm.
www.calresco.org /milov/ymtemcss.htm   (1553 words)

 Authors' Research
Universal Design is a concept that extends beyond the issues of accessibility for people with disabilities and offers a powerful rationale for responding to the broad diversity of users who have to interact with the built environment….
Above all, it highlights a major paradigm shift—from treating people as a part of the medical model, as dependant, passive recipients of care—to a model where everyone is treated as an equal citizen and disability is seen merely as a social construct, (Sandhu, 2000, p.
Although participants on the tour of homes were not specifically on tour to see a Universally Designed house, their interest in purchasing a new home may mean they are more motivated consumers and may have a heightened knowledge of home modifications, sensitivity to Universal Design, and bias attitudes regarding home modifications and aging in place.
students.rockhurst.edu /OTUD/new_page_12.htm   (4055 words)

 [No title]
Vision is driven by the underlying paradigm of the participants, which becomes the logic by which the activities of the participants are understood.
The value of the value sharing paradigm is that as the needs of the participants (the "customers") are anticipated and fulfilled, resources are allocated most efficiently and most equitably because they are placed where they are needed when they are needed, resulting in optimization of value.
Since the paradigm is the source of logic for the behavior, a paradigm which is consistent with the vision of the organization has great power to drive the actualization of that vision.
www.ldri.com /articles/93fillservqual.html   (6696 words)

The universality or ultimate context of things has to be determined concretely.
The Paradigm of Christ is the concrete universal.
So the concrete universal for Hegel is either the dialectical movement of the self or the amount of each concrete triadic movement.
www.actus.org /hegel1.html   (510 words)

 GW Pilots New Teaching Paradigm Through Universal Design
The University recently received a grant to help pilot innovative multimedia educational materials utilizing the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a new paradigm for teaching and curriculum development that challenges instructors to make learning accessible for all students.
One of four partner universities nationwide selected by grantor Ohio State University to incorporate UDL initiatives into the college classroom via online technology, GW will showcase its efforts to the University community on March 23 from 11 am to 1 pm in the Marvin Center, Room 308.
Universal Design for Learning builds upon that idea, laying the groundwork to help students with a wide range of disabilities to maximize learning in formal educational settings.
www.gwu.edu /~bygeorge/031505/universaldesign.html   (1047 words)

 History and Myth: Through the Eyes of the Transcendentalists
They emphasized both the present moment as equivalent to all other moments in history, and the inherent capacity of all men in the present -- the ordinary as well as the extraordinary -- for greatness of the kind demonstrated by famous individuals of earlier generations.
Who hath access to this universal mind is a party to all that is or can be done, for this is the only and sovereign agent.
Universal history, the poets, the romancers, do not in their stateliest pictures...
www.concordma.com /magazine/sepoct00/mythhistory.html   (1155 words)

 O'Reilly -- Open Source Paradigm Shift
I have been talking and writing about the paradigm shift for years, but until I heard Christensen speak at the Open Source Business Conference in March 2004, I hadn't heard his eloquent generalization of the economic principles at work in what I'd been calling business paradigm shifts.
The whole point of this is to also suggest that the other paradigm shift we need with open source is to put particular emphasis on simplifying principles that again open up the field for greater participation.
As a result, students came out of the university with no idea of Oracle, and since Oracle was so common among big enterprises these people had to pay for training and then got higher salaries for their unique knowlegde.
tim.oreilly.com /articles/paradigmshift_0504.html   (14442 words)

 A New Integral Paradigm
For a while I had let this go because i was feeling a bit disillusioned with over-intellectualism, but now I feel I can return to this subject with a better perspective.
I scrapped the old title because "Metaphysic" implies a mental conception, which in turn implies being limited to one's Mental Bubble or trapped in one's Mental Fortress.
It is suggested that such a universal, or "integral", paradigm could constitute a wider framework into which human knowledge, in all its facets, can be placed.
www.kheper.net /integral/integral_paradigm.html   (957 words)

 Universal Paradigm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Universal Paradigm is a New Age approach to life where many popular religions and philosophies are surveyed for Common Elements that are brought together in a unified whole to form the foundation of a belief system.
Supporters argue that the Common Elements are so basic and universal that they cannot be debated or disputed.
The Universal Paradigm believes truth and trust go hand-in-hand, and that as truth emerges, trust can grow to an almost infinite level between people.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Universal_Paradigm   (167 words)

 Essenic Theosophy
The purpose of the Universe is for spirit to manifest itself self-consciously through seven stages.
The first one is called sthula-sarira (Sanskrit) [from sthula coarse, gross, not refined, heavy, bulky, fat in the sense of bigness, conditioned and differentiated matter + sarira to molder, waste away] A gross body, impermanent because of its wholly compounded character.
Prana or Life permeates the whole being of the objective Universe; and is called a 'principle' only because it is an indispensable factor and the deus ex machina of the living man.
www.thenazareneway.com /mysticism/essenic_theosophy.htm   (1041 words)

 The Consciousness Paradigm
This means that propositions concerning the natural universe are evaluated by observation, not by their conformance to cultural idealsm, philosophical principles, or authoritarian doctrines.
The birth and assimilation of a new paradigm: A particular theory is adopted within a scientific discipline because it is very general and rich in possibilities to guide future research for experimentalists.
In sum, the consciousness paradigm will eventually emerge when the vast majority of scientists accepts a new mythology, which we think will be characterized by the primacy of spirit and the indivisibility of wholes.
www.enformy.com /ionsnewparadigm.htm   (3989 words)

 Wine: Universal Greatness vs Regional Diversity - America
Both of these paradigms have been around for a long time, probably since whenever it was that wine as a comestible rose a notch above other fruits or grains or a good fillet of mastodon in the human sense of appreciation about what they put in their mouths.
For starters, Zorg’s claim to universal greatness meant that he was obliged to sell his wine for more money than one would normally pay for a wine that was merely “regionally interesting”.
As a matter of fact, old Zorg’s paradigm of universal greatness was as much founded on the virtues of particular places (designated vineyard, within the “superior” appellations) as was Mok’s paradigm of endless regional diversity.
wine.appellationamerica.com /wine-review/252/Wine:-Universal-Greatness-vs-Regional-Diversity.html   (2233 words)

 A New Integral Paradigm - Introduction
Recently, I have been dedicating myself more intensely to self-transformation, and in addition have been rethinking my Theory of Everything and the concept of an integral paradigm, and the role of integral (in the sense of the term used by Ken Wilber) philosophy and spirituality in contributing to a new civilization.
The paradigm being presented here differs in many, if not most, of its assumptions so radically from the currently accepted "consensus reality" that the reader coming from that background may be inclined to reject it out of hand.
Such a Universal - or as Ken Wilber calls it, Integrative (2000b p.xv) or Integral (2000a pp.74ff) - approach can accommodate the physicalist paradigm without being limited by it; physicalism is just one part (or perspective) of a much larger whole.
www.kheper.net /integral/introduction.html   (1082 words)

 Video and the Online Paradigm
What will be explored and debated in the meeting rooms of the Hilton Universal City is a medium that engages both the right brain and left brain, in equal measure, at the same time.
For that reason, it's appropriate that we'll be wrestling with this question in Hollywood, the home of movies; a stones throw from Universal Studios.
Gord Hotchkiss is President and CEO of Enquiro, Canada's leading search engine marketing firm and one of the top firms in North America.
www.searchengineguide.com /hotchkiss/2006/0327_gh1.html   (1058 words)

 From Market Catallactics To Universal Social Theory:
Another Look At The Paradigm Of Rational Choice
Whatever the degree of consistency, the orthodox economic paradigm is not seen as beyond reproach and with the canonical status of a scientific exemplar.
The case for a rational choice paradigm of human behavior in marginalism seems on weak grounds, for attempts at expanding economic principles to all society are rare and impertinent in relation to the main orientation toward the “theory of [market] catallactics” (Edgeworth, 1967:33).
The reason why a universal economic approach is dubious lies in that the evaluation of the “comparative efficacy of means for attaining that end” (Mill, 1968:137) of wealth or profit is confined to the economic sphere.
theoryandscience.icaap.org /content/vol002.001/01zafirovski.html   (12129 words)

 HYLE 6-2 (2000): Biogeochemical Models in the Environmental Sciences
Dynamical systems have become the formal paradigm in the ‘discovery of complexity’ across a range of disciplines: Dynamical systems as universal paradigm propelled the diffusion of complexity concepts in the empirical sciences and have become the leading paradigm for both conceptual and numerical models of complex phenomena.
We will show how the dynamical system paradigm is adapted in the modeling procedure prevailing in the environmental sciences and we will cast a light on a number of problems arising in the course of the modeling procedure.
The dynamical system paradigm remains within the limits of an exo-physically conceived systems theory which is based on conceptually closed systems and which claims that essential, systemic properties arise from the particular configuration of system components.
www.hyle.org /journal/issues/6/haag.htm   (9201 words)

 Eastern Book Company — Practical Lawyer
In a time when the "clash of civilisations"1 and "dialogue amongst civilisations"2 are the reigning paradigms which govern the world, the purpose of this article is to explore the boundaries of cultural relativism in the area of human rights in civilisational terms as part of the process of a genuine dialogue amongst civilisations.
His arguments against the Western conception of the universal nature of man, democracy and dignity of the human person are seminal in the alternate conceptualisations of human rights.
The striking resemblance between liberal democracy, socialism, marxism, post-modernism and even fascism is that they assume that they are universal and applicable on all cultures of the world and that the conflicts between them are of universal consequence.
www.ebc-india.com /lawyer/articles/2002v8a1.htm   (6293 words)

 Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning: Initiatives: Theory & Research: Universal ...
Universal literacy, unachievable in a solely print-based society, may be possible with new understanding about learning and new network and multimedia technologies.
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a new paradigm for teaching, learning, and the development, selection, and use of curriculum materials.
Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age frames UDL within the most recent research and literature on instruction and curriculum, and sets it clearly in the context of current real-world issues that teachers face, including teaching children of diverse abilities and disabilities, standards and assessment, technology use, and education policy.
udl.cast.org /udl/index.cfm?i=168   (573 words)

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