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Topic: Universal Pictures

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

 Universal Pictures Horror Classics
During the years 1923-1941, Universal Pictures released a plethora of horror movies that would go down in history as some of the most astonishing, critiqued and remade films ever to be put on celluloid.
Universal Pictures has been a huge force in the motion picture industry for almost a century, and like any other studio they have had there ups and downs.
There are pictures for every movie put out during this time period, and even though most of this book does not apply to the horror films (two are left out because they hit the theaters in the 1920’s), it is still a good source for quick reference.
www.ils.unc.edu /dpr/path/horrorfilms/index.html   (3605 words)

Universal is the second longest-lived studio in Hollywood (Viacom's Paramount Pictures is the first longest).
In the USA, Universal Pictures did not distribute any of this subsidiary's films, but at least some of them were exhibited through other, independent, foreign-language film distributors based in New York, without benefit of English subtitles.
Universal has used an image of planet Earth as their logo since the early 1920s.
www.solarnavigator.net /films_movies_actors/universal_pictures.htm   (2644 words)

 NBC Universal > Company Overview
Universal’s 2004 release of Meet the Fockers - the sequel to the 2000 hit comedy Meet the Parents - generated well over $200 million in its first five weeks in theaters and, in 2005, became the highest-grossing live-action comedy of all time with worldwide box-office receipts in excess of $500 million.
One of the biggest highlights for UPI was Seven Dwarfs, a local co-production with Universal Pictures Germany, which was Germany’s third-highest-grossing film in 2004 (with more than $56 million to date).
Universal Studios Home Entertainment (USHE) markets and distributes Universal’s contemporary and classic theatrical and television product, spanning properties from the company’s Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Rogue Pictures, and NBC Television labels, as well as direct-to-DVD titles from Universal Home Entertainment Productions and select third-party productions, including entertainment from DreamWorks SKG.
www.nbcuni.com /About_NBC_Universal/Company_Overview/overview06.shtml   (680 words)

 Universal and Carl Laemmle >> German-Hollywood Connection
Universal was founded in 1912 by the German Jewish immigrant Carl Laemmle (1867-1939) when he merged his Independent Motion Picture Co. (IMP, founded 1909) and several other film production companies into the new Universal Film Manufacturing Company.
Partly due to his financial extravagances and rampant nepotism (there were some 70 relatives on the Universal payroll at one time; director William Wyler was Laemmle’s nephew, for instance), Laemmle was forced to sell Universal in 1935.
NBC Universal is the parent company of Universal Pictures and Universal Studios.
www.germanhollywood.com /universal.html   (1007 words)

 Universal Pictures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Universal Pictures is the main motion picture production/distribution arm of Universal Studios, a subsidiary of NBC Universal.
The third and final "A Universal Picture" logo (1963-1972)
Land of the Dead (using the 1930's Universal logo) (2005)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Universal_Pictures   (574 words)

 Universal Studios - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The founder of Universal, Carl Laemmle, was a German Jewish immigrant who had kids a 1, settled in Wisconsin, where he managed a clothing store.
At this time, the production subsidiary was renamed Universal Studios Inc. This provided a cash infusion, but the clash of cultures was too great to overcome, and, in frustration, five years later Matsushita sold control MCA/Universal to the Canadian liquor distributor Seagram.
Hoping to build a media empire around Universal, Seagram bought Polygram and other entertainment properties, but the up-and-down profit in Hollywood was no substitute for a secure cash-cow like whiskey.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Universal_Studios   (3766 words)

 Universal Pictures: "DRMs do not stop piracy" | TG Daily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
If you follow our coverage of this industry, then you already know that we are highly critical of this topic, as it offers the marketing departments of IT and consumer electronics (CE) companies a huge playground to blur specifications by overstressing certain aspects or leaving out key characteristics of devices.
Supporters of the HD DVD camp, including Universal Pictures, recently announced the formation of "North American HD DVD Promotional Group" that will be funding a $150 million marketing and advertising campaign - "The Look and Sound of Perfect" - to counter the perception of a superior Blu-ray format.
Of course, we'd like HD DVD to move forward, but picture quality is really a question of how a player is designed.
www.tgdaily.com /2006/08/04/tg_daily_interviews_universal_pictures   (1938 words)

 Universal Pictures at Reel Classics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Universal Pictures : a panoramic history in words, pictures, and filmographies by Michael G. Fitzgerald (New Rochelle, N.Y. : Arlington House, c1977).
Universal Pictures : 65 years by Richard Koszarski (New York : Museum of Modern Art, 1977).
The Universal silents : a filmography of the Universal Motion Picture Manufacturing Company, 1912-1929 by Richard E. Braff (Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland, c1999).
www.reelclassics.com /Studios/Universal/universal.htm   (256 words)

 King Kong DVD - King Kong Deluxe Edition DVD- King Kong movie
The struggling actress is reluctant to sign on with Denham, until she learns that the up-and-coming, socially relevant playwright Jack Driscoll (Oscar® winner Adrien Brody) is penning the screenplay-the fees his friend Carl pays for potboiling adventure are a welcome supplement to Driscoll's nominal income from his stage plays.
With his newly discovered star and coerced screenwriter reluctantly onboard, Denham's "moving picture ship" heads out of New York Harbor.and toward a destiny that none aboard could possibly foresee.
The King Kong Deluxe Edition DVD is a visual masterpiece with a love story not to be forgotten.
www.kingkongmovie.com   (482 words)

 Welcome To The "NEW" Universal-Excitement.com
They will permeate the haunted houses and shows, immersing guests in the most terrifying Halloween Horror Nights in the event’s history.
Halloween Horror Nights will return to the Universal Studios theme park for 19 select nights including Sept. 29-30, Oct. 6-8, 11-15, 19-22, 26-29, and 31.
6:55 PM 114 Pictures of Universal and Islands of Adventure
www.universal-excitement.com /index.htm   (227 words)

 Land of the Dead DVD — Land of the Dead - Land of the Dead movie
Purchase the Land of the Dead DVD today.
Purchase the Land of the Dead DVD securely from the Universal Online Store.
The Land of the Dead DVD stars are…
www.landofthedeadmovie.net   (211 words)

 Serenity DVD — Serenity movie - firefly serenity movie
The two are highly sought-after fugitives from the coalition dominating the universe.
Caught between the unstoppable military force of the Universal Alliance and the cannibalistic fury of the Reavers (savages who roam the very edge of space), Mal and his crew come to realize that the greatest danger to them may be on board Serenity herself.
Serenity DVD: The Serenity DVD will be released on Dec 20th, 2005.
www.serenitymovie.com   (214 words)

 Universal Pictures [us]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
IMDbPro.com offers company and employee contact details for over 10,000 companies in the entertainment industry, as well as representation listings for over 65,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers.
Universal Pictures has 89 in development credits available on IMDbPro.com.
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958)...
www.imdb.com /company/co0005073   (661 words)

 The Break Up DVD - The Break Up movie - The Break Up
The Break Up DVD will be available on October 17, 2006.
Pre Order The Break Up movie today from the Universal Online store.
Pre order The Break Up DVD today from the Universal Online Store
www.thebreakupmovie.net   (157 words)

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