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Topic: University of Waterloo

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  The Directory of Canadian Universities - University of Waterloo
A research-intensive university, our 961 full-time faculty members and 3,000 graduate students are committed to discovering new knowledge and finding ways to use that knowledge for the benefit of all.
The university aspires to identify students in need and ensure that all eligible students admitted to full-time undergraduate programs have the financial assistance necessary to complete their studies.
Waterloo is already part of a 2+2 program in science, which allows students from China to earn degrees by studying for two years in their own country, followed by two years at Waterloo, and is exploring other opportunities for collaborative education.
www.aucc.ca /can_uni/our_universities/waterloo_e.html   (1076 words)

 University of Waterloo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Non-denominational university founded in 1957 at Waterloo, Ont, and incorporated in 1959.
Through cross-registration University of Waterloo students have been able, also, to avail themselves of courses offered by the Faculty of Music at Wilfrid Laurier University.
Along with the facilities provided by the Conrad Grebel College, the university contains the Humanities Theatre (performance home of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra until September 1980 and the venue for the university's concert series) and the Theatre of the Arts (in the Modern Languages Building).
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=U1ARTU0003542   (373 words)

 University of Waterloo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The University of Waterloo is famous for being the groundbreaking proponent of co-operative education in Canada and currently maintains the largest such program in the world.
The coat of arms of the University of Waterloo was granted in 1987.
Representing Waterloo's location in the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, the double-chevron is taken from the coat of arms of Earl Kitchener, and the red lions are taken from the symbol of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, the victor at the Battle of Waterloo.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_Waterloo   (2579 words)

 University of Waterloo - Student Housing Off Campus Student Apartments near University of Waterloo Ontario
The Off Campus Student Housing complex, managed by CBS Property Management Inc., is located next to University of Waterloo near the intersection of Phillip Street and University Avenue.
The privately owned, professionally managed student housing development is the closest off campus housing location to the University of Waterloo, on the eastern side of the campus.
Across the street from the University of Waterloo and the Off Campus Student Housing complex is the area's largest shopping complex, the University Plaza.
www.offcampuswaterloo.com /university-of-waterloo.html   (361 words)

 Conrad Grebel and University of Waterloo Music Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Whether you are contemplating taking only a few music courses, or completing a degree with a major or minor in music, we hope that you will find your time with us stimulating and enriching, and the community of students and teachers which you are now a part of a supportive and friendly one.
Hundreds of students have graduated from the University of Waterloo with degrees in music over the past three decades.
Music courses are open to all students at the University of Waterloo, whether or not they are enrolled in music.
grebel.uwaterloo.ca /academic/undergrad/music/index.shtml   (447 words)

 Case Study: University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo began working with Microsoft Consulting Services in June 2003 to get MOLI up and running, so by September the engineering faculty could provide students with more learning flexibility through 24-hour, seven days per week access to course materials.
Although the majority of the University of Waterloo’s IT infrastructure is Unix and Linux-based, the MOLI program is on a Microsoft-based platform from end to end.
In 2004, the University of Waterloo had to issue a cease-and-desist letter to a U.S. university, which had copied a lab manual verbatim and was using it in a course.
www.microsoft.com /canada/casestudies/uwaterloo.mspx   (2049 words)

 Waterloo Programming Contests
Waterloo's ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Team will be chosen according to the results of these contests.
Registration: Waterloo and invited participants please register on-line by September 22.
In the fall, Waterloo's local contests are used to select teams to represent Waterloo at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.
plg.uwaterloo.ca /~acm00   (797 words)

 University of Waterloo Weather Station - Station Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The station is located beside Columbia Lake on the north campus of the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
However, it was the most favourable site that was available on lands owned by the University of Waterloo.
It is part of our campaign to encourage the Canadian public to use dewpoint temperature as a measure of the amount of water in the air.
weather.uwaterloo.ca /info.htm   (2010 words)

 University of Waterloo Retirees Association
To encourage retirees of the University of Waterloo to renew and/or continue friendships and acquaintanceships begun at their place of employment and to foster good fellowship among the members of the Association without regard to their former occupation or rank.
To observe and to study proposed changes in any pension/benefits arrangements and strive to insure that the best interests of University of Waterloo retirees are reflected by such changes.
Officers of UWRA, through liaison with the University of Waterloo administration, shall keep members aware of changes in other University policies which may affect members, either favourably or otherwise.
retirees.uwaterloo.ca /~reweb   (145 words)

 Recreation and Leisure Studies | Applied Health Sciences | University of Waterloo
Through its research and teaching expertise the department contributes to the advancement of recreation and leisure services and the enhancement of the quality of individual and community life.
The University of Waterloo has ranked "most innovative" for the past 13 years and was "best overall" this year in the Maclean's magazine rankings out of 47 universities across Canada.
The internationally renowned Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies is the highest ranking leisure studies department amongst the top 41 of 213 North American institutions in terms of research publications in peer-reviewed scholarly leisure journals.
www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca /rec   (252 words)

 Technology, Transfer & Licensing | Office of Research | University of Waterloo
Its primary role is to facilitate the identification and protection of commercially significant technologies arising from the academic research activities at the University.
The IPMG also represents the University in local, provincial, and federal industrial and innovation related associations and committees and assists in educating University staff and students in understanding issues associated with the nature and means of protecting intellectual property.
This assistance includes insuring that adequate intellectual property protection is put in place and appropriate license terms are negotiated on behalf of the University and the researcher.
www.research.uwaterloo.ca /ttlo   (186 words)

 How to reach UW - directions and map | University of Waterloo
UW’s main campus is located in the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo in southwestern Ontario, about 90 minutes' drive west of Toronto or three hours east of Windsor-Detroit.
The cities of Waterloo and Kitchener are part of Canada’s Technology Triangle.
Individual users: The University of Waterloo does not have a central index of individual users' home pages, because there are several tens of thousands of users spread over several thousand computing systems.
www.communications.uwaterloo.ca /howtoreach.html   (394 words)

 Mechanical Engineering -- Welding Specialization
Laboratories associated with the other courses are at the University of Waterloo.
Welding and joining research is also very important at the University of Waterloo.
His research at Waterloo includes resistance spot welding (e.g., for automotive applications, including aluminum) and microjoining of plated materials for the electronics and other industries.
mecheng1.uwaterloo.ca /undergrad/welding.html   (1759 words)

 Professor Colin Mayfield , Department of Biology, University of Waterloo
At the moment, I am on secondment from the University of Waterloo to the United Nations University (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) as the Assistant Director of the
This unit of the United Nations University is based in Ontario and its headquarters is at Macmaster University and at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington, Ontario.
Since I was in Liverpool during the Beatles rise to wealth and fame (1961 to 1969) and hired the Beatles for some University of Liverpool dances (for exponentially increasing amounts of money) in the early 60s, I have a particular affinity for that period in popular music.
wvlc.uwaterloo.ca /biology447/modules/intro/in_a.htm   (969 words)

 Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group
The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group is a team of University of Waterloo students who, with the support of our sponsors, are developing a series of fully autonomous flying robots for entry into the International Aerial Robotics Competition.
WARG will be at the CSSA on January 28th to 30th at the University of Toronto.
The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group is a team of University of Waterloo students who are developing a series of fully autonomous vehicles (both air and ground).
www.ece.uwaterloo.ca /~warg/index.html   (783 words)

 CLOE Stories > University of Waterloo's Learning Object Reuse Story
Welcome to the Learning Object Reuse Story from the University of Waterloo.
A tale of how a learning object, created at the University of Waterloo for a Kinesiology course, gets reused at the University of Guelph in a online distance education course on Exercise Physiology for the Equine Science Certificate.
How the learning object was originally used at the University of Waterloo.
learnware.uwaterloo.ca /projects/CCCO/cloe_waterloo.html   (148 words)

 Campaign Waterloo | University of Waterloo
The University of Waterloo, Canada’s most innovative university, reached Campaign Waterloo’s goal of $260 million a full two years ahead of schedule!
Donations to Campaign Waterloo are transforming the university and its four colleges.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada donated $200,000 to the University of Waterloo to help pay for the construction of the $31.5-million Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering on campus.
campaign.uwaterloo.ca   (221 words)

 College and University Guide . com - USA / Canada - Colleges and Universities - a guide to colleges and universities ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Finally a directory of colleges and universities, that gets right to the point and it is absolutely FREE to use!
Simply select the country of interest to find to find colleges and universities there.
of colleges and universities in the USA and Canada that is FREE to use!
www.collegeanduniversityguide.com   (255 words)

 Norton | University of Waterloo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The University of Waterloo has signed a license agreement with Symantec for use of the Norton Anti-Virus software.
There is a "home use" clause in the license for this software.
That means that a faculty or staff member who has the software on their machine at the university may also install the same version on a machine at home or on a laptop (but not both).
ist.uwaterloo.ca /admin/norton.html   (146 words)

 Electronic Thesis Project | Library | University of Waterloo
Electronic Thesis Information Session Effective Spring 2007 convocation, the University thesis copy, in fulfilment of degree requirements, must be submitted electronically.
University of Waterloo Electronic Thesis Database includes a searchable database of thesis abstracts and full text theses in Adobe PDF.
About the University of Waterloo Electronic Thesis Project
www.lib.uwaterloo.ca /ETD   (156 words)

 Department of Geography | University of Waterloo | Ontario, Canada
Green with innovation: UW as an environmental leader
Waterloo aims to be the best place in Canada for leading edge geographic and environmental research on Canadian and international topics.
Studying geography, geomatics, globalization and climate change generates excitement and the skills to understand the changes facing society in the 21st century.
www.fes.uwaterloo.ca /geography   (104 words)

 Prospective Students | University of Waterloo
At the University of Waterloo, you'll experience hands-on learning in our co-op programs, in our labs and classrooms, and in the field and abroad.
A UW education will prepare you to seek innovative solutions to make the world a better place.
Get information for applicants and for admitted students on The next step website.
www.findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca /index.php   (54 words)

 School of Optometry | University of Waterloo
Welcome to the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, Canada.
Jake Sivak appointed University Professor (posted Apr. 11, 2007)
Phone: Clinic +1 519 888 4062, Administration +1 519 888 4567 Ext.
www.optometry.uwaterloo.ca   (331 words)

 Department of Philosophy - University of Waterloo
Skip to the content of the web site.
The Philosophy Department at the University of Waterloo offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.
At present, the department consists of 12 full-time faculty members and about 30 graduate students.
philosophy.uwaterloo.ca   (57 words)

 Home Page | University of Waterloo
Making Waterloo Region 'the knowledge capital of Canada'
Even a young university like Waterloo has its own mythology.
What really goes on in those underground passages?
www.marriedstudents.uwaterloo.ca   (125 words)

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