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 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
UNX Inc., an institutional brokerage firm, is introducing a suite of 14 algorithmic trading strategies, new order types and expanded connectivity to regional exchanges for listed stocks.
UNX is offering the new functionality, including connectivity to three regional exchanges -- the Chicago Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange -- to help buy-side customers cope with fragmented markets.
UNX will roll out the new functionality to a select number of clients initially and then it will be released to its general client base of buy-side customers including hedge funds, banks and asset managers.
www.wallstreetandtech.com /printableArticle.jhtml?articleID=49900207   (516 words)

 Business Wire: UNX Crosses Threshold of 100 Million Shares Traded; Over $5 Billion Dollars in Principal Traded To Date
UNX (Universal Network Exchange), the first web-based brokerage firm to allow its customers to create, trade, and track an unlimited number of customized equity baskets in real time, today announced that the company has traded more than 100 million shares since its inception in October 1999.
UNX has quickly established itself as a leading force in today's online brokerage revolution, and in the coming months the company plans to expand its execution services even further via agreements already in place with high-level, globally-respected trade execution partners.
UNX went live on the Web in October 1999, and more than $5 billion has been traded on the system to date.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2000_August_1/ai_63784098   (464 words)

 Concerted action of dopamine on renal and intestinal Na+-K+-ATPase in the rat remnant kidney -- Vieira-Coelho et al. ...
In some experiments, Unx and Sham animals were subdivided into two groups according to their daily sodium intake.
in Unx (31% reduction), whereas in Sham rats the decrease in urinary
Sham and Unx rats is depicted in Fig.
ajprenal.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/279/6/F1033   (6468 words)

 Business Wire: UNX Implements TotalView and OpenView for Full Depth of NASDAQ Liquidity
UNX clients are able to identify and act upon strategic trading opportunities with a comprehensive view of Listed and OTC liquidity throughout the market.
UNX is an institutionally focused agency brokerage providing advanced electronic trading solutions and premium services.
UNX meets the demanding requirements of institutional trading through innovative, reliable technology to streamline trade operations and help sophisticated traders find best execution opportunities within a completely anonymous environment.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2004_May_24/ai_n6040025   (587 words)

 Wall Street & Technology : UNX Eyes Buy-Side Growth Via Launch of New Direct Access Platform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Unlike UNX's previous direct-access platform, which was narrowly targeted at basket traders, UBP is aimed at a broader customer base that includes block traders and program traders.
UNX expects that platform to entice those types of traders by offering them functional upgrades, such as the ability to execute a variety of trading strategies -- including pegging, discretion and reserve -- across a multitude of execution destinations.
UNX has also tried to separate UBP from the rest of the direct-access pack via a so-called Web Services module it has built into the platform.
www.wallstreetandtech.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=14702468   (918 words)

 UNX: Market Structure News
UNX’s proprietary sweeping algorithms will continue to sweep the major pools of liquidity in search of hidden liquidity and price improvement – please use them as you always have.
Because of the possibility of human and/or mechanical errors as well as other factors, UNX is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information.
UNX makes no representations and disclaims all express, implied and statutory warranties of any kind to the recipients of this information and/or any third party, including any warranties of accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
www.unx.com /news/msnu/msn-2003-01-23.html   (299 words)

 Unix-like - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other parties frequently disregard these guidelines, wilfully treating "Unix" as a generic noun or descriptor for operating systems that are not necessarily covered by the "UNIX" trademark, in much the same way that "Band-Aid" is used in reference to any bandage or "Xerox" to any photocopier.
Some abbreviate or "wildcard" the name as "Un*x", "*nix", or some similar construction, which is also contrary to Open Group guidelines.
These euphemistic spellings were derived as a way to say "Unix" without formally saying it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unx   (1158 words)

 {UNX} -- Home of the Brave, the Reckless & the Foolhardy ..
{UNX} -- Home of the Brave, the Reckless & the Foolhardy..
On Behalf of everyone at {UNX} i give our heartfelt commiserations to Annies Family, we will miss her.
What they all have in common is a user interface your granny could use, and top quality graphics output...
www.freewebs.com /ourclan2   (305 words)

 UNX Executive Available to Talk About Effective Trading Alternatives to Mutual Fund Investments for Market Timers and ...
Randy Abernethy, CEO of UNX, is available for interviews to discuss solutions to the restrictions market timers face when investing in mutual funds.
UNX, Inc. is an institutionally focused agency broker dealer with direct access technology consolidating access to all major sources of liquidity in the U.S. equities marketplace.
"UNX was founded to provide asset managers and institutional investors with innovative solutions for executing a wide variety of investment strategies," commented Mr.
quickstart.clari.net /qs_se/webnews/wed/cr/Bny-unx.RFz4_DS9.html   (282 words)

 UNX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
UNX, well known for its basket trading capabilities and trade execution quality, will use the proceeds to continue to expand its product offering and customer base.
Over the next six months, UNX plans to launch versions 4.6 and 5.0 of its trading platform, which will include features that broaden the company’s appeal to all types of institutional customers.
UNX executed its first trade in October 1999 and widely released its product to the institutional market in late 2000.
www.putnamlovell.com /news/UNX.html   (438 words)

 Growth hormone regulation of glomerular AT1 angiotensin receptors in adult uninephrectomized male rats -- Mok et al. ...
Because the increase in GH is dissociated from renal IGF-I in
Effect of UNX on glomerular AT R expression and AT R 5' leader sequence (5'LS) binding protein (BP) activity in adult male rats.
Effect of UNX on glomerular AT R expression and AT R5'LS BP activity in the adult female rat.
ajprenal.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/285/6/F1085   (4401 words)

 Role of nitric oxide in the early renal hemodynamic response after unilateral nephrectomy -- Valdivielso et al. 276 ...
Ten SO and 10 UNX animals (48 h after nephrectomy) were anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium (50 mg/kg body wt) and placed
Clearance studies were completed in 10 UNX and 10 SO animals.
Glomeruli from UNX rats had a significantly higher cGMP production than those from SO animals.
ajpregu.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/276/6/R1718   (3512 words)

 Unxmaal.com » Unx is -so- farked.
Unx obviously knows the dangers of vacation pics.
Unx, in a rare guest appearance on Conan’s late night show, is greeted warmly by Fabio.
Hopes of a pro cricket career are shattered in Unxmaal’s first exhibition match in Sydney.
unxmaal.com /wordpress?p=591   (64 words)

 Early hyperplastic renal growth after uninephrectomy in adult female rats.
The purpose ofthe present study was to determine the rate, type, and potential mechanism of early remnant kidney growth in adult female rats after UNX.
GH levels were determined in conscious, sham-operated, and UNX adult female Wistar rats 24 h postsurgery.
Thus, in female rats, the initial phase of CRG is GH independent, but is associated with significant increases in remnant kidney IGF-I receptor gene expression and hyperplastic renal growth.
www.arclab.org /medlineupdates/abstract_10698167.html   (424 words)

 Reduced 11{beta}-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Activity in the Remaining Kidney Following Nephrectomy -- Escher et al. ...
Impact of UNX on 11ß-OHSD activity assessed by distribution of prednisolone and prednisone in kidney tissues of rats.
After UNX, a significant decrease in oxidation and reduction was observed.
UNX, the oxidation reaction of 11ß-OHSD1 declined, whereas the
endo.endojournals.org /cgi/content/full/139/4/1533   (4652 words)

 Hypertension After Neonatal Uninephrectomy in Rats Precedes Glomerular Damage -- Woods et al. 38 (3): 337 -- ...
Filtration fraction was reduced in UNX at both ages (Table 1).
Values are mean±SE for controls (8 weeks old, n=9, and 20 weeks old, n=6) and UNX rats (8 weeks old, n=7, and 20 weeks old, n=5).
UNX rats was not due to inadequate suppression of the renin-angiotensin
hyper.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/38/3/337   (3767 words)

 UNX and Macgregor to deliver direct market access - Computer Business Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
UNX, an agency brokerage providing electronic trading technologies and premium services, will deliver its algorithmic strategies and tactical trading capabilities through the XIP Order Management Network by Boston, Massachusetts-based Macgregor.
According to the company, the UNX trading platform also powers the MetaBook direct market access (DMA) user interface, a tactics engine which can synthetically apply tactics, such as pegging and discretion, across all electronic and manual destinations to which UNX connects.
"UNX's advanced trading algorithms and tactics provide our buy-side clients with a highly sophisticated and customizable trading solution that combines full depth of book with specialized trading strategies, and a tactics and execution system that is among the best in the industry."
www.cbronline.com /article_news.asp?guid=C538F8D5-E647-4D88-A1B5-FEB64EC52A87   (285 words)

 Finextra: UNX to direct liquidity to SuperMontage following NASD rule change
New York brokerage firm UNX is to begin posting limit orders from its institutional trading platform directly over Nasdaq's electronic trading system SuperMontage.
UNX is one of the first unregistered market makers to take advantage of new rules, introduced on 10 February, allowing all broker-dealer members of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) to post liquidity directly on SuperMontage.
UNX says its clients can post limit orders directly on SuperMontage as easily as they can post on any other connected destination, including ECNs and exchanges, without any additional training or product downloads.
www.finextra.com /fullstory.asp?id=8117   (254 words)

A Un*x computer system is a Unix or other multiuser POSIX-based system.
Nevertheless, the term has been applied to these systems in much the same was as "Band-Aid" is applied to all bandages or "Xerox" is applied to all photocopiers.
The spelling "Un*x" was then derived as a way to say "Unix" without really saying it.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/u/un/unx.shtml   (198 words)

 Diorama, Model and Hobby Supply - Military Kits and Accessories
We will be adding a large supply of model hobby kits to our site in the near future, so please, check back with us often.
Designed to tell a story beyond the basic vehicle, the diorama places the vehicles, the men, and the machines, in various scenes around the world.
This diorama depicts a scene from the Battle of the Seine River in France, 1944.
www.scaleddown.com /diorama.html   (1090 words)

 Find VPN (Virtual Private Networks) | SAVVIS Provides IP VPN Market Access for UNX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
UNX will use SAVVIS’s Intelligent IP Networking service to deliver electronic trading solutions, enabling traders to specify and control how their orders are presented to and executed in the marketplace.
SAVVIS says UNX relies on SAVVIS’s networking technology to provide universal connectivity to liquidity, streaming market data, multiple-level quotes and level II OTC pricing, market news and alerts through private VPNs, the Internet and direct circuits.
"UNX empowers institutional investors to define and execute their trading strategies across the top liquidity pools in the U.S. marketplace," said Randy Abernethy, CEO of UNX.
www.findvpn.com /news/sav102402.php   (369 words)

 Nephroprotection of an ETA-Receptor Blocker (LU 135252) in Salt-Loaded Uninephrectomized Stroke-Prone Spontaneously ...
Kidneys of 1 animal of the sham-operated and 1 animal of the UNX+LU 135252 group were poorly perfused and not examined.
A and D, Glomerulosclerosis index; B and E, tubulointerstitial damage index; and C and F, vascular damage index in sham-operated SHRsp, untreated uninephrectomized SHRsp, and uninephrectomized SHRsp treated with LU 135252 (100 mg/kg body wt) and fed a normal salt diet (experiment 1) or high salt diet (experiment 2).
UNX was not significantly different from sham-operated controls
hyper.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/31/4/995   (3880 words)

 Evidence Details - Global Evidence Management System
UNX, Inc. (Universal Network Exchange) built its institutional electronic trading solution, which enables universal access to trading tools and market liquidity, in a 100 percent Microsoft® environment.
The maturity of Windows Server 2003 and its enhanced integration, performance, and scalability will help UNX maintain an aggressive quarterly growth rate and allow employees to spend more time developing unique business solutions that give UNX the competitive edge it needs to beat out the competition.
UNX is excited about adopting the technology as quickly as possible because it will give us immediate benefits from day one.
members.microsoft.com /CustomerEvidence/Search/EvidenceDetails.aspx?EvidenceID=1912&LanguageID=1   (185 words)

 Myocardial Infarction Enhances Progressive Renal Damage in an Experimental Model for Cardio-Renal Interaction -- van ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
UnX was performed, followed after 1 wk by a variable MI (UnX
UnX + MI groups compared with all other groups.
LVP in both UnX + MI groups was correlated with proteinuria, indicative of a cardio-renal
jasn.asnjournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/15/12/3103   (321 words)

 Front-End Access to INET   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The UNX Universal Brokerage Platform consolidates access to market liquidity through a single point of access.
Independent studies have proven that UNX saves institutional clients an average of 1.2 cents per share on NYSE and 2.5 cents per share on Nasdaq stocks.* As an agency brokerage, UNX seeks best execution for our clients.
To connect to UNX, clients have many options, including Web Services, FIX, the Internet and a downloadable GUI with streaming market data.
www.island.com /prodserv/frontends/CompareOne.asp?sFEs=10&CatID=25   (474 words)

 TradeLog and UNX
In their trade history reports UNX uses option symbols for option trades rather than option descriptions.
Therefore, when manually entering your open option positions from last tax year, you must enter them using the proper option symbol so that TradeLog can properly match them with the closing positions upon import.
Go to the UNX web site and log in to your account..
www.armencomp.com /tradelog/unx.shtml   (191 words)

 Persistent Proteinuria Up-Regulates Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor and Induces Apoptosis in Proximal Tubular Cells -- ...
The administration of BSA to UNX rats induced a diminution
of BSA to UNX rats induced a diminution in the phosphorylation
We demonstrate that the administration of BSA to UNX
ajp.amjpathol.org /cgi/content/full/164/5/1817   (4734 words)

 Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum - View Profile: unx bmw
Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum - View Profile: unx bmw
Send a message via email to unx bmw
unx bmw is not a member of any public groups
forums.bimmerforums.com /forum/member.php?u=892   (51 words)

 Reduced 11{beta}-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Activity in the Remaining Kidney Following Nephrectomy -- Escher et al. ...
24 h after UNX, the oxidation and reduction attributable to
The reductase activity did not change following UNX
UNX did not affect messenger RNA and protein
endo.endojournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/139/4/1533   (418 words)

 Beneficial Effects of Estrogens on Indices of Renal Damage in Uninephrectomized SHRsp Rats -- Gross et al. 15 (2): 348 ...
It was concluded that, in the UNX model of
P < 0.05), compared with UNX /OVX animals.
UNX /OVX rats (2.04 ± 0.35), compared with vehicle-treated
jasn.asnjournals.org /cgi/content/full/15/2/348   (4306 words)

 Adobe ADO Framemaker UNX: Read Reviews, Compare Features & Prices
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