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Topic: Urban growth boundary

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  Urban growth boundary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An urban growth boundary, or UGB, is a regional boundary, set in an attempt to control urbanization by designating the area inside the boundary for high density urban development and the area outside the boundary for low density rural development.
An urban growth boundary circumscribes an entire urbanized area and is used by local governments as a guide to zoning and land use decisions.
If the area affected by the boundary includes multiple jurisdictions a special urban planning agency may be created by the state or regional government to manage the boundary.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Urban_growth_boundary   (292 words)

 Urban Growth Entry
A UGB is a growth management mechanism and is typically associated with curbing sprawl in suburbs outside urban areas; thus a UGB is often responsible for separating urban from more rural areas.
The most notable implementation of a UGB is Portland, Oregon, which created an urban growth boundary in 1979 after the state passed the 1973 Land Conservation and Development Act requiring all cities in the state to plan for them.
Urban growth boundaries by themselves are not recognized as a necessarily effective means of promoting economic development.
www.umich.edu /~econdev/urbanbound   (1751 words)

 FARRAGUT URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARY REPORT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Growth in the economy is anticipated to correspond with the demand for services of the resident population of Farragut, East Loudon County, and West Knox County.
Growth of the Town to the east encounters the City of Knoxville and its urban growth objectives westward.
Urban growth areas which the Town may consider must be evaluated against the Town’s ability to serve the area and the budgetary impact external growth will have on the existing level of service within the community.
www.townoffarragut.org /growthplan.htm   (5960 words)

 What is an Urban Growth Boundary?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Each of Oregon's 241 cities is surrounded by an "urban growth boundary" or "UGB." The UGB is line drawn on planning and zoning maps to show where a city expects to grow.
Urban services like sewers won't be extended there, and the zoning will prohibit urban development and the creation of small new lots.
Usually, the urban growth area is subject to the city's comprehensive plan, but the county controls zoning and land use permits there until the area is annexed or becomes developed to urban standards.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~pppm/landuse/UGB.html   (1098 words)

 Metro: Urban growth boundary
The urban growth boundary (UGB) is a legal boundary separating urban land from rural land.
The UGB is one of the tools used to protect farms and forests from urban sprawl and to promote the efficient use of land, public facilities and services inside the boundary.
The 2040 Growth Concept guides how the UGB is managed in order to protect the community characteristics valued by the people who live here, to enhance a transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods throughout the region and to preserve access to nature.
www.metro-region.org /article.cfm?articleID=277   (1227 words)

 Dept. of Land Conservation and Development_660_021
Where urban reserve areas are adopted or amended, they shall be shown on all applicable comprehensive plan and zoning maps, and plan policies and land use regulations shall be adopted to guide the management of these areas in accordance with the requirements of this division.
Urban reserve area planning shall include the adoption and maintenance of urban reserve agreements among cities, counties and special districts serving or projected to serve the designated urban reserve area.
All lands within urban reserve areas established pursuant to this division shall be included within an urban growth boundary before inclusion of other lands, except where an identified need for a particular type of land cannot be met by lands within an established urban reserve area.
arcweb.sos.state.or.us /rules/OARS_600/OAR_660/660_021.html   (1967 words)

 Fayette County Guide: News Column   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The general criteria for planned growth areas are very similar to those for urban growth boundaries with the exceptions being related to the nature of the county as compared to the nature of a municipality.
A large urban growth boundary is proposed that exceeds 27,000 acres, a 330 percent increase in the area of the city.
Another 105,114 acres are contained in the urban growth boundaries for a total of 129,950 acres of land in the urban growth boundaries and vacant land in town limits.
www.gofayette.com /growth/growthplan.htm   (16418 words)

 Measure N: Urban Growth Boundary - Sonoma County, CA
The ordinance adopts a twenty-year urban growth boundary (UGB).
The urban growth boundary could be amended after the year 2015, by a vote of the City Council, only in order to include lands within the UGB that would be developed primarily for low and very-low income families.
Adoption of a UGB will encourage a cohesive pattern of urbanization by (1) promoting efficient and orderly growth patterns; (2) supporting stability and certainty in long term planning by advancing the concept of planned growth; and (3) ensuring that lands outside the UGB are not prematurely or unnecessarily converted to urban uses.
www.smartvoter.org /2000/11/07/ca/sn/meas/N   (3204 words)

 Urban Growth Boundary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The urban growth boundary is a tool to better manage the city's outward growth, by channelling development into designated growth areas and away from areas that we want to protect.
Adjustments to Melbourne's urban growth boundary were tabled in Parliament on 18 November 2003.
The majority of changes to the urban growth boundary have been made to address anomalies and transitional cases, or to protect small townships in green wedges.
www.nre.vic.gov.au /dse/nrenpl.nsf/LinkView/5D291401AA67FC89CA256DDD0010E7609458C0838D243E594A256DEA002C59CC   (608 words)

 The Steamboat Pilot: Urban growth boundary discussed
Land within the boundary can develop at urban densities and is eligible for city services; land outside the boundaries must develop at county and rural densities.
A major issue in expanding the urban growth boundary, City Planner Tom Leeson said, is looking at the effect it would have on the capacity for the city and county to serve a growing population.
For land to be allowed into the urban growth boundary, property owners must receive approval from the city and county planning commissions, the City Council and the county commissioners.
www.steamboatpilot.com /section/news/storypr/29776   (372 words)

 Portland Urban Growth Boundary
As growth issues and environmental concerns revealed the limitations or inadequacies of relying solely on local governments to address these issues and concerns, Oregon was one of the first states to aggressively reassert its role in land use decisions.
UGBs were developed as a way of containing, if not preventing, the type of suburban sprawl which Oregonians wanted to avoid as they experienced mounting growth pressures.
Since one goal of the UGB is to contain sufficient land to accommodate growth for a twenty year period, periodic adjustments and expansions of the boundary are necessary.
academics.uww.edu /geography/faculty/patter/portland.htm   (5813 words)

 City of Medford Oregon - Urban Growth Boundary
The UGB includes land within the city, and selected land surrounding the city that is committed to and/or planned for future city growth, the development of which is likely to require the extension of urban services.
The Medford UGB was amended in 1990 through a cooperative process between the City of Medford and Jackson County.
The Medford UGB was established to comply with the state law requiring Urban Growth Boundaries around urbanized areas to identify and separate urbanizable land from rural land.
www.ci.medford.or.us /Page.asp?NavID=873   (261 words)

 Weekly Alibi . Captain Opinion . November 19 - November 25, 1997
For it is only through an urban growth boundary that we can guarantee that Albuquerque will take its special place among cities and become a paradise populated largely by well-off white people.
Portland imposed its urban growth boundary in 1979.
It is only through urban growth boundaries that we can price poor and moderate-income people out of Albuquerque and make this city safe for the upper middle class.
weeklywire.com /ww/11-24-97/alibi_opinion.html   (679 words)

 MetroActive News & Issues | Urban Growth Boundary
In 1996, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, and Santa Rosa gave the nod to UGBs, and voters countywide agreed to a measure that requires the county to respect municipal UGBs.
The latter three cities adopted the first voter-approved, 20-year urban boundary initiatives in the United States; Rohnert Park's UGB was supposed to stand for four years.
This public acceptance of the county's first urban boundaries is inspiring conservationists to wage a continuing fight for slow growth.
www.metroactive.com /papers/sonoma/05.14.98/urbangrowth-9819.html   (970 words)

 Relating to urban reserve areas; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 195.060, 195.065 and 195.145.
A county may establish two or more subareas inside an urban growth boundary for the purpose of such agreements.
(5) Whether the requirement of subsection (1) of this section is met by a single urban service agreement among multiple providers of a service, by a series of agreements with individual providers or by a combination of multiprovider and single-provider agreements shall be a matter of local discretion.
(4) For purposes of this section, 'urban reserve area ' means lands outside an urban growth boundary that will provide for: (a) Future expansion over a long-term period; and (b) The cost-effective provision of public facilities and service within the area when the lands are included within the urban growth boundary.
www.leg.state.or.us /99reg/measures/hb3200.dir/hb3259.a.html   (836 words)

 URBAN GROWTH AREA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Counties and cities must cooperatively establish the urban growth areas.
Once established, cities cannot annex land outside the urban growth boundary.
Growth outside of the urban growth boundary must be rural in character.
ltc.leg.wa.gov /manual97/resou173.htm   (41 words)

 Answering Portland's Misleading Urban Growth Boundary Claim
Portland smart growth promoters frequently claim that Oregon's land rationing laws (urban growth boundary) has reigned in sprawl.
The change in the urban growth boundary (UGB) is not reflective of the amount of developed land.
There was much undeveloped land within the UGB when it was adopted in the late 1970s.
www.demographia.com /db-portlandugb.htm   (481 words)

 Salem, OR Interlocal Agreement
Future urban development shall be contained within the geographical limits of the Salem Urban Growth Boundary as agreed upon and identified by the City and County.
Subdivision of property for residential purposes within the Polk County portion of the Salem UGB and outside the Salem city limits shall not be permitted.
Eola Hills Subdivision area: The area west of Doaks Ferry Road to the urban growth boundary and south of the of the City limits to the urban growth boundary, those lots which abut the city limits are subject to the requirements cited in paragraph 7 (Attached Maps H, I, and J).
www.mrsc.org /contracts/salemurbgrowth.aspx   (2056 words)

 San Jose Case Study: Urban-Growth Boundary
Mineta was succeeded as mayor by Janet Gray Hayes, an outspoken opponent of Hamann's growth policies, even though she herself was a beneficiary of those policies, having moved to San Jose in the 1950s.
The plan covered not just the 136 square miles in the city limits but another 200 square miles that the city deemed to be with its "sphere of influence." With the complicity of Santa Clara County, the city conspired to limit or prevent development from taking place on this 200 square miles of land.
The basic excuses for not expanding the boundary were that it would lead people to drive too much and pose high urban-service costs on the city.
www.ti.org /vaupdate31.html   (2072 words)

 Dallas Fort Worth Urban Forum - Urban Growth Boundary
The case study of the UGB is of course Portland where the urbanized area has increased in size by 2 percent while the population increased 50 percent.
A UGB is basically a line on a map where only truly rural development is allowed past it.
I think the UGB shuld extend roughly north of US 380, south to the proposed loop 9, West to the tarrant county line, and to the east roughly around Rockwall.
forum.dallasmetropolis.com /printthread.php?t=608   (1560 words)

 Urban growth boundary reinstated
He has convinced his colleagues on the commission to tentatively reinstate language calling for an urban growth boundary into the city's new Comprehensive Plan, which is now undergoing final review by the commission.
Byrd, who wasn't on the commission when the issue of a boundary first arose, said there are 30 or 40 cities in the Bay Area that have adopted or are looking at adopting urban growth boundaries.
Thus, in conjunction with establishment of a growth boundary, the Planning Commission is looking at increasing the minimum lot size outside the boundary from the current one unit per 10 acres to one unit per 40 acres.
www.paloaltoonline.com /weekly/morgue/news/1997_Apr_30.URBAN.html   (775 words)

 (10/20/97) Oregon's Crucial Urban Growth Boundary Decision
In 25 years of covering Oregon government I never heard the Portland urban growth boundary called the "Great Wall of Portland." This newly-minted public relations phrase is deliberately designed to demonize the urban growth boundary.
The Portland metropolitan homebuilders are trying to promote their industry at the expense of agriculture, which the urban growth boundary was designed to protect.
Six of Oregon's top 10 agricultural counties are urban counties in the Willamette Valley where urban growth boundaries limit development incompatible with farming -- Marion, Clackamas, Linn, Washington, Yamhill, Lane and Polk.
www.albionmonitor.com /9710a/portlandugb.html   (989 words)

 Relating to buildable land supply within urban growth boundary.
Specifies type of development to be considered to generate estimate - } { + make employment-related development determinations and to ensure that sufficient land is zoned for employment-related development of next 20 years + }.
(2) The provisions of this section apply to local government comprehensive plans for lands: (a) Within any urban growth boundary for a city with a population of 25,000 or more; or (b) Within a metropolitan service district created under ORS chapter 268.
(3) At periodic review or any other legislative review of the urban growth boundary, comprehensive plans or functional plans shall provide sufficient land within urban growth boundaries established pursuant to statewide planning goals to accommodate estimated employment-related development needs for 20 years.
www.leg.state.or.us /99reg/measures/sb0001.dir/sb0087.a.html   (529 words)

 Urban Growth Boundaries
Urban growth boundaries are a relatively new land use planning tool in
UGB trend also appears to be spreading beyond the Bay region.
UGB was endorsed by the Santa Clara Valley Manufacturing Group, Greenbelt
www.silcom.com /~imago/ubl.html   (721 words)

 ORS 197.296
197.296 Amendment of comprehensive plan to include sufficient buildable lands within urban growth boundary; analysis and determination of residential housing patterns.
(2) At periodic review or any other legislative review of the urban growth boundary, comprehensive plans or functional plans shall provide sufficient buildable lands within urban growth boundaries established pursuant to statewide planning goals to accommodate estimated housing needs for 20 years.
(a) Amend its urban growth boundary to include sufficient buildable lands to accommodate housing needs for 20 years at the actual developed density during the period since the last periodic review or within the last five years, whichever is greater.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~rgp/landuse/ors19729.htm   (378 words)

 Citizens For Florence
The proposed UGB expansion is based, in part, on draft documents which have been neither signed nor finalized by the City Council.
The primary purpose of a UGB is to facilitate annexation
at an earlier stage in the growth of the city than was expected.
www.citizensforflorence.com /Issues/comp-cff-2003-030318.html   (3902 words)

 Sonoma County Conservation Action ALERT!
The Urban Growth Boundary of Healdsburg was firmly established by the voters of Healdsburg in a 1996 ballot vote.
To fuel new urban growth, cities and the county are now bringing emergency wells into full-time service, further lowering groundwater levels.
A voter-approved Urban Growth Boundary is the best way to protect surrounding hillsides, reinvest in the historic downtown, and promote responsible growth for Cloverdale.
www.conservationaction.org /gi/alerts.html   (1011 words)

 The Business Journal: UGB, economic growth linked - 2002-09-16   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, adding land to the UGB in Damascus is 37 miles and an hour's drive from Hillsboro, whereas adding land on the north side of Cottage Grove is just a few minutes or a few miles away from its south side.
In more than two decades, the urban growth boundary has become, for some, a magic formula for livability by preserving green space and farmland around an urban core, limiting sprawl and focusing development (and redevelopment) on the central city.
Portland's city leaders are some of the UGB's most ardent boosters, despite the fact that Portland touches the UGB at no place but on the Columbia River.
portland.bizjournals.com /portland/stories/2002/09/16/focus1.html   (701 words)

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