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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Good Experience - Interview: Jim Kunstler, New Urbanist
The New Urbanists came along in early 90s, some from alternative energy world, having gone through the trauma of 70s oil crisis.
The New Urbanists are applying this knowledge in a hybrid way, understanding that they're working within a market with certain expectations.
One of the better-known New Urbanist suburbs is I'on, near Charleston, South Carolina.
www.goodexperience.com /blog/archives/000190.php   (0 words)

  Form First - The New Urbanist alternative to conventional zoning
His main point is that conventional zoning based on the segregation of land uses was never intended to deal with physical form, and that the "band-aid" measures (including design guidelines) that planners cobble onto existing ordinances to address this deficiency just make matters worse.
As more communities begin to incorporate New Urbanist and smart growth principles into their planning strategies, the practice of form-based coding is likely to spread.
As states such as Florida and Arizona follow California's lead in mandating local planning through the use of a general plan, zoning consistent with the plan, and the use of specific plans, one can hope that the practice of form-based coding and the enabling laws that support it will not be far behind.
nh.gov /oep/resourcelibrary/referencelibrary/f/formbasedzoning/formfirst.htm   (3167 words)

  About New Urbanism
New urbanists take a wide variety of approaches — some work exclusively on infill projects, others focus on transit-oriented development, still others are attempting to transform the suburbs, and many are working in all of these categories.
New urbanists who cannot compete with conventional development or find a niche that is poorly served by the real estate industry are doomed to failure.
New urbanists also must prove, over time, that their ideas are superior for both revitalizing old cities and towns and building new communities.
www.newurbannews.com /AboutNewUrbanism.html   (2062 words)

 The Municipal Art Society of New York
Being an Urbanist means having the opportunity to "curate" the city by coordinating and participating in lectures, panel discussions and site visits that highlight the prominent issues of the day or simply celebrate an aspect of New York City life.
Being an Urbanist means learning how to be an advocate for those amenities that make the city more livable, whether working to preserve the city's network of open spaces, promoting improved mass transit or celebrating innovative architectural design.
Urbanists receive e-mails detailing upcoming events, links to articles, discounts and volunteer opportunities of which all Urbanists should be aware.
www.mas.org /viewcategory.php?category=35   (442 words)

 New Urbanist Land Development Regulations | Congress for the New Urbanism
The publication Codifying New Urbanism, available in the CNU online store, describes New Urbanist essentials, the steps to putting New Urbanism to work in your community, and the successes of 12 communities who have followed the approaches described in the report.
A list of New Urbanist Land Development Regulations, which is included in Codifying New Urbanism as Appendix A, describes those regulations already in place in the United States.
Working with new urbanist planners, leaders of Gulf Coast communities such as Moss Point and Gulfport, Mississippi have been proceeding with the creation of form-based SmartCodes that guide development to take the form of coherent, compact neighborhoods featuring shopping, schools, and other uses within walking distance of residences.
www.cnu.org /node/132   (272 words)

 Graduate Studies Event: New Urbanist & Architect Robert Orr
Noted New Urbanist, architect and New Havenite Robert Orr will be lecturing on the New Urbanist and Traditional Neighborhood Design theories of urban development that he helped create in the 1980s.
These are development tenets that Orr and other New Urbanists have disseminated and refined across the world to this day and they now serve as the standardized best practices for urban redevelopment across the world.
Professor Orr currently operates Robert Orr and Associates in New Haven and serves as adjunct faculty at the University of New Haven lecturing on the New Urbanism.
www.southernct.edu /grad/events/newurbanistarchi_5520   (0 words)

 Receiving Community: The Church and the Future of the New Urbanist Movement   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This article, argues that if the New Urbanist movement aspires to be more than just a short-term economic success or a market correction it is going to have to take the church more seriously as a conversation partner in its cultural project.
This charming beachfront town was founded by some of the pioneers of the New Urbanist movement as a way to demonstrate that the principles of New Urbanism could work when applied to an entire community and that such a community could withstand the rigorous pressures of the free market.
An important point for the New Urbanists to keep in mind is that historically one of the foundational reasons for the lively urban environment has been peoples’ lack of resources.
www.acton.org /publicat/m_and_m/2003_spring/jacobsen.html   (9085 words)

 New (sub)Urbanism
While there are numerous new urbanist developments--such as Cornell in Markham or East Clayton in BC--they remain the exception and are not adequately linked to regional planning.
In a speech last week in the Grand Cayman capital of George Town, Dart Realty CEO, James Lammers, discussed the company's new masterplan project, called Camana Bay, which is currently under construction in the British protectorate.
Built on the typical new urbanist model, Camana Bay is themed as a place where "life blossoms." I am curious as to who the market is for the community.
newurbanist.blogspot.com   (1403 words)

 SSRN-New Urbanist Zoning for Dummies by Michael Lewyn
For most of the 20th century, American land use regulation sought to separate different types of land uses from each other and to reduce population density, while American parking and street design regulation sought to facilitate driving by mandating wide streets and forcing landlords and businesses to build parking lots for their tenants and customers.
In recent decades, a group of architects generally known as the New Urbanist movement has sought to reform both conventional land use regulation and the sprawl that it generates.
The purpose of this article is to compare New Urbanist zoning to sprawl-oriented conventional zoning, using the SmartCode and two conventional zoning codes as case studies.
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=873903   (0 words)

 New Urbanist areas more crime prone? (BatesLine)
The report claims that a New Urbanist neighborhood requires three times the police coverage as a neighborhood that is "Secured by Design".
A real New Urbanist neighborhood would allow for parking on the street, would keep pedestrian walkways alongside streets, and would have homes that provide "eyes on the street".
Garages are prominent, entries are small, and the biggest windows face the fenced backyard, leaving the public space to whatever hooligans wander by.
www.batesline.com /archives/000272.html   (538 words)

 New (sub)Urbanism: New Urbanist Land Grab Begins in Mississippi
It seems as if the land grab is in full swing on Mississippi's hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast as the "Mississippi Renewal" project is starting to survey land and implement the plans concocted by a group of New Urbanists last October.
In response to a post I made criticizing the process as being elite-driven and lacking significant public input, John Massengale, an architect and town planner involved in the project, suggested otherwise, indicating that public meetings were undertaken and that they were well-attended.
The New York Times reports that many residents in Biloxi's neighborhoods--having returned to the city after months of displacement--are finding that their plans to rebuild their homes and neighborhoods are being resisted by the city and developers.
newurbanist.blogspot.com /2005/12/new-urbanist-land-grab-begins-in.html   (0 words)

 Investing in New Urbanist Developments - It's money in the bag...if done right - OCG - Summer 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While much has been written about the profitability of New Urbanist development from the standpoint of the real estate developer, there has been relatively little written about gains in property value enjoyed by individuals who purchased homes in new urban communities.
As one looks to explain the strong price appreciation achieved in New Urbanist communities, a frequently cited quote by new urban developer Vincent Graham comes to mind: "If what you're selling in a development is privacy and exclusivity, then every new house is a degradation of the amenity.
While this phenomenon may be a frustration to developers seeking to showcase the uniqueness of their projects in advance of the bricks, mortar and people, it is a boon to investors with foresight and some knowledge of the past market performance of New Urbanist developments.
www.realtor.org /SG3.nsf/Pages/sum03invest?OpenDocument   (1877 words)

 New Urbanist Proposals For Rebuilding The World Trade Center | Planetizen
It's not new urbanist apostasy at all, rather it is an appropriate response to context, tradition (of New York) and cultural circumstance.
A functioning, human-scale streetscape at the base is, of course, central to its success as an new urbanist proposal.
On the macro-scale however, the balance of mixed-uses between the urban and the suburban must be also applied in order to reduce travel demand between these districts.
www.planetizen.com /oped/item.php?id=31   (0 words)

 FSCC World News Services: Redesigning the Burbs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As new urbanists' projects have proliferated, however, they increasingly confront the "politics of place" (the title of this year's meeting).
New urbanists, with their emphasis on attracting residents to better-designed communities, may outlive their companion smart-growth movement, and have a more lasting effect on the metropolitan landscape, but only if they do not fall into the trap of attacking suburbanites.
Seaside, Florida, the first high-profile new urbanist project (and the set for "The Truman Show") is exactly the kind of town that kids love to bike in and that adults pay to visit.
www.myflorida.com /fdi/fscc/news/world/0008/confcnu.htm   (1337 words)

 Alternatives for Coastal Development: One Site, Three Scenarios: New Urbanist Design Scenario 3-D Still Shots from ...
Note that the new urbanist design includes paved sidewalks that are separated from the road by a grass strip.
Many of the mature trees were left during the development of this scenario, supplying a tree canopy that provides wildlife habitat, solar shading, and aesthetic beauty.
A curb and gutter stormwater drainage system is used in the new urbanist scenario, as opposed to the conservation scenario, which employs a swale drainage system.
www.csc.noaa.gov /alternatives/animations/urbanist/urban_stillShots.html   (0 words)

 Online TDM Encyclopedia - New Urbanism
For this to be possible their community must have Accessible land use patterns, with shops and other public services nearby, and diverse transportation services for people with various needs and abilities, including good Walking facilities that accommodate mobility aids and wheelchairs, and various types of Transit services.
Although many well-known New Urbanist projects are “master planned communities,” meaning large urban-fringe developments design as a unit, these concepts can also be incorporated into existing urban communities (Otak, 1999), and even in communities that have highways with heavy traffic through their Commercial Center (DEA, 1999).
Residents in well-designed New Urbanist neighborhoods with good walkability, mixed land use, Connected streets, and local services tend to drive 20-35% less than residents in automobile dependent areas, and even greater vehicle travel reductions may be possible if New Urbanism is coordinated with other TDM strategies, such as
www.vtpi.org /tdm/tdm24.htm   (3307 words)

 FSCC State News Services: Sustainable Communities Do NOT Automatically Result From New Urbanism   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most of the New Urbanist developments built to date in Florida fail to attract diverse populations, a trait they share with their typically suburban siblings.
Virtually without exception, housing developments in Florida, New Urbanist and otherwise, continue to be planned to maximize land speculation by ignoring climate and solar orientation, removing almost all existing trees and flattening what little topography there is in Florida (a process euphemistically called "clearing the lot"), resulting in unsustainable energy and water use.
Too often, New Urbanist developments share with typical suburbs the "one size, one orientation, one floor plan, fits all" logic, refusing to modify "idealized" street diagrams to accommodate existing trees, topography, solar orientation and local ecologies.
www.myflorida.com /fdi/fscc/news/state/9804/mccarter.htm   (999 words)

 urbanist - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Slinkachu is at it again, adding his innovative flair to the world of creative urban street art
This community blog allows members to discuss someone else's post or publish their own.
Posts are organized under various New Urbanist salon topics.
encarta.msn.com /urbanist.html   (0 words)

 From Never-Never Land to Shangri-La: The livability fantasy - by Wendell Cox - The Heartland Institute
Smart-growth activists, especially those representing the movement’s new urbanist component, frequently talk about “livable cities”—implying that, over the past 50 years, America has developed cities that are not livable.
And then there is the fact that most new urbanist communities are, in fact, in suburbia, and many are dreaded “leapfrog” developments.
Indeed, the new urbanist prospect is more likely to mimic that of Robert Owen’s New Harmony (Indiana) or any other of history’s many failed utopias.
www.heartland.org /Article.cfm?artId=10309   (1015 words)

 Contributors | Rhode Island news | projo.com | The Providence Journal
The character of New Urbanist development is even more pronounced in dense city settings, as in Providence, where the Johnson & Wales University campus fits stunningly into Weybosset Street, and where Arnold "Buff" Chace and Douglas Storrs (Mashpee Commons's Providence-based developers) have produced more than 200 downtown apartments.
New Urbanist ideas -- such as creating walkable places in which residential, retail, and other activities intermingle -- generate a distinctiveness and local flavor that conventional development typically lacks.
But New Urbanists deserve credit for developing a genuine mix of uses -- offices and housing, as well as stores and restaurants -- and for encouraging civic and religious uses within walking distance of retail.
www.projo.com /opinion/contributors/content/projo_20041213_ctlangd.17048b.html   (756 words)

 Alternatives for Coastal Development: One Site, Three Scenarios: New Urbanist Design: Point Peter Villages
Follow this link to learn more about new urbanist design.
The School of Industry and Technology at East Carolina University's Department of Planning provides "The Principles of New Urbanism," which outlines new urbanism's benefits to residents, businesses, developers, and municipalities.
The National Geographic magazine provides a visualization that demonstrates smart growth principles in a new urbanist neighborhood.
www.csc.noaa.gov /alternatives/urbanistStatic.html   (0 words)

 Peterborough Woman Wants To Build New Urbanist Development | New Hampshire Public Radio
Vann asked Peterborough residents to share their ideas on the design at a four day long event called a public charette.
Kevin Klinkenberg, a new urbanist planner with 180 Degrees Design in Kansas City, has facilitated about 50 charettes across the country.
But those who don’t abut the property think the final new urbanist plan is just what Peterborough needs.
www.nhpr.org /node/11471   (997 words)

 Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH - iRhine.com - Urbanists@iRhine.com
The Downtown Residents Council, Pendleton Community Council, Urbanist I & II, Cincinnati Tomorrow, Cincinnatus, and BUILD Cincinnati groups gathered with many individual political and civic leaders including iRhine to hear and discuss John Alschuler's plan for Center City.
The urbanist energy absolutely overflowed from the Bell Event Center.
Wednesday, March 26, 2003 will forever be remembered as the day Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine and the Urbanists made us all believers again.
www.irhine.com /index.jsp?page=urbanists   (0 words)

 ULI - the Urban Land Institute | New Urbanist Pioneer
The typical critique of new urbanism is based on a Seaside [a well-known new urbanist community] stereotype, not the movement’s true range in scale, location, or approach.
There are new urbanists who practice only infill, while some focus on new neighborhoods, and some are adamant about design standards and codes.
When he decided to hire Calthorpe to design the layout of the 4,200-acre Daybreak community, some in the company were skeptical that the new urbanist would craft a plan distinctive of Utah.
www.uli.org /AM/Template.cfm?Section=Search&template=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=71427   (0 words)

 Creature of the Shade
There’s plenty to dislike about Las Vegas, but as I walked the Strip, I had to acknowledge that from a purely urbanist perspective, the city was reaching out to me, welcoming me as a pedestrian.
The Las Vegas economy is still founded on addiction, but at least it has discovered the value of intense development and the pedestrian realm it creates.
Portland is where i grew up and also lived most of my thirties, and is the city that formed my values as an urbanist.
urbanist.typepad.com   (0 words)

 The Man Who Loves Cities (View) Jay Walljasper
Leon Krier, a European architectural theorist credited with inspiring the New Urbanist town planning movement, has been awarded the first Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture.
Awarded by the Notre Dame architecture school and a panel of distinguished designers, the prize was conceived by Chicago businessman Richard H. Driehaus as a way to honor top architects working in traditional and vernacular styles.
Krier was born in Luxembourg, worked in London for several decades, and now lives in France.
www.utne.com /issues/2003_120/view/10934-1.html   (489 words)

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