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Topic: Urusei Yatsura

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Urusei Yatsura (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Urusei Yatsura is a now defunct Glaswegian lo-fi rock band who created angular pop/rock music in the vein of Pavement.
Urusei was mooted, but this is used as a slang term (meaning "fuck you") by the Yakuza, so was rejected.
Urusei Yatsura split in June 2001, leaving Graham to work on solo material and the other band members to form Projekt A-ko.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Urusei_Yatsura_(band)   (330 words)

 AAW: Urusei Yatsura (TV) Review
Urusei Yatsura is THE wacky anime love comedy, the prototype to which almost every anime comedy, parody, and girls-from-space love story owes a debt.
Categorizing Urusei Yatsura is easy enough--it's the original more-the-merrier comedy (and harem show), featuring a variety of lively, attractive, and usually nutty girls (mostly from outer space) falling for one luckless guy.
The title, Urusei Yatsura, literally means "noisy guys" (in a rather rough tone), but the word "urusei", a crude form of "noisy", is instead written to include the character for "star", implying that the "guys" are from space.
www.animeworld.com /reviews/uruseiyatsuratv.html   (2871 words)

 HeadCleaner Music Zine - Urusei Yatsura   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
By leaving it to establish a new colony on the sun.
Urusei Yatsura's new single "Fake Fur" is out on June 16th 1997 (with a video made completely by the band).
For the rest of the summer, the band will be touring, putting in festival appearances at T in the Park and Phoenix, then France, Germany, Norway and USA.
web.ukonline.co.uk /Members/keith.dumble/hopper/urusei5.html   (313 words)

 Urusei Yatsura Review
Urusei Yatsura was an extremely popular manga and anime series that ran in Japan in the early 80s.
At its most basic level, Urusei Yatsura is the comedic story of the tumultuous relationship between the beautiful, tigerskin bikini-clad alien girl, Lum, and the Earth’s most unlucky, lecherous boy, Ataru Moroboshi.
This one was pure Urusei Yatsura with a simple but delightful plot as Lum attempts to break up the pending and mysteriously arranged marriage between Ataru and the beautiful alien woman, Elle.
www.animeondvd.com /discdata/essential/uruseiyatsura.htm   (1668 words)

 Info: Urusei Yatsura aka Those Obnoxious Aliens
In volume 3 of Urusei Yatsura: Princess Kurama is awoken by the kiss of her future husband...
In installment 14 of Urusei Yatsura, the ghost of a large cat stands between Ataru and his dinner; a strange raccoon proves that no good deed goes unpunished; Ataru goes through hell (literally!) to get the perfect part-time job; and Lum's Year-End Party turns into an exercise in demented deduction.
Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer is wrriter-director Oshii Mamoru's magnum opus, combining the insanely funny comedy that made Urusei Yatsura a huge hit in Japan with a deeply philosophical tale of time and space, reality and fantasy.
home1.gte.net /~izaa/info_urusei_yatsura.html   (2835 words)

 Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura is one, however, and it's a foundational comedy series upon which countless imitators have spawned.
Urusei Yatsura often uses a "throw in the kitchen sink" approach to comedy, blending broad physical comedy with immense amounts of wordplay, witty banter, puns, and parodies--even the title itself is a pun.
The other standard that Urusei Yatsura sets is the foundation for the "ordinary guy stuck with extraordinary girl" scenario.
www.theanimereview.com /reviews/urusei.html   (854 words)

 Urusei Yatsura: Lum the Forever
Urusei Yatsura has been for over 20 years now the standard bearer for all the insane comedies we see today.
At times haunting, at times hysterical, at times just plain weird, this is easily the strangest story in the Urusei Yatsura canon, and at times it comes close to being one of the best.
For someone familiar with the show looking for something a little different, this is a challenging picture that isn't quite as rewarding as it should be, but it's still far ahead of a lot of the drivel out there.
www.theanimereview.com /reviews/uruseiforever.html   (644 words)

 Urusei Yatsura Movie 1 » PopCultureShock
Urusei Yatsura is one of Rumiko’s earliest works, created in the late seventies and running for almost a decade.
The storytelling in Urusei Yatsura is such that, even if you haven’t seen the rest of the series, you can still enjoy this movie.
Well, Urusei Yatsura was first created in 1978, and this particular movie was released in 1983.
www.popcultureshock.com /reviews.php?id=2780&comments=on   (1005 words)

 Manga and Anime: Takahashi Rumiko
Urusei Yatsura is Takahashi Rumiko's first major manga series (1979-1986); it has been compiled into fifteen widebon, and was turned into anime as a 197-episode TV series (1981-1986), eleven OAV stories, and six movies.
Urusei Yatsura was one of the first anime to include a wildly successful series of opening and closing themes, BGM, and other recordings, from voice dramas to arrangements for music box.
The reasons are easy to see: outstanding character designs, scripts which stick closely to the manga and as a result retain much of the lunatic flavor of the original, superb seiyuu (voice actors), and music which ranges from the circusy to the contemplative to the outright manic.
home.att.net /~Lamont.Downs/anime/takahashi.html   (2859 words)

 THEM Anime Reviews 4.0 - Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura was truly revolutionary — no show had ever parodied the breadth and width of Japanese culture, past and present, so thoroughly as this one.
In a sense, the “Storm Troopers” epitomized the audience of Urusei Yatsura and are the unheralded secret of the success of the anime.
Urusei Yatsura is a timeless comedy that takes a deep, hard look at the Japanese psyche with a funhouse mirror.
www.themanime.org /viewreview.php?id=468   (1591 words)

 Urusei Yatsura TV Box Set 6: How Long? - www.ezboard.com
I'll be surprised if Urusei Yatsura TV box set 6 is out before the end of 2004.
Which gave Urusei Yatsura the exposure it needed for another video release; two years after its last one.
I don't know how successful Urusei Yatsura is these days, but at least AnimEigo thinks there's enough money in it to pick up twenty more episodes for a new DVD box set.
p216.ezboard.com /fperfecteditionfrm3.showMessage?topicID=360.topic   (660 words)

 Urusei Yatsura Review Pages
For the uninitiated, Urusei Yatsura: Only You tells the story of Ataru Moroboshi, the most lecherous man in the Universe, and Lum, the bikini-clad space princess that is determined to tame him.
Scoring the film like a old sci-fi serial is a delightful addition, and the use of songs and musical numbers throughout the film are warmly affectionate in the way that they have the decency to focus on the sentiment of the moment amidst the farce.
Furukawa Toshio as Ataru is able to embody the exact lecherous, mischievous, yet utterly self-righteous conviction that *is* Ataru Moroboshi, and Hirano Fumi as Lum has always been remarkably adept that sounding so inhumanly cute that you'd believe her voice could only belong to an extra-terrestrial bombshell.
www.abcb.com /urusei/index.htm   (1131 words)

 @anime! v1i3: Urusei Yatsura
The translation of the title is often given as "Those Obnoxious Aliens." Literally though, "urusei" is a slang form of the word "urusai", meaning "noisy" or "annoying"; and "yatsura', a slang word for "they".
Urusei Yatsura's plotline is quite simple - Unfaithful boy and his girlfriend meet alien female, alien female attaches herself to boy, chaos ensues.
Urusei Yatsura has so many qualities that it's not hard to see why it lasted so long.
www.atanime.com /v1i3/11_uruseiyatsura.html   (441 words)

 dOc DVD Review: Urusei Yatsura TV #4 (1982) - Printable
If you are completest like I am, Urusei Yatsura is a daunting undertaking, but the episodic nature of the show allows for a less concentrated approach than some other series, which need a steady stream of concentration to carry the storylines.
While there are no on-disc extras, Urusei Yatsura TV #4 does come with a set of copious liner notes which cover much of the subtlety and cultural references used in the show.
Urusei Yatsura is an outrageous and funny series with many distinct and interesting personalities.
www.digitallyobsessed.com /showrevpdf.php3?ID=1654   (984 words)

 Lum Urusei Yatsura Review -- Book-Reviews.info
Rumiko Takahashi is best known for her fantasy-adventures "Ranma 1/2" and "Inuyasha." But she got her start with a boy-meets-alien comedy, and the first volumes are contained in the "Lum Urusei Yatsura: Perfect Collection." The start of the series is a bit shaky, but Takahashi quickly gets her footing.
The first chapters of "Lum Urusei Yatsura" are a bit too abrupt and uneven by Takahashi's standards.
"Urusei Yatsura" isn't as action based as "Ranma 1/2" or "Inuyasha", but it has aces on the brand of slapstick that "Ranma 1/2" fans are sure to love.
www.book-reviews.info /Anime_Book_Reviews/156931019X.shtml   (1003 words)

 Drowned in Sound - Listings - Artists - Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura came together in the summer of 1993 when Graham Kemp met Fergus Lawrie while both were studying at Glasgow University, and where they bonded over their shared love of the Velvet Underground and Galaxy 500.
Although being in charge of their own record label was a dream shared by all of the band, lack of finances and an opportunity to work with London based Che Records persuaded them to shelve their label and fanzine for the time being and concentrate on recording for the London based label.
Far from being idle Urusei spent a surreal summer surviving a series of near death experiences as they played festivals around Britain and Europe, Ian surviving a tent fire at Phoenix to play a 'smoking' gig and the whole band narrowly avoiding being crushed by a collapsing roof while on stage at a Spanish festival.
www.drownedinsound.com /bands/248.html   (957 words)

 Anime Recommendations: Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura features Ataru Moroboshi, a young boy who loves nothing more than chasing girls.
Let's not forget to mention that Urusei Yatsura was the manga series that made Takahashi-sensei the widely known manga author she is today.
Their release of Lum * Urusei Yatsura as a monthly ceased and then came back in the mid 1990s as The Return of Lum * Urusei Yatsura.
www.sailormoon.ws /archives/041005.html   (1294 words)

 anime.mikomi.org - Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Bottom line: This is a really good Urusei Yatsura movie and a credit to the franchise.
Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer This is the best of the UY movies.
The question of whether to recommend it depends mostly on what a given fan watches Urusei Yatsura for.
anime.mikomi.org /series/Urusei+Yatsura+Movie+2%3A+Beautiful+Dreamer   (564 words)

 Animetric.com >> Anime Reviews >> Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2 is supposed to be a good one.
Rumiko Takahashi's trademark wit and humor, as she didn't write the material for Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2.
Urusei Yatsura the Movie 2 tries to exude a deep philosophical feel, but a lot of what's happening are so silly and nonsensical that it just doesn't work.
www.animetric.com /tuv/uym2.html   (368 words)

 Review of Urusei Yatsura, TV Series 1 (Episodes 1-4), Consumer Reviews. Compare Consumer Reviews of DVD Urusei Yatsura, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Urusei Yatsura (the title is a Japanese pun which is much too hard to explain in a limited format, but could rougly translate as "Those Obnoxious Aliens") was a breakthrough for several different giants of the manga and anime worlds.
The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is that this first season is hardly the best, featuring the most dated animation and less interesting character development than the second season and onward(Oshii had yet to take the reigns).
Urusei Yatsura, TV Series 1 (Episodes 1-4) Reviews.
www.shoppingfordisney.com /shop/product.aspx?asin=B00005ASUS   (1064 words)

 THEM Anime Reviews 4.0 - Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
The first time I saw this, I hadn't seen Urusei Yatsura in years, and my only previous memories of the show were half-forgotten snippets from the foreign language channel in Los Angeles in the 1980s.
Oshii honed his talent for the mindtwist with the theatrical features of this franchise (as well as the similarly wry Patlabor universe), and Beautiful Dreamer is definitely much more of a mindtrip than the majority of the already "super-weird" TV series.
Even with the dub, I found Beautiful Dreamer to be a thought-provoking, occasionally confusing, but ultimately enjoyable movie, and while it isn't the same old Urusei Yatsura, it is a richly imaginative and welcome addition to a well-loved series.
www.themanime.org /viewreview.php?id=696   (885 words)

 Urusei Yatsura TV Show - Urusei Yatsura Television Show - TV.com
The story of Urusei Yatsura concerns the tempestuous relationship between two focal characters: Ataru Moroboshi who is possibly the most unfaithful, unlucky and lecherous idiot to have ever been born...and Lum, a tigerskin-bikini clad alien package of sex appeal, jealousy and electricity who's fallen for him.
Tell the world what you think of Urusei Yatsura, write a review for this show.
What other people say about Urusei Yatsura doesn't bring it any justice.
www.tv.com /urusei-yatsura/show/30408/summary.html   (303 words)

 Urusei Yatsura: Tsuki ni Hoeru (1989) (V)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Urusei Yatsura: Tsuki ni Hoeru (1989) (V) Home
from Bronx, NY "I Howl at the Moon" (1989) is the fourth OAV (Original Animated Video) spin-off of "Urusei Yatsura," the popular Japanese animated series based on Rumiko Takahashi's comic book about horny high-school boy Ataru and his gorgeous, horned live-in alien "wife," Lum, of tiger-skin bikini fame.
Urusei Yatsura: Denki shikake no goniwaban (1989) (V) Show more recommendations
us.imdb.com /title/tt0098569   (410 words)

 Drowned in Sound - News - The Rumours are true, Urusei Yatsura Split!
After many rumours of an impending split, Urusei Yatsura have sadly confirmed these to be true with the following statement on their official website.
None of us felt it appropriate for any of us to continue using the name Urusei Yatsura since we think it is a unique band that depended on all our contributions.
They are making an impression with their angular sound, leaning towards early Seafood, or even Urusei Yatsura themselves.
www.drownedinsound.com /articles/1308.html   (596 words)

 Urusei Yatsura - TV Series 1 DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Urusei Yatsura, TV Series 1 (Episodes 1-4) is rated NR (Not Rated)
Originally a dub was created for the first four episodes, but due to its general atrociousness it was discontinued.
Urusei Yatsura is based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi, creator of Inuyasha.
www.apexesources.com /dvd/737187003301   (779 words)

 Archonia.com, Your favourite manga and anime store:  DVD
Urusei Yatsura OVA 4 Date with a Spirit / The Terror of Girly-Eyes Measles DVD
Urusei Yatsura explores the relationship between Ataru Moroboshi, possibly the most unfaithful, unlucky and lecherous idiot to have ever been born...and Lum, a tigerskin-bikini clad alien package of sex appeal, jealousy and electricity who's fallen for him.
Urusei Yatsura: proof that the Japanese ARE weirder than w...
www.archonia.com /index.php?page=category&sektion=2&category=2&idx=u&slide=2   (1210 words)

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