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Topic: Ushuaia

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Undoubtedly, Ushuaia is one of the favourite destinations in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ushuaia Maritime Museum: A live museum where you can find collections ranging from naval models, the history of Antarctic exploration and other various aspects such as austral wildlife, gold prospecting, the primitive inhabitants and, most important of all, the expeditions and research under way.
The building was declared historic monument by a decree of the National Congress in April 1997 and is being restored by the Argentine Navy and the Ushuaia Maritime Museum due to its historic relevance.
www.argentour.com /ushuaia.html   (1067 words)

 CLIA - Cruise Line International Association
Ushuaia is a glorious port city found at the southern-most end of Argentina.
Ushuaia is located on the largest island in the Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago just south of the Argentinean mainland.
Ushuaia has forty-five thousand inhabitants, all of whom are hoping that their picturesque city will soon become a haven for tourism and thus give a gigantic boom to their economy.
www.cruising.org /planyourcruise/wwdest/overview.cfm?recordID=199   (416 words)

 Borello Travel & Tours - Ushuaia
Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America will amaze you with its main attractions: Lapataia Bay, the southern tip of the continent that melts with the waters of the Beagle Channel; and of course, the king-crab, which is a 'must' for anyone visiting this city.
While sailing the Ushuaia Bay, you will be able to see the southernmost city in the world, to finally arrive at the small key where the famous Les Eclaireurs lighthouse stands.
While sailing the Ushuaia Bay you will be able to see the southernmost city in the world, to finally arrive at the small key where the famous Les Eclaireurs lighthouse is located.
www.borellotravel.com /tours/t_ar.020-ushuaia.htm   (447 words)

 Ushuaia , Tierra del Fuego - PATAGONIA-ARGENTINA.COM
Así, Ushuaia se fue construyendo alrededor de la cárcel y junto con ella.
Ushuaia es el gran centro turístico de la Isla y uno de los puntos más visitados de Argentina.
En Ushuaia encontrará todas las opciones para sus comidas: desde restaurantes de categoría, donde puede probar los platos regionales, como la centolla, hasta locales de comida rápida con menúes muy económicos.
www.patagonia-argentina.com /e/tierradelfuego/ushuaia/ushuaia.htm   (2026 words)

 Ushuaia Ski Resort
All these ski areas are serviced by Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.
Ushuaia's other alpine ski area, Wolfgang Wallner, is the lowest ski area in South America and the southernmost ski area in the world.
Ushuaia is, without question, the nordic skiing capital of the continent.
www.travelsur.net /ski/ClubAndinoUshuaia.htm   (1301 words)

 Ushuaia, Argentina
Beneath the serrated spires of the Martial range, on the north shore of the Beagle Channel, the city of Ushuaia is both an end—virtually the terminus of the world’s most southerly highway—and a beginning—the gateway to Antarctica.
Ushuaia (population 45,205) is 240 kilometers southwest of Río Grande, the island’s only other city, and 3,220 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.
Barely a decade later, in 1896, it established Ushuaia’s civilian Cárcel de Reincidentes for repeat offenders; after finally deciding, in 1902, that Isla de los Estados was a hardship post even for prisoners, the military moved their own facility to Ushuaia.
www.moon.com /planner/argentina/mustsee/ushuaia.html   (2262 words)

 Ushuaia travel guide - Wikitravel
Situated on the Beagle Strait, Ushuaia is the largest city in Argentine Tierra del Fuego, and arguably the southernmost city in the world.
Ushuaia is now a major tourist town, complete with casinos and nice restaurants, and commonly used as a base for hiking, winter sports and cruises to Antarctica.
Climate-wise, Ushuaia is warmer than many assume; although (arguably) the southernmost city in the world, it is no further south than Belfast is north, and temperatures rarely drop below -10.
wikitravel.org /en/Ushuaia   (1163 words)

 Classic Ushuaia Itinerary/Rates
Ushuaia, the southern most city in South America will amaze you with its main attractions: Lapataia Bay, the southern tip of the continent that melts with the waters of Beagle Channel; and of course the king-crab, this is a 'must' for anyone that visits this city.
While sailing the Ushuaia Bay you will have the chance to see the southernmost city in the world from the water, as well as Mount Olivia and some Estancias to arrive finally at the small key where the famous Les Ectaireurs lighthouse is situated.
While sailing the Ushuaia Bay you will have the chance to see the southernmost city in the world from the water to arrive finally at the small key where the famous Les Ectaireurs lighthouse is situated.
www.travelvantage.com /tou_arg_ushuaia.html   (542 words)

 Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia started out as a prison colony and has always been subsidized by the government in Buenos Aires: Ushuaia is strategically important to secure Argentina's claim to the south.
Ushuaia bills itself as the southernmost city on the globe, a title that has been successfully wrested from Punta Arenas and that is now being contested by Puerto Williams, a village about 50km to the east across the Beagle Channel on Chilean territory
About 10 km west of Ushuaia is the National Park, starting on the Beagle Canal and running north along the border with Chile into the interior of Tierra del Fuego.
www.yip.org /~erhard/tierra.htm   (2287 words)

 Ushuaia - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Desde Ushuaia y otros puntos partían bandas de mercenarios a sueldo contratados por estancieros, con la aquisencia de las autoridades, encargados de exterminar a la población aborigen, que hacia 1930 había desaparecido casi por completo.
Ushuaia se encuentra a 250 km al suroeste de la otra importante ciudad fueguina: Río Grande, ambas ciudades están unidas por la Ruta 3, la cual finaliza en la bahía de Lapataia.
Ushuaia cuenta con una muy buena infraestructura hotelera y gastronómica, en donde se puede degustar la tradicional centolla fueguina, la merluza negra, el abadejo y el besugo, mariscos y pescados, como así también el asado de cordero patagónico a la cruz.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ushuaia   (807 words)

 Ushuaia Argentina: Tierra del Fuego travel guide
In the architecture of the city they combine the original housings made of wood and iron sheet with modern buildings lifted starting from the industrial development of the decade of 1980.
From 1902 up to 1947 was headquarters of the famous Prison of Ushuaia where the most dangerous criminals were sent.
Ushuaia has a coastal avenue that travels its marine border where the Tourist Jetty of the city is; from there catamarans that travel the Beagle channel come out.
www.patagonias.net /Cities/Ushuaia.htm   (504 words)

 Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina
Capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the planet.
Ushuaia -which in the yámana language means “bay overlooking the West”- is surrounded by Mount Martial to the West and by Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos to the East.
An emblematic tourist destination, Ushuaia allows the practice of adventure travel: hiking, horse-riding excursions, mountain biking, sport fishing and the most spectacular voyages along the Beagle Channel and across the Tierra del Fuego National Park in the Lapataia Bay.
www.interpatagonia.com /ushuaia/index_i.html   (264 words)

 Ushuaia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Ushuaia is a city of 60,000 people located in the province of Tierra Del Fuego.
Down the hill is the center of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.
This is the view taken through a window on a bus tour of Ushuaia, which is currently an important naval base for Argentina.
www.georgetown.edu /users/mag29/ushuaia.htm   (1599 words)

 Ushuaia Solutions - Translation - Software Localization - DTP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
At Ushuaia Solutions, we understand that your software may be the very essence of your business.
While the internationalization and localization of software is ideally the first stage of a complete localization process, we know from experience that each client has a unique development schedule.
Ushuaia’s customized approach allows us to also offer a flexible service with as little or as much localization as you need, at any phase of the development process.
www.ushuaiasolutions.com /software.htm   (171 words)

 Ushuaia - The Southernmost City of the World
Its picturesque city Ushuaia, which in the yámana language means “bay overlooking the West”, is surrounded by Mount Martial to the West and by Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos to the East.
Ushuaia is surrounded by a mountainous chain (the Martial Range) and there is a small glacier not too far away from the city (about 4 km) called Martial Glacier.
In 1896 the first group of convicts arrived in Ushuaia to begin the reincidents jail (it was a group of houses made of wood and tin); in 1902, the Military Prison, which was situated at Isla de los Estados, was moved to Ushuaia for humanitarian reasons.
www.travel-amazing-southamerica.com /ushuaia.html   (1034 words)

 Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina
• The avenue Maipú, coastal of Ushuaia that skirts the channel of Beagle.
Ushuaia is synonymous of winter sports: ski, snowboard, walks in sleds thrown by dogs, or in snow-cats.
Altos del Valle, to 17 kilometers of Ushuaia, where a dog hatchery exists for sled, they rent teams and rackets for snow.
www.patagonias.net /Cities/What-to-do/Ushuaia.htm   (769 words)

 Hotels in Ushuaia - Details, rates and booking - Argentina Contact
Argentina Contact presents offers from the cheapest hotels, to the most luxurious hotels in Ushuaia, and a great variety in lodgings for the commercial traveler, also for those with vacational purpose.
Located near to the centre of the city, in Las Rocíos Inn, we are waiting for you to provide a warm attention during your stay in Ushuaia.
It is located in the end of the world surrounded by one of the most modern Ski centers, in Ushuaia.
www.argentinacontact.com /Hotels_Ushuaias.html   (414 words)

 Argentina - Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) - Tourism
Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world, is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida and South Atlantic Islands.
The summer season is ideal for the adventure tourism activities such as trekking, horseback riding, mountain byke, sporting fishing and the most astounding tours along the Beagle Canal, Cape Horn and even the Argentine Antártida.
During this season, several cruises reach the port of Ushuaia bringing numberless groups of tourists willing to meet all these attractions.
www.argentinaturistica.com /2ushiresenia.htm   (265 words)

 Ushuaia Hotels in Ushuaia from $25 Client Reviews Photos Maps Hostels Apart Hotels in Ushuaia Argentina
Ushuaia is also point of departure for the spectacular trip to Antarctica.
Ushuaia has a population of 45.000 and the city developed under the frame of Cordón Martial and the Beagle Channel, so hilly streets are very common.
Ushuaia Hotels are not as common as hostels, inns or cottages.
www.interhabit.com /interhabit/indexzone.asp?ID=13   (636 words)

 Ushuaia, Argentina - Patagonia Argentina   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city with an important tourist services infrastructure, an elegant commercial center and an increasing social and cultural activity.
Mount Castor Ski Resort is the the option offered by Ushuaia to the lovers of snow during the winter months.
The Tierra del Fuego National Park, with typical animal and vegetable species and important testimonies from the first settlers of the area, protects Lakes Fagnano and Roca, the channel and the southernmost subantartic forests.
www.welcomeargentina.com /ushuaia/index_i.html   (253 words)

 Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia was officially founded on October 12, 1884, and is now the capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego and South Atlantic Islands.
The jail, which was shut down in 1942, is a Maritime Museum today and is one of the main attractions of the city.
It is a large and modern city on the border of the Beagle Channel, surrounded by forests made up of Lenga, Ñires, and other species, and has a mountain chain with everlasting ice and snow as a backdrop.
www.amazonadventures.com /tierradelfuego.htm   (1677 words)

 Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia
west from Ushuaia is the entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park.
Before getting back to Ushuaia, a stop will be made in front of Lake Roca, whose colour changes depending on the weather.
Driving east from Ushuaia, we'll make a stop to see the Old Jail, then we'll continue by the industrial area of the city to finally enter the woods, where we'll be dazzled by the Velo de Novia (Bride Veil) Cascade.
www.traveltango.com.ar /english/arg/ush/ush_prog_eng.htm   (482 words)

 Musums in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina.
Musums in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina.
The site selected was the same where temporary constructions were, east of the little town of Ushuaia which consisted of little more than 40 houses.
In 1947 the President of the Nation disposed the closure of the jail and installations were transferred to the Navy and Naval Base was installed there in 1950.
www.ripioturismo.com.ar /eushprision.htm   (593 words)

 ushuaia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
USHUAIA - END OF THE WORLD - Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia is the southernmost City in the world.
The "end of the world" train" allows visitors see breathtaking views of snow covered mountains and a vast natural forest.
www.travelsur.net /packushuaia.htm   (161 words)

 Hotels and Cabins in Ushuaia, Lodging Reservation - Argentina Contact
The city of Ushuaia has several places for visits and excursions; it is at the same time the place where the main tour circuits depart that go over the province.
The climate in Ushuaia is not so severe as it is believed, since the mountains and the sea soften it.
The city has a good hotel and gastronomic infrastructure, where one can taste the traditional fueguina spider crab, the fl hake, the kinglet, the sea bream, exquisite shellfish, as well as the Patagonian stick lamb cook.
www.argentinacontact.com /hotels-ushuaia.html   (184 words)

 Ushuaia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other contenders for the title of southermost city are Puerto Williams in Chile (further south but has fewer inhabitants); and Punta Arenas, Chile (much larger and slightly further north).
Several continuously inhabited settlements also south of Ushuaia include Puerto Toro on Isla Navarino, Chile, Orcadas in the South Orkney Islands, and Esperanza in the Argentine Antarctic territory.
There are a number of ski areas nearby, like Cerro Castor and Glaciar Martial.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ushuaia   (524 words)

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