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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

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At the detention center Vladimirandrsquo;s sister was gang raped by Ustasha; she only survived by the efforts of a Chetnik partisan (who was later captured, tortured, and thrown alive into an oven to die by the Ustasha), and died in 1997 without being able to bear children.
During WWII, the Ustasha burned to death 45 Serbian victims in the Orthodox Serbian church in the village of Vojnic, of which 17 victims were relatives of the Dorich family.
Upon the demise of the Ustasha Regime in 1945, all or a portion of the Ustasha Treasury was transferred to cooperative Roman Catholic clergyman and Franciscans for transport to Rome where Franciscans sympathetic to the Ustasha were based.
www.mail-archive.com /ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg34968.html   (4830 words)

 Ustaše - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ustaše (often spelled Ustashe in English; singular Ustaša or Ustasha) was a Croatian organization put in charge of the Independent State of Croatia by the Axis Powers in 1941, in which they pursued Nazi policies.
After the Axis withdrew from Yugoslavia, the Ustaše were subsequently defeated and expelled by the communist Yugoslav partisans in 1945.
While the greeting appears to be invented in the 19th century by Croatian ban Josip Jelačić, today it is generally associated only with the Ustashas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ustasha   (3886 words)

 Carl Savich | Columns | serbianna.com
The 1st Ustasha Regiment was formed in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Hercegovina in September, 1941 by Jure Francetic and Ante Vokic.
Moreover, the Ustasha movement was always a minority movement led by extremist elements and never was accepted by the Croatian majority population.
The Ustasha murdered eight prominent Serbs near Drinjaca, the seat of the Croat command, in the forest of Rasica Gaj near Vlasenica.
www.serbianna.com /columns/savich/049.html   (8070 words)

Ustasha, Chetnik and Communist publications, each wishing to portray the bishop as a friend of the Ustasha, were keen to reprint this ode from time to time.
The Ustasha were often known as 'Francovi' or 'Frankists' due to the dominance in their political evolution of Dr. Isaiah Frank, a Jew.
The Ustasha was not greatly interested in the Jews prior to the outbreak of the war ((SSJ 19: 22)).
www.churchinhistory.org /pages/booklets/croatia(n)-3.htm   (10773 words)

 Degenerate - Lord of the Danse Macabre Chapter 12   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Domobrans continued to desert, until the Ustasha Army had to be dissolved and their troops placed in line with their Domobran comrades to fortify their resolve.
As for the victims of the Ustasha - the NDH, while most of their records have been preserved, wasn't inspired by the anal retentiveness of the Germans in noting their victims' height, weight and eye colour before they were turned into kindling.
For Serbs, they estimate 600,000 were murdered in cold blood by the Ustasha, which, Mile Budak would be pleased to know, was just under a third of the pre-war Serbian population of the lands gathered together in the hideous nightmare of the Independent State of Croatia.
www.diacritica.com /degenerate/4/pavelic12.html   (2203 words)

 Dr. Srdja Trifkovic Comments on Holocaust Museum Jasenovac Exhibit - Nov 25, 2001
Although ideology was secondary to the leader of the Ustashas, Zagreb lawyer Ante Pavelic and his followers, the evolution of their movement places it into the group of phenomena known as "native fascism" of Central-Eastern Europe.
But it is inconceivable that the wave of bloody terror which engulfed the Ustasha state in the summer of 1941 would have been possible had Hitler wanted to put a stop to it.
In the many speeches by Ustasha functionaries and published propaganda articles throughout May and June 1941, preparing the ground for the pogrom, the Serbs were depicted as inferior and alien people who had come to Croatia uninvited and had always been its enemies.
www.snd-us.com /Liberty/st_jasenovac_revisited.htm   (3063 words)

 A New Chapter in Balkan History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Ustasha are unsurpassed in Jewish collective memory for the viciousness of their hatred and violence.
Budak was Pavelic’s minister of education and religious affairs, and supervised the Ustasha campaign against the Jews, in which at least 70 percent of Croatian Jewry was killed by the Nazis.
He was wrong; his consistent flattery of the Ustasha and their heritage, as well as his paranoiac, illiterate views on Jewish influence (of which I know much, having interviewed him twice), did nothing but harm Croatia as it fought for survival in the Yugoslav combat of the 1990s.
www.frontpagemag.com /ARticles/Printable.asp?ID=15147   (1690 words)

 [No title]
Ustasha publications were banned in the Reich, and their activists expessed or placed under strict police surveillance.
The Ustasha activity was merely a peripheral symptom, rather than a cause, of the internal divisions which turned military defeat into an overall collapse.
Local Ustasha commanders and officials were now able to pick up a village, have it surrounded, order all inhabitants to gather in the local Orthodox church or school, tie them two by two and either kill them on the spot or throw them down a nearby mountain crater.
www.balkanstudies.org /wordfiles/Croatia/sydney91.htm   (8959 words)

 Wartime Ustasha Treasury at Rome
Although the amount of the total financial resources available to the Ustasha leadership at the end of World War II cannot be determined, it seems clear from the available information that there was some quantity of gold at their disposal in Rome, Austria, and Switzerland.
The Ustasha Croat campaign started with the internment of 35,000 to 40,000 Croatian Jews in the spring and summer of 1941, followed by the deportation of remaining Jews to Germany in 1942 and 1943.
After the Ustasha regime collapsed at the end of the War, its leader, Ante Pavelic, and some companions fled to the British zone of occupation of Austria from where, according to intelligence reports, he escaped or was released after surrendering some or all of a quantity of gold he had brought from Croatia.
jmgainor.homestead.com /files/PU/MDPC/CH/wutr.htm   (2592 words)

 [No title]
Draganovic also became Ustasha leader Ante Pavelic's unofficial emissary to the Vatican, and de facto liaison to the Pontifical Relief Commission, a Vatican organization that aided refugees during and after the war.
Written by OSS agent Emerson Bigelow, it reports that money sent by Ustasha from Croatia to Rome after the war had been partly intercepted by the British, but that 200 million Swiss francs - the equivalent of $170 million today - were being held in the Vatican for safekeeping.
Ustasha soldiers pose with the corpses of five Serbs.
www.mosquitonet.com /~prewett/avowofsilence.html   (2241 words)

The Ustasha organized against the Yugoslav government, and began a terrorist campaign of bombing and killing.
While loyalist forces were fighting in Belgrade, the Ustasha, on April 10th 1941, announced in Zagreb the formation of the State of Croatia with Ante Pavelic as the head of state.
The Ustasha Party formed an armed force along the lines of the German SS that was to earn a similar reputation for brutality.
mailer.fsu.edu /~akirk/tanks/croatia/croatia.html   (590 words)

 Croatia: Ustasha Legacy Alive and Kicking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Ustasha movement, headed by Ante Pavelic, established an independent Croatian state in 1941- in practice, a brutal client state of Nazi Germany.
The Ustasha legacy is still potent in parts of Croatian society and the extreme right would have used such a "provocation" to mobilise its many followers against the authorities.
On the contrary, there are regular neo-fascist incidents and events in Croatia today, ranging from the raising of a monument in Slunj dedicated to Ustasha war criminal Jure Francetic in June 2000, to the mining of a monument to the victims of fascism in Zagreb´s main Mirogoj cemetery in February 2001.
www.balkanpeace.org /rs/archive/mar02/rs205.shtml   (881 words)

 [No title]
At the detention center Vladimir’s sister was gang raped by Ustasha; she only survived by the efforts of a Chetnik partisan (who was later captured, tortured, and thrown alive into an oven to die by the Ustasha), and died in 1997 without being able to bear children.
The Ustasha’s Minister of the Interior, Andrija Artukovic, ordered Jews and Serbs of Zagreb to leave their homes where they were liquidated immediately or sent to one of the many concentration camps.
Award Plaintiffs compensatory and punitive damages arising out of Defendants’ unlawful behavior in trafficking in, retaining, disposing and concealing Looted Assets or profits of the Ustasha Regime with knowledge that the assets or profits were the fruits of Nazi-Ustasha violations of international law and were used to assist war criminals to evade justice.
www.skolnicksreport.com /suit.html   (4216 words)

 The Ustasha - The Insurgents and the Swastika (Part IV)
Thus, the Ustasha established training centres (more like refugee camps, as they included the family members of the would be "warriors") in Italy and Hungary (later to be expelled from the latter as a result of Yugoslav pressure).
In this the Ustasha was reputed to have collaborated with the fascist IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) under Ivan Mihailov in Bulgaria.
The Ustashas committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children.
samvak.tripod.com /pp55.html   (4940 words)

 On the Role of Jews in the Ustasha Movement (Croatian Fascists) - The Phora
In fact, one of the key founders of the Ustasha Movement, Josip Frank, the successor to Starcevic in The Party of Rights, was an Austro-Hungarian Jew.
The Ustasha were also known as Frankists or Frankovci because they followed Frank’s virulently racist and anti-Serbian and anti-Orthodox and anti-Semitic ideology that began with Ante Starcevic.
Starcevic, the founder of the Ustasha Movement and of modern Croatian nationalism, was actually half-Serbian Orthodox on his mother’s side.
thephora.net /forum/showthread.php?t=1543   (2188 words)

 Degenerate - Lord of the Danse Macabre Chapter 10   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A Gestapo agent describes how the Ustasha had broken into an underground Orthodox Church (which Pavelic deemed "a political organization" rather than a faith), forced the worshippers to lay face down and speared them with bayonets like fish on a trident.
His first contact with the Ustasha came at Petar Kvaternik's funeral (the brother of Slavko and uncle of Dido Kvaternik had been murdered by members of the Royal Army in revenge for sabotaging the defense of the country).
When historians (or, more often, propagandists) mention that the Ustasha regime was so barbaric that "even Nazis" were sickened by it, they are referring primarily to Glaise von Horstenau.
www.diacritica.com /degenerate/4/pavelic10.html   (988 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
When Dr Franjo Tudjman proclaimed the new Croatian state in 1990, it was a new "Ustasha" state, with all the old symbols (including the red and white "Ustasha" chequerboard shield), and in the presence of a papal representative and Muslim leadership.
On August 6, 150 "Ustasha" under Ivan Jovanovic ("Blacky") were joined by another 400 "Ustasha" from Capljina, and took the prisoners in rail cattle-cars to Vranac, some 500 to 1,000m from the Golubinks pit, one of many such natural, near-vertical cave formations in the region.
Only 14 of the 550 known "Ustasha" were brought to trial after the war, and one of the judges was himself an "Ustashi" close to the crime.
www.balkan-archive.org.yu /kosta/external/e-hiding.genocide.html   (5666 words)

 Vatican UN Genocide
An open letter on behalf of Serb and Jewish survivors of wartime atrocities by the fanatical Catholic Croatians known as the "Ustasha" requests the UN Secretary General to investigate allegations of genocide committed by the Vatican and Franciscans.
Plaintiff's uncle resisted and was beheaded in his own yard; an eyewitness told Plaintiff that his body stood upright for a few unbelievable seconds with blood spouting from his neck, while his wife ran out from her hiding place screaming in horror.
Another eyewitness told Plaintiff that her cousin resisted also and as punishment the Ustasha tied him up in his yard while they drove his widowed mother and wife and two small children back into the home to which they then set fire.
www.hvk.org /articles/0600/34.html   (1165 words)

 Nazi Gold
The Croatian Catholic Church was closely entangled with the Ustashas: in the early years of the war, Catholic priests oversaw forced conversion of Orthodox Serbs while Franciscans distributed propaganda.
In 1943, the Ustasha arranged with the Church for Draganovic to be sent to Rome.
The Vatican's tolerance of the Ustasha during the war was no secret, but though they insist they have nothing to hide, they refuse outside researchers free access to their archives because the collection contains sensitive personnel files.
www.theharrowing.com /gold.html   (1020 words)

 Ustasha Movement Today: LIST OF CROATIAN TERRORIST ATTACKS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
* Three Ustasha terrorists attempted to kill regional judge from Revensburg, related to the trial of five terrorists.
* Yugoslav vice consul in Lion, France, Mladen Djokovic, was critically wounded by an Ustasha assassin.
* A Ustasha group "Croatian National Resistance" sentenced in New York for a murder, flmail and treat against Yugoslav immigrants.
www.balkan-archive.org.yu /kosta/new.ustase/list.html   (527 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Ustasha regime embarked on a campaign of genocide which resulted in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Croatian and Bosnian Serbs, along with Jews and Roma.
The number of Slavs massacred by the Croats with the most sadistic of methods must be estimated at a count of 300,000.From this it is clear that the Croat-Serbian state of tension is not least of all a struggle of the Catholic Church against the Orthodox Church.
This made him a part of the Ustasha NDH government or political leadership, and under command responsibility, he can be held accountable for crimes committed by those under his authority.
www.pogledi.co.yu /english/papa.php   (7043 words)

 Axis History Factbook: V Ustasha Brigade (Croatia)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Of course, the Partisans are equally to blame for running away and leaving these villages unprotected or failing to evacuate the population to a safe area.
Armeekorps z.b.V., it included a large force of German, Ustasha and German-Croatian police units that were brought in to decisively crush Partisan X Corps (mainly 32d Division), which the Germans believed was being led by British officers.
The fighting was intense through 16 October and even the Partisans admitted that the Ustasha defenders (nearly all of V Ustasha Brig.
www.axishistory.com /index.php?id=6045   (1676 words)

Power in the newly established fascist state was given to the Ustasha, and the Ustasha founder, Ante Pavelic, was named the Croatian fuehrer, or "poglavnik".
In 1991, in the Croatian town of Osijek, at an official military funeral held for four Croatian guardsmen, the Ustasha salute was reputedly used.
The republic was set up under Nazi German auspices by the Ustasha movement of Ante Pavelic, whose ultranationalist armed units were modeled on the SS and struck terror in the hearts of Serbs and other minorities living on Croatian territory.
www.slobodan-milosevic.org /news/smorg-rp100104.htm   (5139 words)

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