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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  VHS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VHS became a standard format for consumer recording and viewing in the 1980s and 1990s after competing in a fierce format war with Sony's Betamax and, to a lesser extent, Philips' Video 2000.
VHS machines, in contrast to Betamax and Beta's predecessor U-matic, use an M-loading system where the tape is drawn out by two threading posts and wrapped around the head drum (and other tape transport components) in a shape roughly approximating the letter M.
As mentioned, VHS was the winner of a protracted and somewhat bitter format war during the early 1980s against Sony's Betamax format.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/VHS   (2931 words)

 S-VHS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In VHS, the chroma carrier is both severely bandlimited and rather noisy, a limitation that S-VHS does not address.
As neither is changed from the VHS format, the linear audiotrack delivers sound quality scarcely better than AM radio.
Nearly all S-VHS VCRs are backward compatible with VHS tapes, meaning S-VHS equipment is fully functional as a legacy VHS record/playback unit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/S-VHS   (1315 words)

 VHS: Community Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
And the VHS was there during the Flood of 1997, when livestock, domesticated pets and even horses needed to escape the raging river.
In addition, the VHS acts as a resource to pet owners in the Tri-State by answering questions and solving problems they are having with pets in their home.
The VHS also routinely sends out press releases to all the media in the area concerning tips, warnings, promotions, etc. It is not unusual to turn on the TV or open the paper and find the VHS in the news providing a service to the community.
www.vhslifesaver.org /community/programs.html   (1382 words)

 Pfam 20.0 : VHS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The VHS domain is always found at the N- terminus of proteins suggesting that such topology is important for function.
Resolution of the crystal structure of the VHS domain of Drosophila Hrs and human Tom1 revealed that it consists of eight helices arranged in a double-layer superhelix PUBMED:10693761.
The existence of conserved patches of residues on the domain surface suggests that VHS domains may be involved in protein-protein recognition and docking.
pfam.wustl.edu /cgi-bin/getdesc?name=VHS   (253 words)

 VHS Detail @ aNewLow.com (A New Low)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Vertical Helical Scan, better known by its abbreviation VHS or simply as Video, is a recording and playing standard for video cassette recorders (VCRs), developed by JVC (with some of its critical technology under lucrative licensing agreements with Sony) and launched in September 1976.
Of course, these speed reductions cause corresponding reductions in video quality; also, tapes recorded at the lower speed often exhibit poor playback performance on recorders other than the one they were produced on.
Major U.S. Many films released to theaters from 2004 onwards have later been released only on DVD and not on VHS, and many other new feature films are being released solely on DVD.
anewlow.com /encyclopedia/VHS   (2244 words)

 Video Formats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The disadvantages with VHS are that although the quality of VHS is OK for the final product, copies made from VHS format tapes deteriorate rapidly in quality due to generation loss, and camcorders that utilize full size VHS are very bulky and heavy.
This is a smaller sized tape cartridge that the regular VHS tape, (the C stands for compact) and allows for a smaller, lighter camcorder.
Super VHS is also available in a compact VHS cartridge (30 minutes at SP), or full size (120 mins at SP) but this format is capable of a much higher resolution, and is a much higher quality format than VHS-C. The main problem with SVHS is its lack of consumer classl camcorder support.
www.petesvideo.com /vidformats.htm   (912 words)

 mRNA Degradation by the Virion Host Shutoff (Vhs) Protein of Herpes Simplex Virus: Genetic and Biochemical Evidence ...
is absent from the virions of Vhs mutants (75).
Vhs is indicated by a closed circle to the right of lanes b to d, and GST-eIF4H is indicated by an arrow.
Vhs is indicated by a closed circle, and GST-eIF4H is indicated by an arrow.
jvi.asm.org /cgi/content/full/76/17/8560   (7060 words)

 VHS Storage Cube - Products by Lorentz Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Stores 104 VHS Tapes, or 315 Cassettes, or a combination of both.
The VHS Cube is a four drawer version of our CD/Multi-format storage Cube.
The drawers are high enough to accomodate VHS tapes(in the cardboard sleeves) or any audio-visual format that is not larger than VHS tapes.
www.fortune3.com /~comp70659/-VHS_Storage_Cube.html   (248 words)

 Therapeutic vaccination with vhs- herpes simplex virus reduces the severity of recurrent herpetic stromal keratitis in ...
Therapeutic vaccination with vhs- herpes simplex virus reduces the severity of recurrent herpetic stromal keratitis in mice -- Keadle et al.
Anti-HSV antibody titres and DTH responses in therapeutically vaccinated, latently infected mice.
Strelow, L. and Leib, D. Role of the virion host shutoff (vhs) of herpes simplex virus type 1 in latency and pathogenesis.
vir.sgmjournals.org /cgi/content/full/83/10/2361   (2463 words)

 CNN.com - Is VHS obsolete? - June 26, 2002
DVDs are getting more popular, but VHS is still the dominant format, experts say.
The format does have its advantages: DVDs never have to be rewound, they can store extra features like outtakes and director commentaries, and it's easy to access different sections of the disc.
"The VHS format will decline naturally with the growth of DVD, but it's far too soon to write its obituary," says Bo Andersen, VSDA president.
archives.cnn.com /2002/TECH/ptech/06/25/dvd.vhs   (410 words)

 High Definition Movies | D-Theater | D-VHS | DVHSmovie.com ™
VHS has forged ahead into digital High-Definition using the latest technological advancements with D-VHS.
Capable of capturing HDTV broadcasts in their original, full HD quality, D-VHS is can record 50 GigaBytes on a single tape.
VHS®, D-VHS™;, D-THEATER™ and DVHSmovie.com™ are trademarks of the Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
www.dvhsmovie.com   (224 words)

 VHS: Petfinder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This system is designed to show you available pets at VHS that best fit your living and housing conditions.
A result from the VHS Pet Finder is not a guarantee that you will qualify to adopt an animal.
All adoptees must submit an adoption application prior to adopting an animal from VHS.
www.vhslifesaver.org /adoption/petfinder.html   (92 words)

 Amazon.com: When Harry Met Sally... (1989) : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This VHS will probably NOT be viewable in other countries.
VHS > Genres > Comedy > By Theme > Opposites Attract
VHS > Genres > Comedy > Romantic Comedies > General
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0792837207?v=glance   (1333 words)

 Report: Wal-Mart to exit VHS business, free space for DVDs - Jun. 13, 2005
VHS tapes will still be available through the 2005 holiday season, but will disappear from Wal-Mart (Research) shelves sometime soon after February, said the Hollywood Reporter, citing industry sources familiar with the matter.
The move comes after an announcement from Target (Research) that it will phase out VHS sales by September.
The article said Wal-Mart's plans are another nail in the coffin for VHS tapes as stores seek to free up space for popular DVDs.
money.cnn.com /2005/06/13/news/fortune500/walmart_vhs?cnn=yes   (388 words)

 Panasonic Consumer Electronics - VHS Palmcorder® Camcorders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on Panasonic VHS camcorders can be increased to an amazing 700:1 or greater, depending on the model.
After the highest optical zoom setting is reached, the digital zoom automatically takes over, magnifying the image by blowing up the pixels to give you an incredibly close shot.
Panasonic VHS Camcorders are equipped with a 2.5-inch diagonal LCD screen that delivers a brilliantly clear picture in full, vivid color.
www.panasonic.com /consumer_electronics/camcorder/vhsc.asp   (682 words)

 Best Buy For Me.Com
Hear about the roller coaster ride that a mom went through to get her son off of drugs.
A true story about a young man's life and death struggle against drugs and the devastating affect it had on his family.
Find out why drug afflicted babies are called the "million dollar" babies and how you can be part of the solution to this immense problem.
www.bestbuyforme.com /webstore.php?ws=6   (250 words)

 Virginia Herpetological Society
The VHS encourages scientific study of Virginia herpetofauna and its conservation.
A two-day trip during the Spring meeting teaches members field sampling techniques and identification by professional herpetologists.
The VHS publishes a bulletin, CATESBEIANA, twice each year that contains research, field notes, and other information on various aspects of herpetology submitted by its members.
fwie.fw.vt.edu /VHS   (205 words)

 Blank VHS Tapes - Packaged, Bulk, Color Shell and Duplicator grades @ Edgewise Media   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Professional and Master grade VHS tapes in retail packages.
Pro Grade bulk loaded VHS available in various color shells.
Designed exclusively for today's video professional, Quantegy's VHS cassettes continue to set the industry standard for performance.
www.edgewise-media.com /vhs.html   (159 words)

 VHS: About VHS
The VHS offices, library, and a small museum store are located in the newly renovated Vermont History Center at 60 Washington Street (Route 302), Barre.
The VHS museum is located on the first floor of the Pavilion Building at 109 State Street next door to the Vermont State House in Montpelier.
Closed state and federal holidays; check the VHS Calendar for specific dates.
www.vermonthistory.org /about.htm   (210 words)

 Converting VHS to DVD - Genealogy
Not long ago, it was the rage to put all our old movies onto VHS tapes.
It wasn’t until recently that we discovered the VHS tapes wear out and ruin.
One fast and easy way to transfer a few VHS tapes to DVD is to let others do it for you.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art12472.asp   (247 words)

 Virtual High School Welcomes You! Welcome-Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) is the first large-scale project to create Internet-based courses at the pre-college level, providing a low-cost means of augmenting the range of courses a high school can offer without expanding enrollment.
FRAME enabled browsers are currently required in order to participate in Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.), as the CourseWare application we use for delivering online classes relies greatly on frames.
Please contact VHS member recruitment (978-450-0413) to request additional information regarding VHS.
www.govhs.org   (88 words)

 D-VHS - A First Look at a New Format
The decks are fully backwards compatible with all existing VHS formats, including S-VHS.
Currently only one manufacturer (JVC) is supporting the D-Theater platform, but others are already making D-VHS decks and MAY adopt it in the future (Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Toshiba are all supporting the basic D-VHS format at least in Japan, with a few models available in the U.S.).
My belief, however, is that the average consumer is so far beneath the target market for D-VHS that they'll puzzle over it about as much as they do the difference between VHS and S-VHS...
www.thedigitalbits.com /articles/dvhs   (1594 words)

It has been on the market since September of 2001 with a price tag close to $2000.
The storage capacity is around 44 Gig which should yield around 4 hours of high definition material.
Chapter stops are permitted although it requires tape positioning and will not be as fast as DVD stop access.
hometheaterinfo.com /d-vhs.htm   (829 words)

This multisystem VCR is guaranteed to play VHS cassettes from all over the world on your American TV without additional equipment.
With this machine you can send your freinds a video cassette ready to be playedbak on their own local system without any hassle.
This multisystem VHS player and recorder actually does all the conversions enabling you to watch your international VHS videos on any regular American NTSC TV set.
www.barrel-of-monkeys.com /graphics/prod/multisystemvcr/multisystemvcr.shtml   (687 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Charlotte Church: Live From Jerusalem - VHS
It may be available at a later date.
Both VHS and DVD contain bonus footage not on the original PBS telecast -- including Charlotte in rehearsal and on tour of the ancient city.
This PBS video presents a performance by child singing sensation Charlotte Church, the Welsh girl who took the classical music world by storm with her debut CD, Voice of an Angel, in 1999.
video.barnesandnoble.com /search/product.asp?userid=3MTDUIQNF6&EAN=696998960831   (285 words)

 vhs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
She's just getting it started now, so if you don't see your event or your pictures, give it a few days...or send her an
VHS Photography, Inc. is proud to offer their services for any race related events.
Our customer service staff is committed to making sure you get the best photographs and products possible.
www.vhsphotography.com   (128 words)

 Wired News: Digital VHS Takes On DVD
It can also record at the standard VHS resolution of 240 lines per screen width.
JVC was originally the Victor Company, which developed the VHS format in the mid-1970s and was bought out by Japanese investors that renamed it Victor Company of Japan.
With twice the resolution of DVD and a high definition recording option, D-VHS could give DVD a major run for its money, since the recordable standard for DVD still isn't set and now DVD discs are vulnerable to piracy.
www.wired.com /news/technology/0,1282,41045,00.html   (811 words)

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