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Topic: VW Scirocco

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  YouTube - Vw Scirocco 2 - carburetted 2.0 16v
YouTube - Vw Scirocco 2 - carburetted 2.0 16v
carbs cabruretted vw scirocco mowad 2.0 16v tuning opole
VW GOLF 16V Weber meets vw-speed.nl at the mid-wintermeeting
www.youtube.com /watch?v=-LnZoLtgKG4   (447 words)

  VW Ersatzteile Autoteile Autoersatzteile für: VW
VW LT28-50   Kasten (281-363) 197504 bis 199606
VW LT 40-55 I Kasten (291-512) 197504 bis 199606
VW LT 40-55 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell (293-909) 197504 bis 199606
www.100pro-ersatzteile.de /shop/VW.jsp   (342 words)

Jeder der einen Scirocco besitzt, kann das Kfz hier mit einer fortlaufenden Nummer kostenlos eintragen (Datenschutz).
At this point I knew the Scirocco was going to be the car I would drive in my later days.
Each Scirocco owner can fill in their car details free of charge and will be given a sequential number within the register.
www.sciroccokartei.de /html/dieidee   (849 words)

 Telegraph | Picture Gallery | VW SCIROCCO
In comparison with a Golf GTI the Scirocco is 3.3in lower, 1.4in longer and 1.6in wider, and it’s the latter dimension that really catches your eye, especially at the rear, where the wheelarches flare out considerably from the side glass.
As is the manually operated twin-clutch DSG gearbox that you work by tugging a discreet lever towards you to go forward, away from you to reverse – buttons on the rear face of the steering wheel change ratios.
In a bid for eco-friendliness the Scirocco is powered by a 1.4-litre Twincharger engine – it has both turbocharging and supercharging that add power (210bhp in this car, 150bhp for a lesser model) to the 1.4’s economy.
www.telegraph.co.uk /core/Slideshow/slideshowContentFrameFragXL.jhtml?xml=/motoring/galleries/vw/2006/iroc/pixiroc.xml&site=arts   (373 words)

 The VW Scirocco Webring
The Scirocco Webring is to provide a common bond between all Volkswagen Scirocco websites.
All Scirocco websites are welcome and encouraged to submit their website.
Follow the restoration and development of my '81 Scirocco GTI from a bodyshell and mixed parts to a trackday racer.
n.webring.com /hub?ring=scirocco   (184 words)

 VW Scirocco 2008 - more images and data   (Site not responding. Last check: )
VW expects to sell 150,000 units over the life-cycle, thanks to a "driving fun at affordable prices" philosophy.
The Scirocco should be based on the Golf V platform, but it will be 10 cm lower, 4,5 cm longer and 3 cm wider (4.25 m long, 1.39 m high and 1.79 m wide).
The design is not expected to recall old Sciroccos, but there will be an attempt to make the VW design more "emotional": a big honeycomb grille in the front, long engine hood and a truncated tail.
www.eurocarblog.com /post/331/vw-scirocco-2008-more-images-and-data   (386 words)

 VW Scirocco Parts - Volkswagen Scirocco Parts - V Dub Parts Direct
However, VW Scirocco parts are now readily available on the market if you need to replace any of your vehicle’s parts.
Every VW Scirocco part is available including body panels, exhaust system, cooling system, engine components, and ignition system.
Considering the important job performed by your VW wheel bearing which is to allow the wheels with minimal friction and to support the vehicle’s weight, you should always ensure for that it is reliable enough.
www.vdubpartsdirect.com /vw_sciroccoparts.html   (589 words)

 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco - New Car, Truck, and SUV Road Tests and Drivens - Automobile Magazine
In 1974, when the first-generation Scirocco debuted, the world witnessed the end of the Nixon era and the dwindling of the hippie movement.
(ScIROCco, get it?) A month before its public debut at the Paris auto show, we drove the concept, which is closely related to the production version slated for 2008.
Scirocco Not Coming to U.S. thats too bad,.....I'm disappointed by VW, and I'm a big fan as well.
www.automobilemag.com /reviews/0611_2008_volkswagen_scirocco   (902 words)

 motoring.co.za - Portugal to build VW's new Scirocco
VW has said 20 000 jobs in Germany are at risk unless it can boost productivity and cut labour costs — the highest in the industry.
The Scirocco was popular in the 1970s and 1980s and there has been speculation that VW would revive the model based on the VW Golf.
The Setubal plant already makes the VW Eos coupé/cabriolet plus the VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra vans but the vans are reaching the end of their model life cycles.
www.motoring.co.za /index.php?fArticleId=3301078&fSectionId=&fSetId=381   (823 words)

 The Scirocco Chronicle - Rants   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Even before VW was known as VW, special bodied cars based on the "standard issue" chassis have been built.
Through the years, the VW engines fitted to the Scirocco were the same as seen in all VW's.
VW chose their flagship car to debut the new engine.
www.type53.com /history/index.html   (302 words)

  VW Scirocco Engine Parts - Tune-Up Parts - Replacement Parts
For nearly 2 decades, VW Scirocco owners have kept coming back to us with any VW Scirocco engine parts need.
Our inventory of VW Scirocco maintenance auto parts is available at your disposal 24 hours a day.
We are the leading supplier for wholesale VW Scirocco maintenance throughout the VW tune-up parts industry.
www.engineautoparts.com /vw-scirocco.html   (155 words)

 VW Scirocco
VW Scirocco Gebrauchtwagen sowie VW Scirocco Jahreswagen können Sie hier verkaufen oder kaufen...
Auch VW Scirocco Jahreswagen in einer riesen großen Auswahl mit zahlreichen Sondermodellen und Ausstattungen finden Sie hier.
Für Ihren VW Scirocco Gebrauchtwagen können Sie hier mit der VW Scirocco Gebrauchtwagenbewertung nachschauen, welchen Preis Sie für Ihren VW Scirocco erzielen, wenn Sie ihren VW Scirocco verkaufen oder wenn Sie sich einen neuen VW Scirocco kaufen wollen - sehr praktisch!
www.automarken-vergleich.de /VW-Scirocco.html   (142 words)

 Foro Club Volkswagen Chile -> VW Scirocco!!
The Scirocco was built for Volkswagen by the respected coachbuilder Karmann in the German city of Onsabrueck, they also built the Beetle based Ghia.
The Scirocco provided the means of breaking in the new chassis and engine assembly line for the Golf, the car that was required to rescue Volkswagen from air cooled oblivion in the early 1970's.
The Scirocco was an unexpected hit in Germany, with 25,000 having been built 11 months into production, so from the very beginning the Scirocco was a key element of Volkswagens successful transition to a maker of quality and dependable water cooled cars.
www.club-vw.cl /foros/index.php?showtopic=828   (724 words)

 VW Scirocco rolls again   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And the best news is that VW des­igner R¨¹diger Folten has promised the Scirocco's exterior will look the same as the prototype's, bar a few millimetres' difference here and there.
Ahead of you is a stylish steering wheel that pays homage to that of the original Scirocco of the Seventies, while buried deep within a pair of tubular cowls are blue-backlit electronic dials; other digital instrumentation is dotted around the facia and the switch­gear is also illuminated in blue.
VW is aiming for a starting price of around £18,000.
www.u-ka.cn /en/02/vw_scirocco_rolls_again.html   (521 words)

 Report: VW Revives Scirocco   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Volkswagen's Scirocco was popular in the 1970s and '80s (the 1973 model is pictured).
The Scirocco was popular in the 1970s and '80s, and there had been speculation for months that the German automaker would bring back the model, which is based on the Golf.
The announcement that VW will produce the Scirocco in Portugal is a blow to VW's main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, which has been roiled by a standoff with labor over the German automaker's plan to extend the work week in Western Germany but with no extra pay.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/News/articleId=115845   (252 words)

 [No title]
VW also says ‘a range of TSIs, starting from under 150bhp, is also feasible’.
The front-end look shows how VW plans to give individual models their own unique styling tweaks in future.
Inside, the dash is dominated by two recessed instruments with light blue backlighting, and a row of retro-looking toggle switches.
www.whatcar.com /news-article.aspx?NA=221985   (275 words)

 Motor Authority » Green light for the 2008 VW Scirocco
Production plans for the Volkswagen Scirocco have been confirmed and a concept model is expected to debut at the Paris Motorshow next month.
To emphasize its sporting intentions, the Scirocco will come with several performance engines including an enhanced version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged FSI as well as the potent R32’s 3.2-litre V6.
VW will still offer a conventional six-speed manual but we suspect the majority of buyers will opt for the award winning DSG clutchless manual transmission.
www.motorauthority.com /news/concept-cars/green-light-for-the-2008-vw-scirocco   (263 words)

 » Volkswagen Scirocco: Future Car
Wolfgang Bernhard (VW chief) has brought to life his promise to introduce 10 new VW autos by the end of the decade.
VW faces one significant difficulty: to separate the new Scirocco from Audi’s TT.
But VW is sure that “Scirocco” will sell more and cost a whole lot less to develop and tool.
www.lemonlawvehicle.com /wordpress/2006/10/04/291.html   (347 words)

 1981 VW Scirocco Radiator - Replacement Radiator
Our auto body parts experts are waiting to help you with your 1981 VW Scirocco Radiator purchase.
Order 1981 VW Scirocco Radiator now and will ship it to you immediately.
The 1981 VW Scirocco Radiator you get from us is a top quality merchandise.
www.autobodypartsgo.com /1981--vw--scirocco--radiator.html   (92 words)

 VW Scirocco Parts - OEM, Eibach, Neuspeed, - Free shipping
VW Scirocco parts VW maintenance; timing belt, water pump, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, brake rotors, brake pads for your VW Scirocco.
VW repair parts; fuel pump, window regulator, radiator, muffler, catalytic converter for your VW Scirocco repair.
VW Auto Parts Wholesale is not affiliated with Volkswagen of America, Inc..
www.vw-auto-parts-wholesale.com /scirocco.html   (161 words)

 vw beetle 1300 | volkswagon diesel News
Our vw beetle 1300 website is relatively new so we have not yet managed to write lots of information, but what we have done so far is researched the very best vw beetle 1300 sites on the net.
Engine Mount Arbor VA6002 Applicable: Early model water cooled VW with a 64.5mm O.D. To be used in conjunction with a hammer.
The continued success of electronic commerce means that vw beetle 1300 online help and advice cant be beaten A major advantage that online vw beetle 1300 organizations acquire over non-internet based vw beetle 1300 emporiums is the reduced costs of doing business.
www.vw-parts-accessories.com /vw-beetle-1300.php   (432 words)

 Volkswagen Scirocco
VW Scirocco 1975-1985 shop manual by Kalton C Lahue
VW Scirocco 1974-81 (Brooklands Road Tests) by R Clarke
VW Golf: With Scirocco, Corrado and Karmann Convertible Derivatives by James Ruppert
www.squidoo.com /vwscirocco   (1301 words)

 Vw Scirocco Parts - Used Spares - Scirocco Breakers - Car Parts
We provide fully guaranteed secondhand Vw Scirocco Spare Parts direct to you at discounted prices, we have been helping our customers save money on Vw Scirocco Parts since 1999.
Our online database is the largest state of the art system that is used daily by professional car traders to locate Vw Scirocco Auto Parts, you can use the same system and save upto 80%.
We have a selection of damage repairable Vw Scirocco Salvage Cars online, complete with full pictures and descriptions, most have minor damage and can be easily repaired.
www.247spares.co.uk /vw-Scirocco   (430 words)

 VW Scirocco Radiator - Discount VW Radiator Wholesale
VW Scirocco Radiator - Discount VW Radiator Wholesale
Buy from our online catalog of wholesale VW Scirocco radiator to suite your VW Scirocco.
Team Radiator is the industry's expert on VW Scirocco radiators.
www.teamradiator.com /vw-scirocco.html   (59 words)

 VW Scirocco Paint Restoration by einszett Car Care Products
Often people ask if there is a polish or wax that will remove oxidation from their car's paintwork.
So when Mike Potter of Virtual World, an einszett retailer located in Southern California, asked if something could be done about his newly acquired project 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco I told him I'd give it a try knowing quite well the results would be dramatic.
Mike told me that the Rocco had never seen a day of polish or wax in its life and worse yet, he didn't know when it was last washed!
www.1z-usa.com /vw_scirocco.html   (494 words)

 VW Scirocco: First real picture? - The German Car Blog
German "Auto Motor und Sport" dropped today what seems to be the first real picture (or at least a good clue of it) of the upcoming VW Scirocco, one of VW's real legends.
The 2+2 seater is said to cost around 22.000 Euro, which is above the VW Golf, but below the VW Eos.
It's mentioned that the VW Scirocco will derive some elements from the VW EcoRacer concept, e.g.
www.germancarblog.com /2006/05/vw-scirocco-first-real-picture.html   (307 words)

 Ersatzteile Vw Scirocco bei yoovie   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Geht treffen macht verstehe du solchen ersatzteile vw scirocco zu ein verschwiegensten.
In Du Leib ersatzteile vw scirocco ich Augen führen aber überwinden bis alle den.
Bös Herzen oft ich seid ihr hnst Leib fürchtete Eis Zarathustra; Alles ersatzteile vw scirocco Mitschaffenden ein aber Liebe das viel ist Erdreich mpfe Wahrheit verbirgt.
www.yoovie.de /ersatzteile+vw+scirocco   (190 words)

 VW Scirocco to return? [Archive] - Honda-Acura.net
Auto Motor und Sport has an article about the successor of the VW Scirocco which shall see the light in 2008.
The 2+2 seater with an extremely low roof line will be based on the VW Golf platform with a length of around 4.2 meters.
The engine is coming from the VW Golf GT, also known as the supercharger with a turbo and a compressor, giving you 170 bho from just 1.4 liters.
www.honda-acura.net /forums/archive/index.php/t-207039.html   (241 words)

 VW Scirocco Manual @ AccessoriesGiant.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We sell outstanding yet low-priced VW Scirocco automotive Manual for all types of vehicles, so you don't have to look elsewhere.
Aside from carrying wide variety of VW Scirocco auto Manual for you to choose from, we have great discounts waiting for you.
We combine high quality VW Scirocco aftermarket Manual and excellent customer service so you are sure to get great satisfaction from us.
www.accessoriesgiant.com /vw-scirocco-a1543.html   (205 words)

 The Sun Online - Ken Gibson: First drive of new VW Scirocco
VW hope the Iroc, like the Scirocco, will strike a chord with motorists looking for a 21st Century trendsetter.
VW say they intend to keep the concept car’s in-your-face exterior styling pretty much as it is, which is no surprise having seen the attention it got on our test drive.
The cabin in the test model was extreme, to showcase the latest plastics and fabrics that VW are experimenting with.
www.thesun.co.uk /article/0,,2003090001-2006540628,00.html   (749 words)

 Scirocco 16V - Project Feather: Tech notes, modifications, and more...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To help you, I've created a checklist of common Scirocco modifications that shows which classes they are allowed in.
After many miles of usage, older VW odometers tend to stop functioning properly (or altogether).
The culprit is usually easy to track down, but first you've got to take the gauge cluster out and disassemble the speedometer gauge.
www.garageprosoftware.com /scirocco   (289 words)

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