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Topic: Valparaiso, Chile

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Valparaíso - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Valparaíso is one of the main seaports of Chile, on the Pacific Ocean, and the capital of the Valparaíso Region.
It is Chile's 6th largest city in terms of population, with 267,800 inhabitants as of 2004.
Valparaiso's road infrastructure is under substantial improvement at present, particularly with the upcoming completion of the Placilla-La Polvora highway bypass, which will permit trucks to go directly to the port facility over a modern highway and through tunnels, without driving through the historic and already congested downtown streets.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Valparaiso,_Chile   (821 words)

 AllRefer.com - Valparaiso, city, Chile, South America (South American Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It is the chief port of Chile and the terminus of a trans-Andean railroad.
However, Valparaiso's climate is generally mild, and thousands of tourists visit the region, particularly nearby Vina del Mar.
Valparaiso was founded in 1536 by the Spanish conquistador Juan de Saavedra, but it was not permanently established until 1544 by Pedro de Valdivia.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/V/ValparChil.html   (303 words)

 Port of Valparaiso, Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The City of Valparaiso is on the coast of the South Pacific Ocean at similar latitudes as Australia in the Southern latitudes and Washington DC in the Northen latitudes.
The first pier built in Chile was in Valparaiso during the colonial period, and it was called "Muelle Villaurrutia".
Valparaiso is a major seaport and manufacturing center and is one of Chile's largest cities.
www.sjsu.edu /faculty/watkins/econ166/valparaiso.htm   (359 words)

 Valparaiso - Chile travelogues
Valparaiso, once the most important port in the whole of South America, has now all but replaced the colourful merchant fleets carrying wonders from afar with the uniform grey of battleships and destroyers.
Valparaiso is encircled by the sea and a crescent of steep hills and it is here, high above the hustle of the streets, that the rich merchants and traders of the past built their homes.
We were staying in an airy room in a large terraced house high on the surrounding hills and it was kept cool by gentle sea breezes.
www.ourreallybigadventure.com /southamerica/chile/valparaiso.html   (891 words)

 Valparaiso   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Located 70 miles, or about a two-hour drive, from the capital city of Santiago, Valparaiso is Chile’s principal port.
With a population of close to half a million, it is the commercial and administrative center for a vast region and the seat of a major university.
Valparaiso became the country’s leading commercial center and established the first banks and a stock exchange.
www.ivoya.com /luxury_cruises/silversea/port_description/Silversea_Valparaiso.htm   (482 words)

 Valparaíso, Chile Summer Language Program - Study Abroad - International Center - University of Utah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The second largest city in Chile, the port of “Valpo” is known for its sinuous cobbled streets, zigzag roads, and steep footpaths.
Chile’s premier beach resort, Viña del Mar lies just 5 miles to the north of Valparaíso.
Be aware that May in the Southern Hemisphere, especially Chile, is the beginning of winter.
www.saff.utah.edu /inter/sap/summer/spanish.asp   (794 words)

 Valparaiso, Chile, Pictures
Valparaíso, city in central Chile, capital of Valparaíso Region, on a wide bay of the Pacific Ocean.
It is a major seaport and manufacturing center and is one of Chile's largest cities; another large city, nearby Viña del Mar, is contiguous with Valparaíso and constitutes a metropolitan region.
It grew after Chile gained independence in 1818 and was an important port of call for ships rounding Cape Horn before the opening (1914) of the Panama Canal.
www.greatestcities.com /South_America/Chile/Valparaiso_city.html   (225 words)

 BERNARDO O'HIGGINS - LoveToKnow Article on BERNARDO O'HIGGINS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
(1778-1842), one of the foremost leaders in the Chilean struggle for independence and head of the first permanent national government, was a natural son of the Irishman Ambrosio O'Higgins, governor of Chile (1788-1796), and was born at Chilian on the 20th of August 1778.
He was educated in England, and after a visit to Spain he lived quietly on his estate in Chile till the revolution broke out.
Joining the nationalist party led by Martinez de Rozas, he distinguished himself in the early fighting against the royalist troops despatched from Peru, and was appointed in November 1813 to supersede J. Carrera in command of the patriot forces.
60.1911encyclopedia.org /O/OH/O_HIGGINS_BERNARDO.htm   (381 words)

 Surroundings in VALPARAISO CHILE - Travel & Tours by ENJOY SOUTH AMERICA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
With its paradise-like beaches it is Chile's most important seaside resort and a noted one in all South America.
Hills, lookout points and cable cars: Valparaiso would not be what it is without its hillside neighborhoods, its lookout points, offering magnificent views and those neat little ascending and descending funicular cableways, reaching the top of the hillside.
Hills and yet more hills: cheerful, colorful, fascinating, they will all provide with lookout points affording birds-eye views of the city; all with cableways of their own (15 are currently operating) that take will take you up and down tirelessly, on unique and exciting trips.
www.enjoy-south-america.com /chile/valparaiso-chile4.php   (1115 words)

 ISA: Chile - Chile - Study Abroad Programs - Study Abroad with ISA
Northern Chile is best identified by the Atacama Desert which is considered to be the driest desert in the world and is an area of extreme temperature fluctuations.
The eastern border of Chile is comprised of the Andes Mountain range whose high elevation is responsible for extreme temperatures throughout the year.
Chile is also one of the most prosperous Latin American countries and the benefits of this prosperity include an excellent educational system and a multitude of distinguished universities.
www.studiesabroad.com /programs/country/chile   (337 words)

 Villanova University International Business (Study Abroad) - Chile - Business   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Valparaiso is the principal seaport of Chile, located about 70 miles west of Santiago along the Pacific Ocean.
Chile is a stable democracy with the most successful economy in South America.
The Valparaiso and Vina del Mar region is considered the "Mediterranean" of South America.
www.internationalstudies.villanova.edu /summer/chile-business.htm   (326 words)

 Spanish Abroad, Inc - City Overview of Valparaiso, Chile
Valparaiso is Chile's second city and its main port.
Valparaiso's maze of cobbled paths are perfect for exploring, and the city is known for its fine arts and excellent maritime museums.
The old-seaport atmosphere of Valparaiso is best appreciated by wandering around for an hour or two in some of the old neighborhoods.
www.spanishabroad.com /prog_semester/valparaiso/val_city.htm   (535 words)

 The Maritime Heritage Project: Gold Rush Ships, Passengers, Captains in Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Muelle Villaurrutia, Chile's first cargo dock, was constructed in Valparaíso during the colony period in the early 1800s.
In Valparaiso, a meeting of French and English residents was held on the 19th, and a committee appointed to arrange for a banquet.
The country is to be covered with lines of railways and telegraphs, docks, quays, and magnificent public works to be constructed in Valparaiso; powerful war steamers to be contracted for; public universities to be established; and all in a remarkable short space of time.
www.maritimeheritage.org /ports/saChile.html   (1182 words)

 Latin Trade: Poet in motion: a Wisconsin teacher, walking in Neruda's footsteps, aims to save a port town from decay - ...
Chile's rustic port city Valparaiso seems stuck in a time-warp, like San Francisco in the United States during the 1950s: A labyrinth of streets; dilapidated, quirky architecture built into the hillsides; rackety elevator cars climbing sloping hills to panoramic views of the Pacific; the obligatory stray dog waiting at each corner.
Valparaiso expects to receive approximately $1 billion in private and public investment, including a $55 million waterfront renovation charged with turning the city's old warehouses and container lots into an epicenter for international tourism.
Chile's cruise business grew 30% in the last five years to 38 ships in 2002--some 72,000 visitors, including crew--on their way to Patagonia or Buenos Aires.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0BEK/is_5_11/ai_102090580   (717 words)

 Mutek : MUTEK.CL festival in Valparaiso, Chile
MUTEK.CL in Valparaiso, Chile, is an initiative of MUTEK, (1) a Montreal group devoted to distributing and developing emerging forms of electronic music and sound creations.
The aim is to develop a network between Montreal, Berlin and Valparaiso to promote events and nurture the communities of artists and fans interested in electronic music and sound creation.
Chile is a fertile ground for electronic music and sound creation.
www.fondation-langlois.org /html/e/page.php?NumPage=69   (331 words)

 A2Z Languages, - Language Schools - Semester Programs Valparaiso, Chile - City Guide - History
Only a few months later, another visitor had similar impressions, noting that although even the governor's house and the custom-house are of poor appearance all the symptoms of greate increase of trade are visible in the many new erections for ware-houses.
Valparaiso's population at independence was barely 5,000, but the demand for Chilean wheate brought on by the California Gold Rush prompted such a boom that, shortly after mid-century, the city's population was about 55,000.
Furthermore, Chilean exports of mineral nitrates declined as Europeans found synthetic substitutes, indirectly affecting Valparaiso by further reducing maritime commerce in the region.
www.a2zlanguages.com /semesterprogs/valparaiso/valhistory.htm   (386 words)

 Area guide to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Valparaiso, a world heritage site and immortalized in the words of Pablo Neruda, is one of Chile's if not South America's most charismatic and historic ports, with its charming "ascensores" (funiculars) and colorful hillside houses.
From unbridled luxury to the coziness of small family run accommodations, whether your looking for a place to stay on your holiday, organize your daughter's wedding or hold your company's event, we are sure you will find somewhere to suit your taste, your budget or the facilities needed.
Halfway between Santiago and Valparaiso is the Valle de Casablanca, one of the coolest wine growing areas in Chile.
www.vinayvalpo.com   (640 words)

Today, Valparaiso is a fascinating and endlessly interesting town set within the hills of a huge bay overlooking the ships and coastline of the Pacific.
In the 1880's, Valparaiso built a number of "ascensors" which are like outdoor elevator-railroad tracks that transport people nearly straight up the hills.
Their central market is renowned in Chile, and we easily spent an afternoon just walking around admiring the enormous stacks of colorful fruit defying gravity and weathered merchants peddling their wares: weavings, pottery, handmade clothes, PAPerias...
www.tarantism.com /mefloquine/20chile.html   (4057 words)

 Study Abroad: SDSU Program Options in Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Universidad de Valparaíso was part of the Universidad de Chile, a university created in 1842.
As a result of changes in the law in 1981 regarding the creation of autonomous universities in Chile, The Universidad de Valparaíso was founded as a sole entity in 1981.
Universidad de Chile is considered the Alma Mater of Universidad de Valparaíso.
www.sa.sdsu.edu /isc/sites_chile.htm   (1076 words)

 Study Abroad in Chile.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Chile is a land of extremes, beauty, and mistery.
The economic growth of the past decades has given Chile first world health and safety conditions and foreigners have little trouble adjusting.
Valparaíso is the second-largest city and the main port of Chile and is located 70 miles form Santiago, the capital of Chile.
www.studyabroadinternational.com /file/schools_Chile.html   (964 words)

 VALPARAISO Chile - Photos of Valparaíso and Travel Information - Woodward Chile
Situated about 120km (72 miles) northwest of Santiago, Valparaíso is the second biggest city in Chile and the Capital of the Fifth Region.
Valparaíso is home to Chile's naval headquarters and also the National Congress.
His other two houses are in Santiago and Isla Negra on the coast and this one, known as La Sebastiana, is perched high up on a hill with spectacular views of Valparaiso and its bay.
www.woodward.cl /chilevalparaiso.htm   (540 words)

 ISEP Institutions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Locale: The university is distributed in different campuses and university centers located in the main cities of the Valparaiso region.
The city of Valparaíso is the cultural and legislative capital, and the main commercial harbor, of Chile.
Language notes: Although it is not required, the UVM recommends that students have at least three semesters of university-level Spanish instruction prior to exchange.
www.isep.org /nus/chile   (1125 words)

 Valparaiso --  Encyclopædia Britannica
It lies on the south side of a broad, open bay of the Pacific Ocean, 84 miles (140 km) northwest of the national capital of Santiago.
It was originally a point on the old Sauk Trail, which was a thoroughfare for Sauk Indians traveling to Detroit to collect annuities from the British for services in the...
region, central Chile, bordering the Pacific Ocean on the west, Argentina on the east, and Santiago metropolitan region on the southeast.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9074743?tocId=9074743   (827 words)

 Valparaiso, city, Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
However, Valparaiso's climate is generally mild, and thousands of tourists visit the region, particularly nearby
Valparaiso was founded in 1536 by the Spanish conquistador Juan de Saavedra, but it was not permanently established until 1544 by Pedro de
On Sunday: Travel: It's got the whole world in its lands; From arid desert to lush vineyards, from city chic to volcanoes and icebergs, Chile is fast becoming a holiday hotspot for discerning travellers in search of adventure.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0850391.html   (312 words)

 Valparaiso Bed & Breakfasts | Valparaiso Guesthouses, Chile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A classical house of the bay built at the beginning of the XX century that is placed in a typical neighborhood called "El Almendral"...
Ideally loated in downtown Valparaiso, we are within walking distance of many of the main attractions...
This Hostel is sheltered between the hills near to the steps of the Plaza Sotomayor, the tourist centre of Valparaiso...
www.travellerspoint.com /guesthouses-en-ci-1333.html   (282 words)

 Squares in VALPARAISO CHILE - Travel & Tours by ENJOY SOUTH AMERICA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
It is at the very heart of the city, and several activities are concentrated there, as it is considered to be Valparaiso's social centre.
Four female statues stand on the corners of the square, representing the seasons of the year together with two statues of lions that belonged to the Teatro de la Victoria.
Its narrow alleyways and the singular harmony between its old and new buildings, as well as the Neptune's Fountain, placed at its mid-point in 1892, were the reasons it was named as a "Typical" Area.
www.enjoy-south-america.com /chile/valparaiso-chile2.php   (522 words)

 Travel Forum - Valparaíso, Chile
Valparaíso is located near the center of Chile at latitude 33° 01´S, longitude 71° 38´W, two hours by highway from the capital Santiago.
Although It was moved by an act of 1987, It was not until the first democratic government of Patricio Aylwin in 1990 that began to function as the seat of Congress.
Football was introduced in Chile by English people, the two first private schools were founded (The Mackay School and Deutsche Schule), they created and joined many firemen companies (voluntary activity in Chile), and the buildings reflected the european tendences.
www.ttgforum.com /showthread.php?t=766   (562 words)

The first quay of the Chile was built in Valparaíso in 1810, during the colonial period, and was called "Muelle Urrutia".
The administration in charge of the harbors is the Empresa Portuaria de Chile, based in Valparaíso.
On the other side of the bay lies Viña del Mar. It is a seaside resort and the smart suburb of Valparaíso.
pamir.chez.tiscali.fr /Voiliers/Classe_A/Pamir/Harbors/Valparwe.htm   (544 words)

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