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Topic: Value (colorimetry)

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 Colorimetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Colorimetry is the science that describes colors in numbers, or provides a physical color match using a variety of measurement instruments.
Silkscreen experts often find the science of colorimetry to be useless, for many can mix the required color in under 10 minutes.
Colorimetry utilizes the standard color science calculations provided by the International Lighting Standards Commission (CIE) in 1931. /wiki/Colorimetry   (432 words)

Colorimetry has developed as a specialty within the field of photometry, which is itself a specialty within the field of radiometry.
This leads to an expansion of the concept of colorimetry that is fundamental to the study of color vision.
Recognizing the colorimetry of vision is more properly described using subtractive colorimetry, several new definitions are appropriate. /colorim.htm   (4218 words)

 Lati S.p.A. - Colorimetry
Colorimetry is the measurement technique used to define the colour.
The main applications of Colorimetry in the plastics sector are the formulation of colour recipes and in quality control.
Colour is a physical property of a material that depends on the spectral distribution of incident light and on the light they reflect back in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. /laboratory/colorimetry.html   (253 words)

 Colorimetry: Water Testing Kits
Colorimetry modules are available, increasing in accuracy and sophistication throughout the range.
Colorimetry methods vary in their level of sophistication and accuracy; from simple user judgement such as the water Comparator to state-of-the-art electronics, including the Kittiwake Photometer.
One of the most popular and simple ways is by Colorimetry, which includes a range of test equipment including the portable colorimeter, photometers and comparators. /Default.aspx/ProductSection/90/ProductSubSection/106/ProductSubSubSection/187/ProductSubSubSubSection/251/Product/704   (610 words)

 Photometry and Colorimetry
Colorimetry is based on the fact that observers can match colours with additive mixtures of three reference stimuli in amounts known as tristimulus values.
These data can be the chromacity coordinates used in colorimetry; red and blue colour-difference signals can also be used (detailed discussion of these terms is given in Chapter 20).
Quantities used in photometry and colorimetry can be presented in three different ways as shown in Fig. /people/pfliegel/telecomm/05color.htm   (2796 words)

 International Color Consortium
The profile connection space is defined as the CIE colorimetry which, in the case of the perceptual rendering intent (defined later), will produce the desired color appearance if rendered on a reference imaging media and viewed in a reference viewing environment.
PCS colorimetry must also be corrected to account for the change in color appearance caused by differences in the absolute luminance level.
Output profiles for media that are viewed in environments different from the reference are responsible for modifying the colorimetry to account for the differences in the observer's state of adaptation as well as any substantial differences in viewing flare present in these environments. /profile.html   (3545 words)

 Industrial Courses in Color-Imaging to be Offered at RIT’s
Internationally Known Munsell Color Science Laboratory
This course introduces basic colorimetry through derivation of the CIE system of tristimulus values, color spaces such as CIELAB, and color difference equations such as CIE94 and CMC.
Colorimetry is used in a variety of industries including coatings, textiles, automobiles, plastics and image reproduction.
Instrumental-based color matching exploits colorimetry, color physics and computer science, resulting in systems that aid colorists in matching existing and new colors. /~930www/News/viewstory.php3?id=506   (607 words)

 Colorimetry: How to Measure Color Differences
Colorimetry, the science of color measurement, is widely employed in commerce, industry and the laboratory to express color in numerical terms and to measure color differences between specimens.
The use and importance of colorimetry has grown in unison with the increase of global manufacturing and processing.
When plastic automotive trim produced on one continent, for example, must match a painted metal finish applied on another, an objective and precise description of color becomes an absolute necessity. /content/news/article.asp?docid={CC108AFF-E3B1-43B0-8D01-918132F47CBF}&VNETCOOKIE=NO   (170 words) Colorimetry : Fundamentals and Applications (The Wiley-IS&T Series in Imaging Science and Technology): Books: Noboru Ohta,Alan Robertson
Colorimetry, the science of quantitvely describing color, is essential for color reproduction technology.
Colorimetry: Fundamentals and Applications is an ideal reference for practising color engineers, color scientists and imaging professionals working on color systems.
This book is a comprehensive and thorough introduction to colorimetry, taking the reader from basic concepts through to a variety of industrial applications. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0470094729?v=glance   (693 words)

Since there is a fairly significant difference in the intrinsic colorimetry of the commonly used film emulsion, data for an “average emulsion” will be approximate, but these setup parameters will generally provide a much closer match to the colorimetry of footage created on film than is provided by the standard colorimetry of a video camera.
Please note that in many cases the intrinsic (uncorrected) colorimetry of the film emulsion is modified significantly by the artistic contribution of the “Colorist” in the final processing and transfer of the film to video.
CCIR-709 is the new colorimetry standard proposed for the new Digital Advanced Television system of the US and the linear matrix settings in Table I, labeled Reference 709, will alter the standard colorimetry (based on the original NTSC chromaticity coefficients) of the DVW-700 to this new standard. /kamera/elektronik/ayarlar/menu/sonydvw700.html   (880 words)

 HSV color space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, if physical intuitions are indispensable, it is possible to translate HSV coordinates into pseudo-physical properties using the psychophysical terminology of colorimetry as follows:
Thus it is not generally advisable to try to make direct comparisons between HSV coordinates and physical light properties such as wavelength or amplitude.
Hue specifies the dominant wavelength of the color, except in the range between red and indigo (somewhere between 240 and 360 degrees) where the Hue denotes a position along the line of pure purples /wiki/HSV_color_space   (1152 words)

The report is divided into four general groups: \begin{itemize} \item Classical colorimetry as used in colour visual display units \item Colorimetric measurement, technical standards, uncertainties involved with assessing the colour on VDU's \item Colour design and use on visual display units \item Colour perception.
\par This second edition contains chapters on "Special metamerism index: change of illuminants" and "Recommendations on uniform color spaces, color difference evaluations and psychometric color terms", previously published as Supplements to the original Publication CIE 15, Colorimetry, 1971, as well as a new section on a formula for evaluating whiteness.
In some cases these changes have been quantified, however, these results were carried out using quite different experimental techniques (such as colour matching using a visual colorimeter or judgements of constant stimuli using physical samples) and are based upon very limited numbers of colour centres and observations. /~jacobsd/class/398/color.bib   (239 words)

 CIE Colorimetry and Colour Displays - Schanda (ResearchIndex)
The first real application of CIE colorimetry occurred, however, in the textile and coating industries to describe colour matches between sample and reference.
Abstract: CIE colorimetry was standardised 65 years ago to describe colorimetric properties of signal lights.
Thus also the experiments conducted to achieve a uniform colour scale diagram were performed by using material samples usually illuminated by a daylight simulator. /281501.html   (553 words)

 handprint : do "primary" colors exist?
Colorimetry builds on the fact that additive color mixing is both promiscuous and precise.
The imaginary primaries used in colorimetry are simply standardized units of measurement, like the meter, joule or yen.
Colorimetry is built on the principle of additive metameric colors. /HP/WCL/color6.html   (13659 words)

 PeanutPepper » Crt colorimetry » CRT Standard
Colorimetry, gamma and white referenceHigh-Definition Display Technologies to CRT” SMPTE Journal Aug 2000.
In the Automatic and Colorimetry modes there is no need to use a buttonDrive Space Monaco Optix LCD & CRT Display Calibrator Quick, Easyoutstanding profiling solution for both LCD and CRT displays.
It is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative reference from another document. /crt-standard/crt-colorimetry.html   (327 words)

 Automated colorimetry overview
The basic principle of continuous flow colorimetry is to eliminate chemical analysis by hand-mixing of reagents in individual items of glassware and to substitute a continuously flowing stream of liquid reagents circulating through a closed system of tubing.
Reference and sample solutions are introduced by turns into this flowing stream of color-forming reagents. /~sisbl/contin.html   (811 words)

 Ion Chromatography as an Alternative to Standard Methods for Analysis of Macro-nutrients in Mehlich 1 Extracts of Unfertilized Forest Soils
The merits of IC relative to AA, ICP, and colorimetry for forest soil testing are discussed.
This study evaluates ion chromatography (IC) as an alternative to atomic absorption (AA) and inductively-coupled plasma spectromctry (ICP) for analysis of potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and calcium (Ca), and and as an alternative to antimonylmolybdate colorimetry and ICP for analysis of phosphorus (P) macro-nutrients in Mehlich 1 extracts.
IC does not correlate very well with colorimetry for P at extract levels below 2 mg kg /pubs/7743   (400 words)

Colorimetry is used to analyze amounts of Cl and NO in an extract.
The extract is introduced into a series of tubing where it mixes with chemicals called reagents.
This page was last modified October 21, 2002 /geology/marston/salinity/new_page_3.htm   (85 words)

 Calculations for Colorimetry
Along with operating the instruments, colorimetry also involves calculations to actually figure out the concentration of a solution from the absorbance measurements made by using the colorimeters.
Use the following questions to test your ability to do colorimetry calculations.
There are three methods that can be used depending on what information is available. /ch105-04/calculat1.htm   (749 words)

To understand colorimetry, the science of measuring color, one needs to understand the language of light measurement.
Note the colorimetry of film and video systems overlaid on the CIE chart.
As flawed as this system was, it was the first successful attempt to quantify color, and describe it numerically. /technology/colorimetry.htm   (4128 words)

It summarizes the CIE recommendations for colorimetry: for the standard illuminants, for the standard colorimetric observers, for the standard of reflectance factor, illuminating and viewing conditions of colorimetry, the calculations of tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates and colour differences, and for various other colorimetric practices and formulae.
Publication CIE 15.2-1986 is the second edition of the CIE Recommendations on Colorimetry, it is much enlarged and updated.
This second edition contains chapters on "Special metamerism index: change of illuminants" and "Recommendations on uniform color spaces, color difference evaluations and psychometric color terms", previously published as Supplements to the original Publication CIE 15, Colorimetry, 1971, as well as a new section on a formula for evaluating whiteness. /publ/abst/15-2-86.html   (221 words)

 The Role Of Colorimetry & Spectrophotometry In The
The Role Of Colorimetry & Spectrophotometry In The
Both fresh and processed food producers know this well, and are increasingly adopting instrumental color measurement technologies and practices to control color better across a wide range of applications.
When it comes to foods, color and appearance are the most important first impressions, even before one's olfactory sense is tickled with a pleasing aroma. /Content/news/article.asp?Bucket=Article&DocID={D7AAE46F-8BF7-46E6-BE2B-2D9372E7A072}&VNETCOOKIE=NO   (207 words)

 Edmund Optics - Colorimetry Systems
home : online catalog : testing : measuring instruments : colorimetry systems /onlinecatalog/browse.cfm?categoryid=1339   (12 words)

 Colorimetry and computer graphics
The science of colorimetry is important in computer graphics.
Among other things, it provides us with objective ways to identify colors and methods to convert spectral energy distributions to RGB triplets.
The result is meant to look like the sky on a rainy day. /~nv91-gta/color   (134 words)

 Consultancy on Colors and Colorimetry
Consultancy on Color Science and Colorimetry for companies and professionals in the fields of color matching and color quality control.
Over 15 years of expertise on Color Science and Colorimetry.
Color vision assessment and training are to be applied to dye and paint mixers, laboratory personnel, inspectors of color goods, designers and color consultants, marketing and salesmen, applicants for new job posts, and so forth. /colorbrazil/english.html   (367 words)

 Product News Network: Spectrodensitometer measures density/colorimetry functions
Switch on-the-fly to colorimetry functions like L*a*b,* Yxy, and L*C*h[degrees] and more when you need quality control for pastels, Hi-Fi, PANTONE,[R] and other special colors.
Users can switch on-the-fly to colorimetry functions when quality control for pastels, Hi-Fi, and PANTONE[R] is needed.
A high performance spectral engine gives X-Rite's 528 Spectrodensitometer the ability to measure both density and colorimetry functions. /p/articles/mi_m0PIL/is_2005_May_27/ai_n13783321   (376 words)

 Intuitive colorimetry for dyslexia
Dr Barnard is able to offer advice for dyslexics, migraine sufferers and photosensitive epileptics and provide guidance as to whether Intuitive Colorimetry may be useful in individual cases.
The rights to the Intuitive Colorimeter are owned by the Medical Research Council of Great Britain and the instrument is used, under licence, by a number of clinics in the UK for diagnosing very specific coloured tints to help some dyslexic patients.
Various beneficial effects were reported including, in some patients, reduction in seizures and improved comfort in certain light environments (Wilkins et al 1999). /color.html   (288 words)

 Guide 1: Planning an Imaging Project
The purpose of an unrendered image color space is to represent an estimate of the original's colorimetry and to maintain the relative dynamic range and gamut of the original.
Unrendered image spaces can be used for archiving images when it is important that the original colorimetry be preserved so that a facsimile can be created later.
After an image is captured into source space, it may first be transformed into an unrendered image space, which is a standard color space describing the original's colorimetry. /legacy/visguides/visguide5.html   (7577 words)

An example of the second kind of research is the many studies in colorimetry, involving the specification of colors.
Almost all of this field has to do with the perception of color, that is, to studying the conditions that cause or contribute to colors being seen, or to ways in which the colors as they appear may be studied.
Typically these involve matching techniques in which the subject is asked to match some stimulus with one or another of a range of standardized cases. /entries/color   (18003 words)

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