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Topic: Vectorscope

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Audio Tools - from David Taylor, Edinburgh
The Audio Tools are currently freeware, but if you require support on the software you must register with me.
You can register for support for SatLevel, SweepGen and VectorScope together for less than about $35.
If you like the software, registering is also an easy way to say "Thank You".
www.david-taylor.myby.co.uk /software/audio.html   (412 words)

  Tektronix MBD: Applications > NTSC Video Meas: Vectorscope Techniques
The processing within a vectorscope and the display of the processed signals is designed to readily detect and evaluate both phase and gain distortions of the chrominance.
The vectorscope screen shows a display of a SMPTE color bars test signal with all of the dots in their boxes and the color burst correctly placed on the horizontal axis.
Reference may be internal, where the vectorscope locks to the color burst of the selected input channel, or external, where lock is to a second signal.
www.tek.com /Measurement/App_Notes/NTSC_Video_Msmt/vectorscope.html   (2749 words)

Vectorscopes are highly similar in operation to oscilloscopes operated in X-Y mode; however those used in video applications have specialized graticules, and accept standard television or video signals as input (demodulating and demultiplexing the two components to be analyzed internally).
A vectorscope uses an overlaid circular reference display, or graticule, for visualizing chrominance signals, which is the best method of referring to the QAM scheme used to encode color into a video signal.
The reference signal used for the vectorscope's display is the color burst that is transmitted before each line of video, which for NTSC is defined to have a phase of 180°, corresponding to the nine-o'clock position on the graticule.
www.1bx.com /en/Vectorscope.htm   (869 words)

 Waveform Mons & Vectorscopes
The vectorscope takes the composite video signal, samples the colour burst from it, and uses that as a reference - a continuous sine wave is regenerated from this known quantity.
On the vectorscope scale, the polar display permits measurements of hue by the relative position of the vectors around the display with respect to the colour burst.
The vectorscope's EXT CW selection is chosen (with a suitable source of continuous wave subcarrier, again from the sync generator).
www.danalee.ca /ttt/waveform_monitors_and_vectorscopes.htm   (4737 words)

A vectorscope uses a circular display, or graticule, for visualizing chrominance signals, which is the best method of referring to the QAM scheme used to encode color into a video signal.
NTSC vectorscopes have one set of boxes for the color bars, while their PAL counterparts have two sets of boxes, due to the fact that chrominance in PAL reverses in phase on alternating lines.
The reference signal used for the vectorscope's display is the color burst that is transmitted before each line of video, which is defined to have a phase of 180°, corresponding to the nine-o'clock, or -U, position on the graticule.
www.askfactmaster.com /Vectorscope   (313 words)

 5850V (NTSC)/5851V (PAL) Vectorscope
The 5851V and 5850V Vectorscope are designed to simultaneously measure the amplitude and phase of chrominance components contained in a composite video signal.
To measure phase (i.e., direction with respect to burst signal) and amplitude (i.e., length from center) in vector format, the chrominance components containing color information of the video signal are first demodulated, then displayed on the CRT.
The optional rackmount adapter enables a pattern generator, color monitor, and vectorscope to be integrated in a system.
www.leader.co.jp /english/product/5850v_e.html   (146 words)

The diagonal direction of the color burst vector is indicative of a PAL signal.]] A vectorscope is a special type of oscilloscope used in both audio and video applications.
The vectorscope's graticule represents saturation as distance from the center of the circle, and hue as the angle, in standard position, around it.
NTSC vectorscopes have one set of boxes for the color bars, while their PAL counterparts have two sets of boxes, due to the fact
www.frozenup.com /pages9/93/vectorscope.html   (275 words)

 ReGen Reviews :: Vectorscope - Monitoring the Blind   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vectorscope is one of them, and unfortunately, is not noteworthy.
Much like Appelbaum's Screening project, Vectorscope is another romp with different sounds and noises, but comes nowhere near being enjoyable to listen to.
Not that Vectorscope is supposed to or should be sounding like Death in June (or any other band Appelbaum has worked with), but one would think that some musical talent would rub off on him.
www.regenmag.com /index.php?module=pagesetter&func=viewpub&tid=5&pid=304   (443 words)

 Video Engineering Primer
The scale of the vectorscope is a circle overlaid with the color amplitude and phase relationship of the three primary colors (red, green and blue).
On the vectorscope this would be adjusted until the signal on the scope were dead center and not favoring red, blue or green.
The proc amp should be used with both a waveform monitor and vectorscope to insure that the changes you are making are what you think you are making.
www.videouniversity.com /engineer.htm   (1584 words)

 Adjust   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Vectorscope measures the chrominance of a video image allowing you to examine the saturation levels for the various color shades.
By viewing a frame of your video clip with the Vectorscope you can determine if the saturation levels of certain colors need to be improved.
If the Vectorscope shows a green blob all in the center, then the overall saturation level of the clip needs adjusted.
faculty.weber.edu /lmacleod/tbe2534/Vectorscope.htm   (178 words)

 DEWETRON: Vectorscope   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Vectorscope shows the phasors of voltage and current.
In addition also the RMS values of voltage and current, the phase angles and the power values are shown (if the check box "show measured values" is enabled).
In a Vectorscope the phasors represent the alternating values.
www.dewetron.com /de/products/software/dewesoft-power/what-is-dewesoft-power/vectorscope   (244 words)

 EVL Video Editing HomePage
The waveform and a vectorscope monitors are used to see what your signal looks like.
The vectorscope monitor looks at the phasing of the color.
is located on the top of all decks, next to the waveform amd vectorscope monitors.
www.evl.uic.edu /tomk/data/video-edit/vidsignals.html   (283 words)

 HOW TO USE A WAVEFORM & A VECTORSCOPE & what is an illegal level
If you look on your vectorscope (using 75% setting), any color that goes out beyond the six little target boxes is over 75% saturation and strictly speaking is illegal.
Specifically, if you look at your waveform monitor in the mode without the chroma stripped off (composite button on the waveform analyzer in Reality/Velocity), you can actually allow the chroma component to sneak as high as 121 IRE without concern that it will be illegal for broadcast.
Of course it might just be your luck that some less than completely knowledgeable station engineer rejects your work because he thinks the colors are illegal (according to the vectorscope), but that's the chance you'll have to take.
www.execulink.com /~impact/scopes.htm   (1122 words)

 vectorscope - VJForums.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
VScope is a software vectorscope/waveform analyzer and video test pattern image generator that provides basic video measurement capabilities for a video capture/playback card in a PC equipped with a Video for Windows compliant video capture/playback hardware.
During operation, the vectorscope can be used to observe excessive chroma levels.
A vectorscope and a waveform monitor are sometimes combined in a single unit with a single screen and a switchable graticule.
www.vjforums.com /showthread.php?t=4275&goto=nextoldest   (1044 words)

 MOMT Records   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vectorscope is the second one-man project of Vultures member Maor Appelbaum showcasing unique musicianship and experimentation.
While its roots are deep in experimental music, the album lends its unparalleled creativity from other, multi disciplinal genres, thus creating a truly magnificent piece of sound and atmosphere.
With our world in chaos, and mankind on the brink of destruction, Vectorscope is the obvious musical outcome.
www.momt.co.uk /shop/9   (108 words)

 Color Correction FAQ - Henninger Media Services
A vectorscope allows us to see precisely the color balance of the picture, something our eyes are not particularly good at.
This is different than what a vectorscope does because a vectorscope monitors the signal after the R, G and B have been combined into one channel (called a composite signal); and correct level RGB channels can combine to make a composite signal that could be too strong in one color.
This is a newer type of display that is part vectorscope and part RGB waveform monitor; it allows us to get a quick pass/fail check on the picture using just one monitor.
www.henninger.com /cine/faq/index.nclk   (1940 words)

 Re: Vectorscope? -- TonyJover -- 2003/12/06
With the new CC, I'm pretty sure you could go a long way to fixing phase errors, but ideally the signal should be phase-correct when it enters DS in the first place.
Being a bit techie about this but even if you had one and could see the vectors I think you wouldnt be able to correct then in DS.
This is one reason why the development team does not want to consider implementing this in the software.
www.softimage.com /community/xsi/discuss/archives/ds.archive.0312/msg00311.htm   (189 words)

 :: Welcome to Omnitek ::
Arbitrary combinations of components may be displayed simultaneously, such as YRGB and vectorscope, or YCbCr and Composite.
The vectorscope is fully scalable, and may also operate on the selected region-of-interest.
The unique “luma qualification mode” enables the vectorscope to display chroma values within a specific luma range.
www.omnitek.tv /xr.php   (1245 words)

 Vectorscope upper limit = 1.10 Volt ? - NewTek Discussions
Reads like you are switching back and forth between a vectorscope and a waveform monitor, and attributing things seen only on the waveform monitor to the vectorscope.
Be sure that you use the vectorscope for the type bars that you are inputting.
The only thing that I am used to seeing differently on hardware vectorscopes besides the "I" and "Y" lines being labeled, is that there is no box for color burst on the VT. that difference is because there is no burst signal in digital video which these VT scopes are reading.
www.newtek.com /forums/showthread.php?p=411175   (452 words)

 Vectorscope Products   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tektronix 1740 Waveform / Vectorscope Monitor No Res.
TEKTRONIX 1720 & 1730 waveform vectorscope & case
Tektronix 528A Waveform 1420 NTSC Vectorscope Rack Unit
www.eneto-pico-da.com /vectorscope.html   (64 words)

 Security Electronics Magazine - Objective Video Testing
Video test charts are used to test cameras and in some cases from the front of the camera lens all the way though the CCTV system (true whole of system end to end testing).
Oscilloscopes, waveform monitors and vectorscopes are then used to analyse the camera or whole system video signal output.
Note: This test chart is a subjective colour reference and is not intended to produce an accurate display on a vectorscope corresponding to an electronically generated colour bar signal.
www.semweb.com /mar03/infocus.htm   (1387 words)

 Color Correction/Finishing in FCP
To be able to determine what is legal, we would use a waveform monitor and vectorscope to analyze the video signal.
When there is a color in the frame, it will be represented on the vectorscope going in the direction of that side of this color wheel.
Waveform monitor and vectorscope: You can hook up external analog scopes if you desire, but the internal scopes of FCP are very accurate and in some cases, may be more reliable than external scopes.
www.kenstone.net /fcp_homepage/cc_legal_fcp3.html   (6501 words)

 Tektronix 1720 Vectorscope Tektronix 1720
Both the 1730 Series Waveform Monitor and the 1720 Series Vectorscope have dual channel display capability, allowing both input channels to be displayed on the CRT simultaneously.
Balanced inputs for the X Y mode are available on the 1720 Series Vectorscope through a separate input connector.
The 1721 Vectorscope and the 1731 Waveform Monitor are the PAL versions.
www.tequipment.net /Tektronix1720.html   (1146 words)

 Enosoft DV Processor - White Balance Correction
The goal is to adjust the video signal such that the green spot in the Vectorscope display falls directly in the center.
The Vectorscope display is a obtained by plotting the Cr component against the Cb component.
To do this, enable both the Cr and Cb sliders in the Proc Amp dialog box and adjust the two Offset sliders to move the green dot to the center of the Vectorscope display.
www.enosoft.net /products/enodvproc/How-To/WhiteBalance/HowToWhiteBalance.htm   (1046 words)

 Monitoring Vectorscope and Waveform in the Timeline
In theory, the Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope are only able to monitor incoming video and audio during Log and Capture.
However, it is possible to use them to monitor the Waveform and Vectorscop values from the Viewer or Canvas.
The Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope will now display the waveform and vectors of the image in the Canvas or Viewer window.
www.lafcpug.org /tutorials/basic_vector_waveform.html   (465 words)

 "NTSC Video Signal Basics"
It is the color information on this subcarrier that is measured by the vectorscope.
It is displayed in a way similar to the color wheels you may remember from art class.
Today It is quite common for the waveform monitor and vectorscope to be combined into single unit that can switch between the two functions.
www.seanet.com /~bradford/ntscvideo.html   (1931 words)

 Vectorscope and Waveform Monitor - Winnov
The Winnov Vectorscope is both a waveform monitor, to visualize the video amplitudes, as well as a vectorscope, to visualize the color amplitude and color phase.
While a waveform monitor displays amplitude information about all parts of the signal, a vectorscope displays information about only the chrominance (coloring) portion of the video signal.
But the vectorscope is needed to measure the timing relationship between U and V. With the vectorscope you can detect and evaluate both phase and gain distortions of the chrominance portion of the video signal.
www.winnov.de /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=102&Itemid=131   (451 words)

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