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Topic: Vegeta

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Vegeta is a fictional character in the animes Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.
Vegeta escapes and goes to a hospital on one of the planets conquered by Frieza.
Vegeta allows him to do this, so that he will be a challenge for Vegeta to fight, and Cell becomes perfect.
www.websters-online-dictionary.com /definition/vegeta   (1382 words)

  Vegeta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vegeta or Prince Vegeta is a fictional character, villain, anti-hero and later hero in the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.
Vegeta's build when he first appears in Dragonball Z is unusually short and stocky, standing at about 5 feet 3 inches (in comparison with Goku's 5 feet 7 inch height as stated by creator Akira Toriyama).
Vegeta was curious as to who the stranger really is. He was jealous of the young warrior's ability to become a Super Saiyan, and didn't believe he had saiyan blood in him.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vegeta   (10797 words)

 King Vegeta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
King Vegeta or King Vegita is a fictional character in the anime Dragon Ball Z.
King Vegeta is the father of Prince Vegeta and the grandfather of Trunks and Bra.
(Vegeta is acknowledged to have a father, the King of Planet Vegeta.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/King_Vegeta   (320 words)

 Vegeta - Dragon Ball
Vegeta or Prince Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race, arch-rival to Son Goku and a powerful warrior.
Vegeta is introduced to Dragon Ball Z aged twenty-nine (never confirmed in the anime) as a mercenary for Freeza.
Vegeta was curious as to who the stranger really is. He was jealous of the young warrior's ability to become a Super Saiyan, seeing Trunks as an obstacle to his goal of becoming the strongest fighter in the Universe, by obtaining the Super Saiyan form.
dragonball.wikia.com /wiki/Vegeta   (10291 words)

 Absolute Anime • Dragon Ball Z • Vegeta
Vegeta returned to Frieza where he was put in a regeneration tank.
Vegeta goes to the Capsule Corp. to train in the gravity room that Bulma's genius father built, but while there he overdoes it causing the room to explode.
Vegeta awakes to find Bulma sleeping at the foot of his bed.
www.absoluteanime.com /dragon_ball/vegeta.htm   (501 words)

 Vegeta Vertshus   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vegeta Vertshus has served vegetarian food in Oslo since 1938, and is one of the oldest and most famous vegetarian restaurants in Europe.
Vegeta Vertshus is situated in Munkedamsveien 3B, very close to the National Theatre and the Royal Palace.
Vegeta is within walking distance of Aker Brygge, the City Hall, Karl Johans Gate and the Royal Gardens.
www.vegetar.com /vegeta/engl.html   (142 words)

 Indo-European Foods, Inc.: Podravka Vegeta from Croatia
Vegeta was originally envisioned to be used as a food seasoning.
Instead, Vegeta has become an indispensable and equal ingredient in so many dishes: vegetables, pasta, meat and fish specialties, either in a small snack or the most elaborate feast.
Vegeta is a blend of dehydrated vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and salt.
www.indo-euro.com /podravka.htm   (112 words)

 Vegeta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vegeta first appears in the Dragon Ball Z series as the feared villan.
Vegeta also appears in GT and he and Bulma have another kid, a girl whom they name Bra(nice nam, huh?).
Vegeta is mostly a bad guy throughout the whole series even though he begins an alliance with the earth;s fighters.
www.expage.com /pibvegita   (368 words)

 Dragonball Z/GT Vegeta Biography
Vegeta, with the two other Saiyans who had survived, Raditsu and Nappa, was under Furiza's control for many years, until Raditsu was sent to Earth to find his brother, Goku, and was destroyed, but not before he let Vegeta and Nappa know about the dragonballs.
Vegeta killed Nappa after making a fool of himself, but despite how strong he was compared to his partner, Goku still beat him, and Vegeta left Earth already planning his revenge.
After another unlikely turn of events on the planet Namek, Vegeta ended up back on Earth, and eventually learned to put up with all the "weak Humans." Vegeta first goes Super Saiyan while fighting androids #19 and #20, and has two children, Trunks and Bura, with the most unlikely person, Bulma.
www.dbzgtlegacy.com /character/vegeta.shtml   (232 words)

 Vegeta Videos - Metacafe
Music video showing the struggles of Vegeta and those of his son..
You can see majin vegeta vs goku and freeze kill vegeta, write your comment
Song - Pushed away Arist - Linkin Park Anime - DBZ (Vegeta) all anime and music is copyrighted to their owners
www.metacafe.com /tags/vegeta   (188 words)

Vegeta knew all along that his planet was destroyed by Frieza, but he acted calm and he knew that fighting a lot and taking over planets would make him stronger and they then he would get his revenge on Frieza.
Vegeta was really good at heart, but had no choice but to act like how he did.
The reason was because Vegeta didn't have the fighting spirit Gokou had and he didn't have a pure heart.
members.tripod.com /g0ku07/vegeta.html   (743 words)

 Vegeta Saga
Vegeta tells Nappa to stop messing around, but to wait a while longer for Goku for the fight to really start.
Since Vegeta had made an artificial moon to turn into Oozaru, Gohan grows his tail back(Piccolo had removed Gohan's tail and the Earth's moon when they were training together because Gohan transformed into Oozaru twice.) and happens to look at the artificial moon.
Vegeta is hiding behind a rock and when Gohan is being careless, Vegeta jumps out from behind the rock and throws a Kienzan (sharp, spinning energy disc) at Gohan's tail.
members.tripod.com /ssj5vegetto3/vegeta57.htm   (1107 words)

 SSJ Goku3985's DRAGON BALL Z Info Site!!! (Vegeta)
Vegeta is a stubborn, proud, ruthless, and ignorant Saiyan.
Vegeta is always striving to be better than Goku, but comes short of it.
Vegeta gave Frieza his best, but still when Vegeta realizes that he cannot defeat Frieza tears begin to drip down his eyes.
members.aol.com /ssjgoku3985/bvegeta.html   (132 words)

 Character Analysis--Vegeta ベジータ
Before Vegeta, the strongest Saiyajin was his father, and when Vegeta's power exceeded that of his father while he was still a kid, his arrogance grew, further instilling his belief that he would be the strongest, giving him the right to look down on everyone else, because on Planet Vegeta, power was everything.
Vegeta knew that with time, he would eventually surpass Freeza's hecnhmen, and perhaps even become the mysterious Densetsu no Super Saiyajin, the one who legends foretold as the strongest in the universe, the one who even Freeza would be no match for.
Vegeta's dreams were crushed when he suffered defeat at the hands of an inferior warrior, Kakaroto; or as his earthling friends call him, Son Gokuu.
www.capcorphq.com /anls/vegeta.html   (961 words)

 Xtreme Vegeta — this is as xtreme as it gets…   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In an episode, Vegeta says that a pure breed Saiya-jin is born with a hair style and remains with that hair style for the rest of his life and it cannot be changed.
Gokou and Vegeta are full breed Saiya-jin's and are born with tails.
Therefore, Vegeta is supposed to still have a tail.
www.angelfire.com /realm2/xtremevegeta/littleknownfacts.shtml   (603 words)

The battle vs. Vegeta and Nappa finally begins Strongest Characters: Goku:7950 -After training under King Kai, Goku returns to Earth after Piccolo, Yamcha, Choutzuu, and Tenshin-Han are all killed by Nappa.
Vegeta became angry of Nappa's attempts to kill Goku and killed Nappa.
Vegeta gained an advantage by creating an artificial moon and transformed into Oozaru form but lost his ability when Yajirobe cowardly cut off his tail with a sword.
saiyanzfury.50g.com /vegsaga.html   (637 words)

 Dragonball Z GT Vegeta Devotion Center
Vegeta: The Prince of the Saiyajin race, born with a high power level and given a lot of training at a very young age.
As the Prince, he also carries the most pride within himself which enables him to be the 2nd character to reach Super Saiyajin Levels 1, 2, and 4.
Gokou is the only character who consistently surpasses him in ability, and because of this, Vegeta holds a strong grudge against him through almost all of the Z series.
www.madcool.com /mc/comics/dragonball/vegeta.htm   (244 words)

 IGN Boards - If Vegeta fought Cell   (Site not responding. Last check: )
during the cell saga vegeta did fight cell when he was in his 17 abosorbton from.
Vegeta got owned by Perfect Cell before he powers up twice.
Perfect Cell vs. USSJ Vegeta is like how you say Goku when he first arrived on Namek vs. Jeice and Burter.
boards.ign.com /Message.aspx?topic=97555642   (396 words)

 Balkan Buy - Product » Vegeta Podravka 0.5 kg   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vegeta is a combination of culinary experience and healthy ingredients, and is a universal seasoning for all savoury dishes.
Vegeta also represents a kind of phenomenon since in just over four decades of its existence it has entered the kitchens of consumers in more than 30 countries world-wide, becoming an essential ingredient of every savoury dish.
Our consumers know that cooking with Vegeta is a real pleasure because the taste of food prepared with Vegeta is unique and inimitable.
balkanbuy.com /shop/index.php?action=item&id=73   (142 words)

 Vegeta Girl's Vegeta Lookout
Vegeta with President Clinton in the Oval Office.
Vegeta on the campaign trail with Ed Begley Jr.
Vegeta and Britney Spears when they were co-presenters at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.
www.lanceandeskimo.com /vegetagirl/veglookout.shtml   (235 words)

 Goku vs. Vegeta: Who is loved more??
I think this person was kind of wanting their email to me to be posted in here...And I'm kind of confused, beacuse they seem to be saying they are mad that I "say" Vegeta is gay, but then they keep on using these little smiling "faces", like " ;) " and " :) ".
Vegeta, you ***** i wanna be a cartoon and be in the show :) Veggie is my guy ;)
This dude sounds like he is in a 'Vegeta gang' trying to rally his bros...
www.vegetanappa.homestead.com /GokuvsVegeta.html   (1623 words)

 Dragonball Z: Super Vegeta - TV.com
Is Vegeta really stronger than a Super Saiyan, only time will tell.
Vegeta: I'd like you to meet someone who is almost as strong as I am, this is Trunks, he's my son.
Vegeta: I find it hard to believe that my cells are in your body!
www.tv.com /dragonball-z/super-vegeta/episode/30577/summary.html   (540 words)

 Planet AvP: Interviews: Vegeta
Vegeta is one of the head guys over at the AvP Invasion mod team.
He's Webmaster of the Web site, uses his mod skills to help the mod get finished soon and also works as the spokesman for the mod.
It changed the skin to look like the Sayian armor and the taunts where from Vegeta (American dub).
www.planetavp.com /features/interviews/vegeta.shtml   (1649 words)

 Dragonball Z: Vegeta's Respect - TV.com
Vegeta watches the fight with admiration and begins a flashback to his entire history with Goku, beginning in the Saiyan Saga and going all the way up to the point where Vegeta blew himself up to defeat Buu.
Vegeta admits Goku is betther than him.(Gasp) (edit)
Vegeta finally accepts the fact that Goku is stronger than he is (edit)
www.tv.com /dragonball-z/vegetas-respect/episode/209176/summary.html   (467 words)

 {     Saiyajin Rivalry     } - dedicated to the RIVALRY & ...
There's one new quote in the Vegeta section of quotes and another new quote in the Other Characters section of quotes.
I've decided to give Goku and Vegeta their own little updating section so from now on, you can check up on their section of the site for their own updates.
The Vegeta songs have not been reuploaded but they should still work fine nonetheless.
rivalry.daisuke-gohan.com /home.php   (1459 words)

Goku was dying from a broken heart, and the only way to fix it was by taking the medicine from Trunks, which makes Goku hallucinate; everyone he sees, man or woman, looks like Vegeta.
So when he married Chi-chi, he thought he was marrying Vegeta.
Bulma still cares for Vegeta though, even though he doesn't give a darn about her.
www.homestead.com /vegetanappa/TheWomen.html   (328 words)

 IGN Boards - Vegeta v.s. Akuma
If we are talking about the Vegeta during Saiyan Saga, then still Vegeta would kill...
Vegeta as a little kid in the Bardock special could take on every SF character at the same time and come out unscathed.
I believe Akuma will win Vegeta has a soft side Akuma does not Akuma trained more than Vegeta Akuma training surpasses any humans it is almost close to Vegeta's training and if was Shin vs Super Vegeta Shin would win hands down because Akuma and Shin Akuma can control darkness Vegeta can not.
boards.ign.com /dragon_ball/b5653/119796277/p1   (591 words)

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