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Topic: Velomobile

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  a velomobile definition page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
When I think of a velomobile, I think of a vehicle which is primarily pedal (human) powered, and which provides weather protection to permit use in inclement weather.
Velomobiles can offer a higher level of mobility than the motor car, need no fossil fuel, cause no pollution, have full weather protection, and have higher comfort and safety than a conventional bicycle.
A unfaired bike could be considered a velomobile because it is a vehicle that is human powered and uses wheels.
www.velomobiles.net /velomobiledef.html   (464 words)

  Velomobile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A velomobile or bicycle car is a human-powered vehicle, fully enclosed for protection from weather and possibly from collisions.
While an electric-assist unit does add extra weight to the velomobile, it is somewhat offset by the flexibility it also provides, especially during hill climbs.
The Leitra is currently the commercial velomobile in production for the longest period of time — since 1983.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Velomobile   (396 words)

 ::: Why You NEED a Velomobile :: Decembr 28, 2004 :::
The modern velomobile originated in Europe and a vast majority of them are produced and used on that continent (The Netherlands has the most).
Velomobiles aren't particularly light (60-75 pounds is average) but they are very aerodynamic and in the right terrain, they can be much faster than a bicycle.
The Alleweder is certainly the most proven and widely used velomobile in the world and its addition to the US market at a reasonable price can only be a good thing.
www.bentrideronline.com /features/necessaryvelo/necessaryvelo1204.htm   (1776 words)

 Steve's Velomobile Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The top of this velomobile may be made in glass or glass/kevlar laminate until i am sure the door issue is completely resolved.
The top of the velomobile is now made in a one piece mould as there is draft everywhere in the mould so it can be demoulded without taking the mould apart as previously.
The back end of the velomobile is extended slightly for more storage area, there should now be about 50-60 liters of storage space behind the seat(this is not shown in the photos below as version two has been modified by adding the door).
www.nimbuskayaks.com /velomobile.htm   (5222 words)

 Cab-Bike   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
All 27 Velomobiles parked in between two houses in a place which could be used only by may be 6 cars (see picture 1).
Since velomobiles require a stronger illumination during the daily usage, there is only the possibility to carry together both a law-conforming lights and one practical usable illumination as advised by the lawyer Hartwig Leuer who participated at the discussion.
Velomobiles have to be treated insurance-technically differently as bicycles because of its high acquisition costs.
www.cab-bike.com /francais/meeting2002f.htm   (1920 words)

 Bike Europe, Ausgabe unbekannt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The topics covered a century of Velomobile history, presented advance in Velomobile technology, analyzed recent and current Velomobile enterprises, and touched on the sociological/psychological barriers to Velomobile acceptance.
Their contributions had direct relevance to three-wheeled Velomobiles as they talked about public perception of Velomobiles, noise control, and the challenges of using vehicle development as a student engineering project.
He argues that changing the perceived status of Velomobiles is a prerequisite for its successful commercialization.
www.spezialradmesse.de /rueckblende/2004/velomobiles2004be.htm   (747 words)

 Cab-Bike   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
My particular choice of velomobile is a fully enclosed model, but my experiences with head-out designs like the Quest, Versatile and Alleweder don’t lead me to believe that you would need to bundle up any more or less.
The rest of the group compared the two velomobile styles, had a chance to inspect the underside of a Cab-Bike that was lying on its side for a repair, and enjoyed scooting around on the battery-assisted Quadribent.
The not so young velomobile drivers wanted to show that it is possible to move themself as normal tourists without the need of hiring or purchasing a car even when making a long trip through Australia.
www.cab-bike.com /english/news.htm   (2917 words)

For a quick look at different velomobiles, we have a photo page, and we're working on updating it on the new site to include more velomobiles.
For those of you interested in Velomobiles and located somewhere along the West Coast of North America, the Second Annual Left Coast Velomobile Gathering is tentatively scheduled to be held in San Luis Obispo, California over the weekend of March 24-25, 2007.
A site to watch for a new velomobile in Austria is Bike Revolution, where the Thunderstorm velomobile is being developed.
www.velomobiling.net   (2386 words)

 The Velomobile Is Comin’ To Town
It seems the word Velomobile is actually made up of two words.
It is the tadpole design being used for the Velomobile.
The first Velomobiles made for retail that have been successful have definitely come from Europe too.
www.recumbent-bikes-truth-for-you.com /velomobile.html   (770 words)

We and twenty other velomobile riders were accommodated at an former forest house.
This is the right moment to present the velomobile typse that were in Biebertal.
These are three velomobiles present in Biebertal: the vehicle in the front is a Leitra, the velomobile in the midth is Aeolos and the Cab-bike is
www.velomobile.de /GB/Gallery/Biebertal-E/biebertal-e.html   (975 words)

 Velomobile Seminar page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Velomobiles are fully faired recumbent vehicles for everyday use.
Velomobiles powered by pure human power can achieve great speeds (hour record 78 km/h) and also provide excellent weather protection, but their extra weight is a handicap for non-athletes in hilly areas.
Deadlines: The title and a summary of your contribution (1/4 A4) for presentation at the seminary or solely for submittal to the proceedings should be sent to the secretariate no later than February 28th 1999.
www-ifia.fzk.de /IFIA_Webseiten/Personal/fuchs/SYMPOSIA.HTM   (908 words)

 Velo3 Velomobile recumbent trike HPV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This velomobile design is a tadpole recumbent trike design (two front wheels steering, one rear driving wheel).
Having such a small vehicular mass (target weight under 22kg) means that less energy is wasted powering the velomobile itself and the majority of the energy is used to propel the rider.
The big difference between a recumbent trike and a Velomobile is that a velomobile has fairings (aerodynamic body) The front and rear fairings are made from tough but lightweight plastics and helps shield the rider from the elements, and provides aerodynamic efficiency to the velomobile making higher average speeds possible.
www.velo3.com /design.html   (454 words)

 TC "Chuck" Hazzard's Velomobiel.nl Mango
The Mango is a velomobile made by Velomobiel.nl, De Vliet 6, 8253 PB Dronten, The Netherlands, tel 321-332717.
Updates on this new velomobile are added frequently to the site, so check back often.
Other's who have imported velomobiles from Europe have stressed that your invoice needs to be written in English.
www.hazbro.com /mango   (641 words)

 Velomobile Info Page
The Velomobile list is a discussion forum for designers, builders, and owner/riders of velomobiles - as well as those who are curious about this form of HPV.
For the purposes of this list, a velomobile is defined as a two-, three-, or four-wheeled human-powered (with or without electric assist) vehicle that replaces or has the potential to replace an automobile or truck.
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Velomobile Archives.
www.ihpva.org /mailman/listinfo/velomobile   (332 words)

 Your "ideal" velomobile and why - www.ezboard.com
I am a 5 day/week year round commuter on my Gold Rush, and have been interested for a long time in the idea of stepping up to a velomobile.
I prefer the Quest, and after 2 years of pondering whether I would be worth one (I am not a commuter and used to cycle less than 5000 km/year), I have recently got mine after 6 months waiting.
I'm not sure there's any velomobile for our predicted temperature of minus 23 (minus 30 C) tomorrow, though.
p206.ezboard.com /fbentrideronlinefrm17.showMessage?topicID=9.topic   (1649 words)

 The North American Velomobilist Website
Although velomobiles are currently being used by some people in Europe as a practical and environmentally responsible means of personal transportation, there are very few being used in North America.
Although several different commercially produced velomobiles are available, obtaining one involves importing the velomobile in one way or another, since they are currently all manufactured overseas.
The Aerolope is a velomobile manufactured in Refugio Texas.
www.velomobiles.net   (1562 words)

 JKM - Personal transport solution, urban trike / velomobile.
JKM - Personal transport solution, urban trike / velomobile.
My vision is to design and produce a practical, fun, healthy, ecologically friendly vehicle
A vehicle not to replace the automobile but to compliment it, a vehicle practical enough to use everyday.
www.angelfire.com /mech/jkm   (198 words)

Velomobile seminars offer an overview over the technique of velomobiles.
The European Velomobile Seminars had main subjects like design, security and electric assist.
The pictures were taken during the 3rd Velomobile Seminar in Roskilde / Denmark.
www.velomobile.de /GB/Research/research.html   (73 words)

 EIEI '06 - Midwest's First and ONLY Velomobile and Human Powered Vehicle Conference
EIEI '06 - Midwest's First and ONLY Velomobile and Human Powered Vehicle Conference
The idea of this web site is to do several things.
Even serious cyclists here apparently see the bicycle as a toy rather than something for actual use!
vine-ave.com   (316 words)

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