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Topic: Venom (poison)

  Bites and Stings Treatment - The Extractor Pump
Removes venom and poison when you are bitten.
The Extractor Pump is an easy to use suction pump which can safely and quickly remove significant quantities of venom (poison) or irritants from bites and stings.
The Extractor™ removes the poisons which cause the pain, reducing the health risk and lessening the chance of severe allergic reaction to the bite or sting.
www.bitesandstingsonline.com /extractor.htm   (245 words)

  Venom - MSN Encarta
Venom, poison of animal origin, usually restricted to poisons that are administered by biting or stinging and used to capture—and, sometimes, aid in digesting—prey, or for defense.
The severity of a venom's effects depends on several factors, such as its chemical nature, the stinging or biting mechanism involved, the amount of venom delivered, and the size and condition of the victim.
Venoms themselves have occasional medicinal uses; for example, some are used as painkillers in cases of arthritis or cancer, and some serve as coagulants for people with hemophilia.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761556758   (403 words)

 venom — FactMonster.com
The venom of the fer-de-lance is chiefly hemotoxic; that of the rattlesnake, the copperhead, and the moccasin is both hemotoxic and hemolytic.
Poisons are produced by animal species of every phylum; examples include the poison in the rounded warts of the skin of toads, the venoms of spiders, scorpions, bees, and other arthropods, and the poison of jellyfish and other coelenterates.
Venom - Venom The venom is in the tail.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/sci/A0850649.html   (363 words)

 Information about Venom (poison)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Venom or zootoxin (literally, animal poison) is any of a variety of toxins used by several groups of animal species, for the purpose of defense and hunting prey.
Generally, a venom is defined as a biologic toxin that is injected to cause its effect while a poison is a biologic toxin which is absorbed through epithelial linings (either of the gut or through the skin).
Bees use an acidic venom (apitoxin) designed to cause pain to the stung, because their purpose is to defend their home and food stores, while wasps use a chemically different venom designed to paralyze the prey, so it can be stored alive in the food chambers of their young.
english.turkcebilgi.com /Venom_(poison)   (1306 words)

 Why the cobra is resistant to its own venom? - Dr. Zoltan Takacs
One of our research project is to understand why venomous animals are resistant to their own venoms.
The principal components of the cobra venom are neurotoxins.
Scorpions, puffer fish, newts, frogs all produce lethal poisons or venoms but of course, they are also resistant against their own poison or venom.
zoltantakacs.com /zt/sc/naja.shtml   (0 words)

 Venom Albums & Lyrics @ SongLyricsLibrary.com
Wind swept Newcastle,England 1979 was a bleak landscape and there dwelled one Conrad Lant,known as Cronos,singing and handling bass duties;one Jeff Dunn,known as Mantas,playing guitar,and one Tony Bray,known as Abaddon on drums.
Actually Venom started as a 5 member band called Oberon.Abaddon and Mantas met at a JudasPriest gig and decided to make a band.The whole idea was Mantas':he worked as a roadie in concerts and also he was into motorcycles where he had the nickname Venom.Cronos went to Venom as a guitarist.
At that time Venom were at the top of the world along with another important NWOBHM band: Iron Maiden.In 1984 they released At War With Satan.This album had something unique:a 21 minute song!The first side of the album was taken over by "At War With Satan".
venom.songlyricslibrary.com   (0 words)

 California Academy of Sciences - Venoms: Striking Beauties   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Because they produce and use venom — an injected toxin — to capture prey and deter predators.
This tarantula’s mild venom is not dangerous to humans.
Many animals advertise their venom with color, behavior, or sound - bright colors and threatening behaviors signal danger.
www.calacademy.org /exhibits/venoms/html/venoms_101.html   (517 words)

 poison from Online Medical Dictionary
Any agent which, when introduced into the animal organism, is capable of producing a morbid, noxious, or deadly effect upon it; as, morphine is a deadly poison; the poison of pestilential diseases.
Both this plant and the poison ivy (Rhus Toxicodendron) have clusters of smooth greenish white berries, while the red-fruited species of this genus are harmless.
Poison usually denotes something received into the system by the mouth, breath, etc. Venom is something discharged from animals and received by means of a wound, as by the bite or sting of serpents, scorpions, etc. Hence, venom specifically implies some malignity of nature or purpose.
cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk /cgi-bin/omd?poison   (252 words)

 venom - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Venom, poison of animal origin, usually restricted to poisons that are administered by biting or stinging and used to capture—and, sometimes, aid in...
- poisonous fluid injected by animal: a poisonous fluid produced by an animal and injected into prey or attackers by a bite or sting.
poison, toxin, bane, malice, spite, rancor, spleen, acrimony, hatred, bitterness, virulence, vituperation, malevolence
ca.encarta.msn.com /venom.html   (90 words)

 Tennessee Aquarium Newsroom - News Release
Poisonous animals, on the other hand, must be touched or eaten to deliver their toxins, usually serving as a defense.
Habitats of venomous animals range from barren deserts to vibrant coral reefs to lush jungles, all of which are represented in the exhibit.
Venom from Australia's highly toxic cone snail is being studied as the newest miracle drug for controlling chronic pain, and the venom of the Malayan pit viper has been used to create a new blood-thinning drug that prevents new blood clots from forming.
www.tnaqua.org /Newsroom/venompr.asp   (1323 words)

To be more accurate with the definition of venom, therefore, it must be noted that venom is not just a poison, but one that is injected under the skin of the victim.
The specific venom used by these animals varies not only with its type (spider venom is different from bee venom, for example), but also within a species.
Venom is a poison injected under the skin.
www.chemistryexplained.com /Va-Z/Venom.html   (619 words)

 venom, poison, poisonous, venomous. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Poison means “any substance that can cause illness, infection, or death when ingested or brought into contact with the skin or bloodstream of an animal or human being.” Venom is the poison secreted by certain reptiles and insects and injected by means of a bite or sting.
Venom also is occasionally (though rarely) used as a synonym of the more generic poison, so to use both nouns and adjectives interchangeably is not wrong, but to use poisonous of snakes and insects is seen as sloppy by some Standard users, as it is to use venomous for plant secretions and other substances.
Snakes can be venomous; plants can be poisonous: it’s poison ivy, not venom(ous) ivy.
www.bartleby.com /68/33/6333.html   (176 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Venom   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In poisonous snakes, venom is secreted in two poison glands, one on each side of the upper jaw, and enters the fang by a duct.
In the bee and the wasp the venom is produced by glands associated with the ovipositor (egg-laying organ) of the female.
Venomous snakes have fangs, hollow teeth through which poison is injected into a victim.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Venom&StartAt=1   (766 words)

 NATURE. Australia's Little Assassins. Venom Rx | PBS
Venom may be deadly, but it can also be the source of medical cures.
A weakened solution of the venom is injected into a horse, pig, or other animal, which produces immune-system cells called antibodies in reaction.
At the University of Buffalo, New York, for instance, a protein isolated from the venom of a Chilean tarantula is being used to develop a new drug to treat atrial fibrillation, the chaotic beating of the heart that is a major cause of death following a heart attack.
www.pbs.org /wnet/nature/australia/rx.html   (336 words)

 Erowid Toad Venom Vault : Article #1
When you are ready to begin, hold the toad firmly with one hand and, with thumb and forefinger of your other hand, squeeze near the base of the gland until the venom squirts out of the pores and onto the glass plate.
Use this method to systematically collect the venom from each of the toad's granular glands: those on the forearm, those on the tibia and femur of the hind leg and, of course, the parotoids on the neck.
The venom from B. alvarius is extremely hallucinogen when vaporized by heat and taken into the lungs in the form of smoke.
www.erowid.org /animals/toads/toads_writings1.shtml   (2094 words)

 [No title]
Save each round for half damage Asp venom Does 4d6 points of damage Assassin bug poison Save vs. poison or be paralyzed for 7 - 12 rounds, a save indicates that it effects the recipient as a SLOW spell for 1 turn Assassin snake toxin Created from a mixtre of various types of snake venoms.
This lasts for 10-20 (1d10+10) rounds Crocotta poison This poison from this creature is a blend of TWO neurotoxins as only mother nature can do, therefore the victim must save vs. poison twice.
Grey horror poison Save vs. poison (-2) or take 8-48 (8d6) damage and be paralyzed for that many rounds Grond poison Save vs. poison or take 3-18 (3d6) damage Ground golden mushrooms This mushroom powder is not a "true" poison, but it does have value to an assassin.
members.tripod.com /~trauma2/poison1.html   (4015 words)

 Venoms and Poisons - What is the Difference?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Snakes are not poisonous and frogs are not venomous.
Venom is used primarily to immobilize prey and is rarely used as a defense mechanism.
Poison is typically used as a defense mechanism and is rarely used to incapacitate prey.
www.petplace.com /reptiles/venoms-and-poisons-what-is-the-difference/page1.aspx   (918 words)

 Venom -- Snake Pit
In snakes, venom is an evolutionary adaptation to immobilize prey, and is used for self-defense.
The toxicity of their venoms differ, but the bites of all four are highly dangerous even if they inject only one-quarter of their venom supply.
The venom duct is surrounded by small masses of glandular tissue which act as valves to regulate the flow of venom to the fang.
pages.sbcglobal.net /ninos/snakepit.html   (557 words)

 Basic Bee Venom in Products
Bee venom is synthesized in the venom glands of worker and queen honeybees and stored in their venom sacs.
A specified number of venom sacs are gathered into a glass tube, the sacs are squeezed into it and mixed with milk sugar.
Venom Sacs: The stingers of bees, with their venom sacs attached are deposited by bees into a thick diaphragm.
www.beevenom.com /basicBVinProducts.htm   (2237 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Poison
Poison gas and mustard gas was used in World War I. Chemical weapons were not used in World War II, but the Germans developed a nerve gas.
Poison control centers: where emergencies are the routine.
Poison Partners with EMI / Capitol and VH1 Classic for 20th Anniversary CD and Live Nation!-sponsored tour.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Poison&StartAt=21   (698 words)

 Venom (poison)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Venom or zootoxin is any of a variety of poisons used by several groups of animal species, for the purpose of defence and hunting prey.
Generally, a venom is defined as a biologic toxin that is injected to cause its effect while a poison is a biologic toxin which is absorbed through epithelial linings (either of the gut or through the skin).
Venom can also be found in some fishes such as the stonefish, scorpionfish, rabbitfish, weever fish, cowfish, boxfish, sabre-toothed blennies, chimaera fish, weaver fish, squirrelfish, scat fish, stingrays, and some toadfish and catfish; as well as some jellyfish, mollusks, amphibians, and even in a few mammals like the platypus, some shrews, and slow lorises.
www.guideofpills.com /Venom_%28poison%29.html   (763 words)

 [No title]
Mold poison Causes 1d12 or 2d12, a rare form is said to cause 4d20 Monkshood This poison causes accute vomiting and diarreha for 1-4 (1d4) and if a save is not made (+1), the victim will have intense convoultions and die in severe pain in 2-8 (2d4) segments Morphus A clear citrus-smelling liquid.
Save vs. poison or take 4- 32 (4d8) damage Pollen poison Damage done is in d4, the number of dice damage done is equal to 20 minus the victims constitution.
Sand poison A RARE FORM of poison made by dune stalkers that does 1d6 damage and if a save vs. poison is not made, the victim takes 2d6 more damage Screamin' scarlet poison Causes a scarlet rash that has intense itching.
www.textfiles.com /rpg/poison.txt   (7133 words)

 Venom - Music Downloads - Online
Bio: A seminal influence on the evolution of thrash and fl metal, Venom formed during the late '70s in Newcastle, England.
After 1991's Temples of Ice, Barnes quit Venom; his absence was filled by guitarist Steve "War Maniac" White, who along with keyboardist V.X.S. was recruited in time for 1992's The Waste Lands before both quickly exited.
The original lineup's return to action was heralded by the release of the mini-album Venom '96, followed in 1997 by the full-length Made in Stone.
musicstore.connect.com /artist/715/Venom/1041938.html   (351 words)

 NATURE. Australia's Little Assassins. Deadly Creatures | PBS
Venom is actively injected, while poison must be eaten or absorbed.
While the actual number of poisonous fish is unknown, about 300 are known to have poison-tipped spines.
But other poisonous animals blend into their environments, perhaps because they use their poisons to attack and disable prey.
www.pbs.org /wnet/nature/australia/faq.html   (312 words)

 poison - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Poison, toxin, venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system, esp. of a higher animal.
A toxin is a poison produced by an organism; it is esp. used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions: A toxin produces diphtheria.
Venom is esp. used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting: the venom of a snake.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/poison   (742 words)

 The Biology of Venomous Animals
The main difference between venom and poison is that venoms are found in snakes while poisons exist in other species.
c) Poison is distributed throughout, or in large areas of, an animal's body, whereas venom is produced, stored and delivered in a specific set of organs and not distributed in other tissues.
Venomous creatures have to be very careful not to accidentally poison themselves if they bite themselves.
www.fathom.com /course/10701017/knowledge_test.html   (319 words)

 Venom definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
For examples, bee venom, snake venom, scorpion venom, and spider venom.
Snake Bites - Snake bites from venomous snakes are resonsible for thousands of deaths each year.
Pit vipers are a family of snakes that include rattlesnakes, copperheads, and water moccasins (cottonmouths).
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=40545   (122 words)

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