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Topic: Venture capital

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  National Venture Capital Association
Venture capital investing has grown from a small investment pool in the 1960s and early 1970s to a mainstream asset class that is a viable and significant part of the institutional and corporate investment portfolio.
In truth, venture capital and private equity firms are pools of capital, typically organized as a limited partnership, that invests in companies that represent the opportunity for a high rate of return within five to seven years.
The venture investor is usually conservative in the valuation of companies, but it is common to find that early stage funds may have an even more conservative valuation of their companies due to the long lives of their investments when compared to other funds with shorter investment cycles.
www.nvca.org /def.html   (3168 words)

  Venture capital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A venture capital fund is a pooled investment vehicle (often a partnership) that primarily invests the financial capital of third-party investors in enterprises that are too risky for the standard capital markets or bank loans.
Venture capital is a phenomenon most closely associated with the United States and technologically innovative ventures.
Capital raised in the region in 2005, including buy-out funds, exceeded €60bn, of which €12.6bn was specifically for venture investment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Venture_capital   (1150 words)

 Venture Capital
While venture capital can be a tremendous boon to a tiny fraction of the companies pursuing it, in the vast majority of cases it presents the entrepreneur with a “Faustian Bargain”.
Venture capital brings with it tremendous meddling and pressure from venture capitalists who in this day and age typically lack both the operating and industry depth of their predecessors.
The pursuit of venture capital is sometimes a means by which to postpone the day of reckoning when the marketplace finally decides if the idea will fly.
www.antiventurecapital.com /venturecapital.html   (1075 words)

 Venture Capital Firms Active in the Medical Device Field
Anthem Capital is a $43 million VC partnership focusing on investments in Virginia, DC, Maryland, Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey.
Golden Pine Ventures is a venture capital company focused on discovering and developing exceedingly rare early-stage technologies which can form the basis of promising biotechnology and biomedical companies.
MPM Capital is the manager for the $230 million BioVentures family of venture capital funds that are invested in parallel in selected private healthcare companies in the US and Europe.
www.devicelink.com /links/venture.html   (4441 words)

 Venture Capital and Angel Investors
Venture capital is a fund raising technique for companies who are willing to exchange equity in their company in return for money to grow or expand their business.
Venture capital firms usually require a high rate of return on their investment (20%+ per annum) and finance provided to the business is typically in the range of $500,000 to many millions of dollars.
Venture capital remains a viable source of funding for startups, which are able to deliver the necessary growth that investors are looking for.
www.ventureworthy.com   (369 words)

 ACOA Website - Sources of Financing - Venture Capital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Venture capital is often used interchangeably with other terms such as risk capital, patient capital or equity financing.
The Venture Capital plan is a strategic document: you are not only selling a financial plan to investors, but the companys vision and future goal, as well as the way your management team can help the business achieve its potential.
The Venture Capitalist does not expect you to be an expert in all fields; however they do expect you and your management team to have answers to all their questions.
www.acoa-apeca.gc.ca /e/financial/venture_capital_doc.shtml   (4612 words)

 ChinaSite.com: Venture Capital -- The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of China/Chinese Related Venture Capital ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
LF Venture Capital provides equity capital and consumer product sourcing expertise to companies in the United States and Europe, and its strategy is to partner with consumer product companies that are well positioned for growth and can benefit from the global sourcing network of Li and Fung Limited.
With a registered capital of 200 million RMB invested by Tsinghua Enterprises Group and Capital Steel Co., Ltd. and other financial institutions, investment funds, listing companies, large enterprise groups, and private capitals, Tsinghua Venture Capital Co., Ltd.(THVC) is a limited liability company mainly engaged in venturing investment and management for high-tech projects or enterprises.
Venture Frogs was formed by two founders of LinkExchange (acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in November 1998).
www.chinasite.com /Business/VentureCapital.html   (2831 words)

 Venture capital
Venture capital provides a source of funds through investment, usually in companies or projects that are start-up or at a very early stage of product development.
Venture capital firms are often instrumental in 'assisting' the founders to develop their business.
In evaluating investment prospects, the venture capital firm will weigh up the various risks (see 'due diligence'), length of time their money is likely to be tied up, and the level of return they need to deliver to their investors.
www.wellcome.ac.uk /doc_WTD002814.html   (1166 words)

 Venture Capital - Venture Capital bloggers have a uniquely targeted audience of entrepreneurs interested in what they ...
Venture Capital - Venture Capital bloggers have a uniquely targeted audience of entrepreneurs interested in what they have to say.
Venture Capital bloggers have a uniquely targeted audience of entrepreneurs interested in what they have to say.
The combined regions receive a relatively small portion of the venture dollars in a given year and a much more sizeable percentage of the Inc 500 winners (nearly half in 2005, the year I studied the matter), a “list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.” It’s still not easy to pick the winners, though.
networks.feedburner.com /VentureCapital   (706 words)

 Investor Home - Venture Capital
Venture capital (VC) is the process of investing private equity in companies, typically in early stages of development, that are believed to offer significant potential to grow substantially and reward investors accordingly.
Venture funding and returns have been unprecedented in recent years and some experts believe venture capital is currently enjoying a phenomenal boom that will lead to a slowdown.
Venture capital firms placed $11.4 Billion in 1997 up 16% from 1996 (which was up 42% from 1995) according to Venture One Corp.
www.investorhome.com /vc.htm   (1038 words)

 Website: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati - Venture Capital
Venture capital has played a crucial role in the development of the technology and growth industries, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati has been involved every step of the way.
We are actively involved in advising venture capital funds on the legal matters surrounding the formation and management of these entities.
We regularly assist with the creation of new venture capital funds and have played a key role in the creation of many of the legal structures of venture funds that are commonplace today.
www.wsgr.com /WSGR/Display.aspx?SectionName=practice/venturecapital.htm   (267 words)

 Venture Capital and Incubators, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
A venture service provider offering the entrepreneur start-up funding to corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and individuals that offers a full slate of venture support services, and on-site management talent to get their venture up and running.
A $350 million venture capital fund affiliated with Comcast Corporation, whose primary goal is to generate superior financial returns from equity investments in companies in the Internet and other interactive technologies.
A venture capital fund of 450 million dollars that seeks to generate a high level of return through investments in early to mid-stage media, communications and technology companies that will directly interface with customers through digital distribution systems.
www.clpgh.org /subject/business/venture.html   (1374 words)

 Intellectual Property – The Basis for Venture Capital Investments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Venture capitalists want to know where an invention or innovation fits in the marketplace with reference to existing and potential competitors.
Intellectual property generates capital and is impacted by capital and, in turn, impacts the availability of venture capital.
An important factor, which stimulates intellectual property development and in turn leads to additional availability of venture capital, is the respect for intellectual property rights in general, as this too leads to mitigation of risks.
www.wipo.int /sme/en/documents/venture_capital_investments.htm   (1338 words)

 Venture Capital Directory — European Listing
Alice Ventures is a multinational team of highly professional and motivated partners and investment managers, backed by an extensive network of relationships.
Alice Ventures is the advisor of the venture capital funds promoted by MB Venture Capital and of Alicelab, a seed fund investing in technology only projects.
Atila Ventures was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing capital, operating and other value adding resources to entrepreneurs in Europe.
www.boogar.com /resources/venturecapital/europe.htm   (1289 words)

 HYDonline - Venture Capital
Venture Capital is the business of establishing an investment fund in the form of equity financing via investments in the common stocks, preferred stocks and convertible debentures of various companies.
Venture Capital can be divided into many different types according to the characteristics of the shareholders and sources of investment -- such as private equity firms, bands, financial institutions, private corporations, the government or insurance companies.
In fact venture capital investment in high-tech firms in India has grown in leaps and bounds from Rs.
www.hydonline.com /business/finance/venture_capital.htm   (640 words)

 :: THAI VENTURE CAPITAL ASSOCIATION ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Formal Venture Capital investing in Thailand was initiated by the US Aid programme in 1988 when it formed an investment company, Business Venture Promotion, which was jointly owned and funded by several local banks.
Venture Capital Business then gradually developed as wealthy friends got together and pooled their money for investment by entrusting one or more of the partners (called General Partners) to manage that pool of money to make long-term investment in companies with expectation of high potential returns.
Most of the formal Venture Capital or Private Equity Funds in the United States are therefore in the form of Limited Partnership, whereby the silent partners are called Limited Partners.
www.venturecapital.or.th /eng_historyventurecapital.htm   (620 words)

 Open Directory - Business: Financial Services: Venture Capital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
FLAG Capital Management, LLC - Investment focus: manages limited partnerships through which qualified individuals, families and their trusts or foundations invest in venture capital funds.
HRJ Capital - Focus: raising pools of capital from individuals involved in professional sports and investing it with a small number of top-tier venture capital funds.
Venrock Associates - Venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family with investment focus: a high percentage of investments are seed or first round, and second round investments are considered where there is a complete management team and demonstrated progress toward market leadership
dmoz.org /Business/Financial_Services/Venture_Capital   (5062 words)

 Venture Capital and Sources for Raising Capital | Business.com
Directory of venture capital firms as a means of small business finance.
Venture capital funds allow entrepreneurs to transform their new business ideas into startup success.
Venture capital business unit of Acer Group, responsible for making all high-tech venture investment decisions.
www.business.com /directory/financial_services/venture_capital   (504 words)

 A Venture Capital, a venture to success
A-Venture Capital strives to generate outstanding financial returns by investing in privately held expansion stage companies that can grow and evolve into more valuable entities.
With a diversified portfolio of private equity businesses, a-venture capital is uniquely positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities at all levels and has been working with companies led by outstanding management teams in a much wider range of industries than most traditional VC firms.
A-Venture Capital is also the Genral Partner of several private equity Funds invested in Financial Markets and other industries.
www.aventure-capital.com   (166 words)

 Jeff Clavier's Software Only: Venture Capital
Existing investor Index Ventures joined new investor Accel to lead the investment, which is one of the largest this year for a European company.
A number of business executive have been able to generate enough personal capital to enable them to quit their jobs and "retire." As a group, they are vigorous, in full possession of their faculties, sometimes young (in their late 40s or early 50s), and perfectly capable of keeping up in the so-called rat race.
He also ventures that large Internet companies are acquiring startups these days as a result of their inability to release new products/services because they so dramatically cut their RandD budgets during the dot-com bust.
blog.softtechvc.com /venture_capital/index.html   (11528 words)

 » Venture capital | IT Facts | ZDNet.com
Cleantech Venture Network reported that North American VC investment in the cleantech category totaled a record $2.9 bln for 2006, representing a 78% increase over 2005 cleantech investment of $1.6 bln, and a 140% increase over 2004 investment of $1.2 bln.
In 2006, venture capitalists put $727 mln into 39 alternative energy start-ups, compared with $195 mln in 18 such firms for 2005, according to the National Venture Capital Association.
Venture capital investors directed $6.36 bln into 611 deals in January-September 2006, according to Dow Jones VentureOne and Ernst & Young LLP.
blogs.zdnet.com /ITFacts/?cat=30   (1944 words)

 BeyondVC: Venture Capital
Use your network to talk to some of the management or venture investors of companies that were recently acquired by the buyer to determine what their process was and to figure out if the opportunity is real or just a fishing expedition.
In addition, companies should be capital efficient (see an earlier post on capital efficient business models) meaning that no more than $25-30mm should go in, especially if a home run deal acquisition is $200-300mm (not $1b).
While one moderator cited numbers showing that the amount of corporate venture investing in terms of dollars is down 50% from 2000, in my mind, that does not seem that different from the change in the general VC market.
www.beyondvc.com /venture_capital/index.html   (17232 words)

 Venture Investing as a Strategy, Not to Make Money - New York Times
Corporate venture investing rose to $1.05 billion in the first half of this year, up from $680 million in the same period last year, according to the National Venture Capital Association.
Of course, the shift away from pure venture investing may also mean that some companies have realized they are simply not as good at it as many of the pros.
While not strictly a venture play, Yahoo reported a gain of $563 million last year from a $10 million investment it had made years earlier as part of a technology agreement with a promising start-up.
www.nytimes.com /2006/09/22/business/22venture.html?ex=1316577600&en=f8170f9a35060e1d&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss   (1147 words)

 Venture Capital Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
OPERS made its first venture capital fund investment in 1987, when it committed $10 million to a $74.5 million vehicle from Cleveland-based Primus Venture Capital.
It allocated 4% of its $48 billion holdings to global private equity, of which one-fourth was dedicated to venture capital.
This also goes for venture capital, as OPERS still isn't close to its target, whether or not some of the expired legacy commitments are included.
www.venturecapitaljournal.net /vcj/1093016078367.html   (886 words)

 Taylor & Francis Journals: Welcome
The journal brings together venture capital research undertaken by academics from different disciplines and research conducted from various methodological and philosophical standpoints.
It is a forum for communication between academic researchers, venture capital practitioners and policy-makers that raises the knowledge of venture capital activity on a global basis.
To achieve this, the journal includes specially commissioned overviews of the state of venture capital activity in various countries as a regular feature, written by industry experts, government officials or academics.
www.tandf.co.uk /journals/titles/13691066.asp   (293 words)

 Venture Capital Marketplace
The listings are not intended to constitute investment advice, and the Venture Capital Marketplace takes no responsibility for any representations made by the listing companies regarding investment opportunities.
Parties making contact with the listed companies should rely solely on their own investigations in regard to the representations made by the companies and advice should be sought before investing.
The parties should make their own investigations regarding the existence of and compliance with any relevant regulations governing capital raising in the appropriate jurisdiction.
www.v-capital.com.au   (236 words)

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