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Topic: Vertebra

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  Vertebral column - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In human anatomy, the vertebral column (backbone or spine) is a column of vertebrae situated in the dorsal aspect of the torso.
It houses the spinal cord in its spinal canal.
The lateral surfaces are separated from the posterior surface by the articular processes in the cervical and lumbar regions, and by the transverse processes in the thoracic region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vertebral_column   (1255 words)

 Dorlands Medical Dictionary
(vər”tə-bro-il´e-ak) pertaining to the vertebrae and the ilium.
(vər”tə-bro-sa´krəl) pertaining to the vertebrae and the sacrum.
(vər”tə-bro-stər´nəl) pertaining to the vertebrae and the sternum.
www.mercksource.com /pp/us/cns/cns_hl_dorlands.jspzQzpgzEzzSzppdocszSzuszSzcommonzSzdorlandszSzdorlandzSzdmd_v_07zPzhtm   (3053 words)

 Vertebra, cervical (neck)
These are the seven bones of the neck, called the cervical vertebra.
The top bone, seen on the right of this picture, is called the atlas, and is where the head attaches to the neck.
The vertebra are numbered from one to seven from the atlas down, and are referred to as C1, C2, C3, etc.
www.stv.org /adam/encyclopedia/imagepages/1772.htm   (143 words)

 The Academy of Natural Sciences - Museum - Thomas Jefferson Fossil Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This vertebra was located between the animal's shoulder blades.
The massive centrum (2) is the primary articulating surface between vertebrae, but they are also connected to each other by pairs of zygapophyses (3).
The zygapophyses extending from the back of the vertebra extend backward and downward wheras those on the front extend forward and upward.
www.acnatsci.org /museum/jefferson/mastodon/f-mammut-vertebra.html   (164 words)

 Vertebra, lumbar (low back)
The last vertebra (on the upper left of the picture) attaches to the sacrum, and the top vertebra (on the right of the picture) attaches to the thoracic section of the back.
The vertebra are broader and stronger than the other bones in the spine.
The vertebra are numbered from one to five and are labeled L1, L2, L3 etc. from the higher bones to the lower.
www.stlukes-stl.com /imagepages/1773.htm   (182 words)

 Vertebroplasty | Kyphoplasty | Mayfield Clinic
Your spine is made of bones called vertebrae, which are separated and cushioned by gel-filled discs (see Anatomy of the Spine).
The benefit of kyphoplasty is that your vertebra is returned to normal position before the bone hardens thereby reducing your pain.
In kyphoplasty, a balloon is first inserted and inflated to expand the compressed vertebra to its normal height before filling the space with bone cement.
www.mayfieldclinic.com /PE-Kyphoplasty.htm   (2024 words)

 vertebra - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Spinal Column, common name applied to the structure of bone or cartilage surrounding and protecting the spinal cord in vertebrate animals (Animal)....
Spinal Column, Vertebrates, animals with vertebrae, anatomy, animal adaptations and mutations, chiropractic adjustment, diseases and disorders,...
coccyx, cranium, femur, fibula, humerus, long bone, patella, radius, rib, skull, spinal column, sternum, tibia, ulna, vertebra, occipital bone,...
ca.encarta.msn.com /vertebra.html   (101 words)

 Cause of Congenital Deformities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
One of the deformities is apparently very common: partial sacralization of the last lumbar vertebra (on the right-hand side).
The right-hand side of that vertebra formed like a lumbar vertebra and so is not fused to the rest of the sacrum.
There is something called Klippel—feil syndrome which is a congenital disorder characterized by a congenital fusion of two or more cervical vertebrae, usually at the occiput and the first cervical vertebra, at the first and second cervical vertebrae, or at the second and third cervical vertebrae.
www.medhelp.org /forums/arthritis/messages/21.html   (517 words)

 Medcyclopaedia - Vertebra
Although variations in anatomy occur at different spinal levels, a typical vertebra consists of a vertebral body, transverse process, spinous process and vertebral foramen.
Vertebrae are involved in numerous pathologic conditions and may exhibit a variety of radiographic appearances (Table 1).
Parasagittal concavities on the inferior surface of the lower lumbar vertebrae
www.medcyclopaedia.com /library/topics/volume_iii_1/v/vertebra.aspx   (292 words)

 NASS - Spondylolisthesis (Slipped Vertebra)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The spine is made up of a series of connected bones called "vertebrae." In about five percent of the adult population, there is a developmental crack in one of the vertebrae, usually at the point at which the lower (lumbar) part of the spine joins the tailbone (sacrum).
The presence of this "cracked vertebra" (spondylolysis) or "slippage" (spondylolisthesis) by itself usually does not represent a dangerous condition in the adult.
The pain may be caused by a pinched nerve, movement of the unstable cracked vertebra, or from nearby discs which are being affected.
www.spine.org /fsp/prob_action-degen-spondy.cfm   (1440 words)

 MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Compression fractures of the back
Compression fractures of the back are broken vertebrae, which are the bones of the spine.
In a compression fracture of the vertebrae, the bone tissue of the vertebral body collapses.
When the fracture occurs as a result of osteoporosis, the vertebrae in the thoracic (chest) and lower spine are usually affected, and symptoms may be worse with walking.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/ency/article/000443.htm   (794 words)

 Dr. Koop - Vertebra, thoracic (mid back)
The last vertebra (on the left side of the picture) attaches to the lumbar (lower) spine, and the top vertebra (on the right) attaches to the cervical (neck) section of the back.
The vertebra are broader and stronger than the cervical bones.
The vertebra are numbered from one to twelve and labeled T1, T2, T3 etc. from the upper most bones to the lowest.
www.drkoop.com /ency/93/ImagePages/1774.html   (258 words)

 Spondylolisthesis, A Slipped Vertebra
Lateralolisthesis describes the vertebra that is displaced to the side of the vertebra below.
Success rates are good if the procedure is limited to vertebrae that are not slipped more than a few millimeters in patients without significant nerve compression.
Correction of the slip in these cases is generally thought to be superior to fusing the spine in the deformed position.
www.sonoranspine.com /Spondylolisthesis.asp?m=6   (1999 words)

 Spinal Injury Foundation Patient Resources - Diagnosis - Vertebra
The spine is made up of 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, and 5 lumbar vertebra.
These bones stack on top of each other like building blocks and form a joint in the front (the disc) and two joints in the back (the facets) at every level.
The vertebral body is the main part of the bone and is the most common area fractured (usually in the elderly or with severe trauma).
www.spinalinjuryfoundation.org /101_new/vertebra.htm   (79 words)

 Maryland Spine Center - Spondylolysis Spondylolisthesis
The area of the vertebra called the pedicle is affected.
The pedicle is part of the bony ring that protects the spinal nerves, and is the portion that connects the vertebral body to the facet joints.
When a spondylolysis is present, the back part of the vertebra and the facet joints simply are not connected to the body - except by soft tissue.
www.umm.edu /spinecenter/education/spondylolysis_spondylolisthesis.html   (1423 words)

 Vertebrae Anatomy Tutorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
12 thoracic vertebrae that articulate with the 12 pairs of ribs
1 sacrum which is actually a fusion of 5 sacral vertebrae (fusion occurs from late teens to early 20's)
1 coccyx or "tailbone" which is a fusion of 4 coccygeal vertebrae
www.gwc.maricopa.edu /class/bio201/vert/vertut.htm   (152 words)

 Billfish skeleton
Above and below: A billfish vertebra found on the rocks by C. Stanyer, at Birubi Point, Port Stephens, New South Wales, October 2003.
The vertebrae of billfishes can be recognised by the expanded flanges.
The flanges of each vertebra are overlapped by bony projections (the anterior zygapophyses) from the vertebra immediately behind.
www.amonline.net.au /fishes/fishfacts/fish/marskel.htm   (186 words)

 Amazon.com: vertebra   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
On the uniformity of the pancreatic mechanism in vertebra by William Maddock Bayliss (Unknown Binding - Jan 1, 1903)
A preliminary investigation of the trabecular architecture of the human fifth lumbar vertebra (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Chiropractic adjustment of the "34th" or "A" vertebra by Thomas J Hegarty (Unknown Binding - 1960)
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&keywords=vertebra&page=1   (315 words)

 Medical Dictionary: Thoracic vertebra - WrongDiagnosis.com
Thoracic vertebra: one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral column; thoracic vertebrae extend from the seventh cervical vertebra down to the first lumbar vertebra
Thoracic vertebra (organ): Another name for Thoracic vertebrae.
A hierarchical classification of Thoracic vertebra: The following list attempts to classify Thoracic vertebra into categories where each line is subset of the next.
www.wrongdiagnosis.com /medical/thoracic_vertebra.htm   (209 words)

 Isracast: Smart implant will help broken vertebra
The new method uses a smart implant made of Titanium that is inserted into the spinal cord of the patient using a small tube.
The implant, called Bidex, grips a broken vertebra, and creates scaffolding which lifts the vertebra up in order to allow the insertion of a special "glue" which is used to repair the broken vertebra.
Until now methods for repairing Crush fractures were the entire vertebra collapses were usually more invasive and since scaffolding was not used, the glue which was employed to mend the Crushed vertebra tended to leak to other areas of the spinal cord.
www.isracast.com /tech_news/tech_updates/100106tech.aspx   (252 words)

 Cervical Anatomy and Pathology - Midthoracic Vertebra
Axial section through a mid–thoracic vertebra of a 14–year–old boy who succumbed to a protracted respiratory and circulatory insufficiency.
The slide shows a grotesque deformation of the vertebra at the endplate level.
The deformity mainly consists of a rotation of the vertebral body to the left.
www.spineuniverse.com /rtbarticle.php/article645.html   (198 words)

 Ivory Vertebra Sign
A uniformly white vertebra with no abnormality of its contour or adjacent disks.
The vertebra stands out against the adjacent normal, or darker, vertebral bodies.
While the list of possible etiologies of ivory vertebrae is extensive, the most common causes of ivory vertebrae are typically metastatic disease, and Paget’s.
www.gentili.net /signs/15.htm   (49 words)

 Vertebra definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Vertebra definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Vertebra: A vertebra is one of 33 bony segments that form the spinal column of humans.
There are 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral (fused into one sacrum bone) and 4 coccygeal (fused into one coccyx bone).
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=5986   (127 words)

 Spondylolisthesis: A Vertebra that Slips
In Greek, "spondylo" means vertebra (ver-tea-bra) and "olisthesis" means to slip.
Doctors use the word congenital (con-gen-it-all) to mean the patient was born with the disorder.
The lumbar vertebrae (lum-bar ver-tea-bray) in the low back are the largest bones in the spine.
www.spineuniverse.com /displayarticle.php/article2240.html   (458 words)

 Sidi Race Vertebra
Sidi's all new Race Vertebra uses the exclusive external ankle brace system that ties into the rear vertebra panels and the toe scuff pad in order to provide the highest level of support against severe impacts and the potential of ankle injuries.
The all-new Race version of the successful Vertebra offers the finest carbon fiber construction fully replaceable shin plate offering a higher level of strength and protection that any other race boot on the market.
Riders can change the various components to replace items that have worn, been damaged in a crash or just for the different look that the available chrome or carbon parts offer.
www.tricktape.com /index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1336   (316 words)

 search & discover:Pilot whale vertebra
This is a vertebra of a pilot whale.
The vertebrae are the knobbly bones that make up the backbone.
Sometimes large bones like these are found on beaches.
www.amonline.net.au /sand/news/whale_vertebra.htm   (224 words)

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