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Topic: The Victim

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  Victim blaming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Victim blaming is holding the victims of a crime to be in whole or in part responsible for what has happened to them.
On this basis, the question is not whether the victim "deserved" to be raped, because nobody "deserves" to be the victim of crime, but rather whether the individual did choose to prevent or minimize the risk of being in a dangerous situation and/or the risk of harm in a dangerous situation.
Typical rape shield laws prohibit cross-examination of the victim with respect to issues, such as his or her prior sexual history, or the manner in which he or she was dressed at the time of the rape.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Victim_blaming   (898 words)

 Iowa Department of Corrections - Victim and Restorative Justice Programs : Victim Services
Prior to release of an inmate, the victim is notified in writing by the institution staff as to the community where the offender is expected to reside.
A victim service provider trained in sexual assault counseling is then contacted to inform the victim or victim's parent/guardian in the case of a minor.
If the victim is unable to make an oral or written statement because of the victim’s age, or mental, emotional, or physical incapacity, the victim’s attorney or a designated representative shall have the opportunity to make a statement on behalf of the victim.
www.doc.state.ia.us /VictimServices.asp   (1022 words)

 Victim Witness Program : About the Victim Witness Program - United States Attorney's Office : Western District of New ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Victims are allowed to provide input at various stages of a case, including the dismissal of charges, release of accused pending trial, plea agreement terms, victim views on sentencing, and restitution.
Where a victim or witness requests it, the Victim-Witness Staff can write a letter to the victim or witness=s employer attesting to the fact that the victim or witness was required to be in court.
If a victim is experiencing trouble in making payments to creditors because of the crime, the Staff can write a letter to the victim's creditor explaining the circumstances in which the victim finds him or herself.
www.usdoj.gov /usao/nyw/victim_witness/html/vw_program.htm   (1226 words)

 The Trouble with Liberals - ‘Blaming the Victim'
It is one of the characteristics of victim blaming that the inequality of Capitalist society is not questioned, but rather the blame for certain suffering and social problems is instead shifted to become a problem inherent in the victim.
Victim blaming ideology is not restricted to political parties and their supporters, for as Ryan documents in his book, the very Aid agencies which are supposed to be helping the poor are often targeting the poor with victim blaming ideology.
Liberal victim blaming ideology is a departure from the prejudice of the past, when fls were dismissed as being sub-human and Victorian society condemned the poor as poorly bred and defective due to heredity.
www.awitness.org /journal/liberal_blaming_the_victim.html   (3321 words)

 Victim Assistance
The victim and/or claimant must cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in the investigation and prosecution of the case.
Victims who suffer a total and permanent disability as a result of their victimization may qualify for an additional $25,000 which may only be used for costs associated with:
If the victim or claimant recovers money as a settlement in a civil suit against the offender or a third party, the victim or claimant may have to reimburse the Fund for expenses already paid by the Fund.
www.sheriff.co.wise.tx.us /victim.htm   (1043 words)

 USDOJ: USPC: Participation of Victims and Witnesses in Parole Commission Proceedings
Victims or witnesses who have been subpoenaed to testify at a parole hearing are an important part of the process.
A victim (including a representative of the immediate family of the victim if the victim has died) may appear at a parole release consideration hearing held at the institution in which the prisoner is confined and offer a statement.
A victims or witness who is subpoenaed to testify at a revocation hearing is entitled to reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses and the regular fee for a government witness.
www.usdoj.gov /uspc/victim.htm   (2150 words)

To victims, the Office of the United States Attorney regrets that you were victimized and will make every effort to vigorously prosecute the person(s) responsible for the crime.
The Victim Witness Assistance Program is committed to ensuring that victims and witnesses of federal crimes are treated with fairness and respect and that victims are afforded rights and provided services necessary to help ease the impact of their victimization.
Victims of crimes being prosecuted by this office will be notified of significant developments in the prosecutions.
www.usdoj.gov /usao/ct/Victim_Witness.html   (976 words)

 Independent Lens . SENTENCING THE VICTIM . Talkback | PBS
Victims of violent crime endure many long term injuries but she is living proof that the predators do not always extinguish what is good about us if we don't let them.
I have always felt that the victim's of crime are not given the opportunity to have their voices heard.The "system" is not geared to handle the concerns and needs of the victim.
One could hardly blame victims for not coming forward, but I wonder if their reluctance would stem from issues other than the fear that judicial proceedings would "victimize them again." Joanna, I was mesmerized by this documentary, and I thank for for having the courage to undertake such an ambitious project.
www.pbs.org /independentlens/sentencingthevictim/talkback.html   (13276 words)

 Victim Witness Assistance Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Victim Witness Assistance Program also assists to improve the treatment of victims and witnesses by providing them with the assistance and services necessary to speed their recovery from the criminal act and to support and aid them as they move through the criminal justice system.
Studies have shown that when victims and witnesses are treated with dignity and respect during their interaction with the criminal justice system and are regularly informed of the status of the case, they are more willing to be cooperative with the prosecution office.
The Victim Witness Assistance Program was established to offer victims and witnesses emotional support during the aftermath of the crime and guidance through the maze of the criminal justice system.
www.admin.co.fayette.ga.us /courts/da/victim_da.htm   (1583 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Choking Victim
Choking Victim was an influential ska/punk/hardcore (what they call "Crack Rock Steady," a slight satire on the Rocksteady style of music which Choking Victim's style often included) band from New York City in the 1990s.
Choking Victim broke up after the first day of recording for their one and only album, but the recordings from that one day were enough to make a solid album.
Choking Victim was an influential Ska/Punk/Hardcore (what they call "Crack Rock Steady" poking fun at the mid 60's Jamaican style) band from NYC in the 1990s.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Choking-Victim   (1279 words)

 Mark (victim) - TvWiki, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The victim of a confidence game is often called the mark, or the vic.
This is an underground slang term that evolved amongst swindlers because the intended victim was said to be "marked" for the sting.
In some instances the victim would literally be marked; such was a practice among traveling crooked carnival game mobs who were known to hit towns, set up an amusement park and leave after a few days.
www.tvwiki.tv /wiki/Mark_(victim)   (193 words)

 DPP Guide to the Victim Impact Statement Scheme
It is usually a written statement signed by the victim and presented to the judge or magistrate in court before the offender is sentenced.
The Victim Impact Statement is usually presented to the judge or magistrate in court by the prosecutor.
The prosecutor does not have to present a victim report when the victim cannot be found and there are no details of the harm suffered by the victim available and the information is already before the court.
www.nt.gov.au /justice/dpp/html/victim/guide.html   (820 words)

 Department of Correction - Victim Services
Recognizing that victimization is not a one-time occurrence, as victims can find themselves feeling victimized repeatedly during contacts with the criminal justice system, DOC has chosen to provide services beyond those required by law.
The Victim Services Unit assists the victim to become both informed and involved so that they may experience less frustration and trauma with prison and probation personnel and be better prepared to participate in the corrections process if they choose.
Each victim has the right to know the sentence and may ask for and obtain the level(s) of supervision ordered for an offender.
www.state.de.us /correct/services/victim_services.shtml   (1378 words)

 Texas Attorney General
Victims of violence and their families must deal with the emotional, physical, and financial aftermath of crime.
The Crime Victims' Compensation Fund is the "payer of last resort." It is a secondary source that pays for certain out-of-pocket expenses the victim would be responsible for as a result of the crime.
Victims of domestic or family violence that occurred on or after June 19, 1999, or victims of sexual assault occurring in their place of residence on or after September 1, 2001, may receive onetime-only assistance with rental and moving expenses.
www.oag.state.tx.us /victims/cvc.shtml   (1516 words)

The protocol for the Sheriff’s Victim Services staff is to check in first with a deputy or investigator on scene and, at the request of the investigator, talk with a victim one-on-one.
Their initial role is to help the victim feel safe and secure and to encourage the person to talk about what he or she just went through.
Within the first few months, Victim Services staff assisted with walk-throughs for the students and families when they went through the high school before the start of school and were on hand for crisis intervention when school began in August.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2000/columbine.cd/Pages/VICTIM_SVS_TEXT.htm   (1847 words)

The usual defenses in dog bite claims are that the victim provoked the dog, was a trespasser, was negligent, consciously assumed the risk of being bitten, or was a canine professional who was deemed to assume the risk.
When the victim is a child, another defense is that his parent negligently failed to supervise him, and therefore was a cause of the accident.
When the dog bite victim is a child, insurance companies often argue that the dog owner should pay only a portion of the damages, on the ground that the parent of the injured child failed to supervise him, and therefore was responsible in part for the accident.
www.dogbitelaw.com /PAGES/legal_ri.htm   (5316 words)

 DOC Community Protection Unit - Victim Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Victims, witnesses and other concerned citizens enrolled in the Victim Services Program will receive information when offenders convicted of a violent, sex, felony harassment and serious drug crimes move through the prison system toward eventual release.
At the request of the victim, facilitated face to face meetings may occur between the victim with the offender of their crime who is in total confinement within the Department of Corrections.
The Council serves in an advisory capacity ensuring that crime victims are represented as Department policies are developed, procedures are implemented, and legislative initiatives are formulated by the Department.
www.doc.wa.gov /CPU/victim_svcs.htm   (1523 words)

 The Victim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Victim is a novel by Saul Bellow published in 1947.
Along with his first novel Dangling Man, they are considered Bellow's "apprentice works", before he unleashed his true literary voice in The Adventures of Augie March.
The Victim ǀ The Adventures of Augie March ǀ Seize the Day ǀ Henderson the Rain King ǀ Herzog ǀ Humboldt's Gift ǀ The Dean's December ǀ More Die of Heartbreak ǀ A Theft ǀ The Bellarosa Connection ǀ The Actual ǀ Ravelstein
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Victim   (220 words)

 The Victim Notification Program
The Victim Notification Program has set its mission to keep victims, key-witnesses, prosecutors, victim/witness coordinators and advocates informed and involved in the Department of Corrections while the offender is in the custody of the department.
This is to afford the “victim” the opportunity to submit written comments to the appropriate board for its consideration.
An individual who has suffered direct or threatened physical, emotional or financial harm as the result of the commission of a criminal act; or, a family member of a victim who is a minor or an incompetent; or a surviving family member of a homicide victim.
doc.state.wy.us /victimsbor.html   (1033 words)

 Victim Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In addition, if a victim does not wish to be personally involved in the process, but desires to have his or her position taken into consideration, a family member or other interested party may be designated to act on behalf of the victim.
Victim Impact Panels are comprised of survivors of crime who speak about the circumstances of their crime directly to youthful offenders.
It is because of this unique situation, working on behalf of victims of crime, and attempting to hold youth accountable for their crimes, that initiated utilizing victim impact panels with youth incarcerated in DYS institutions.
www.dys.ohio.gov /Victimservices.html   (1172 words)

 Victim Blame - Rape Crisis Information Pathfinder
Since it is impossible to reverse the crime of rape, and thus relieve the victim of her suffering, the rape victim is often subjected to derogation and blame.
Victim Blame- "the extraordinary focus on what women should do to prevent rape reinforces one of the most troubling myths about rape, that victims not perpetrators are responsible for sexual assault.
Adult and child victims of sexual abuse are never to blame for the assault, regardless of their behavior.
www.ibiblio.org /rcip/vb.html   (6976 words)

 The Victim Notification Program
The right to be informed about the opportunity to make a victim impact statement at sentencing and parole hearings.
The Victim Notification Program has set its mission to keep victims, key-witnesses, prosecutors, victim/witness coordinators and advocates informed and involved while the offender is in the custody of the department.
The offender receives a reduction in sentence which releases him from custody and places him on probation status or he is discharged from the sentence in which the recipient seeking notification is involved.
doc.state.wy.us /text_victimsbor.html   (535 words)

 James Alison on The Intelligence of the Victim
A phrase that James Alison uses a great deal in his work is "the intelligence of the victim." It describes the revelation that begins to issue forth, through the power of the Spirit (the "Paraclete" in John's Gospel), as Jesus the Risen Victim appears to witnesses on Easter morning.
According to mimetic theory, all human mythology is from the persepective of the victimizers, namely, the story of human culture generated at the expense of victims -- though the collective violence of culture is veiled behind the violence of the gods.
So, the making of this man a victim, apparently in ignorance, and done to please God (Jesus had been judged a blasphemer) was in fact the condition which made it possible for God to be revealed for what he really is: the forgiving victim.
girardianlectionary.net /res/intelligence_of_the_victim.htm   (2260 words)

 DOC Resources - Victim Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Victims may register with VINE for an automated notification call when an inmate is released, transferred, escapes and to learn of an inmate’s parole status if the inmate is parole eligible.
Victims have the option of voicing their concerns through letters or through an in-person appointment with the Parole Board.
Additional victim resources available are the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, the State Police Sex Offender Registry and the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.
www.vadoc.state.va.us /resources/victims/default.htm   (558 words)

 Welcome to the victim section of CJS Online
The tour explains each stage of the process any victim of crime will encounter, from the time a crime is reported, through the police investigation to prosecution, court processes and sentencing.
If you do not wish to take the tour, the navigation on the left provides information on the help and support available to victims of crime as well as what to expect from reporting a crime, what happens in court, and how to apply for compensation.
The Code will ensure all victims are kept up to date on the progress of their case.
www.cjsonline.gov.uk /victim/index.html   (279 words)

 Office of the Victim Advocate
Knowledge is a key to overcoming the trauma and disruption of your daily life.
The Office of the Victim Advocate was created by the Victim Advocate Law, Act 8 of the 1995 Special Legislative Session on Crime.
The purpose of the Victim Advocate is to represent the rights and interests of crime victims before the Board of Probation and Parole and the Department of Corrections.
www.pbpp.state.pa.us /ova/site/default.asp   (189 words)

 Victim Assistance Program
The Victim Advocate in collaboration with the Rockville City police officers in order to supplement and enhance their efforts to follow-up with the victims of crime.
The Victim Advocate makes direct contact with crime victims to provide them with information on their specific cases such as, what will happen after a police report is written, and what will happen when a case goes to court.
All Rockville City residents or victims of crimes committed in Rockville, and their family members are eligible.
www.rockvillemd.gov /residents/victim.htm   (236 words)

 Victim Witness Assistance Center - Santa Clara County, California
The Victim Witness Assistance Center was created to assure that every possible benefit, service and courtesy is made available to crime victims and witnesses.
Victims may need help in the procedures associated with bringing a defendant to justice.
Victims of crime who lose income or have un-reimbursed medical expenses may be compensated by the State of California.
www.victim.org   (292 words)

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