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Topic: Video game developer

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  How to become a video game developer
Video game industry is increasing in size at a very rapid rate with some of the world's biggest software and media companies now an integral part of the industry.
The video game coders or programmers - as they are sometimes known - will use their knowledge in computer languages to create the game.
Because many video game developers are avid gamers, some of them have been into game development for a number of years on a small scale.
www.howtoall.com /Computingfiles/howtobecomeavideogamedeveloper5.htm   (1005 words)

 Discuss Video Game Reviews: All systems, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Nintendo & Video Game Cheats
Discuss video game social issues like violent video games and censorship.
Discuss games from other systems; classic games; gaming accessories; old console; comics, and more.
gaming manufacturer, or game producer, and is not meant to be an endorsement of any company,
www.discussvideogames.com   (393 words)

  Video Game Developer Helps Serial Killers Practice Murder
But to act like a video game developer has no connection between the actions of someone who played the game, even going so far as to profess love for it, is also short-sighted.
He must’ve shown signs months in advance, and chances are, it was he who was attracted to the game, and not the game motivating him.
Ledonne’s game attempts to illustrate the consequences of these actions, and if anything it was one of the few forces acting to discourage him from taking violent action.
www.webs-best-directory.com /blog/2006/09/15/video-game-developer-helps-serial-killers-practice-murder   (2328 words)

  Working so others can play: Jobs in video game development, OOQ Online, Summer 2000
Game designers, artists, sound designers, programmers, and testers earn their pay working hard at play.
Thousands of workers who develop video games for a living say their passion for playing is what drew them to their jobs.
A love of games is an advantage in an industry whose stock and trade is fun and fantasy.
www.bls.gov /opub/ooq/2000/summer/art01.htm   (130 words)

  Video game developer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most video game publishing companies, such as Electronic Arts, Activision, and Sony, do maintain development studios, but these companies are generally called "publishers" and not "developers", as publishing is the primary activity of these companies, and is the source of most of their income.
Developers usually employ a staff of programmers, game designers, artists, sound engineers, producers and testers, though some of these roles may be outsourced.
Independent developers are almost exclusively developers of PC games, as publishing a console game currently requires a large capital investment in the physical manufacturing of units of the game.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Video_game_developer   (1387 words)

 Video game publisher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Video game publishers are companies that publish video games that they have either developed internally or have had developed by a video game developer.
Most video game publishers also produce and publish computer games, but the term "video game publisher" is often used generically to refer to companies that publish interactive games regardless of the target platform.
Below are the top 20 video game publishers, ranked by Game Developer Magazine in September 2005, in order of overall score in six factors: annual turnover, number of releases, average review score, quality of producers, reliability of milestone payments and the quality of staff pay and perks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Video_game_publisher   (1144 words)

In most video games, if you don’t react quickly and properly, chances are the bad guys will shoot you in the back and you will have to begin the game again if you wish to get to the next level.
While the movie based upon a successful video game franchise generated some $300 million in total movie box office sales, when compared to the $700 million in total revenue generated from the sale of video games, it may be difficult to consider the moving anything other than a flop.
While Video Game Licensing Agreements are often custom-tailored to meet with the particular requirements of the content owner and video game developer/publisher, there are at least three issues that must be carefully considered in every such agreement: royalty rate calculations, intellectual property ownership, and artistic/editorial control.
www.coastlawgroup.com /whitepapers/sk.2002.video.htm   (2673 words)

 About Morphonix - Educational Video Game Developer
The game's ability to teach information about a subject not generally covered in elementary curricula demonstrates that video games have the potential to be a fun and educational resource for children.
Video Games have the potential to teach children skills and knowledge outside of the classroom through the use of educational and fun extra-curricular technology.
Attention should be paid to evaluating the effectiveness of video games in educating, not only its effectiveness in entertaining.
www.morphonix.com /software/education/science/brain/game/brain_education_research.html   (958 words)

 Champlain College: Majors: Electronic Game & Interactive Development: Career Opportunities
Tremendous growth in the electronic game development industry brings with it a need for hiring talent -- and your skills will be in demand far beyond the entertainment industry.
The Game Design students will be trained to enter the fields of communication, educational training development, interactive development and interactive writing.
It is also common to see media design, digital development and simulations in other industries such as architecture, law, research, insurance, and even in museum exhibit design.
www.champlain.edu /majors/egame/career_opps.php   (249 words)

 Game Programming, Video Game Development, Video Game Design
Developing and managing the complex environments for video games and related visualization applications is a challenging task.
This package provides a good introduction to the video game software development process and as such, is highly recommended if you lack programming experience or are not yet sure whether game programming is an appropriate field of study for you.
To develop a game for a console that you not only designed, but also hand-built with your own soldering iron, is one of the most enriching learning experiences you will ever have as a game developer or software engineer.
www.gameinstitute.com /courses.php   (2206 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Inside a video game developer studio
With the three main development disciplines often competing for resources on the console, it is my responsibility to ensure it all fits together and updates the screen at least 30 times a second.
My main role on the game was to take responsibility for the pre-production and ensure the project got off to a good start, artistically as well as production-wise.
We have to consider the style of the game and brand in creating a user interface that is slick, effortlessly conveys information and is intuitive for the player to use.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/technology/6472467.stm?ls   (1772 words)

 Video Game Developer Insomniac Games Ranked Third Among Top 50 Best Companies to Work for in America
Insomniac Games, an independent console video game developer with 145 employees, was included in the top 25 small companies list.
In addition to being the first video game company listed on the "50 Best Small and Medium Sized Companies to Work for in America" list, Insomniac Games is also the first North American video game developer to be honored in any ranking compiled by GPTW.
Insomniac Games is an independent video game developer that has released award-winning hits for PlayStation(R) game console and the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system for 11 years.
www.wdbj7.com /Global/story.asp?S=3496704   (643 words)

 Boston.com / Business / Technology / Eidos and Former Developer to Spar in Video Game War   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A high-stakes video game battle has erupted on the virtual soccer pitches of Britain, with an independent British game developer announcing on Thursday it will go head-to-head with former business partner Eidos.
London-based Sports Interactive said it has recruited Japanese gaming powerhouse Sega Europe Ltd. to distribute its new PC soccer game "Football Manager" later this year as part of a five-year alliance.
Eidos, the UK's largest independent video game publisher, will counter with the perennial top-seller "Championship Manager," a title that has sold over four million units in the past 13 years.
www.boston.com /business/technology/articles/2004/02/12/eidos_and_former_developer_to_spar_in_video_game_war   (487 words)

Video Game Developers are always working on a very complex process in creating a new game.
Most games should have a fascinating title, and introduction, music and sound effects, short point helps screen, capturing graphics, a plots and difference skill level from amateur to mega champion.
The development of the game story depend of the writer, because of the writer is the person that comes up with the plot of the game.
www.needfreeessays.com /viewpaper/8355.html   (277 words)

 Video game developer behind 'Tomb Raider' opens studio in Montreal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Eidos Interactive announced Thursday that it is creating a new development studio in Montreal with plans to create 350 jobs in three years.
Eidos was founded in 1990, moving into video game development in 1995 and releasing the first "Tomb Raider" game in 1996.
In addition to tax incentives, Quebec offers video game developers a pool of talent in the industry and a multilingual environment that is attractive to publishers looking to sell games around the globe.
www.topix.net /content/cp/3770770237380814369122479776353067133969   (967 words)

 Game Developer Jobs
Adding "intelligence" to a game, whether this means working on the game from the start, developing the AI hand-in-hand with the rest of the game, or bolting it on at the end.
In many cases, game AI consists of some fairly simple state machine style control with some clever but fixed ways to solve a problem, or just throwing the brute force of the CPU at a problem until it goes away.
Nonetheless, as many other aspects of games (particularly in the PC world) are being accelerated away by hardware, the CPU is free for long enough for some really clever AI to be run, making games even more playable and dynamic.
www.animationarena.com /game-developer-jobs.html   (1938 words)

 Magnin & Associates - Career FAQ
He wants to be a video game designer and is trying to determine whether he should attend regular college or technical school.
Game companies would rather have experienced people than college graduates, so the next best thing is to spend some time creating a demo game or two, to show off what you can do.
Not as many women play games as men, or at least the kinds of games that seem to be the most popular, perhaps they are not as interested in pursuing it as a career.
www.edmagnin.com /careers.html   (3752 words)

 Pentagon and CIA enlist video games - - MSNBC.com
Training aside, video games are increasingly viewed by top brass as a way to get teenagers interested in enlisting.
Games such as “America’s Army,” developed and published by the Army, and “Guard Force,” which the Army National Guard developed with Alexandria, Va.-based Rival Interactive, can be downloaded or picked up at recruitment offices.
Between video commercials touting the thrills of enlisting in the Army National Guard, gamers pluck flood victims from rooftops or defend a snowy base.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/3131181   (868 words)

 Game Developer Schools - video game designing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Game art and design schools are important in starting your game design career.
Video games have become very popular and the industry is going to continue to grow.
Where the average video gamer used to be a male teenager, we now have the average gamer between 22 - 30 years of age.
www.desarting.com /game_developer_schools.html   (273 words)

 [No title]
Computer and video game development is a fast-growing entertainment field, with a lot to offer you professionally and creatively.
Games are as competitive as any entertainment industry, and it's not easy to get that first job.
Games are expected to surpass film box-office revenues in the next couple of years, making it the fastest growing segment of the entertainment market, and an excellent field for career advancement.
www.igda.org /breakingin   (331 words)

 Wired News: Christians Code Heavenly Games
Video games have surpassed movies as the medium most influential on children, Churness said, adding that there's a need for positive messages that spread God's word.
Bean said the game, which has three levels of difficulty that automatically adjust to a player's performance, will be available Oct. 25.
Competing with vice-filled console games that have multimillion-dollar production budgets will be a challenge for startup companies, according to Jay Horwitz, an analyst with Jupitermedia.
www.wired.com /news/games/0,2101,68401,00.html   (946 words)

 GamePolitics.com » Blog Archive » Developer Attends Utah Video Game Hearing, Offers Impressions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He mentioned that every district court has ruled against every violent video game law made so far, and that the odds of this bill surviving court scrutiny was ‘very slim’.
Of course, the ESA guy wasn’t a game developer, but an attorney, so he really couldn’t comment on that.
This entry was posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2006 at 11:32 am and is filed under Controversial Games, Games and Culture, Politics and Legislation, Video Game Critics, Video Game Industry/Economics.
gamepolitics.com /2006/09/21/developer-attends-utah-video-game-hearing-offers-impressions   (872 words)

 The Seattle Times: Arts & Entertainment: Christian video game separates good from evil
That's the scenario in a soon-to-be-released Christian-themed video game.
The CEO of Left Behind Games — a company started specifically to turn the book series into video games — said the Newsweek article was uninformed.
The negative effects of violence in video games should not be underestimated, he said, even if it's delivered in a box that is supposedly blessed.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/artsentertainment/2002938299_gamesleftbehind19.html   (1100 words)

 The Video Game Developer Quiz
Your game is released and it has a lot of bugs.
Your game is panned critically and is a commercial failure.
It was your games that brought everything down in the first place.
www.classicgaming.com /sfkosmo/developerquiz/developerquiz.html   (345 words)

 Video Game News - Review - Video Game Rental - Game Developer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
New Line Cinema has acquired the film rights to award-winning video game "Gears of War," with writer Stuart Beattie attached to adapt the project and Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment set to produce.
In addition to such action games as "Gears of War" and "Call of Duty 3," he appreciates the cinematic influences in interactive entertainment.
The mobile game sector is doing great -- or not -- depending on whom you ask.
www.hollywoodreporter.com /hr/home_entertainment/games/index.jsp   (274 words)

 Japanese video game developer draws inspiration from Kurosawa, Kandinsky   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Japanese video game producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the brains behind such games as "Lumines," "Rez," "Ninety-Nine Nights," "Space Channel 5," "Manx TT Superbike" and the "Sega Rally" series.
The video style draws on both Kandinsky and the band a-ha, according to Mizuguchi.
His 2000 musical game "Rez," a PlayStation title that allowed gamers to create sound and vision, came from a melange of Kandinsky paintings, a rave he attended in Zurich and a short-lived 1960s arcade machine dubbed "Sensorama" that offered taste, touch and smell as well as sound and vision.
www.cbc.ca /cp/technology/061108/z110806.html   (689 words)

 Obituary: Alan Kotok, Computer Developer, Video Game Pioneer - Technology News by InformationWeek
Kotok, 64, was the chief architect of DEC's PDP-1 minicomputer, which in turn was used to develop Spacewars, considered to be the first video game.
Kotok, 64, worked with a group of Digital employees, and MIT students in the early 1960s as they first developed Digital's PDP-1 minicomputer, which in turn was used to develop Spacewars, considered to be the first video game.
Kotok was a key developer on Digital's PDP-1, considered by many to have been the first minicomputer, and PDP-8, which propelled the minicomputer class of computers into widespread use in the 1970s.
www.informationweek.com /story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=188701746   (326 words)

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