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In the News (Sun 17 Mar 19)

  323 hotels in Vienna. Compare & book Vienna hotel with Europe-Cities.com
Vienna, Austria - Vienna, the capital of Austria is defnitely among European must-sees.
Unlike Austria, the city of Vienna is an exciting mixture of tradition and modernity.
Vienna is also a European capital of coffee - Austrian monarchs imported it from Turkey and only here may one try over 20 types of coffee.
www.europe-cities.com /hotels-vienna.aspx   (443 words)

 World Conference on Human Rights
Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Conference on Human Rights, thus successfully closing the two-week World conference and presenting to the international community a common plan for the strengthening of human rights work around the world.
The Vienna Declaration and Program of Action marks the culmination of a long process of review and debate over the current status of human rights machinery in the world.
The Vienna Declaration further emphasizes the need for speedy ratification of other human rights instruments and for additional resources for the Centre for Human Rights, which served as the secretariat of the World Conference.
www.unhchr.ch /html/menu5/wchr.htm   (862 words)

  Vienna, Austria News
VIENNA, Austria-Lawyers for a former senior Croatian official arrested in Austria on charges of embezzling precious gems used in arms deals denounced the case Wednesday as a "political ploy" and vowed to take...
VIENNA, Austria A psychiatrist instructs a patient on his couch: "I'll say a normal word, then you say the first sick thing that pops into your head." Another phones his wife to say: "I'm going to be late,...
VIENNA, Austria- Russia has nothing to fear from a missile defense shield the United States wants to deploy in Eastern Europe because the rockets would be too light, too slow and too close to pose a threat, a...
www.topix.net /at/vienna   (854 words)

  Vienna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vienna is Austria's primate city; with a population of about 1.6 million (2.2 million within the metro area), Vienna is by far the largest city in Austria as well as its cultural, economic and political centre.
Vienna lies in the South East corner of Central Europe and is close to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
Vienna is the seat of the Viennese Roman Catholic archdiocese, and its acting Archbishop is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vienna   (5030 words)

Vienna -- the capital of Austria-Hungary, the residence of the emperor, and the seat of a Latin archbishopric -- is situated at the north-east end of the Alps, mainly on the right bank of the Danube.
Vienna is first mentioned again in the Chronicles when Charlemagne advanced down the Danube in 791, destroyed the Empire of the Avars, and formed the East Mark out of the region between the River Enns and the mountains called Wienerwald.
Vienna also tolerated in some degree the reforms that Joseph II wished to introduce in ecclesiastical and secular affairs, odious though they were in themselves because by his friendliness towards the citizens he had done much for the beautifying and improvement of the city.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/15417a.htm   (3524 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vienna (German official name: Wien, Hungarian: Bécs, Czech: Vídeň, Slovak: Viedeň, Serbian Beč;) is the capital of Austria, and also one of Austria's nine federal statess (Bundesland Wien).
In 1815, Vienna was the site of the Congress of Vienna which redrew national boundaries in Europe after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo.
The University of Vienna was the cradle of the Austrian School of economics.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/v/vi/vienna_1.html   (779 words)

 Vienna: Tutte le informazioni su Vienna su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vienna (Wien in tedesco) è capitale e allo stesso tempo uno stato federale dell'Austria.
Vienna è sede di importanti organizzazioni internazionali tra le quali: OPEC, AIEA e ONU.
Vienna presenta sul Danubio un'isola creata artificialmente, per proteggerla da eventuali innondazioni.
www.encyclopedia.it /v/vi/vienna.html   (284 words)

 Community of Vienna   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At the close of the 13th and during the 14th centuries, the community of Vienna was recognized as the leading community of German Jewry.
Vienna's Chief Rabbi, Dr. Israel Taglicht, who was more than 75 years old, was among those who were forced to clean with their bare hands the pavements of main streets.
In 1993, the Jewish Museum in Vienna opened its doors and became a central cultural institution of the community, offering a varied program of cultural and educational activities and attracting a large public of Jewish and non-Jewish visitors.
www.bh.org.il /Communities/Archive/vienna.asp   (1657 words)

 Vienna travel guide - Wikitravel
Vienna was once the capital of the large and influential Austrian empire, a fact that has had a tremendous impact on the culture that exists there today.
Vienna is also a dynamic, young city, famous for its (electronic) music scene with independent labels, cult-status underground record stores, a vibrant club scene, and a government that seems overly obsessed with complicated paperwork.
at the Augarten, the Vienna Turf Krieau, the Prater and Schloss Neugebäude.
wikitravel.org /en/Vienna   (11123 words)

 Windows "Vienna" Encyclopedia Article @ InternetNavigator.com (Internet Navigator)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Windows "Vienna" (formerly known as Blackcomb) is Microsoft's codename for a future version of Microsoft Windows, originally announced in February 2000, but has since been subject to major delays and rescheduling.
As of 2006, it is still planned as both a client and server release with a current release estimate of anytime between 2009-2012, although no firm release date or target has yet been publicized.
Projects such as GroupBar and LayoutBar are expected to make an appearance, allowing users to more effectively manage and keep track of their applications and documents while in use, and a new way of launching applications is expected—among other ideas, Microsoft is investigating a pie menu-type circular interface.
www.internetnavigator.com /encyclopedia/Windows_%22Vienna%22   (872 words)

 The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Vienna
In 1420, however, Duke Albrecht V expelled the Jews from Vienna, confiscated their property, and destroyed their synagogue (its stones were used to build the University of Vienna).
Vienna also hosts a Jewish sports club, S.C. Hakoach and, in the late 1990's, a Jewish center opened on the site of the former Leopoldster Temple, which was destroyed during the Holocaust.
Vienna's Jewish population consists of Eastern European refugees from the Holocaust era and their children, returning expatriates who lived abroad during World War II and Iranian Jews seeking asylum.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/vjw/Vienna.html   (2634 words)

 Vienna Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Grandiose Vienna was the showpiece of the all-conquering Habsburg Dynasty.
Vienna has plenty of lower-brow pleasures too - walks in the woods, splish-splashing high jinks on the river, slap-up indulgent evenings in its renowned wine taverns, bar-hopping till dawn.
It is said that of all the cities in the world, Vienna is the most obsessed with death.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/austria/vienna   (316 words)

By the 10th century the small, re-built Vienna came under the rule of the German Babenbergs, and by the 13th century, Rudolph Von Habsburg arrived from what is now the Austrian part of Switzerland, claimed Austria and settled there to rule.
Check with the Vienna Tourist Office on arrival to see if the Vienna Boys' Choir are performing during your stay, and if you are an opera buff, but like to understand what the opera is all about and don't speak Deutsch, there's even an English Opera that performs reasonably often.
A great way to pick up the ambiance of Vienna is to take a horse-drawn carriage with that name you have to be careful in pronouncing, "Fiacker." There is a long tradition behind these horse-drawn carriages which were quickly copied by other cities that were under the former Habsburg umbrella.
www.sallys-place.com /travel/europe/vienna.htm   (2338 words)

 Welcome to Mozart beneath the Stars
Vienna waits for you with exciting concerts, fantastic musicals and impressive exhibitions.
The Vienna Volksoper celebrates the beginning of the season for two weeks with light melodies by such famous...
Enjoy Vienna, experience the imperial ambiance at Schönbrunn Palace, art at the Albertina, and the Viennese...
www.vienna.info /article.asp?IDArticle=9010   (283 words)

 Amazon.com: Vienna: Music: Ultravox   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vienna being more symphonic and richer sounding than the simpler robotic synth lines and beats of their previous effort 'Systems of Romance' this album took a huge leap forward for the group.
Nevertheless overall VIENNA remains one of the bands most accessible and enjoyable recordings and was quite rightly the important breakthrough they needed.
Ultimately Vienna is a decent enough first album but the two albums which followed, Rage In Eden and Quartet, are far more consistent and ultimately more worthy of consideration.
www.amazon.com /Vienna-Ultravox/dp/B00004RIWF   (2108 words)

 Virtual Vienna - Around Vienna
A popular T-shirt in Vienna declares "There are No Kangaroos in Austria!" The apparent confusion regarding the difference between Austria and Australia brings sighs of exasperation amongst many Americans living in Vienna who have had their U.S. mail arrive after a detour to Down Under.
But while Vienna has always been right where it is, its place in European politics and culture has shifted often throughout its 2,000 year history.
The trademark of Austria's capital city and a symbol of Vienna's world-famous Prater District.
www.virtualvienna.net /tourism/vienna.html   (441 words)

 Vienna city guide, Austria - Time Out Travel
Vienna’s reputation is packaged in all the clichés that have been bestowed upon the former capital of the Habsburg Empire: fine coffee houses and chocolate cake, choir boys in sailor suits and manifestations of imperial pomp, ranging from monumental architecture to dancing horses.
The Empire managed to attract the best brains from all over Mitteleuropa, and they bequeathed Vienna magnificent city planning, keynote art nouveau architecture, as well...
With Mozart's 250th birthday being celebrated on January 27th 2006, Vienna will be more of a magnet for music lovers than ever before.
www.timeout.com /travel/vienna   (192 words)

 Vienna hotels. Save up to 60% off rates on all hotels in Vienna
The Post Hotel Vienna is situated in the heart of the city and is only a couple of minutes from the train station.
The Kaiserin Elisabeth Hotel is located in the city centre of Vienna, next to the famous pedestrian area and the St. Stephens cathedral.
Built in 1992, the Atlantis Hotel is the ideal place for visitors in Vienna due to its convenient location and unsurpassed service.
www.hotelclub.net /hotel.reservations/Vienna.htm   (186 words)

 Vienna Downloads
Vienna is Universal, running natively on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.
This is the latest public non-localised version of Vienna for non-US English customers who want to run the US English version of Vienna.
If Vienna is already running then you can also install the scripts by dragging them over the Vienna application in the dock.
vienna-rss.sourceforge.net /vienna_files.php   (600 words)

 Metroblogging Vienna
Vienna, as you may know was a very progressive socialist city in the 20's.
I'm in Vienna now, but I'll be travelling to Graz (a place you should be familiar with!) in a few days.
Written from the perspective of people who live, work, and play here every day, Vienna is one of over forty five (and growing) blogs in the globe-spanning Metroblogging network.
vienna.metblogs.com   (1352 words)

 Vienna Hotels, Hotels in Vienna, book a Hotel in Vienna, Austria
One of the great European capitals, Vienna was for centuries home to the Babsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
From the 18th century on, Vienna was famous throughout Europe particularly for the music.
To know Vienna is to stay and swim in its lush atmosphere.
www.vienna.austria-hotelsonline.com   (299 words)

 Chess openings: Vienna (C25)
The Vienna doesn't have the same winning percentage today that it had in the 1800s (much like the Evans Gambit or Danish).
The Vienna game I linked to seems to be a real pawn gambit for the sole purpose of ruining pawn structure.
in the scariest version of vienna, shows the best way for fl,accept the challenge,give up the a8 rook.Then capatalise on whites arrogant time loss.This is a model way to play by two awsome players.
www.chessgames.com /perl/chessopening?eco=C25   (1473 words)

 About Vienna, your travelguide to Vienna: Wien, Vienne, Viena, Austria
Vienna is a city with a long cultural tradition.
It is a correct and pure form of German that is melodious and pleasant to the ear.
Vienna through the lens: facts, info and usefull links on travelling to and living in Vienna!
www.aboutvienna.org   (202 words)

 Vienna - VersionTracker   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Notify me when Vienna is updated on VersionTracker.
Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OS X operating system.
Vienna could save web pages for all marked articles, then let you flip through them selecting the portion of the page to archive with the mouse cursor (and also adding notes) before saving it.
www.versiontracker.com /dyn/moreinfo/macosx/27372   (462 words)

 Vienna hotels booking - Hotel accommodation in Vienna, Austria
If you want to fell the charm of old Wien but don't want to spend too much, the "Three star Vienna hotel" is the perfect choice for you: some are located in renewed buildings of past centuries and are sure to provide a magic atmosphere as well as comfort.
You might be interested in our "Business hotels" in case you are on a business trip and have special requests, such as high speed Internet conncetion, direct dial telephone lines and renting fully equipped meeting or conference rooms.
Changes in the reservation and cancellation within deadline for all Vienna hotels are made free of charge.
www.viennahotelstart.com   (689 words)

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