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Topic: Virtual reality

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Virtual reality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was primitive both in terms of user interface and realism, and the HMD to be worn by the user was so heavy it had to be suspended from the ceiling, and the graphics comprising the virtual environment were simple wireframe rooms.
In the late 1980s the term "virtual reality" was popularized by Jaron Lanier, one of the modern pioneers of the field.
One difference from current virtual reality technology, however, was that replicators and transporters were used to actually create and place objects in the holodeck, rather than relying solely on the illusion of physical objects, as is done today.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Virtual_reality   (2365 words)

 Newton's Apple: Teacher's Guides
Virtual reality can transport you into a world of computer-generated sights, sounds, and tactile (touch) sensations.
Another, more expensive approach to virtual reality involves "the helmet and gloves." When you place one of these helmets on your head, your head movements allow you to see and hear the virtual world.
As your gloved hand touches a surface in the virtual world, sensors in the glove tell the computer where the hand is in space.
www.ktca.org /newtons/11/vrtrlty.html   (1067 words)

 Virtual Reality
Virtual reality can additionally be a colossal aid for invention in the fields of engineering and manufacturing, architecture and construction, biotechnology and nano-pharmacology, chemistry and molecular modeling, medical care and bionics, the garments industry, and the fine arts.
Virtual reality is useful for health-related instruction and analysis as well as practice.
Virtual reality is an extremely useful interface for telerobotics (human operation of a robot from a distance).
www.virlink.com   (2028 words)

 "Virtual Reality"
Loeffler and Anderson, "The Virtual Reality Casebook", p.xi.
The use of the virtual reality in education has had tremendous effects as the attendance and participation went up dramatically and grades improved by 10 points in average in classes using the technology(8).
Virtual reality also had a great impact on safety, as people were able to train in a realistic manner in most of the conditions a driver may experience in his life(9).
www.businesstools.org /evert/HomePage911.html   (2605 words)

 UM-VRL: Virtual Reality: A Short Introduction
The term 'Virtual Reality' (VR) was initially coined by Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research (1989).
Today, 'Virtual Reality' is used in a variety of ways and often in a confusing and misleading manner.
The CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) was developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago and provides the illusion of immersion by projecting stereo images on the walls and floor of a room-sized cube.
www-vrl.umich.edu /intro   (1218 words)

Virtual Reality is a formidable topic of conversation in the 1990's.
In terms of function, Virtual Reality is a simulation of some aspect of the real world, whether it be a walk through an environment, or a military combat simulation.
Virtual Reality has a significant history that is both interesting and complex.
ei.cs.vt.edu /~history/Tate.VR.html   (1652 words)

 Define virtual reality - a definition from Whatis.com
Virtual reality is the simulation of a real or imagined environment that can be experienced visually in the three dimensions of width, height, and depth and that may additionally provide an interactive experience visually in full real-time motion with sound and possibly with tactile and other forms of feedback.
The simplest form of virtual reality is a 3-D image that can be explored interactively at a personal computer, usually by manipulating keys or the mouse so that the content of the image moves in some direction or zooms in or out.
The Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) allows the creator to specify images and the rules for their display and interaction using textual language statements.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci213303,00.html   (295 words)

 Virtual Reality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Real Time Graphics is a newsletter for professionals working in the fields of simulation and virtual reality.
Such virtual environments are designed to enable users to exploit emerging knowledge structures concerning a group of people and engage in social interaction with concurrent users in the virtual world.
NICE is a project that applies virtual reality to the creation of a family of educational environments for young users.
www.insead.edu /CALT/Encyclopedia/ComputerSciences/VR/vr.htm   (6984 words)

 Colonizing Virtual Reality
He argued "Virtual reality is the first medium to come along which doesn't narrow the human spirit..."27 and "All you can do is be creative in Virtual Reality..." He said VR would free the imagination of the masses, "help people to communicate" and bring a new kind of spiritual understanding.
Virtual Reality attracted the attentions of self-styled 'cyberpunks', and 'hackers', and suspicions were confirmed.
Virtual reality claimed to be both a science and an art (possibly to escape rigorous examination as either).
cultronix.eserver.org /chesher   (13147 words)

 Virtual Reality
Virtuality in this context means that the learning arrangements do not necessarily need the physical presence of schooling institutes, teachers, co-students, rosters, books etc. It is just the learner’s motivation to learn and his access to on-line learning facilities with thousands of potential learning partners (both tutors and tutees) on the web.
The term "Virtual Learning Environments" highlights the broader scope of virtuality; it is not only the physical immersion (as if being in another physical world), but it is the fact that the media around you enable the full information, exploration, communication and feedback, as if you are in a well-organized classroom.
Where VR is the metaphor for the user-system interaction at an individual level; the Virtual Classroom is the metaphor for the coming tele-presence both of students, teachers and even the schooling institute, and should further support the becoming of the so-called "Studiehuis".
projects.edte.utwente.nl /proo/kommers.htm   (7212 words)

 Hot Virtual Reality Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
VENUS the Virtual Environment Navigation in the Underground Sites is a large scale effort at CERN to use virtual prototyping for the next generation particle accelerator.
Applied Virtual Reality Corporation (AVR) in their words "Founded in 1994, AVR was formed to be Canada's leading resource for information, education, research and VR technology acquisition in the application of the Virtual Reality medium".
Virtual Realities vendors of all types of immersive VR equipment.
www.itl.nist.gov /iaui/ovrt/hotvr.html   (1578 words)

 International Virtual Reality Association Incorporated
The Virtual Reality Association Incorporated is a non-profit International Association dedicated to furthering the art and science of Virtual Reality (VR) through community involvement.
Virtual Reality is not about unweildy head gear and plugging yourself in through gloves and suits.
The Virtual Reality Festival was 5 frantic days in September 1999 arranged in concert with Aussiecon World Science Fiction Convention.
www.vr.org.au   (800 words)

 Virtual Reality / Hyper-Reality, by Marshall Soules   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
One of the virtues of such simulations is how they develop a healthy questioning attitude in young learners: "If the personally owned book was one of the main shapers of the Renaissance notion of the individual, the pervasively networked computer of the future should shape humans who are healthy skeptics from an early age" (155).
Immersion: Virtual reality means "sensory immersion in a virtual environment." This is the definition preferred by those who associate VR with specific software and hardware: optical displays, head-tracking devices, and data-gloves or hand-held devices to manipulate objects perceived to be in the virtual world.
Virtual reality will prove to be a more compelling fantasy world than Nintendo--[I thought for a second there he was going to say "life"]--but even so, the real power of the Head-Mounted Display is that it can help you perceive the real world in ways that were previously impossible.
www.mala.bc.ca /~soules/media112/vr.htm   (2761 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Virtual reality
Non-immersive virtual reality uses a normal monitor and the person plays with a joystick inside the virtual ambient.
"Virtual Classroom" is a virtual environment for the assessment of attention processes in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Virtual reality at Future Wiki - informed speculation and overview of future developments.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Virtual_reality   (847 words)

 What is virtual reality? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
To "enter" a virtual reality, a user dons special gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which receive their input from the computer system.
To date, virtual reality systems require extremely expensive hardware and software and are confined mostly to research laboratories.
The term virtual reality is sometimes used more generally to refer to any virtual world represented in a computer, even if it's just a text-based or graphical representation.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/v/virtual_reality.html   (350 words)

Virtual reality may have popped into the headlines only in the past few years, but its roots reach back four decades.
One of the most influential antecedents of virtual reality was the flight simulator.
Today, virtual reality is poised to change the way we interact with and control computers.
archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu /Cyberia/VETopLevels/VR.History.html   (1268 words)

 UM-VRL: Virtual Reality Lab - University of Michigan
The University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRL) at the College of Engineering explores innovative applications of immersive and non-immersive virtual environments in a variety of areas.
For industrial applications, research is focused on virtual prototyping of engineering designs - especially in the automotive and marine industry - the simulation of manufacturing processes, and related engineering tasks.
Additional activities include the use of virtual reality in accident simulations, medicine, architecture, archeology, education, and other areas.
www-vrl.umich.edu   (255 words)

The term "virtual reality" describes the computer-generated simulation of reality with physical, tactile, and visual dimensions.
He describes the eerie experience of using virtual reality systems that can simulate a walk-through of a building in an architectural graphics program, interviews leading researchers, and speculates on the social and psychological implications of this technology, in which the artificial world overlaps with reality.
While there is a lot of focus on "cool tools" and all the paraphenalia of "virtual reality" qua artificial sensation and perception, the rock bottom foundation of this book can be found in Howard reflections on what it all means for the transformation of humans, business, and society in general.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0671778978?v=glance   (1158 words)

 Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is a reality near description of 3D worlds under consideration of interactive visiting by the user.
The construction process of virtual worlds is supported by the description language VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).
The VRML browser reads the file, parses through the file, builds the virtual world an renders the world in a viewport of the Web site.The browser provide a user interface for navigation through the virtual world.
www.imagefact.de /gb/vr/vr.html   (281 words)

 Virtual Reality / VR and 3D graphics resource - VResources
If you are looking for professional and personalized support for your virtual reality, immersive visualisation and simulation needs or need to buy VR hardware or software, please see our corporate web site at: www.virtasim.com.
Our hope in providing our web visitors and clients these two entities is to encompass everything our clients need to successfully take the technological turn to Virtual Reality which is expected to gain significant momentum in the years to come.
The head mounted display market is continuing its growth this month with the introduction of yet an other HMD model, the VR1280 from Virtual Research Systems, Inc. To see how it compares with the other HMD on the market see our "HMD resolution analysis" article.
vresources.jump-gate.com   (985 words)

 Rheingold's Brainstorms: Virtual Worlds Linklist
CTD MOO is a virtual community for the Center for Talent Development.
The Spring is a young virtual community flesh-based in Austin, Texas.
Graphic s Visualization and Usability Center has worlds o' stuff related to virtual environments, VR applications from surgical simulation to the phobia project, human factors in VR research.
www.well.com /user/hlr/vircom   (1181 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We can import our understanding of how the real world works to develop useful inferences about how to operate in the MOO world." Sky says, "Third, MOOs are extensible.
Sky says, "The obvious differences lie in the fact that graphical representations, usually in three dimensions, are what get the most `press' as virtual realities..." Sky says, "There are variety of VR systems under development..." Sky says, "...
in which one might manipulate virtual objects by wearing a dataglove that represents one's hand, and its movements, in a virtual (graphical) space." Sky says, "Interestingly..
wwwpub.utdallas.edu /~cynthiah/lingua_archive/meridian-moo-seminar.txt   (1663 words)

 Virtual Reality Polyhedra
You may choose to simply view the virtual objects for their timeless, serene aesthetics, or to read the related mathematical background material at various levels of depth.
And in one respect, virtual models have an advantage: you can travel inside them to gain a perspective not possible in paper models.
) After you imagine the view from the center, use the virtual reality viewer to travel to the inside of the compound of five cubes.
www.georgehart.com /virtual-polyhedra/vp.html   (597 words)

 StrayLight Virtual Reality and 3D Films
StrayLight Corp. is the leading provider of Stereoscopic 3D, Interactive Multimedia, and Virtual Reality systems for corporate promotions.
Because of the specialized logistical requirements of corporate promotions, StrayLight integrates its own Virtual Reality equipment and maintains an extensive inventory for our rental customers.
Because virtual environments offer the benefits of immersion and interaction, we often work with our customer's advertising and promotions agencies to develop virtual experiences which leverage our knowledge of these proprietary presentation technologies.
www.strayvr.com   (364 words)

 Virtual reality - Virtual Reality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Document created by Bill Sherman The NCSA Virtual Reality (VR) laboratory is a research facility engaged in the
ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) is an annual conference devoted to the technical aspects of virtual reality.
Virtual Reality is the first book for the general reader on the ACCESS: Virtual Reality Howard Rheingold Summit Books 1991, 6x9, 384 pgs, HB, $22.95
video-cards.yournetport.com /ynpt/video-cards-virtual-reality.htm   (148 words)

 Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures
These "Virtual Reality Moon Phases" were created by R. Schmidt from ray-traced images of the Moon.
A Clementine spacecraft mosaic of the lunar surface was mapped onto a sphere, and scenes were rendered as a virtual Sun "orbited" the Moon.
The depiction of lunar surface features suffers geometric distortion but the terminator is correct with respect to the spherical Moon.
tycho.usno.navy.mil /vphase.html   (103 words)

 On The Net Resources in Virtual Reality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The publications and pages remain online for the benefit of the virtual reality community.
This bibliography concentrates on networked, multi-user virtual environments--the literature and the online resources.
Medicine and Virtual Reality (MedVR): A Guide to the Literature
www.hitl.washington.edu /projects/knowledge_base/onthenet.html   (174 words)

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