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Topic: Vitruvius

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  LacusCurtius • Vitruvius on Architecture
Vitruvius takes particular delight in the acoustics of the theatre about which he seems to know much, much more than he has allowed himself to tell us for fear of boring us: it's a pity.
Vitruvius fails for example to define many of his technical terms, some of which must have been obscure to the layperson in his time, let alone now.
Vitruvius claimed architecture was composed of the triple essence: strength, utility, and aesthetic effect.
penelope.uchicago.edu /Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Vitruvius/home.html   (1725 words)

  Knowledge King - Vitruvius   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mainly known for his writings, Vitruvius was himself an architect; Frontinus says he was in charge of the aqueducts of Rome.
Vitruvius' work is one of many examples of Latin texts that owe their survival to the palace scriptorium of Charlemagne in the early ninth century.
Vitruvius studied human proportions (third book) and his canones were later resumed in a very famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci (Homo Vitruvianus).
www.knowledgeking.net /encyclopedia/v/vi/vitruvius.html   (298 words)

 Vitruvius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The only building, however, that we know Vitruvius to have worked on is, as he himself tells us (de Arch.
Vitruvius is sometimes loosely referred to as the first architect.
It should be noted, though, that Vitruvius had a wider scope than would be usual for architects today.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vitruvius   (293 words)

 Vitruvius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio was a Roman writer, architect and engineer, active in the 1st century BC.
He was the author of De architectura, known today as The Ten Books of Architecture, a treatise in Latin on architecture, and perhaps the first work about this discipline.
Little is known about his life, though as he describes himself as an old man in his works, it is possible that he was active during the rule of Julius Caesar as well.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vitruvius   (293 words)

 Vitruvius: een antieke bouwmeester over zijn vak
Een erg gezaghebbend architect kan Vitruvius echter moeilijk geweest zijn.
Vitruvius' werk is geen handboek, waaruit je zou kunnen leren hoe je een huis moet bouwen.
Bovendien erkent Vitruvius dat deze voorschriften ideaaltypen betreffen, en dat in de praktijk een bouwmeester zich veelal moet aanpassen aan het terrein of aan de overige omstandigheden (zelfs aan het beschikbare geld).
www.gewina.nl /dutch/anwfiles/rv_vitruvius.htm   (2240 words)

Vitruvius was not a master of style - "he has all the marks of one unused to composition, to whom writing is a painful task," said later Morris Hicky Morgan, who translated the book into English.
Vitruvius dedicated the book to "Imperator Caesar" (Augustus), who boasted that he inherited Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.
Vitruvius saw that an architect should be widely educated in arts and sciences from medicine to astronomy, because "it is by his judgement that all work done by other arts is put to test." Vitruvius admitted that an architect cannot reach perfection in the different fields of knowledge.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /vitruv.htm   (1353 words)

 Vitruvius -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
We must not make the mistake, at any rate, of equating Roman architects with their modern counterparts; it is safer to think of them as engineers, architects, artists, and craftsmen combined.
Vitruvius studied human proportions (third book) and his canones were later encoded in a very famous drawing by (Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect; the most versatile genius of the Italian Renaissance (1452-1519)) Leonardo da Vinci ((Click link for more info and facts about Homo Vitruvianus) Homo Vitruvianus).
Though De architectura had been known throughout the (The period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance) Middle Ages, the work was popularized in 16th century through Wotton's translation.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/V/Vi/Vitruvius.htm   (268 words)

 Vitruvius - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
Vitruvius goes as far as how to correct for an optical illusion on the capitals of columns.
The hodometer is used for "telling the number of miles while sitting on a carriage or sailing by sea", and is particularly ingenious.
Second to Vitruvius, the most important source on Roman engineering may be the Urbis Romae of Frotinus, which includes mathematical rules (not entirely successful) to determine the flow of an aqueduct.
math.truman.edu /~thammond/history/Vitruvius.html   (592 words)

 VITRUVIUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Marcus Vitruvius is the author of the famous treatise 'De architectura'.
The work is divided into 10 books dealing with city planning and architecture in general; building materials; temple construction; public buildings; and private buildings; clocks, hydraulics; and civil and military engines.
Vitruvius was an admirer of Greek architecture and wished to preserve the classical tradition in the design of temples and public buildings.
www.hyperhistory.com /online_n2/people_n2/persons2_n2/vitruvius.html   (80 words)

 Vitruvius on Architecture - Thomas Gordon Smith
Approximately 2,025 years ago, an aged Roman architect named Vitruvius wrote down on ten scrolls everything he knew about architecture.
This work, known today as Ten Books on Architecture, is the most comprehensive architectural book written in antiquity and a seminal volume in Western culture.
Vitruvius on Architecture presents a new translation of the five books most relevant to contemporary architecture and new drawings and watercolors that illustrate Vitruvius's methods of proportion and composition.
www.libreriauniversitaria.it /BUS/1580931278/Vitruvius_on_Architecture.htm   (102 words)

We can not admit that Vitruvius should have made such a mistake in situating his great predecessor in the wrong town; furthermore he is very meticulous in situating the examples of each style in their context; suddenly he should have ommitted this in his mention of 'a' temple of Apollo built by Menesthes.
Vitruvius mentions this as one building (in aede) but I am not sure that we should not read in aede Iovis et (in aede) Fauni.
According to Vitruvius the temple was the example of a peripteros with six columns across the front an rear and eleven on the sides and ascribed to Hermodorus who was clearly an architect from Greek origin but who worked at Rome (as freedman?).
www.vitruvius.be /boek3h2.htm   (3331 words)

 Vitruvius Ten Books
Vitruvius Pollio’s treatise De Architectura, was written circa 27 BC and is the only book of its kind to survive from antiquity.
Book 1 The Preface is used by the author as an opportunity to fawn on his emperor.
But some land was allocated to outdoor rooms and Vitruvius comments on the treatment of this land are quoted, from his section on
www.lih.gre.ac.uk /histhe/vitruvius.htm   (7485 words)

 Vitruvius Sicav. Multi Portfolio and multi advisor Sicav managed by Belgrave Capital Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Vitruvius won the Lipper award as the "Best Equity Group Switzerland 2003" for the excellent performance generated by its equity portfolios and for its ability to preserve capital and provide consistent returns.
Vitruvius is a multi-portfolio and multi-advisor Sicav, registered in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, managed by Belgrave Capital Management, a London based Investment Manager which is part of the Banca del Ceresio Group.
Vitruvius Sicav ha ricevuto il premio "Best Equity Group Switzerland 2003".
www.vitruvius.lu   (175 words)

But it was far more than that, it ranges in its ten books over everything of interest and importance to the building trades, from the mixing of mortar from proper materials, to the acoustics in a stone threaten, and even to the art work which as fresco style was used to decorate gentlefolks' villas.
Clearly within the range of "Education" is the field of History, and Vitruvius has an idea which has been important in modern times in every country, that the decoration of a building should have some historical or social significance.
Now Vitruvius catches himself as perhaps having spoken too boldly, a practical engineering man without the full scope of "education" as suiting the August Personage to whom he was dedicating this work, and incidentally getting his living as top architect for the empire.
community.middlebury.edu /~harris/Texts/Vitruvius.html   (4026 words)

 groundplan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Vitruvius, a Roman architect, wrote a treatise about his occupation.
Your job is to draw a ground plan of the building using Vitruvius' instructions.
The relevant passage from the text of Vitruvius can be found on the handout.
www.umich.edu /~classics/programs/class/ca/436/groundplan.htm   (96 words)

 Vitruvius - ENCYCLOPEDIA - The History Channel UK
Vitruvius also included a section on human proportions.
The rediscovery of Vitruvius during the Renaissance greatly fueled the revival of classicism during that and subsequent periods.
Except as otherwise permitted by written agreement, the following are prohibited: copying substantial portions or the entirety of the work in machine readable form, making multiple printouts thereof, and other uses of the work inconsistent with U.S. and applicable foreign copyright and related laws.
www.thehistorychannel.co.uk /site/search/search.php?searchtext=Vitruvius&refinetext=&search_page=3&themes=&cts=&enc=49815   (260 words)

 Translation of the text accompanying Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Vitruvius, the architect, says in his work on architecture that the measurements of the human body are distributed by Nature as follows that is that 4 fingers make 1 palm, and 4 palms make 1 foot, 6 palms make 1 cubit; 4 cubits make a man's height.
The length of a man's outspread arms is equal to his height.
The preceding is the complete translation of the text accompanying Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. It is actually a translation of Vitruvius, as Leonardo's drawing was originally an illustration for a book on the works of Vitruvius.
www.geoman.com /Vitruvius.html   (124 words)

 Vitruvius Ten Books on Architecture
Ian Thompson re-interpreted Vitruvius for modern landscape architecture in his book on Ecology, Community and Delight: sources of value in landcape architecture (1999).
With regard to the design methods appropriate to landscape architecture, Tom Turner has suggested a 'simple approach', also deriving from Vitruvius, based on an understanding of Natural Patterns, Social Patterns, Cultural Patterns and Aesthetic Patterns.
But some land was allocated to outdoor rooms and Vitruvius comments on the treatment of this land are quoted, from his section on Colonades and walks (Book 5, Chapter 10) and on the Palaestra (Book 5, Chapter 11), which was a gymnasium.
www.gardenvisit.com /landscape/LIH/history/vitruvius.htm   (7577 words)

 No. 580: Vitruvius
Vitruvius began as an architect and engineer under Julius Caesar.
Vitruvius remembers the post-classical world that sprang up after Alexander the Great.
Vitruvius had an encyclopaedic grasp of known technologies.
www.uh.edu /engines/epi580.htm   (442 words)

 Vitruvius Publishing - Home Page
Vitruvius Publishing author, edit and produce occasional publications that specialise in the history and architecture of British and Irish castles and country houses - medieval, classical, new, modern and historic.
Copies of the recently acclaimed RIBA Exhibition Catalogue The New English Country House are available direct from us.
Keep up to date with our Country House News, covering aspects of traditional and classical architecture - Restoration, Buildings at Risk, New Country Houses, Historic Houses, Property sales and Planning Decisions affecting buildings throughout the United Kingdom.
www.vitruviuspublishing.co.uk   (113 words)

 Vitruvio.ch - Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Marco Vitruvio Pollione (Italy - Italia)
Vitruvio.ch - Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Marco Vitruvio Pollione (Italy - Italia)
Vitruvius VITRUVII DE ARCHITECTURA Liber I Liber II Liber III Liber IV Liber V Liber VI Liber VII Liber VIII Liber IX Liber X The Latin Library The Cl...
Vitruvius 1st century BC Roman Architect Marcus Vitruvius is the author of the famous treatise 'De architectura'.
www.vitruvio.ch /arc/masters/vitruvius.php   (364 words)

Vitruvius è la trasposizione in forma ipertestuale di un'attività multidisciplinare svolta in classe, anche con l'uso del computer, ma pur sempre finalizzato ad un prodotto cartaceo.
Questi brevi cenni alla "storia" della conversione in ipertesto del lavoro scolastico valgano a spiegare se non a giustificare alcuni limiti di Vitruvius: un frammento ipertestuale da integrare, migliorare, personalizzare facendo ricorso, anche, alle grandi risorse di creatività degli studenti.
Nella costruzione delle varie parti che compongono "Vitruvius" sono state presentate diverse tecniche di visualizzazione e collegamento degli oggetti e delle pagine nella speranza di offrire, anche dal punto di vista tecnico, un esempio per chi desideri intraprendere la costruzione di un ipertesto per conto proprio o, più; semplicemente, ampliare "Vitruvius".
kidslink.bo.cnr.it /irrsaeer/vitruvio.html   (1661 words)

 Vitruvius Pollio search results : PDXBooks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Vitruvius: On Architecture, Books Vi-X (Loeb Classical, No 280)
Vitruvius: On Architecture, Books I-V (Loeb Classical, No 251)
Vitruvius, architect and engineer: Buildings and building techniques in Augustan Rome (Inside the ancient world)
www.pdxbooks.com /s~author~1/Vitruvius+Pollio   (88 words)

 Chapter Vitruvius <i>to</i> Vorst of V by Brewer's Readers Handbook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Chapter Vitruvius to Vorst of V by Brewer's Readers Handbook
Voices of the Night, a poem by Longfellow, including A Hymn to Night A Psalm of Life, Flowers, etc. (1841).
Copyright: All texts on Bibliomania are © Bibliomania.com Ltd, and may not be reproduced in any form without our written permission.
www.bibliomania.org /2/3/174/1132/15075/2.html   (442 words)

 Books Art & Photography - History: Vitruvius on Architecture
Pricing and availability are accurate as of March 26th, 2005 12:05 PM (CET) *
He presented this work, known today as "Ten Books on Architecture," to Emperor Augustus in the hope of changing what he perceived as a rampant lack of professionalism and educational rigor in the practice of architecture.
Any price displayed on the Amazon website at the time of purchase will govern the sale of this product.
www.tocant.com /History/Vitruvius-on-Architecture.html   (256 words)

Numerous architectural treatises were based in part or inspired by Vitruvius, beginning with Leon Battista Alberti's
Vitruvius (lived 1st century BC) (The Hutchinson Encyclopedia)
Vitruvius (lived 1st century BC)(Marcus Vitruvius Pollio) (The Hutchinson Dictionary of the Arts)
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0851058.html   (200 words)

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