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Topic: Vortigern

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Vortigern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vortigern, Vortiger, or Vortigen was a fifth century warlord, possibly legendary, traditionally said to have invited the Anglo-Saxons to settle in Britain as mercenaries, who later revolted and established their own kingdoms.
Vortigern is accused of incest (a possible (intentional?) mistake of Vortigern for Vortipor, accused by Gildas of the same crime), outh-breaking, treason, love for a pagan women, and lesser vices such as pride.
Vortigern rarely appears in the later stories of King Arthur, but when he does he is usually the figure as described by either Geoffrey of Monmouth or Wace.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vortigern   (3256 words)

 Britannia: Vortigern, the King
As Constans was still quite young, Vortigern had himself installed as the king's advisor, and before long, conspired to have the young king killed.
With the king out of the way, Vortigern seized the crown for himself, realizing that Aurelius Ambrosius and Utherpendragon were mere babes and weren't in a position, at that time, to frustrate his designs.
"Vortigern ruled in Britain and during his rule in Britain he was under pressure, from fear of the Picts and the Irish (Scots), and of a Roman invasion, and, not least, from dread of Ambrosius."
www.britannia.com /history/bb445.html   (556 words)

It was with the pen of Geoffrey_of_Monmouth that the story of Vortigern adopted its best-known form in the "Historia Regum Brittanniae" (History of the Kings of Britain).
Further, Vortigern used Constans as a puppet_king and ruled the nation through him until he finally managed to kill him through the use of insurgent Picts.
Vortigern rarely appears in the later stories of King_Arthur, but when he does he is usually the figure as described by either Geoffrey of Monmouth or Wace.
www.whereintheworldisbush.com /Vortigern   (3195 words)

 High King Vortigern
Vortigern himself appears to have spent more of his time, and exercised more direct control in Caer Gloui (Gloucester) in his early years.
Vortigern could have possessed a Pictish female in his ancestry, a possible wife of Gloyw's, not unlikely if she was from the Southern Picts around Manau Goutoddin or the Clyde.
Vortigern became High King of Britain in around 425, after years of building up his power and position.
www.kessler-web.co.uk /History/FeaturesBritain/BritishVortigern.htm   (619 words)

 Vortigern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern is said to have been the leader of the British in only the first battle, the opponents in the next three battles variously called "British" and "Welsh" -- which is not unusual for this part of the Chronicle -- and the Saxon invaders are invariably declared the victors in every situation.
It was with the pen of Geoffrey of Monmouth that the story of Vortigern adopted its best-known form.
It would be much easier to dismiss Vortigern as a fictional character, invented to explain how the Saxons came to dwell on in Britain and control much of the eastern part of the island.
usapedia.com /v/vortigern.html   (1095 words)

 Medieval Sourcebook: Nennius: Historia Brittonum, 8th century
This plan succeeded; and Vortigern, at the instigation of the devil, and enamoured with the beauty of the damsel, demanded her, through the medium of his interpreter, of the father, promising to give for her whatever he should ask.
Vortigern, the daughter of Hengist, his other wives, and all the inhabitants, both men and women, miserably perished: such was the end of this unhappy king, as we find written in the life of St. Germanus.
Vortigern reigned in Britain when Theodosius and Valentinian were consuls, and in the fourth year of his reign the Saxons came to Britain, in the consulship of Feliz and Taurus, in the four hundredth year from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.
www.fordham.edu /halsall/basis/nennius-full.html   (7378 words)

 VORTIGERN - LoveToKnow Article on VORTIGERN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It seems clear, however, that Vortigern made use of them to protect his kingdom against the Picts and Sects, and rewarded them for their services with a grant of land.
Later we find the Britons at war with the new-corners, now established in Kent, and four battles are fought, in the last of which, according to the Historic Brittonum, the kings son Vortemir, their leading opponent, is slain.
The historic Briftonum is our only authority for the marriage of Vortigern with the datighter of Hengest before the war.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /V/VO/VORTIGERN.htm   (181 words)

 Vortigern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern is a man of average physique, perhaps a little above-average in size, being tall and not overly broad.
By the time Constantin was murdered, Vortigern had rebuilt the Roman Army of Britain, been responsible for most of it's officers appointments, and developed his post into that of Chief-of-Staff for the Empire.
Vortigern is on the Supreme Collegium, which elects Emperors of Britain, and acts as an advisory council to the Emperor.
www.pbem-portal.com /fantasy/pretannic/people/vortigern.htm   (423 words)

 Vortigern ~ Other Characters in Arthurian Legend | King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern appears to have climbed his way high up the greasy pole by securing an inspired marriage to Severa, the daughter of the Constantine's predecessor and national hero, Magnus Maximus.
Vortigern dreaded retribution, for the murder of his father and older brother, but Ambrosius was still young and the High-King could afford to defer any action for some years.
The anti-Pict/Irish strategy that Vortigern chose to employ proved to be successful, since these tribes were never a problem, again, and the arrangement between the Saxons under their leader, Hengest, and Vortigern was agreeable to both parties for some time.
www.kingarthursknights.com /others/vortigern.asp   (1310 words)

 Minor Arthurian Characters
Vortigern also had a daughter, whom the tyrant slept with; his daughter gave birth to his fourth son, Faustus.
Vortigern was spared, but he lost much of Britain to his father-in-law.
Vortigern's son, Paschent, was involved in a rebellion and war against Aurelius.
www.timelessmyths.com /arthurian/minorarthur.html   (5733 words)

 Arthurian Passages from Geoffrey of Monmouth
Vortigern, therefore, as he owed the victory to them, increased his bounty to them, and gave their general, Hengist, large possessions of land in Lindesia, for the subsistence of himself and his fellow soldiers.
Vortigern, after the death of his son, was again restored to the kingdom, and at the request of his wife sent messengers into Germany to Hengist, with an invitation to return into Britain, but privately, and with a small retinue, to prevent a quarrel between the barbarians and his subjects.
Vortigern being informed of this again consulted with his magicians concerning the cause of it, who told him that he must find out a youth that never had a father, and kill him, and then sprinkle the stones and cement with his blood; for by those means, they said, he would have a firm foundation.
www.lib.rochester.edu /Camelot/geofhkb.htm   (20675 words)

 The Heroic Age: Forty Years of Fear
Vortigern however, held empire in Britain in the consulship of Theodosius and Valentinian (A.D. 425), and in the fourth year of his reign the Saxons
For most scholars an "early" Vortigern as opposed to Bede's dating around A.D. 449 might be acceptable, but such an early date for the coming of the Saxons would be out of the question for them as well (cf.
Vortigern ruled in Britain, and during his rule he was under pressure, from fear of the Picts and the Irish, and of a Roman invasion, and, not least, from dread of Ambrosius.
www.mun.ca /mst/heroicage/issues/2/ha2fyf.htm   (3500 words)

 Vortigern homepage contents
Vortigern Studies has the internet's most comprehensive treatment of Britain's history from the end of the Roman era to Arthurian times.
You have reached the Vortigern Homepage, which is the part of the Vortigern Studies Website which is solely dedicated to the study of Vortigern.
Vortigern is almost unknown in art when compared to, say Merlin or Arthur.
www.vortigernstudies.org.uk /questhomepage.htm   (691 words)

 Stolata · Vortigern · Female Scribes
According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Vortigern was able to gain a foothold in power by marrying Magnus Maximus' (Constantine III's predecessor) daughter, Severa ferch Macsen.
It is said Vortigern saw the fair Rowena (Hronwen) while he was drunk after a celebratory feast and fell in love with her.
Vortigern was told to seek out a boy with no father and this led him to Merlin (of Arthurian legend).
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Article/271678   (3976 words)

 Vortigern And Vortimer
Vortigern was almost certainly a title rather than a proper name - it means 'overlord' [analogous to High King - Ed.].
In one he perishes when his fortress is consumed by fire (when Germanus was present in England), and in the other he is universally hated because of his duplicity in inviting the barbarians to England and dies of a broken heart without honour.
Bearing in mind that the name 'Vortigern' was almost certainly a title the only way of reconciling all the threads of this evidence is to propose that there were two 'Vortigerns'.
www.kessler-web.co.uk /History/FeaturesBritain/BritishVortigernNames.htm   (371 words)

 Life of King Arthur
Vortigern took Constans from the church and made the young man king.
Vortigern killed the Picts, and seized the throne.
Vortigern's new father-in-law, became his powerful adviser counselling the king to all more of Saxon relatives, in increasing numbers.
www.timelessmyths.com /arthurian/lifearthur.html   (4231 words)

 Chapter Excerpt: Merlin Part 2: The King's Wizard by James Mallory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern worshiped no power but his own dark ascending star, and in his name crimes were done that shocked the ancient stones of Pendragon Castle.
Vortigern's special prisoner was sure to be somewhere in the dungeons, and with winter coming on, the worst of the cells were the ones that were open to the outside air.
Vortigern was far more cheerful than he meant to let his captains know as he called them together in Pendragon's Great Hall for a council of war.
www.twbookmark.com /books/10/0446607916/chapter_excerpt9016.html   (7636 words)

 Chapter 9.
Vortigern was very much afraid of the dead king's brothers, so he said, "Send messengers to Germany and ask whom you like to come.
Vortigern thought there could be no harm in doing that, so he said, "Yes, you may have so much." But he did not know what a cunning fellow Hengist was.
Vortigern came and admired the castle very much, although he was still rather angry with Hengist for having cheated him about the land.
digital.library.upenn.edu /women/marshall/england/england-9.html   (1370 words)

 Merrie Haskell's King Arthur Site: The Legend
Vortigern tried to make a peace, but at a peace-meeting, Hengist and his Saxons pulled daggers from their boots, turned on the unarmed British lords, and slew them all.
Vortigern consulted his magicians, and they told him he should find a boy without a father, and kill him and incorporate his bones and blood into the foundations of the castle.
Shortly thereafter, Aurelius was poisoned by an agent of one of Vortigern's sons, and Uther Pendragon assumed the throne.
www-personal.umich.edu /~merrie/Arthur/story.html   (2891 words)

 Chapter Vortigern <i>to</i> Vulture Hopkins of V by Brewer's Readers Handbook
Vortigern, consul of the Gewisseans, who crowned Constans king of Britain, although he was a monk; but treacherously contrived to get him assassinated, and then usurped the crown.
It does not appear from this narrative that the slaughter was due “to the treachery of Vortigern,” but was wholly the work of Hengist.
Vortigern was told by his magicians to build a strong tower for his own security; so he commanded his workmen to build one on mount Erir, but whatever they built one day was wholly swallowed up by the earth during the night.—Geoffrey: British History, vi.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/174/1132/15076/1.html   (623 words)

 Bretons and Britons - Arthur - Part 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern doesn't buy this story, but Merlin speaks out in defence of his mother, and challenges Vortigern's wise men and Druids to explain the real reason the tower will not stand.
He tells Vortigern there is a pool beneath the hilltop and that inside it is a stone coffer containing two dragons: one red and the other white, who battle every night, thus causing the workmen's building to collapse.
Vortigern has his workers dig into the hill and discovers Merlin to be correct (for the legend).
www.mactavish.org /historyforum/robertgunn/bb-arthur-pt3.htm   (2706 words)

 vortigern's castle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The retreating king [Vortigern] made for the fastnesses of North Wales, that bulk of scrub and crag which was to be the last-stand refuge for later independent princes too, and there, under Snowdon, he tried to build a castle.
Vortigern, when he heard about this, once more asked his wizards to tell him the reason for this.
This failure to “cook” properly is a punishment on Vortigern for his failure as a leader, which is in turn linked to the fact that he took the sister of his people’s enemies (Rowena, sister of Hengist and Horsa) as his wife.
www.btinternet.com /~martin.edwardes/anthrop_vortigerns_castle.htm   (3326 words)

 Arthur, Vortigern's Daughter
Vortigern, tyrant over Britain, fell in love with Renwin, daughter of the pagan Hengist, and married her.
In the meantime, Myrddin went to his grandfather Vortigern and told him to lock himself in a tower, and went to his father Ambrosius and told him to come burn Vortigern in the tower, which he did.
She collected the remnants of Vortigern's army and, with the Sarmatian cavalry, the Saxon keels, and the British army, began to fight against the Angles and Jutes who were overrunning the south.
web.clas.ufl.edu /users/jshoaf/Arthrom.htm   (2924 words)

 Dark Ages - Adventus Saxonum - Vortigern - King Arthur
Vortigern (Guorthigirnus) received them as friends, and delivered up to them the island which is in their language called Thanet, and, by the Britons, Ruym.
St.Germanus admonished Vortigern to turn to the true God, and abstain from all unlawful intercourse with his daughter; but the unhappy wretch fled for refuge to the province Guorthigirniaun, so called from his own name, where he concealed himself with his wives.
Vortigern comes to power by devious means; Constans is killed and, the young, Uther and Ambrosius flee.
www.stephen.j.murray.btinternet.co.uk /vortigern.htm   (8273 words)

 Merlin bits!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vortigern tells them to get the army packed up and we see them waving their arms in the background.
Vortigern goes on to say that he will attack during the winter.
When Queen Mab comes to Vortigern's castle, Sirs G and E are standing behind KV, on either side of him, watching her arrive.
members.aol.com /AngTemp/Merlin.html   (325 words)

 Mystical-WWW - The Arthurian A 2 Z listing V
Vortigern is said to have been the main person responsible for the influx of Saxons to Britain after he solicited their help to protect his shores.
When 'Merlin' (See Merlin) was asked by Vortigern to go to the location of the Tower of Vortigern and asked why he thought the foundations seemed to be unstable.
Neither was prepared to wait for Vortigern to act against the Saxons, so as rightful kings the two men assumed control, and what emerges is the development of historical events into the beginning of early Arthurian legend (See Arthur).
www.mystical-www.co.uk /arthuriana2z/v.htm   (749 words)

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