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Topic: Voskopoja

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Voskopoja | THG Lexikon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Voskopoja liegt 21 km westlich von Korça in den Bergen Südostalbaniens auf 1160 Meter ü.d.M. Die Umgebung ist sehr abgelegen: Rund um Voskopoja gibt es nur Alp-Weiden und Wälder.
Der deutsche Historiker Johann Thunmann, der Voskopoja besucht hatte und 1774 über die Geschichte der Aromunen schrieb, berichtete, dass alle Bewohner der Stadt Aromunisch und viele auch Griechisch sprachen, was damals die Handelssprache war.
Zwischen 1769 und 1788 wurde Voskopoja wiederholt von osmanischen Truppen angegriffen und geplündert.
www.thgweb.de /lexikon/Voskopoja   (678 words)

 NL18_3: Appeal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Voskopoja was destroyed three times -- twice by Ali Pasha, and the last incident, the burning by Sali Butka's forces in 1916, brought the complete destruction of the city.
Voskopoja has to be known; the magnificent culture and art of the Vlachs, whose cradle is Voskopoja.
To establish a collection of all documents written on Voskopoja: the literature of the historians, voyagers or chroniclers which are kept by citizens.
www.farsarotul.org /nl18_3.htm   (1158 words)

 Voskopoja | Scienca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Voskopoja (albanisch auch Voskopjë, aromunisch: Moscopole und Moscopolea, griechisch: Μοσχόπολις, Moscopolis oder Moschopolis, serbisch: Moskopolje) ist eine im Südosten Albaniens gelegene Ortschaft mit heute (2005) nicht einmal mehr 1.000 Bewohnern.
Voskopoja dagegen erlangte seine frühere Bedeutung nie wieder.
Die Bewohner Voskopojas leben fast ausschließlich von der Landwirtschaft.
www.scienca.de /wiki/Voskopoja   (672 words)

 Moscopole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Voskopojë, Voskopoja; Aromanian: Moscopole, Moscopolea; Greek: Μοσχόπολις, Moscopolis or Moschopolis; Macedonian: Moskopole; Serbian: Moskopolje) is a small village in southeastern Albania.
In the 18th century, it was a major Balkan city and cultural and commercial center of the Aromanians (Vlachs), having notably the first printing press in the Balkans, but it was razed in 1788 by Ali Pasha.
Voskopoja is located at a distance of 21 km from Korçë, in the mountains of southeastern Albania, at an altitude of 1160 meters.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Voskopoja   (631 words)

 Orange Bakery
Voskopoja was one of the most influential cities in the Balkans in the 1700s with the first press in the Balkans and one of the most vibrant cultural lives.
It was late in the evening and we certainly wished we had had a chance to see these 13th century churches inside, but our other uncle was waiting for us for dinner in Pogradec and we had to go.
By the time we left Voskopoja it was already dark and Radu didn't see much of Lake Ohrid that evening as we were nearing Pogradec, but what we saw the next day was somewhat disheartening.
orangebakery.blogspot.com   (6832 words)

 Powepo Voskopoja, powepo power shortcut Voskopoja Albania.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
During its history, it used to be a cultural and commercial center of the Aromanians (Vlachs).
Voskopoja is located at a distance of 21 km from Korçë, in the Mountains of south-eastern Albania, at an altitude of 1160 meters.
Voskopoja and Albania Powepo power shortcut game, ball Voskopoja, number lottery, dvd pick, result rangers pl, love wind, plant : Voskopoja Albania.
www.powepo.com /albania/voskopoja.html   (192 words)

 Inside Korca
Until mid-18C was Voskopoja one of the msot flourishing and prosperous cities in the region.This region is largely inhabited by Vlach shepherds (a small minority in Albania).
Voskopoja first appears as a place of any importance in
It was then known by the Greek name of Moschopolis.In the 15C the region developed as a trade centre.It grew rapidly, and was particulary prosperous after the Venetian expansion in the Balkans, acting as an entreport between Venice and Constantipole.
www.geocities.com /albaland/insidekorca.html   (296 words)

 NL22_5: Community News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
VOSKOPOJA – This historic and semi-abandoned village of great importance to the Vlachs has been in the news of late.
On October 23 -25, 1998, a conference was held entitled Voskopoja, an Albanian and Balkan Phenomenon.
Fallo, 73, was born and served as a teacher in Voskopoja.
www.farsarotul.org /nl22_5.htm   (2083 words)

 Photographie | Voskopoja, "Ubi bene ibi patria" | Franck Vogel | Bourse du talent #25
Au fil des siècles, Voskopoja devint un arrêt principal sur la route des Caravanes reliant Constantinople à Venise ce qui permit à ces nomades de faire fortune grce au commerce de la laine de mouton.
Voskopoja continue d’entretenir son héritage culturel en conservant la langue Aroumaine, qui est la plus proche du Latin ancien.
Les Vlach de Voskopoja s’interrogent toujours sur le destin de leur bétail et se demandent s’ils n’obtiendront jamais de compensation.
www.photographie.com /?pubid=102809&secid=2&rubid=91   (845 words)

 Albania: one summer marked by protection of cultural heritage
Voskopoja was a very important cultural centre in the Balkans at the end of 17th century, famous for its churches, monasteries, Academy as well as for its topography.
The cooperation agreement signed by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and the French foundation Patrimoine sans froniteres, in november 2002, has planned to start the initiatives for protection and evaluation of Voskopoja, so that it would be restored and brought back to its previous condition.
At this moment, the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments is in charge of five basilicas and one monastery in the south.
www.viaggiareibalcani.org /ENGLISH/albania/difesa.htm   (968 words)

 development copy
The hilltown of Voskopoja is 21km near Korca.
During the 17 - 18th centuries, Voskopoja has been a prosperours city, where especially arts and culture reached their peak.
Voskopoja first appears as a place of any importance in medieval chronicles in the 14C.
gg-travel.net /citiesguide.htm   (8260 words)

 Original World Journeys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
After breakfast depart for Korca where we visit the Museum of Medieval Arts and the Mosque of Mirahori one of the oldest in the country built in 1469.
Afterwards we depart for Voskopoja one of the most important towns in the European part of the Ottoman empire during the beginning of the 18th century.
Testament to this are the first printing house in the Balkans in 1720, the Academia of Voskopoja founded in 1744, the famous Basilicas, the painted house walls by the famous Albanian painters including David Selenica and the Zeografi brothers.
www.originalworldjourneys.com /EUROPE/Albania/AlbaniaGroupTour.html   (1622 words)

 Welcome to Frosina.org :: An Albanian Immigrant and Cultural Resource
Voskopoja (Albania) was an important center that remains to this day as an abundant storehouse of art works by artists, both known and unknown.
The German visitor stated that when he visited the church ofSaint Prodhon, he saw an amazing wood carving of major artistic value that was created by the Albanian artist, Theodhor Sina Grundo, who was not only a sculptor, but also a fresco painter and engraver.
Because the German was in Voskopoja for only a brief period, it is understandable that he was unable to explore all of Grundo's works (see G.Vaigand-Dei arumunen-Leipsikg, 1895, pg 106).
www.frosina.org /about/infobits.asp?pf=1&id=147   (463 words)

 Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA), 98-10-27
This activity was held on October 23-25 in one of the Mediaeval dwelling centers of Voskpoje (South- Eastern Albania,) on the topic "Voskopoja, an Albanian and Balkan phenomenon."
The organizers of this activity in the Ministry of Culture told ATA that during the two days of this activity, personalities of the Albanian art and culture, as well as foreign scholars, through their references, throw light on this important center of the Albanian cultural and historical heritage.
In the end of this activity, the Albanian personalities put forward the idea of establishing the "Voskopoja" foundation, aiming at attracting the financial sources and sensitizing all the international bodies for the Albanian mediaeval metropolis, an idea which was considered necessary by all the participants.
www.hri.org /news/balkans/ata/1998/98-10-27.ata.html   (4246 words)

 Research Projects
"Voskopoja without Borders" is a large-scale European programme for the safeguarding protection and upgrading of Albania's cultural heritage based on a multi-disciplinary approach.
Under the leadership of Patrimoine sans Frontières and the Institut national du patrimoine, France, together with the World Monument Fund, London, the Institut for Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History of the Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, and the Department for Restoration and Conservation of antiquities and works of Art, TEI Athens.
Involved: Institute for Archaeology, Tirana, the Albanian Institute of Cultural Monuments (IMK) and the Municipality of Voskopoja.
www.tzm-marburg.de /englisch/eng_pro.cfm?FB=05&Institut=12071&lfd_Nr=15p   (249 words)

 Ardenica - SkyscraperCity
The icons and the icon screen of St. Mary’s were embellished by the most renown of Albanian artists, Konstandin Shpataraku of Voskopoja, Konstandin and Thanas Zografi.
The wooden icon screen is one of the most well preserved in Albania and it is believed to have been engraved by the wood carvers of Voskopoja.
The Church also preserves the ancient throne of the Archbishop as well as the sacred holder where the icon chosen for the day was placed.
www.skyscrapercity.com /showthread.php?t=208135   (996 words)

 SEDA - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
An anonymous from Elbasan brings into Albanian language a number of sections from the Bible; T. Filipi, also from Elbasan, brings the “Dhiata e Vjetër dhe e Re” (The Old and the New Testament).
Although in opposite direction with this tendency, the culture of Voskopoja is also to be mentioned, a culture that during the 17th century became a great hearth of civilisation and a metropolis of the Balkan peninsula, with an Academy and a printing press and with personalities like T. Kavaljoti, Dh.
Walachian and Albanian were also used for the teaching of Greek in the schools of Voskopoja, and books in Walachian were also printed in its printing presses.
www.seda.org.al /ACH/literature.htm   (4089 words)

 Landscape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
There are some restaurants, while the accommodation can be found down to Dhermiu Beach.
Voskopoja is a village in a plateau of more than 1160 m above sea level in the district of Korca.
Voskopoja has clear air, cold and curative water.
members.albaniaonline.net /turizem/landscape/index.html   (385 words)

 Just slipping into one of the coolest cities in all of Albania - Korce - Albania - Travel Blog
i was tempted to spend the night in Korce, but i decided to follow what might be a one time possibility and that was rolling way off the beaten track into a small mountain village called Voskopoja.
I arrived in Korce and i had planned on staying one day in either Korce or in Voskopoja.
Voskopoja is a beautiful, church filled town, that is laden with rich history dating well before Byzantine time.
www.travbuddy.com /blogs/2996/11   (550 words)

 [No title]
Among the Orthodox churches and foundations devoted to him were those in: Prizren with a monastery dating from 1348, and churches in Berat (Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel dating from ca.
The cult of Saint Naum spread in the first half of the 18th century with the flourishing of Voskopoja KO as a center of Orthodox culture and with the rise of the Archdiocese of Achrida (Ohrid).
His image is to be seen in the frescoes of the churches of Voskopoja, Shipska KO and Vithkuq KO.
www.olemiss.edu /depts/modern_languages/BalkArticle2.html   (7878 words)

 Rondreizen Albanië, groeps en individuele rondreizen naar Albanie
In Albanie: Tirana – Kruja – Durres – Elbasan – Pogradec – Voskopoja – Korca – Ardenica – Apollonia – Berat – Tirana.
Veel reizigers geven, nadat ze Albanië hebben bezocht, aan dat het land een zeer spectaculaire en buitengewoon mooie natuur heeft.
Albanië is één van de weinige plekken ter wereld waar mensen met zeer verschillende godsdiensten harmonieus samenleven.
www.albania-holidays.com /nl/tours.html   (848 words)

 SkyscraperCity - [Albania] Construction & Project Updates
April 11th, 2006 03:39 AM The length of Dajti Express Ropeway is almost 4.2 km and it opened to the public in July 2005
Berat and Voskopoja Ropeway projects have been discussed for quite some time.
Voskopoja is a great tourist attraction in the east part of the country, it offers spectacular scenery.
www.skyscrapercity.com /printthread.php?t=332178&page=2&pp=25   (2739 words)

 Albania - Bradt travel guides ...take the road less travelled
This new edition provides fuller and more up-to-date information on several towns and cities plus descriptions of the historical sites Butrint, Byllis, Lezha and Voskopoja and churches and monasteries at Ardenica, Labova and elsewhere.
Strong on the history and culture of this hidden corner of eastern Europe, this update also provides several sections entirely rewritten to provide guidance for hikers, suggested mountain-biking routes throughout the country and activities such as skiing and rafting.
Korça, Voskopoja, Pogradeci, The Gramoz Mountains, Përmeti, Elbasani
www.bradt-travelguides.com /details.asp?prodid=96   (910 words)

 Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA), 98-08-31
and his Albanian counterpart Paskal Milo visited on Sunday the village of Voskopoja 25 km from the city of Korça, southern Albania.
Pangalos talked with the inhabitants of the village about the history and ancient cultural and education tradition of Voskopoja.
Greek foreign minister Pangalos wound up his visit in Korca district on Sunday and left for Greece.
www.hri.org /news/balkans/ata/1998/98-08-31.ata.html   (3039 words)

 City Voskopoja, city news entertainment Voskopoja Albania.
Contains information on the country's history as well as news, membership and contact information, image gallery, streaming music, chat, forum, guestbook and downloads.
20/167 City and News websites in Albania and Voskopoja.
Voskopoja and Albania City news entertainment journal, election Voskopoja, e internet, celebrity headline, latest new us, channel sports, business : Voskopoja Albania.
www.cityandnews.com /albania/voskopoja.html   (588 words)

 Voskopoja - GFXartist.com - Served over 20,000,000 artworks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Voskopoja - GFXartist.com - Served over 20,000,000 artworks
Do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of the image above without permission of the creator.
This site is a property of Brothers in art For more information and support, contact.
elijah.gfxartist.com /artworks/85059   (133 words)

 Albanian army officer killed while destroying shell at base - iht,europe,Albania Army Officer Killed - Europe - ...
TIRANA, Albania: An army officer was killed Saturday while destroying a shell at a military base in southeastern Albania, police said.
Sadik Basha was killed instantly after the midday explosion at an army base in Voskopoja, some 200 kilometers (125 miles) southeast of the capital, Tirana, police said.
Police did not immediately provide more details, saying an investigation was under way.
www.iht.com /articles/ap/2006/11/18/europe/EU_GEN_Albania_Army_Officer_Killed.php   (333 words)

 Albania plus Corfu Tour
During our two-night stay at the Regency Hotel in Korça we will visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Medieval Art, the 15th-century Xhamija e Mirahorit mosque, and the Old Bazaar and Han of Elbasan.
In Mborja, we visit the Church of Christ’s Ascension (Kisha e Ristozit), with its outstanding frescoes, and in the little rural settlement of Voskopoja we will visit several churches, including Shenkolle, notable for its frescoes.
A spectacular drive takes us through the awesome Grammoz mountains to the lovely old Ottoman town of Gjirokastra, with visits along the way.
archaeologicaltrs.com /eu_albania.html   (680 words)

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