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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  No. 02SA293. In the Matter of the Application for Water Rights of Peter Vought and the Stucker Mesa Domestic Pipeline ...
Vought’s application claims that he used the spring water for his livestock since 1970, and he intended since 1970 to build a house on the land and use spring water for a domestic supply.
Vought testified that he intended since 1970 to build a house on the property and use water from the springs for a domestic supply to it.
Vought argues that the Stucker Mesa applications are void, or voidable, for trespass and Stucker Mesa did not prove it can and will appropriate the water with diligence and within a reasonable time, because Stucker Mesa does not currently have legal access to the springs.
www.cobar.org /opinions/opinion.cfm?OpinionID=3729   (5521 words)

 MITEM Case Study - Vought Aircraft Industries
Vought's goal was to create greater efficiencies in process planning by reducing the number of screens a planner had to navigate, providing drop-down tables that define various codes, implementing rules-based selection of data codes, and allowing access to other systems without exiting the planning system.
Vought accomplished all of these objectives with the MitemView application, and in addition, developed several other transactions within the application that aid a process planner in performing functions such as: effective code searches, illustration lookup, standard operation lookup, cut, paste and copy, and word search.
Vought developed a statement of work for the proof of concept and established ground rules and expectations for 2 suppliers being considered for the project.
www.mitem.com /resources/caseStudies/vought.asp   (931 words)

 The Vought F8U-1(F-8A) Crusader
The Vought F8U Crusader was the first U.S.Navy aircraft capable of sustained supersonic flight and was the first Navy fighter capable of exceeding 1000 mph (1,609 km/h) in level flight.
During takeoff or landing, the angle of incidence could be increased by seven degrees, which enabled the wing to retain a high-angle of attack during takeoff and landing, and yet enabled the fuselage to remain fairly level for better forward visibility.
During 1966, Vought instituted a major re-manufacturing programme in which earlier Crusaders were to be modernized, re-equipped, and re-manufactured to bring them up to contemporary standards and increase their service lives.
www.plane-crazy.net /links/f8.htm   (2519 words)

 The Pioneers : An Anthology : Chauncey (Chance) Milton Vought (1890 - 1930)
Vought was sent to Europe to survey the tactical employment of airplanes and the impact of the war on their design.When the United States entered World War I in April of 1917, the country was basically unprepared for war, especially so in military aviation.
Vought and then LCdr Marc Mitscher are shown here, acting as judges in the New York Toronto Air Race in which the VE-7 won the training handicap event against a field of thirty competitors.
A contemporary described Vought as one of the outstanding designers in the United States in the 1920's whose work was characterized by advanced thought, sound and finished construction, clean lines and attractive appearance.
www.ctie.monash.edu.au /hargrave/vought.html   (1813 words)

 Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair
There is some solid evidence that strongly supports the argument that the Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair was the finest all around fighter of the war.
Vought's Corsair was a fighter that could not be treated lightly.
Chance Vought's F4U-4 came about as a development of the F4U-4XA, which was first flown in early April 1944.
home.att.net /~historyzone/F4U-4.html   (2204 words)

 'Hey, Hollywood!': Lee Vought's water garden expertise utilized by Animal Planet, HGTV and others   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
When Lee Vought's cell phone rings while he is working on a waterfall or pond project in a Tennessee Valley yard, it may be Animal Planet, Home & Garden TV or Epcot Center, because he's become known as a national expert on water gardens.
Soon Vought, 37, was picked up at the Los Angeles airport by a limo and driven to the site where he designed an Extreme Pet Habitat as Animal Planet filmed a pilot for a possible TV series.
Vought was the third person in the nation to be certified as an Aquascape contractor, and the company contacts him or another whenever these high-profile projects come up.
www.decaturdaily.com /decaturdaily/livingtoday/040912/vought.shtml   (1123 words)

Vought had also moved into the area of missiles and launch vehicles.
Vought won the contract for the Scout launch vehicle in early 1959.
At the end of October 2001, Vought announced that it would be cutting 1,200 jobs, or 20 percent of its work force, partly as a result of a downturn at Boeing due to lessening aircraft purchases resulting from a general downturn in the economy and the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/Aerospace/Vought/Aero23.htm   (1749 words)

 Vought Aircraft
Vought reorganized his company into the Chance Vought Corporation in May 1922, where he would produce his famous Corsair aircraft.
Vought Aircraft Industries once again became an independent company and is now the world's largest independent aerostructures subcontractor.
Vought, a company of 6,000 employees and annual sales of more than $1 billion, is still hitting some rough spots.
www.pilotfriend.com /acft_manu/vaught.htm   (1335 words)

 Vought V-173 / XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack Info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
One of the most unusual aircraft ever designed for the U.S. Navy was the Chance Vought V-173, also known as the Zimmerman "Flying Pancake".
Mock-ups of the XF5U-1 were done in the summer of 1943, but due to Vought's preoccupation with the Corsair and Kingfisher, the program proceeded slowly during the war.
The arrival of the jet age saw the cancellation of the XF5U-1 contract by the Navy in March 1947, despite the fact that the aircraft was due to take its first test flight later that year.
www.daveswarbirds.com /usplanes/aircraft/flapjack.htm   (335 words)

 NDM Article - More Military Business on Vought’s Horizon
Vought’s absence from JSF, Williams said, is “a hangover from having been owned by Northrop Grumman.
Vought was selected by Lockheed Martin to provide new or remanufactured P-3 wings, assuming that the Navy decides to replace its older airplanes and chooses Lockheed as the prime contractor.
Vought has two main competitors: GKN Aerospace, in the United Kingdom, and The Aerostructures Co., in Nashville.
www.nationaldefensemagazine.org /issues/2001/Aug/More_Military.htm   (777 words)

 Vought to get more 7E7 work
Vought Aircraft Industries will get a much bigger piece of the 7E7 airframe manufacturing work than previously thought, increasing the percentage of Boeing's new jetliner that will be built in the United States.
The fact that Vought will build more of the 7E7, however, is not seen as a factor likely to weigh in Boeing's decision where to assemble the new jet.
Vought is considered a leader in composites, which is why it was selected by Boeing as one of its 7E7 structure partners.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /business/148919_vought19.html   (883 words)

 Denton Record Chronicle | News for Denton County, Texas | Business
Vought is a mishmash of previous companies and subsidiaries, and its current incarnation really only dates back to 2000, when it was spun off from Northrop Grumman Corp. and bought by the Carlyle Group, a private investment firm.
Lewis and Vought was transformed and rearranged over the years, and in 1961, Chance Vought Aircraft merged with Ling-Temco, which eventually became LTV Corp.
Aboulafia at the Teal Group said that Vought is well positioned to compete for more contracts like the 787, since such companies as Boeing and Airbus are increasingly outsourcing the construction of various parts of their aircraft and then just doing the final assembly.
www.dentonrc.com /sharedcontent/dws/bus/stories/121706dnbusvought.26befc1.html   (1342 words)

 WFAA.com | Business
In 2004, Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. accepted a $35 million grant from the state government's Texas Enterprise Fund in exchange for a promise to double its local employment by creating 3,000 new jobs.
Vought spokeswoman Lynne Warne said the company remains committed to its obligations to Texas, pointing out that the contract gives the company until 2009 to create the promised jobs.
Vought leases the land from the U.S. Navy for $8 million a year.
www.wfaa.com /sharedcontent/dws/bus/stories/DN-vought_15bus.ART.State.Edition1.e31c3bd.html   (1065 words)

Vought engineers then constructed a conventional cockpit with the pilot in a seated position, although the lowered instrument panel and leading edge windscreen remained in place (though this proved to have little value).
However, he was never able to convince Vought to expend sufficient funds to develop an adequate control system for hovering or ultra low-speed flight, and the aircraft never flew in this flight regime.
On one occasion, Zimmerman bypassed Vought entirely and submitted this proposal directly to the Bureau of Aeronautics, who rejected it specifically because he had bypassed Vought.
www.nasm.si.edu /research/aero/aircraft/pancake.htm   (1833 words)

 Vought-Sikorsky and Chance Vought Aircraft
Vought's contract, issued by the Navy on December 29, 1944, was for a straight wing carrier fighter using a new NACA 65-212 supercritical airfoil and a new NACA developed wing-root engine air intake.
Vought received an order for thirty production F6U-1s as it was moving operations from Stratford to its new home in Dallas TX.
Vought’s proposal to install extensible landing gear and a parabrake to permit reuse of the test missiles was eagerly accepted by the Navy.
ctairandspace.org /vought.html   (4381 words)

 Diversity in Action: Vought Aircraft Industries forecasts robust hiring
Vought's heritage includes a number of legacy companies and a long and distinguished history in aviation.
Vought works with other aerospace companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to promote engineering as a career choice for middle school students.
Vought is also involved in Advancing Minorities' Interest in Engineering (AMIE), a group that gives the company access to engineering students through the deans of historically fl colleges and universities (HBCUs).
www.diversitycareers.com /articles/pro/04-decjan/dia_vought.htm   (592 words)

 Vought F4U Corsair | Aircraft Blueprints | Aviation History | Airplane Plans
The Vought F4U Corsair was the first U.S. single-engine fighter to exceed 400 m.p.h., and had much better performance than...
The Vought F4U Corsair was the first U.S. single-engine fighter to exceed 400 m.p.h., and had much better performance than the F4F Wildcat, which was the current top-of-the-line Navy fighter when the Corsair was introduced.
Vought F4U Corsair - Known as the most outstanding carrier-based fighter to be used operationally in WWII, the Corsair has become legendary.
www.aviationshoppe.com /catalog/vought-f4u-corsair-p-118.html   (548 words)

 The Vought F4U Corsair
Vought engineers completed a full-scale mockup of the XF4U-1 in early 1939 for wind tunnel tests and Navy inspection.
The initial flight of the prototype XF4U-1 was on 29 May 1940, with Vought chief test pilot Lyman A. Bullard JR at the controls.
Vought engineers mixed the alcohol with peppermint oil so they could trace down where the fumes were seeping into the cockpit, and fixed the problem with better sealing.
www.vectorsite.net /avf4u.html   (6831 words)

 Vought F4U Corsair - USA
Vought designed the fuselage with a circular cross-section which fit snugly over the Pratt-Whitney engine.
Vought engineers designed the Corsairs wheels to swivel 90º and retract straight back to fit flat inside the bottom of the wing.
Toward the latter half of 1943, they approached Vought with the scheme and Vought designer Russell Clark went to work molding the Corsair fuselage around the XR-2800-16 Double Wasp engine which was fitted with two Bierman model 1009A turbo-superchargers.
www.aviation-history.com /vought/f4u.html   (3651 words)

 Vought's Shorin Aiki Budo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Tim R. Vought, Sensei, founder and chief instructor of the art of Shorin Aiki Budo, a 9th degree Black Belt with 45 + years experience, began practicing martial arts in 1959, while a student at Louisiana State University.
Vought, Sensei is also an NRA certified Firearms Instructor.
Vought, Sensei is available to teach seminars and private lessons, both in the Dallas area and in other cities and states.
www.akbba.com /karate2/vought.html   (380 words)

 Godfrey Vought (1763-1849)
Godfrey Vought was born circa 1760.08/1763 in Peekskill, NY to Catherine Rhinehart and Joseph Christian Vought.
Vought ran out with his gun and found a large bear trying to carry the porker from its log pen.
Vought followed with a torch, when a well aimed bullet saved the pig and supplied the larder with an abundance of bear's meat.
members.tripod.com /~toncxjo/gvought.html   (887 words)

 Alcoa: News: What's New at Alcoa - 2002: Alcoa Selected Member of Vought Sonic Cruiser Technology Development Sub-team.
Alcoa was selected by Vought Aircraft Industries (www.voughtaircraft.com) to be a member of its Sonic Cruiser technology development sub-team.
Vought and its team members will help provide an integrated set of design, machine tool and advanced materials technologies for the Sonic Cruiser development effort.
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. (www.voughtaircraft.com) is the world's largest independent supplier of aerostructures.
www.alcoa.com /global/en/news/whats_new/2002/vought_6_13.asp   (505 words)

 More information about the Vought OS2U KingFisher   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Layout of the fuselage was similar to that employed in the biplane scouts, as also was the use of a large single float plus underwing stabilizing floats.
On March 22, 1937, the Chance Vought Company (then of East Hartford, CT) received a contract for a single XOS2U-1, which was intended as a replacement for older Vought and Curtiss biplanes that were still serving the fleet.
After Vought delivered 158 improved 052U-2s with R-985-50 engines, and was working on 1,006 longerrange 052U-3s, the U.S. Naval Aircraft factory in Philadelphia, PA, built 300 052U-3s as '052N-1" (the Navy had built a single XOSN-1 biplane of its own design there in 1938; hence the "052N-1" designation).
www.fiddlersgreen.net /AC/aircraft/Vought-Kingfisher/kingfsh_info/king_info.php   (2043 words)

ALLYSON VOUGHT — Allyson Vought is one of the most sought after sculptors and artists in production today.
Vought's work is 3-dimensional, from 4 inches to 10 feet high in ceramic, resin and metal.
These Allyson Vought bronze sculptures are signed and numbered by Ms.
www.artshopnc.com /Vought/Vought.html   (116 words)

 Vought closing; workers offered jobs in Texas - Friday, 02/27/04   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Vought bought the plant, formerly known as Aerostructures Corp., in July from its parent company, The Carlyle Group, a Washington, D.C., finance firm with strong ties to the defense community.
Vought has spent $45 million a year for the past three years to upgrade its Dallas facilities, Warne said.
Vought plans to hire a developer to market the 100-acre property on the western edge of Nashville International Airport.
tennessean.com /business/archives/04/02/47475618.shtml?...   (819 words)

 Aberdeen Group: Vought Aircraft Industries Reaches Comfortable Altitude of Spending Analysis Visibility to Fuel ...
As one of the largest aerostructure subcontractors in the world, Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. had a good handle on its direct manufacturing costs as it serves giant aircraft manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman.
Vought wanted to apply similar procurement discipline to its indirect categories of spend as it did to its direct expenses, but it had poor visibility because it was using multiple procurement and payment methods to purchase indirect goods and services.
As a customer of its e-procurement solution, Vought engaged Ketera Inc. to compile a single view of its indirect purchase history from its various systems in late 2002.
www.aberdeen.com /summary/report/case_study/CS_Vought_2717.asp   (260 words)

 Vought UO-1
In 1925 the Coast Guard borrowed a surplus Vought UO-1 from the U.S. Navy.
A surplus tent was purchased from the U.S. Army for $1.00 and $100.00 was allocated by Coast Guard Headquarters for a ramp/runway and an airstation was established at Ten Pound Island, Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts by Section Base #7.
Vought UO-4 404 was still in service during 1935.
www.uscg.mil /history/WEBAIRCRAFT/Vought_UO1.html   (322 words)

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