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In the News (Sat 26 May 18)

 WSM (AM) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WSM's companion station, WSM-FM, was the first to broadcast on the FM band in the United States.
WSM currently operates out of the former Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl museums adjacent to the Grand Ole Opry House.
He was also employed by WSM as the announcing voice and weekend weathercaster on WSM-TV during this period. /wiki/WSM_Radio   (804 words)

 WSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
AM radio station WSM in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
WSM may refer to one of the following:
Web-based System Manager, an IBM management software for administering AIX 5L host on RS/6000 systems. /wiki/WSM   (140 words)

 Is WSM Living In Its Last Days?
Listeners tuning into WSM on a regular broadcasting day are going to be scratching their heads and checking the dial as they hear the same old stuff they hear on every other station they’ve turned off in the past few years.
Kyle had been with WSM over 20 years as program director and Opry announcer but now the knowledge that he’d gained and shared during those decades was heading out the door along with six other WSM employees with no replacements announced.
Sadly, things are changing and WSM is about to take another step towards becoming ‘just another country music station.’ It was and could be so much more but it’s tangled up in a mess of business holdings where corporations are adverse to weak links in their chains. /wsm2004.htm   (1694 words)

 Worker self-management in historical perspective
The limitations of Yugoslav WSM was that it was always limited by the fact that the State remained in the hands of the Communist Party which limited the extent of WSM to the local or sectoral level, and thus created a dual system of power between the bureaucratic state and the factory-based WSM movement.
WSM was the official doctrine of Yugoslav socialist regime between 1950 and the breakup of the Yugoslav Federation.
The Argentine WSM movement organized two national events, a march on August 24, 2002 involving over 3,000 workers and delegates from the occupied factories supported by dissident trade union leaders demanding workers' control over all the productive units which are bankrupt, are not meeting their payroll, firing workers, or selling off machinery and equipment. /petras/english/worker021002.htm   (2645 words)

 WSM Weld Nut
The WSM metric weld nut is a square nut with four projections located to provide proper seating and sturdy positive welds.
The WSM is easily fixtured for rapid welding by a locator pin in the electrode.
The WSM weld nut is also countersunk on both sides to guide the mating screw quickly into the threads. /BUCKEYE/WSM.htm   (77 words)

 [ WSM ] Windows Service Management from PHP Main / HomePage
At this point, WSM project is in BETA stage and the WSM extension is provided under the terms of PHP version 3 licence.
WSM is an open source extension to PHP.
WSM permits php developers to start/stop/interrogate WINDOWS services, without calling system php functions.   (241 words)

 WSM Transmitter - (Jim Hawkins' Radio and Broadcast Technology Page)
WSM relinquished the FM station license in 1952 as television was on the scene and FM broadcasting was no where near profitability.
The WSM tower was erected in 1932 and began operation from it late that year and is still in-use today.
WSM began television broadcasting in 1950 and that overshadowed the FM. /wsm.html   (1478 words)

 WSM could face changes, Gaylord says
WSM General Manager John Padgett told the on-air staff that management was ''considering options'' about the station operation.
Response to old-time music from WSM's many rural listeners was so strong that the show was institutionalized and elevated into a live show with an audience.
After 1932, when WSM built the nation's tallest broadcast antenna, the Opry reached the entire East, making stars of dozens of country music artists. /articles/WSMformat.html   (769 words)

 West Salem Machinery - WSM
When it is time to inspect or maintain your WSM hog, you simply remove the mounting bolts and actuate the hydraulic cylinders - opening the machine housing in a quick, easy, and safe manner.
WSM completely pre-assembled all components prior to shipment to insure a quick and easy field installation.
The system was fully engineered and manufactured by WSM, including conveyors, magnetics, WSM 48-9 disc screen, WSM 4048BP wood/bark hog with pivot case, and support structures with access platforms. /install.htm   (219 words)

 Gallery of Guns - Shooting Times - Gun Reviews
Body length of the new.300 WSM case is 1.660 inches, and its shoulder angle of 35 degrees is the same as that of the.284 Winchester.
All dimensions of the new.300 WSM have yet to be entirely finalized as this is written, but the preproduction cases I examined measured 0.545 inch at the base, just forward of the extractor groove.
The magazines of those rifles held three rounds of.300 WSM ammo, and each round fed into the chamber as smoothly as could be expected. /Shootingtimes/Articles/DisplayArticles.asp?ID=858   (2085 words)

 Speeding train's whistle was once WSM's signature sound - Wednesday, 04/09/03
As for the WSM radio tower, it was installed in 1932 by the Blaw-Knox Steel Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. By 1939, it had been reduced from the original 878 feet to 808 to aid reception.
The WSM microphone location was eventually moved north into Nashville at the ''Vine Hill interlocking tower,'' dangling from a second-floor window two miles south of downtown.
Since WSM had a fairly low frequency of 650 kilocycles, to get the most coverage the tower would have to be almost 1,000 feet tall. /learn-nashville/archives/04/06/31346829.shtml   (741 words)

 .325 WSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look for.325 WSM in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
Check for.325 WSM in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
Look for.325 WSM in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project. /wiki/.325_WSM   (141 words)

 WSM Radio
WSM, founded in 1925, was one nation’s original clear channel stations — radio stations that have exclusive nationwide rights to a given frequency.
WSM’s signal could be heard cost to coast at night for decades.
It was started to advertise insurance by the National Life and Accident Insurance Co. WSM stands for “We Shield Millions.“ Originally, the station played mostly light classical and dance band music. /WSMRadio.htm   (556 words)

 New Winchester 325 WSM
The 325 WSM is the ideal package for the hunter of elk, bear, moose or other large and dangerous game, where a lightweight, short magnum rifle is desired.
Shooters and hunters who like bigger bore rifles for large game hunting are expecting Winchester and Browning and Winchester Firearms to finally make the move to bigger bullets in the WSM line for 2005.
In 2001, Winchester announced the addition of the 270 and 7 mm calibers to the WSM line; two choices that have both been very popular with hunters and shooters. /Pages/Vol06Issue07/325wsm.html   (449 words)

 The .270 WSM
The great value of the.270 WSM is that, with its energy dividend, it's just plain better for larger game and the most open country, thus it is more versatile.
Part of the interest in the.270 WSM is based on the fact that there are now only three commercial cartridges using the.277-inch bore diameter.
The really good news with the.270 WSM, however, is that there are now fully 11 factory loads--five from Winchester and now six from Federal--offering a selection of bullets suited for any reasonable purpose. /ammunition/multi_092104   (2732 words)

 The Workers Solidarity Movement : Ireland - Anarchist organisation
For the compulsive readers amongst you here is a collection of talks and notes for talks delivered to various WSM meetings.
This is a list of WSM articles that have been translated into other languages and which have been sent in electronic form to us.
Please note that these have no formal WSM status as they are just the opinions of the person who prepared them. /revolt/wsm.html   (1249 words)

 West Salem Machinery - WSM
WSM is the market leader in offering this broad range of machinery — selecting the best size reduction machinery for each application.
In addition, WSM compliments these grinders with a full range of screening equipment, including disc screens, oscillating screens, vibrating screens, and trommel screens.
Since our beginning as a regional supplier of heavy duty machinery to sawmills in the Pacific Northwest, WSM has expanded and become a recognized leader in the manufacture of mill machinery and recycling machinery, with satisfied customers around the globe.   (176 words)

 WSM Sprite - Delta Garages BMC - racing in the 1960s, plus a Jaguar XK150S Shooting brake
In 1966, a friend brought his damaged Healey 3000 from Silverstone to Delta Garages and asked Douglas to design a WSM body for the car - the finished article is possibly the best of the marque - and the end result was said to achieve 140mph +.
After display in Holland, the car is now back in family hands, pictured here at Rockingham in 2001 during the WSM Re-Union event to mark the designers 80th birthday.
The maroon WSM 3000 is known to be in one piece somewhere in England. /visitors_wsm.htm   (520 words)

 300 WSM - Winchester Short Magnum cartridges and rifles. Why no short magnums in the TC Encore or Ruger #1? WSM, WSSM, Short Ultra Mags, are for short action bolt guns.
The WSM is now also available in.270 and 7mm chamberings with similar high performance in short action bolt guns.
A look at accuracy handload data that's published in the new Sierra reloading manuals shows maximum velocities (at least for 300 WSM) that are 100-200 fps slower than the published velocities of factory loaded ammunition.
Promoted as a performance upgrade for short frame bolt action rifles, the 300 WSM provides about the same velocity as the original 300 Winchester Magnum... /WSM01.htm   (934 words)

 WSM Product Information - The Virtual Weber Bullet
Temperature control is one of the most important aspects of creating great barbecue, and the near air-tight design of the WSM allows you to maintain the perfect 225-275°F temperature for eight to ten hours or longer with minimal effort.
The WSM is also backed by a five year limited warranty and Weber's excellent customer service and toll-free telephone support.
Learn about the mini WSM built from 1981-1983, plus minor WSM design changes over the years. /tour.html   (883 words)

 .270 WSM
Clearly, the.270 WSM will make an exemplary long range cartridge, and is suitable for consideration as an all-around caliber for non-dangerous game.
Winchester factory ballistics quote a muzzle velocity of 3275 fps for the.270 WSM shooting a 130 grain Ballistic Silvertip bullet in a 24 inch barrel.
The advertised ballistics of the.270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) fall between the ballistics of the standard.270 Win. /270wsm.htm   (439 words)

In the short four years since he came to Nashville, Eddie has become a WSM institution and has racked up enough awards to make his mantle sag under the weight.
Less than a year after joining WSM, Eddie was chosen to be the station's weeknight announcer, broadcasting with a nighttime signal over 38 states.
With an already-full treasure chest of legends, the folks at 650 WSM knew immediately that they had found a new treasure the first time Eddie Stubbs stepped up to the microphone. /page.asp?Page=123   (907 words)

 WikiWorld - - WSM
Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) is the idea that matter is a purely wave phenomenon and can be understood as spherical standing waves and is therefore made of the same stuff as light.
It is suggested that all pages/articles to do with WSM are named with Wsm followed by whatever it is about beginning with a capital, see list below.
WsmDetails is the possible alternatives and details of WSM with argument and counterargument /wiki/index.php/WSM   (289 words)

 WSM - The Official Website
If you don't wanna join the WSM Street Team, but you are still interested in getting updated when something new is going on around Widescreen Mode, you can subscribe to WSM Newsletter mailing list.
New WSM material on the Miasma Magazine #9 compilation CD 27.08.2005 11:08 The Finnish metal magazine Miasma selected some of the most promising underground bands in the country to be published on a CD with the latest issue of the magazine.
WSM made it to the grand final and the song was eventually voted number 8 out of over 1700 contestants.   (378 words)

 A selection from a decade of visits to tower and studio sites in the Northeast and beyond
Seven years later, WSM built one of the nation's first vertical antennas, contracting with the Blaw-Knox Steel Company of Pittsburgh to erect an 878-foot "diamond" tower (then, and for almost a decade later, the nation's tallest) on this site on Concord Road in Brentwood, Tennessee, about eight miles south of Nashville.
With a power boost the next year to 50,000 watts, WSM became one of the nation's strongest signals, reaching most of the country with the Grand Ole Opry (but no country music the rest of the week; that would come only in the seventies!)
WSM still uses open-wire transmission line to the tower; we follow it out to the big Blaw-Knox (and the little guyed tower that serves as an auxiliary when needed) and the old brick tuning house at the base. /site-020424.html   (973 words)

 Computerworld Opinion: Shakeout looms in Web services management
WSM tools don't eliminate the need for traditional management tools that focus on particular applications, systems and network environments.
Some WSM start-ups are positioning their products as special-purpose solutions such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) firewalls, content-aware SOAP routers and XML accelerators.
It could be only a matter of time before many of the other WSM pioneers find their respective suitors. /index.php?id=971618132   (693 words)

 WSM Super Series Qualification :: SSpower - Strength training for Europe
The WSM Super Series is the only qualifier to The World´s Strongest Man. This means that to qualify for The World´s Strongest Man the athlete must first compete and qualify in the WSM Super Series (except for a pre- determined number of invitations).
WSM and WSM Super Series reach up to 220 million households worldwide, giving it by far the largest TV-coverage of any strongman competition.
The WSM Super Series will consist of 4/5 Grand Prix Events to be staged between April and August. /wsm-super-series-qualification-a-284.html?language=en   (593 words)

 325 WSM Ballistics
The 325 WSM stands alone, with no direct ballistic comparison to any popular long-action caliber, yet it fills an important gap, providing the trajectory of the 300 Win., with the knockdown power of the proven 338 Win.
Moving beyond the obvious ballistic advantages of the WSM concept, there are also huge advantages in the rifles that fire these powerhouse cartridges.
However, by introducing long-action, belted magnum ballistics to the world of lightweight, short-action rifles, WSM calibers have effectively rewritten the rules that govern what a hard-hitting, high velocity rifle can be. /shortmags/ref_data/325wsm-factoryloads.htm   (404 words)

Breaking new ground, WSM Entertainment, the newly created channel #164 on Sirius Satellite Radio, is now featuring music, live performances and special features from WSM-AM, America’s country music station.
Earlier this June, WSM upgraded its streaming capabilities on
"Gaylord Entertainment has committed to expand the distribution of WSM and the Grand Ole Opry, country music, and its artists, and we are ecstatic today to open another excellent venue for country music fans," said Colin Reed, president and CEO of Gaylord Entertainment, which owns both WSM and the Grand Ole Opry. /filter.asp?SID=1&fi_key=23&co_key=472   (690 words)

WSM was a dandy promotional tool when it came to selling millions
WSM was a pioneer, WSM is still a pioneer.
WSM and the Opry are living history...and to have been on the staff /tjbdx/tt-wsm.htm   (822 words)

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