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Topic: WWE Experience

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  GameSpy.com - Preview
After picking the WWE superstar of your choice, you must determine whether you're going to be a face or a heel (wrestling lingo for good guys and bad guys, respectively).
WWE Raw 2 is shaping up to be a great game that combines Anchor's ever-progressing grappling prowess, with slick presentation and a new level of participation.
WWE fans will love being able to control the action in the ring, choosing allies and enemies, and performing all kinds of actions seen on the television programs.
archive.gamespy.com /previews/june03/wweraw2xbox   (701 words)

 The WWE Experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When WWE programming was moved to USA Network, The WWE Experience was cancelled in America to later be replaced with WWE A.M., but continued to be produced for the overseas markets.
The filming was moved to the WWE studios in Stamford, Connecticut under the excuse that Grisham hated to film in the rain.
WWE Experience still airs in international markets to fulfill programming commitments; it now recaps RAW, Smackdown and now ECW and is aired on two channels - Sky One and Sky Sports - in Australia and the United Kingdom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/WWE_Experience   (326 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > RAW > Articles > 10/23/2006 > K-Fed reflects on his RAW experience   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Last Monday, Kevin Federline spent the end of his RAW debut face down on the canvas, a victim of an FU from WWE Champion John Cena.
The controversial hip-hop artist took a few moments after RAW for an exclusive interview with WWE.com to discuss that revenge, and his WWE experience.
WWE fans already knew that Federline was tight with A-List celebrities and RAW Superstars Johnny Nitro and Melina, but they had no idea what K-Fed had in store for them this week.
www.wwe.com /shows/raw/articles/3286920/kfedreflects   (675 words)

 SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - Ivory, WWE part ways
She was introduced as a valet for D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry, but it did not take long for Ivory to enter the ring herself and become a standout in the rejuvinated Women's Division.
Along with hosting WWE Experience, Ivory had recently spent time as a trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Earlier, WWE had announced that Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley would not remain with the company once their agreement expired next month.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/Wrestling/2005/07/22/1143660.html   (320 words)

 Ten Sports - Cricket,Football,Tennis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
As part of the contract, all the popular WWE shows - RAW, SmackDown!, Heat, Velocity, The Bottom Line, After Burn and The WWE Experience - as well as 14 annual special television events will air on Ten Sports from January 2005 onwards.
Ten Sports' experience with the WWE is that the programmes appeal to every demographic sector of our viewer base, including some very surprising ones - such as housewives!" said Chris McDonald, CEO, Taj Television Ltd, owners of Ten Sports.
WWE programming ideally complement's Ten Sports' first class cricket offering and is undoubtedly one of the most sought after sports entertainment rights in India."
www.tensports.com /wwestory.aspx   (444 words)

 WWE and ECW on Sky TV (July 19-August 1) - Talk Wrestling Online
WWE programming on Sky TV in the UK, from Wednesday 19th July to Tuesday 1st August, 2006-with VideoPlus numbers in brackets.
Though whether it can be shown earlier is really up to the WWE editorially, believe it or not, it is quite a bit of trouble....more than fans would believe....
Not to forget the logistics for the WWE International department for this to be completed.
www.talkwrestlingonline.com /forum/showthread.php?threadid=32109   (1220 words)

 SLAM! Sports - Wrestling - The WWE tryout experience
WWE pays the extras a little cash, so it was enough to cover my expenses.
The uncountable number of matches, the hints from experienced trainers, the networking with WWE; it all paid off when Kennedy had his try-out with the company and got his deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), a talent development promotion based in Kentucky.
Even so, Kennedy made it clear that those who aspire to be in WWE must continue to network with the company as much as they can.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/Wrestling/2006/09/30/1924748.html   (1987 words)

 Headline 28   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
This is the WWE Experience report, brought to you by the Wrestling Informer and "The Raven" Matt Rawle.
Experience is the only show that takes you through both RAW and Smackdown!, and this week will be no different.
Today on the WWE Experience: Randy Orton must survive Kane, Triple H takes out Eugene, Chris Jericho and Christian raise the bar, another Diva wannabe is eliminated, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero go at it once more, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield has plans to take out the Undertaker.
www.wrestlinginformer.net /headline_28.htm   (1358 words)

 The WWE Experience TV Show - The WWE Experience Television Show - TV.com
WWE Raw is War formally known as WWF Raw is War was jampacked with professional wrestlers at there best.
WWE Velocity is one hour of highly intensive wrestling action which continues the highs and lows experienced by all the WWE Smackdown!
WWE Confidential is hosted by longtime WWF & WCW announcer Mean Gene Okerlund, WWE Confidentail is a look behind the curtains of the WWE.
www.tvtome.com /tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-26593   (457 words)

 WWE programs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WWE and Vince McMahon were credited for production of the films The Scorpion King, The Rundown and Walking Tall all starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).
WWE Films has since ventured in on their own, releasing, See No Evil, a horror movie, starring Kane and also hope to release The Marine, an action movie starring John Cena.
WWE is currently one of the leaders in pay-per-view content for cable and satellite television.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/WWE_TV_Times   (1079 words)

 N-Gage Wrestles Its Way into the WWE with WWE Aftershock - N-Gage News at GameSpot
WWE Aftershock for the N-Gage challenges players to get into the ring, muscle it up and battle against ten WWE Superstars for the coveted WWE Championship.
WWE Aftershock offers multiplayer action via Bluetooth and is expected to hit the shelves in Q4 2004.
Each WWE Superstars' persona is captured in the same over-the-top presentation that makes the WWE the ultimate in live entertainment.
www.gamespot.com /ngage/action/wwe/news.html?sid=6103974&mode=press   (949 words)

 WWE Corporate
Developed for every generation of WWE fan, WWE DVD Board Game 2nd Edition brings the full in-ring and backstage WWE experience to life in a no-holds barred contest to dominate WWE.
Hosted by Jerry “The King” Lawler, the game includes cards with the hottest WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends, Legendary manager pawns, trivia questions, music and a board that brings the entire WWE experience into the home.
The WWE DVD Board Game 2nd Edition slams into mass-market retail this month and is for two to four players, ages 10 and up.
corporate.wwe.com /news/2006/2006_09_13.jsp   (633 words)

Kurt Schneider, WWE Executive Vice President, Marketing, said The WWE Experience is the start of a concerted effort to find more opportunities for younger viewers to sample the WWE brand.
"The WWE Experience will appeal to wrestling fans of all ages as it is the only place you can see the entire lineup of WWE Superstars on one program," he said.
WWE Confidential(TM), which debuted on May 25, 2001, will end its run on Spike TV on Saturday, April 24, 2004.
www.1wrestling.com /news/newsline.asp?news=18265   (634 words)

 MiamiHerald.com | 09/13/2006 | Hogan's son drove car   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
WWE DVD Board Game 2nd Edition is loaded with action packed events that will test a player's ability to flex their corporate muscle managing a roster of superstars and legends.
Hosted by Jerry The King Lawler, the game includes cards with the hottest WWE stars, divas and legends, legendary manager pawns, trivia questions, music and a board that brings the entire WWE experience into the home.
The WWE DVD Board Game 2nd Edition slams into mass-market retail this month and is for two to four players, ages 10 and older.
www.miami.com /mld/miamiherald/sports/wrestling/15510555.htm?source=rss&channel=miamiherald_wrestling   (819 words)

 GameSpy: WWE WrestleMania 21
The WWE experience has never been more lifelike with Superstar voice-over and commentary, an all-new pro-reversal system and motion capture technology.
WWE Wrestlemania 21 -- Nick Wlodyka Video Interview (02/11/05) - Raymond grabs a beer and has a chat with the creative director in charge of the WWE for THQ.
WWE Wrestlemania 21 (01/28/05) - Wrestling's biggest event takes the Xbox stage for a showcase of the immortals.
xbox.gamespy.com /xbox/wrestlemania-xxi   (278 words)

 WWE Calendar/UK TV Schedule   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
WWE presents the 20th annual Survivor Series on Sunday, November 26th 2006 from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The original deal between Sky TV and the WWE was to air 14 PPV's a year, Cyber Sunday and the ECW PPV "December to Dismember" are not part of that original deal.
As of right now it seems fans in the UK may have to miss out on these two shows unless a deal can be reached between Sky TV and the WWE to air them.
www.worldofrock-wrestling.co.uk /productslink13.html   (625 words)

 SBG | Specialty Board Games
Test your ability to manage a roster of WWE Superstars and Legends in an effort to take control of WWE.
Experience eight new Events on DVD hosted by the legendary Jerry "The King" Lawler.
Experience how it feels to be an actual crime scene investigator!
www.playsbg.com /index_wwe.asp   (100 words)

 IGN: WWE Raw 2 Preview
With that boatload of improvements in tow, coverage of WWE Raw 2 should garner heaps of attention from those loud-mouth whiners, the hardcore wrestling fans and true wrestling gamers…in that order.
The most important new feature of any WWE game is the roster of talent assembled and the timeliness of that cast.
The other characters in Raw 2 will have their alliances and dispositions based on whatever is happening on the TV shows a few weeks before the game is released.
xbox.ign.com /articles/371/371940p1.html   (1226 words)

 Planet GameCube INTERVIEWS: WWE Day of Reckoning 2 Interview
MO'C: WWE Day of Reckoning 2’s Story Mode features the first ever sequel to a WWE product, as the rivalries and storylines continue straight on from the events in the original WWE Day of Reckoning video game.
We work closely with WWE to provide the best roster possible, and we are all really excited about this year’s lineup.
As the WWE is constantly evolving, having an original story certainly helps alleviate a lot of these issues.
www.planetgamecube.com /specials.cfm?action=profile&id=573   (1294 words)

 WWE Tickets - WWE Wrestling, Raw, Smackdown, Wrestlemania
Be there ringside to see John Cena, HBK, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and the rest of your favorite wrestling superstars lock horns inside the ring.
Led by GM Eric Bischoff, RAW showcases the stunning physical athleticism and widespread appeal of the WWE's preeminent superstars.
When Brock Lesnar, WWE Champion, defected to Smackdown!, RAW created a new heavyweight title of its own.
www.razorgator.com /tickets/sports/wrestling/wwe   (368 words)

 WWE WrestleMania 21 Reviews for the Xbox (GameTab)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The WWE experience has never been more lifelike with Superstar voice-over and commentary, an all-new proreversal system and motion capture technology, making this the most realistic looking grappler to date.
Create the ultimate Superstar and watch him evolve as you earn new move-sets, costumes and abilities in your quest for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.
Build the perfect championship belt and defend it on Xbox Live while gaining prestige with each victory you claim, or take on four of your friends in head-to-head competition online.
www.gametab.com /xbox/wwe.wrestlemania.21/3703   (256 words)

 Search Get Into The Game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Raw is a fun, full-featured wrestling game that brings some neat gameplay additions to the table, but you won't be able to shake the feeling that it isn't living up to its potential.
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 GC In the sequel to WWE Day of Reckoning, you must fight your way back to the top of the wrestling ladder.
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 features new legendary fighters, a new story mode, and more.
www.getintothegame.com /pages/search/search.php?q=wwe   (296 words)

 GameSpot Forums - World Wrestling Everything - My WWE SmackDown! Experience - Photos inside -- (SPOILERS for 28/04/06)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
As soon as we passed by Wembley, the whole area was flooded by fans wearing WWE shirts carrying signs for the show.
We arrived at the arena at about 5:00 PM and were just looking for a car park.
This was the perfect match to end a spectacular show for everyone in the arena and WWE decides to end it in a no-contest by reliving SD!
www.gamespot.com /pages/unions/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=24549352&union_id=392   (3319 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
WWE's earnings came out today and the company is reporting that their fourth-quarter profit fell 35 percent due lower gates at house shows, PPVs and TV tapings, plus a big drop in advertising revenue.
Live show revenue dropped 10 percent, to $92.3 million, largely due to the loss of the TV ad revenue that they received on their Spike TV deal and gave up when they moved to USA.
WWE will do their earnings conference call later today and Buck Woodward will have a full report of it here on the site when it's over.
www.pwinsider.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=18535&p=1   (123 words)

 WWE Experience Beakcap
The WWE's next move will be to give Akio a shepherd's crook and make him dress like Bo Peep.
Must be somewhere awful, because the WWE doesn't want to fess up to the city.
Experience is brought to you by the Nintendo DS, which invites you to touch Ivory.
www.weeklyvisitor.com /news/articles/tnm/experience_28.html   (1252 words)

 WORTHPLAYING - - All about games !
When my first match began three minutes later, the letdown that ensued made me physically ill. WM21 made me think of the glory days, when WWF Wrestlefest was still hot in the arcades, WWF Royal Rumble was about to reach the SNES, and when games had content and graphics that were appreciated in their time.
The functionality seems to all be there when it comes to an online experience, and the create-a-belt feature is a nice addition, giving you incentive to do well.
The online experience is actually the only part of the game that will have any replay value at all, unless, of course, you always find yourself matched up with the jerks who have figured out that you can knock someone down and infinitely loop a single submission move to the end of the match.
www.worthplaying.com /article.php?sid=25308   (1985 words)

 The WWE Experience Episode Guide - The WWE Experience Season Episodes - TV.com
The host's for the new Sunday morning wrestling show, The WWE Experience, Todd and Ivory introduce the show and its subject matter being highlights and all the hot new "goss" from the WWE.
Bischoff announces that Eugene and The Coach, in a match at WWE Bad Blood, Johnny Nitro, thinks this is a joke and says he wants a match with Eugene tonight.
Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree WWE Tag Team Champions Booker T wins the match for his team, when he hits the Axekick on JBL, for the 1-2-3.
www.tv.com /wwe-experience/show/26593/episode_guide.html   (9837 words)

 WWE Day of Reckoning 2 Achieves Player's Choice Status - GameCube News at GameSpot
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 launched exclusively for Nintendo GameCube in August of 2005 and captured the excitement and intensity of World Wrestling Entertainment programming through a new and longer story mode, an enhanced fighting system, improved graphics and high quality cut scenes.
Featuring a new and longer original story mode filled with all the intensity of WWE programming, players can create their own Superstars and enjoy plot lines tying back to the original WWE Day of Reckoning video game.
Complete with high quality cut scenes, improved graphics and an enhanced fighting system, WWE Day of Reckoning 2 also offers multiple levels of pain and limb damage, new finishing moves, special grapples and improved AI differentiators between characters to bring new levels of realism and fun to the franchise.
gamespot.com /gamecube/sports/wwedayofreckoning2/news.html?sid=6153586   (843 words)

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