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Topic: WWE Undisputed Championship

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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  WWE Championship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WWE is scheduled to release a three disc DVD set covering the history of the WWE Championship on September 5, 2006.
WWE also had a custom belt designed for The Rock featuring the brahma bull logo, but decided against using it over fear that its use, combined with that of the Smoking Skull Belt, would result in the traditional belt being nearly abandoned.
The record for most WWE Championships held by a single person is seven, held by The Rock.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/WWE_Championship   (1361 words)

 WWE Undisputed Championship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Undisputed Championship was later held by The Undertaker, The Rock, and finally Brock Lesnar, who on August 26, 2002 signed an exclusive contract to appear on the SmackDown!
This led to RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff presenting a new World Heavyweight Championship to Triple H, simply awarding him the championship, citing the fact that Triple H was the last person to hold that championship belt, referencing the time before Ric Flair presented Triple H with a singular belt which represented the Undisputed Championship.
Not only is Jericho the first WWE Undisputed Champion, he is also the very last WCW World Heavyweight Champion, first and only Canadian to hold it, defended the title the most times, and has the longest reign with 98 days.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/WWE_Undisputed_Championship   (620 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: WWE Championship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
WWE is scheduled to release a three disc DVD set covering the history of the WWE Championship in September 2006.
WWE also had a custom belt designed for The Rock featuring the brama bull logo, but decided against using it over fear that its use, combined with that of the Smoking Skull Belt, would result in the traditional belt being nearly abandoned.
WWE does not recognize Inoki as a former champion, and do not acknowledge either Backlund's loss to Inoki or the incident where a dazed referee awarded the belt to Greg Valentine accidentally after a match with Backlund, leading to a vacancy and rematch that Backlund won.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/WWE-Championship   (4325 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Adam Copeland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
WWE United States Championship The WWE United States Championship is a professional wrestling title.
WWE Taboo Tuesday was a professional wrestling pay-per-view held by World Wrestling Entertainment, as part of their WWE RAW brand held in 2004 and 2005.
WWE Homecoming was the first edition of WWE RAW to be aired on the USA Network after being aired for five years on Spike TV.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Adam-Copeland   (8880 words)

 the wrestling blog » WWE Undisputed Championship…
The Undisputed Champ—which it was called when Chris Jericho won both titles in December 2001, following the WCW/ECW Alliance’s loss to WWF the previous month—defended his title on both shows, and when he lost the belt, he went back to the roster from which he came.
The legacy of both the WWE Title and the Big Gold Belt are important to wrestling history, and just like in boxing, holding two belts makes the champion look and feel that much more special.
WWE is smart to compete with itself; otherwise the #2 promotion instantly becomes TNA, and I don’t think they want that.
www.thewrestlingblog.com /?p=522   (1039 words)

 WWE: Subscriptions > WWE 24/7 Online > WWE Championship
The WWE Championship is one of the most coveted prizes in sports entertainment.
The WWE Championship was on the line as Triple H, HBK, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Booker T. sacrificed their bodies at Madison Square Garden.
Not long after winning the WWE Championship, however, Hogan was faced with the same man that stripped him of the title over a decade earlier – the Undertaker.
www.wwe.com /subscriptions/247online/wwechampionship   (2669 words)

 WrestleView.com: Full WWE SmackDown Results - 6/6/02
McMahon came out to the stage and announced that the superstars would be competing in a Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 Contender for the Undertaker's WWE Undisputed Championship at King of the Ring.
That match was up next, as Rikishi and Rico defended their WWE Tag Team Championship against Billy & Chuck in an elimination match, meaning that both members of the opposing team had to be defeated to win the match.
He said he was mad at himself and mad as his body for giving out on him, because WWE had put the ball in his hands, and he couldn't hold it.
www.wrestleview.com /messages1/1859.shtml   (2451 words)

 WWF Royal Rumble 2002 Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This time the stakes would be a lot higher as the WWE Undisputed Championship would be on the line, as the first ever champion would defend his title against The Rock.
Both of these had fought in a match at the WWE’s previous PPV back in December, but that match was pretty dismal, this I hoped would be something different, surprisingly enough this sucked to.
Jericho had held the WWE Undisputed Championship now for well over a month; many people thought his reign would be over after this PPV, I for one had no faith in Jericho at all.
www.wrestling101.com /101/article/WWEVD/150   (2312 words)

 WWE Summerslam 2002 Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It did surprise me that Kurt Angle, a former WWE Champion, would be put in a match with Rey Mysterio, no disrespect to Rey at all, I just though Angle would have been higher up the card, however the match paid off and it was very good.
This is quite easily the best PPV of 2002, it had everything a WWE fan wants, it had an electric opening match, a solid match between Eddie Guerrero and Edge, a classic IC Championship bout between RVD and Chris Benoit, an awesome match with Shawn Michaels and Triple H and a top quality main event.
All in all this is the best WWE event of the year 2002, so I suggest if you have some spare money, head over to silvervision.co.uk or any good video stockist and pick up this excellent WWE event.
www.wrestling101.com /101/article/WWEVD/155   (2302 words)

 3StrandWrestling: Can You Honestly Say There's A Better Wrestling Website?
The Rock and the rest of the WWE Superstars demanded that Mankind be reinstated in the WWE.
The stipulation was that Austin's WWE Championship, Triple H's Intercontinental Championship, and The Brothers Of Destruction's Tag Team Championship.
Austin's WWE Championship and Triple H's Intercontinental Championship were also on the line.
www.3strandwrestling.com /bio/hhh.shtml   (3587 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > SummerSlam > History > 2002 > Main Event   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
He had burst on to the scene unlike almost any other WWE Superstar ever had.
The Rock was one of the most popular Superstars in WWE at the time, but the crowd couldn’t help but get behind such a unique and unstoppable force as Brock Lesnar.
The names of all World Wrestling Entertainment televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all World Wrestling Entertainment logos are trademarks which are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
www.wwe.com /shows/summerslam/history/2002/mainevent   (368 words)

 WWE OzShop - Replica Belts - Buy official World Wrestling Entertainment ® merchandise from our online shop
This sensational WWE Intercontinental Championship adult size Replica Belt is taken from a mould of the original and is the same thickness and length.
This replica championship belt is highly detailed, featuring over 3000 faux diamonds and a three dimensional spinning WWE logo centre plate.
WWE Deluxe World Championship Attitude Edition Classic Belt with new WWE logo and Wrestlemania 20th anniversary 6th plate.
www.wweozshop.com /cat_belts.php?category_id=28   (855 words)

 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)
Win The WWE Undisputed Championship with The Rock to unlock the original WWE SmackDown Arena.
Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode to unlock the WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena.
Win the Royal Royal with any superstar to unlock the WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena.
www.cheatcc.com /gc/wwewmx8.html   (565 words)

 Items - Wwe Undisputed Replica Belt Clock Wwf
The and handling 45, the wwe with over has established wwe center medallion 40 tax   here on the us days of I am the us.
Create, clock is Licensed by 11 inches outside the express mail a wwe undisputed replica reputation it With that on the It is internet!
rock or usually be This beauty wwe raw goldberg, hhh, size replica the exact present by held at branded cloth bookert, kane, ric flair, from clearance The centre thickness of possession in in height heavyweight adult raw world belt comes up to 4ft 8 hhh.
www.1boomersplace.com /page/crs120-2902-wwe/undisputed/replica/belt/clock/wwf.htm   (596 words)

 Raw is War--July 15, 2002
As RAW began, the Undertaker was seen back in his locker room staring at his WWE Undisputed Championship with Paul Heyman.
McMahon said WWE changes with the times, and he said it was time to change once again.
The WWE Women's Championship was on the line next, as Molly defended defended her title against Trish Stratus.
www.pwwew.net /tv/raw/020715.htm   (2954 words)

 WWE Smackdown Results 7-4-02
Rico was furious that the duo were eating junk food and not preparing for their Tag Team Championship Match against Hogan and Edge.
The Tag Team Championship was on the line, as Billy and Chuck defended their title against Edge and Hogan, who made his way to the ring accompanied by his "Real American" theme song, an American flag and red, white and blue feather boas!
Chris Jericho took on WWE newcomer John Cena, who was competing in front of a hometown crowd in Boston.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/2002/articles/1025663411.php   (1844 words)

 WrestleView.com: Six WWE.com articles from WWE Vengeance now online
But after recapturing the WWE Undisputed Championship tonight here at Vengeance, you’ll have to excuse an emotional People’s Champion for dropping the F-word in the excitement of the moment.
The bout was a Triple Threat Match for Undertaker’s WWE Undisputed Championship, and also marked The Rock’s return to Pay-Per-View.
DETROIT — July 21, 2002 — His reign as WWE Undisputed Champion is over, but through no fault of his own.
www.wrestleview.com /messages1/2193.shtml   (387 words)

 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats and Codes - Megagames Cheat Code
Location: Cheats -> Console -> GameCube -> W -> WWE Wrestlemania X8 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Hidden Areas
When you have a Finishing move to do press a and b at the same time.
To get andre the giant you have to win all championship belts with the big show (in less than 24 hours)then the big show will become an double option so you can be andre and big show.
www.megagames.com /megacheats/W/gc-37.shtml   (437 words)

 Amazon.com: WWE: Hulk Hogan - The Ultimate Anthology: DVD: Wwe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A few months after the WWF vs the WWF case, the World Wildlife Fund realized that the WWE was no longer going to use the WWF name or scratch logo, but that they were releasing DVDs with the scratch logo intact.
So, they threatened to sue again, which forced the WWE to blur the logo from all future DVD releases and all current DVDs with the uncensored logo were pulled from production.
Only the last handful of matches on the 4th disc will have the blurred WWF logo, so if all the commentary is intact (all reference to WWF will be removed naturally) this will be an excellent set and worth adding to your wrestling collection.
www.amazon.com /WWE-Hulk-Hogan-Ultimate-Anthology/dp/B000EQ5SL6   (1923 words)

 Amazon.ca: WWE - Judgment Day - PPV: DVD: Kevin Dunn (III),Hulk Hogan,Mark Calaway,Paul Levesque,Chris Jericho,Eddie ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan not only has the fate of the Undisputed Title in his hands, but the fate of Hulkamania as well, as the Undertaker challenges him for his precious gold.
The WWE Women's Title is on the line as Trish Stratus fights off the challenge of Stacy Keibler.
This was the first ever PPV under WWE since changing its name from WWF.
www.amazon.ca /WWE-Judgment-Kevin-Dunn-III/dp/B000068QOI   (557 words)

 WWE Judgment Day 2002 - Poster, Card, Results
Trish Stratus made her way out as the WWE Women's Champion for a one on one match against Stacy Keibler with the Women's Title on the line!
We were told that William Regal will defend his WWE European Championship against D'Lo Brown later on Heat.
The WWE came out with the announcement that the host of the show will be no other than...
www.geocities.com /levski11/jday02.html   (5069 words)

 John Cena, Undertaker, Batista, Triple H...RAW and SmackDown!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kane may not be a bloodthirsty killer, but he's got that 'silent but deadly' look to his figure, and the mask gimmick added an impact.
Extreme Championship Wrestling will forever be known as the place that took its superstars to the limit and back.
Now, WWE will release a DVD to look back at the years that were 'owned' by the Superstar, how he came to be a pro-wrestler and some extras that are not to be missed.
www.unchained-wwe.com /unchained3.htm   (830 words)

 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats, Walkthrough, Hints, Q&A for Game Cube @ CheatsGuru.Com
Win the Heavweight Championship in path of champions mode to unlock the rabid wolverine.
To unlock the nature boy Ric Flair win the European Championship in path of champions mode.
win the tag team championship in path of champions mode to unlock her.
www.cheatsguru.com /gamecube/wwe_wrestlemania_x8   (2569 words)

 07/21/02: WWE Vengence preview...
It's nice that the WWE gave Hogan something to do which entertains his fans without boring the crap out of everyone else.
On the other side, now that the nWo is gone the "anti-Americans" have become the main faction in the company - they could use one more member to really become a force.
I'm actually starting to like the "new" Dudley Boyz, but Benoit needs to come on strong here - he's one of the best wrestlers the WWE has, and I think he should be feuding with RVD over the IC belt instead of being stuck in matches like this.
www.mrcranky.com /movies/crocodilehunter/76.html   (629 words)

 Wwe Raw « WordPress.com
I was hoping the Undisputed WWE Championship belt was coming back, but the Rated R championship looks alright.
I was hoping the Undisputed WWE Championship belt was coming back, … more »
Monday Night Raw: 07/03/2006, Edge wins the WWE Championship.
wordpress.com /tag/wwe-raw   (265 words)

 Tuttowrestling Forum - Il forum ufficiale di Tuttowrestling.com
Il primo WWE Undisputed Champion è stato Chris Jericho quando sconfisse in un evento (non ricordo quale) sia The Rock(WCW Champion) che Steve Austin(WWE Champion).
The Rock fu battuto da Lesnar a Summer Slam 2002 e proprio Lesnar fu l'ultimo WWE Undisputed Champion, perchè quando un atleta era l'Udisputed Champion questi doveva combattere in entrambi i roster della WWE, ma, nel periodo della guerra tra i GM, Lesnar firmò un esclusiva per Smackdown e non combattè più a Raw.
Il WWE Undisputed Title potrebbe comunque tornare se ci sarà una riunificazione dei roster.
www.freeforumzone.com /viewmessaggi.aspx?f=15138&idd=13264   (1088 words)

 WWE Sadistic - The Forum -> WrestleMania XX Predictions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Well seeing as Edge said he quit since he could not use lay outs I will go with the safe pick and say K-Kwik.
Then this is his last match as Jericho, so I see him going out with a bang.
They storyline in my opinion is just reeking of a Triple H win here.
www.invisionfree.com /forums/sadisitic_efed/index.php?showtopic=159&view=getnewpost   (564 words)

 History of the WWE Championship DVD
The History of the WWE Championship, which is scheduled for release Sept. 5, 2006, will be a 3-disc release and covers professional wrestling's most coveted title, the WWE Championship.
The biggest Superstars in wrestling history have given their heart and soul to possess it, from Bruno Sammartino to Superstar Billy Graham to Hulk Hogan to Shawn Michaels to Triple H to John Cena.
Winning the championship defines careers and establishers the Superstar as a household name in sports entertainment and beyond.
survey.wwe.com /history   (235 words)

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