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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Endangered Species, Wildlife Conservation, Animal Habitats
WWF and other groups are calling for an immediate ban of Atlantic bluefin tuna fishing in the Eastern and Western Atlantic, stressing the need for a sustainable recovery plan to prevent the collapse of the bluefin tuna population.
A WWF scientist gives a first-hand account of his Namibian adventures.
WWF Lauds Senators Inouye and Stevens for Leadership on Reauthorization of Coral Reef Conservation Act
www.worldwildlife.org   (107 words)

  WWF Danmark - WWF...
WWF in Denmark was founded in 1972, initiated by HRH The Prince Consort of Denmark and a group of Danish scientists.
WWF Denmark has undergone the same development as the rest of the WWF network, -broadening the conservation perspective from mainly saving endangered species of animals and plants to biological diversity as a whole, sustainable use of nature and natural resources, and global environmental issues, e.g.
WWF is working to make companies commit to take into account environmental and social responsibility schemes in their company management practices.
www.wwf.dk /dc000c   (653 words)

 WWF | Tigers | Main page
WWF has educated 60,000 students and 200 teachers on tiger issues, and laid the groundwork for several nature reserves.
WWF is working to ensure that Tsunami reconstruction efforts do not put further pressure on forests in which tigers live in northern Sumatra.
WWF led in establishing corridors in the Terai Arc, as well as improving the livelihoods of local people to reduce pressure on forests and grasslands.
www.worldwildlife.org /tigers   (277 words)

 WWF-UK: Adopt an Animal
WWF staff moved her to the Wanglang reserve, the oldest and most remote reserve in China, where she joined 30 other pandas.
WWF is monitoring the tigers in Suklaphanta, where Malu Pothi lives, and strengthening anti-poaching patrols in the area.
WWF aims to eliminate illegal and unsustainable trade by supporting the enforcement of appropriate wildlife trade laws, and helping to develop them where they do not yet exist.
www.wwf.org.uk /adoption/index.asp   (848 words)

 WWF South Pacific Programme | Welcome to the Solomon Islands   (Site not responding. Last check: )
WWF SI focuses the majority of its work on preserving the marine environment so that it is able to continue to provide resources for subsistence and economic development.
WWF also works with local communities and organizations, such as the Tetepare Descendants’ Association to support the conservation of marine turtles and support capacity building of community members in monitoring, tagging and data collection.
WWF congratulated the Governments of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands for their commitment to a tri-national partnership focused on conserving the western Pacific leatherback turtle within the Bismarck-Solomon Seas Ecoregion.
www.wwfpacific.org.fj /where_we_work/solomons/index.cfm   (1282 words)

 Environmental Awareness, Corporate Environmental Awareness, Marine Conservation
Costa Cruises is supporting WWF Italy to help safeguard and promote environmental awareness to some of the most precious and endangered marine ecoregions on the planet: the Mediterranean Sea, the region of the Greater Antilles and the North-East Coast of Brazil.
WWF works in over 40 countries to protect the sea: creating and managing protected marine areas, striving to prevent the excessive exploitation of the sea, and promoting sustainable fishing.
More than any other species, marine turtles and whales are symbolic of WWFs commitment: migrating from one sea to another, they serve to remind us of the importance of crossing national borders in an attempt to protect something that belongs to all of mankind.
www.costacruise.com /B2C/USA/Corporate/wwf/default.htm   (568 words)

 WWF Nepal
WWF is a global conservation organization that acts locally through a network of offices in different nations to work for a living planet.
Since its inception in 1961, WWF has worked to conserve nature and ecological processes through a combination of action on the ground, national and international advocacy work to establish appropriate policies, and international campaigns to highlight and demonstrate solutions to crucial environmental problems.
WWF NP's Strategic Plan is built on the WWF's global mission and priorities, and addresses nature conservation issues relevant to Nepal and the world.
www.wwfnepal.org /about_wwf.php   (350 words)

 WWF Japan/WWFジャパン
WWF Japan was established in Tokyo in 1971.
WWF Japan targets to realize a responsible society in which people live with forests and make timber use sustainable.
WWF Japan targets the conservation of coral reefs and tidal flats under collaboration with researchers and local citizen groups.
www.wwf.or.jp /eng/index.htm   (454 words)

 WWF - SourceWatch
The WWF has been criticised for being sponsored by a number of industrial companies that are actively involved in deforestation and other environmental abuses.
In December 2002, WWF appointed Linda Coady, a former Weyerhaeuser Co executive to the position of vice-president of its Pacific regional office [1].
WWF, "WWF's response to the World watch Article: Working at the interface of humans and nature", November 23, 2004.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=WWF   (531 words)

 WWF | WWF Suomi
WWF works globally to protect the ecological and biological diversity of our natural world.
WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:
WWF, Lintulahdenkatu 10, 00500 Helsinki, Finland / tel.
www.wwf.fi /english   (116 words)

 Mediterranean Cork Oak Forests at Stake in Wine Closure Battle
WWF says synthetic and screw top closures are more harmful to the environment because they use more energy in production and are oil-based products.
WWF is calling on the cork industry to continue to invest in the quality of cork stoppers and the wine industry to make cork the preferred closure option.
WWF is supporting efforts by the Portuguese cork sector, both oak cork forest owners and processors, in demonstrating the responsible management of cork oak forests through a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme.
www.ens-newswire.com /ens/may2006/2006-05-15-01.asp   (1327 words)

 WWF - Job opportunities with WWF
WWF Austria is looking for a Head of International Programmes, to be based in Vienna, Austria, 2-years position, 40 hours/week.
WWF Greater Mekong Programme Office is looking for a Programme Manager, Lao Country Programme, to be based in Vientiane, Lao PDR.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global conservation organization seeks a Program Administrator to be responsible for all budgeting and financial management, contracting, long-range planning and general administration for the assigned program.
www.panda.org /about_wwf/jobs/index.cfm   (581 words)

 WWF Russia
Experts from WWF, WCS and the Far-Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Science estimated the leopard population at 25-34.
WWF has been promoting sustainable fishing for several years now, and is pleased to announce new results: the Guidrostroi company, a major Sakhalin salmon catcher and processor, has asked WWF-Russia for help in pre-assessment against Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) principles.
WWF provides antifire equipment to frontier outposts in Khasan district of the Russian Far-Eastern Primorye region.
www.wwf.ru /eng   (556 words)

 Climate Change -- WWF-Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
WWF is working to make this switch possible by:
WWF welcomes ANZ's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
WWF-Australia welcomes the announcement today by ANZ to become carbon neutral by the end of 2009 for its Australian and New Zealand operations by purchasing 100 per cent renewable energy.
www.wwf.org.au /climate   (332 words)

WWF believes that working with communties is essential to protecting the environment, including the rich biodiversity in Indonesia.
On this day, all the WWF-Indonesia program are undertaking a campaign to invite the public to become more aware about their environment.
WWF collaborates with Pemda Nunukan to preserve the elephants of East Kalimantan 26 Februari 2007
www.wwf.or.id /index.php?language=e   (278 words)

WWF currently funds around 2,000 conservation projects globally and employs almost 4,000 people across the planet.
The organization is almost unique in that it has a presence from the local to the global level — talking to tribes of Baka pygmies in the central African rainforests, through to face-to-face discussions with institutions such as the World Bank and the European Commission.
At every stage, when WWF works with local people, we work with partners and donors.
www.wwf.se /show.php?id=1020530   (151 words)

 "WWF Metal" (1998)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
WWF Metal is the same show as WWF Jakked, but with different commentators and some different recaps.
Overall, the main reason to watch this show is to see many of the underrated WWF superstars such as Essa Rios (who is a great performer in the WWF) wrestle some good matches against other WWF wrestlers, local wrestlers, and developmental wrestlers.
If you are a true WWF fan, I'd watch this show (or WWF Jakked) if you get it in your area, because it has some great matches, hilarious commentators, and the high flyin' Essa Rios.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0287897   (365 words)

 cbs11tv.com - WWF: 52 New Species Discovered On Borneo
"The more we look the more we find," said Stuart Chapman, WWF International coordinator for the study of the "Heart of Borneo," a 85,000-square-mile rain forest in the center of the island where several of the new species were found.
On the Malaysian part of the island, slow-flowing flwater streams and peat swamps are home to the paedocypris micromegethes, which is 0.35 inch long.
The discoveries further highlight the need to conserve the habitat and species of Borneo, where the rain forest continues to be threatened by rubber, palm oil and pulp production, WWF said.
cbs11tv.com /topstories/topstories_story_352205250.html   (606 words)

 Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Frontpage
The WWF State Folkstyle Tournament was once again an outstanding event, my congratulations to the volunteers from Stoughton and surrounding communities and the WWF tournament committee, officials and pairers.
The WWF is an affiliate of USA Wrestling, the national governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States.
WWF membership is available to coaches and athletes.
www.wiwrestling.com /WWF   (332 words)

 WWF-Malaysia - Cool Stuff - Kawan WWF   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As a Kawan WWF, you will have the chance to play a role in conservation efforts - be it scientific field research, fundraising activity, or educational programme.
Contributions from Kawan WWF has helped to establish the Fraser’s Hill Nature Education Centre (FHNEC).The Centre provides visitors with information and nature activities.
If you are aged under 17, the WWF Rangers programme may be more suited to you.
www.wwfmalaysia.org /coolstuff/kawanwwf.htm   (320 words)

 PDC goes with the flow | InfoWorld | News | 2005-09-14 | By Eric Knorr
WWF is the biggest surprise in a flurry of Microsoft announcements, which kicked off this week with Bill Gates' demo of the first public beta versions of Vista and Office 12.
WWF is a key part of that dream.
WWF will have the effect of making Office, which in version 12 will support WWF, part of a distributed app dev environment.
www.infoworld.com /article/05/09/14/HNwwf_1.html   (1228 words)

 YouTube - wwf
WWF Raw Is War 1999 Undertaker Vs Steve Austin Part 1
WWF - The Rock, Shamrock and Mankind vs Undertaker and Kane
WWF - The Rock Owen Hart & D'lo vs The Orig.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=FxJOq9QDH7c   (130 words)

 GameStats: WWF Smackdown Cheats, Reviews, News
WWF Smackdown from Yukes is considered by many to be the elite in a plethora of wrestling titles out on the market.
There are two main aspects that set WWF Smackdown apart from the field: The gameplay and the career mode.
If this is your first time to the site, let us welcome you to what we hope will become your new daily source of WWF Smackdown information.
www.gamestats.com /objects/013/013317   (483 words)

 WWF - The Global Conservation Organization
WWF Seafood guide to encourage consumption of green and sustainably produced seafood
This post-competition activity aimed to further enhance the students' interest in applying robotic technology to marine conservation initiatives.
A short video showing Hong Kong's critical fisheries issues and WWF's solutions to restore fisheries in Hong Kong waters is now available at our website.
www.wwf.org.hk /eng/index.php   (260 words)

 WWF - WWF - global environmental conservation organisation
WWF - WWF - global environmental conservation organisation
Camera traps, hidden in some of the world’s remote and inaccessible locations, are activated by an infrared sensor when body heat or movement from an animal is detected.
Pack your virtual suitcase and head for Conservation Island, WWF's strangest home in the virtual world of Second Life.
www.panda.org   (195 words)

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