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Topic: Walima

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In the News (Thu 26 Apr 18)

  The Fiqh Of Walima
The Arabic word Walima (marriage banquet) is derived from the root word Walam, which literally means to gather and assemble.
He provided meat and bread on the occasion of his marriage with Zaynab bint Jahsh (Allah be pleased with her), Hays (a type of sweat-dish cooked with dates, cheese and butter) on the occasion of his marriage with Safiyya (Allah be pleased with her) and barley on another occasion.
It is better to accept it if it is a Walima invitation, otherwise (on other occasions) one has a choice to accept it, and to accept it would be better, because it creates joy and happiness in the heart of a Muslim.
www.central-mosque.com /fiqh/walima.htm   (1503 words)

  Mrs. Walima's Multiage Class TeacherWeb Teacher   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Walima is celebrating her twenty-second year of teaching at Rockport Elementary School.
Walima has recently become a grandmother for the first time and welcomes Abigail Elizabeth to our world.
Walima's multiage classroom is supported by a strong philosophy of community.
www.teacherweb.com /MA/RockportElementarySchool/bwalima/t.stm   (227 words)

  Walima - Definition, explanation
Walima, or the marriage banquet, is one of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding.
The walima is performed after the nikkah, or marriage ceremony.
Walima is used as a symbol to show domestic felicity in the household post marriage.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/w/wa/walima.php   (150 words)

 Walima   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Walima (Arabic: وليمه), or the marriage banquet, is one of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding.
The walima is performed after the nikah, or marriage ceremony.
Walima is used as a symbol to show domestic felicity in the household post-marriage.
www.omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=Walima   (342 words)

Since Walima in essence is an expression of happiness at being married therefore it may take place before or after consummation.
Walima is a sunnat of Rasulullah and accepting a walima invitation is also a sunnat.
The walima should be done according to the financial position of the husband and extravagance etc. should not be found.
www.geocities.com /naseehath/e65.htm   (451 words)

 Walima, Samuel and Serafia, Papers
Samuel Walima was born in 1858 in Finland.
Serafia Walima (born 1847) did not move to the United States with her husband; she was severely sick and died in Finland in 1905.
The Walima, Samuel and Serafia collection is the physical property of the Immigration History Reseach Center, University of Minnesota.
www.ihrc.umn.edu /research/vitrage/all/wa/ihrc2814.html   (239 words)

 Wedding Stages, Mehndi Stages, Walima Stages and Indian Wedding Stages
Wedding Stages, Mehndi Stages, Walima Stages and Indian Wedding Stages
We also make available rent-a-wedding limo service, dhol players, horse carriages and custom-made dollies with special decoration on request.
A1 Weddingwalla are specialist in Asian Wedding stages, wedding stages, mehndi stages, walima stages, muslim wedding stages, hindu wedding stages backdrops and sikh wedding decor.
a1weddingwalla.com   (414 words)

 State gives initial OK to Pigeon Cove condos
The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency recently determined Charles Walima's Halibut Point Village proposal, an age-restricted condominium complex with 23 units on Granite Street, was eligible for a Chapter 40B comprehensive permit hearing by the Board of Appeals.
Morrill said Walima was in "flagrant disregard" of site plan review bylaws and a cease-and-desist order issued by the town after he dumped 33,000 square feet of gravel on his property without a permit, 3,000 square feet more than he could without receiving approval.
At that meeting, Judith Egan Campbell, of 218 Granite St., warned of possible difficulties for drivers entering and exiting her driveway and that of the condos due to the lack of visibility on the road.
www.gloucestertimes.com /homepage/local_story_206094005/resources_printstory   (827 words)

 Walima in Astoria Review (long) - Outer Boroughs - Chowhound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
We were looking to try someplace new and remembered that Walima had recently opend its doors.
The decor is pretty basic, with paper-covered tables on two levels in a slightly awkward space, an open kitchen, and lots of windows.
I dined at Walima last night - it is Moroccan and at the corner of Forty Deuce and 31st Ave (not 44th Street as posted in the review above) and had a wonderful meal.
www.chowhound.com /topics/361812   (948 words)

 Walima - Chai Khaana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In pashto the walima is called wama which literally means seventh and not very long ago that was the day that the girls family was invited to see that their daughter was settling in to her new home.
well basically walima is a celebration of the boys side and if i'm correct also announcing that the couple are 'married'.
This event is part of the wedding which doesn't really gets prolonged to 7 days, besides it's for letting people know about the marriage and to feed the poor, rather than parents of the girl actually seeing how the daughter is doing.
www.pashto.org /chaikhaana/society-customs-ttolana-aw/4382-walima.html   (813 words)

But, when I attend an occasion where the bride or groom is a childhood acquaintance, I am forced to pull back on the reins of my habitually impulsive judgment.
When I saw him perched on a Mughal style sofa up on the platform of the hotel ballroom with his beautiful wife, I felt, for the first time, the calm understanding of how blocks of time are interconnected.
This Walima was also the eventual symbol of what the parents of our generation wanted to see before they died—their satisfaction being a stamped mark of approval on a package brimming with happiness.
www.mehraab.com /Article.asp?FilePath=Sep2001\Walima.htm   (1041 words)

 Scotsman.com Living - Taste of morocco is no belly flop
What the menu doesn’t mention is that Walima is also the name given to a Muslim wedding reception, thrown to celebrate the consummation of a marriage.
As we wait, the Moroccan dining experience is enhanced further by the arrival of Walima’s famed bellydancer who gyrates and wiggles her snake-hips, much to the delight of the "mature" hen party opposite, and it’s only a matter of time before one of them joins in.
She’s right, and as we leave the party goes into overdrive - two more of the hens are giving it laldy as they try to perfect the subtle hand moves of the real belly dancer.
living.scotsman.com /index.cfm?id=346852003   (1351 words)

 Planning a Walima (An Islamic Wedding) - Associated Content
Planning a walima (an Islamic wedding ceremony and reception) should be a wonderful and precious experience, not a frantic mess.
Getting married Islamically is a very simple and personal process between a man and a woman, however, adding your own special touch and sharing the moment with friends and family can make your moment even more special.
· Discuss with the bride and groom what kinds of food will be served during the walima and what type of caterer to book.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/22602/planning_a_walima_an_islamic_wedding.html   (551 words)

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