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Topic: War film

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Official War Photographers - Hurley and Parer photographs and film [Australian War Memorial]
Some of their images have achieved icon status, but these men are only two of a large number of war photographers (taking both still and moving images) whose work is held in the Memorial's collection.
War photographers worked under difficult and trying conditions in order to record photographically the story of Australians at war.
There is little of the war experience which is not represented in the collection among the work of the official war photographers.
www.awm.gov.au /encyclopedia/official_photo/index.htm   (271 words)

 The Film Encyclopedia, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
He entered British films as a tea boy at Gaumont in 1927; later served as a claperboy and messenger, and worked his way up to editor of newsreel footage in 1930 and of feature films in 1934.
The crowning achievement of this phase of Lean's career is the intimate romantic gem Brief Encounter, notable for its disciplined structure and the superlative acting of Tevor Howard and Celia Johnson.
Of these three films, the most interesting is the documentary-style The Sound Barrier/Breaking Through the Sound Barrier with a memorable performance from John Mills.
www.davidlean.com /books/katz_biography.html   (305 words)

 Toys article - Toys 1992 film war Spoiler warning pacifistic willed Lieutenant General - What-Means.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Toys article - Toys 1992 film war Spoiler warning pacifistic willed Lieutenant General - What-Means.com
Toys is a 1992 film about a very large family-owned toy company.
Upon the death of Kenneth Zevo, founder and owner of the pacifistic company Zevo Toys, the company is willed to Zevo's brother Leland, a Lieutenant General, rather than his son Leslie or daughter Alsatia, both of whom would better hold the ideals of the company.
www.what-means.com /encyclopedia/Toys   (149 words)

 screenonline: Mills, Sir John (1908-2005) Biography
This short, wiry former song-and-dance man became one of the most significant of all British film stars, and in his nearly 60-year career appeared in well over a hundred films, as well as substantial theatre and TV performances.
Asquith, 1945) defined a new kind of British film hero: he is the boy-next-door in his ordinariness, but he has also established an everyman reliability under stress; he is decent, brave and loyal; and he works enough subtle mutations on the type to avoid mere repetition.
Though very deaf and part-blind, he still evinced the chipper persona honed below (occasionally above) decks in those war films half a century earlier.
www.screenonline.org.uk /people/id/463681   (640 words)

 HollandCannabis.com Forums-viewtopic-3rd Annual Drug War Vigil Film Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The Drug War Vigil Memorial Group is a social justice think tank that was founded in the fall of 2000, dedicated to ending the War on Drugs.
We recognize that the militarization of this medical issue and the criminalization of the chronically sick, terminally ill and chemically dependent have resulted in the needless loss of human life, and that this is the true crime.
The films will be screened and judged by participants at the Drug War Vigil Film Festival Sept 24-25th as well as viewers of WWW.Pot-TV.Net
www.hollandcannabis.com /modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=20   (666 words)

 War of the Worlds Movie News and Info
war of the worlds study by cantril gaudet & herzog
War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938
Zhang, whose films include "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers," was named Sunday to lead a team that includes Spielberg.
www.wow-movie.com   (993 words)

 Fan film, fan film predator, award fan film star war   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
A thin, opaque, abnormal coating on the cornea of the eye.
A thin covering or coating: a film of dust on the piano.
View the upcoming film and realty show events on Mixed Martial arts.
likelighting.com /fan-film.html   (590 words)

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