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Topic: Waris Shah

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  Waris Shah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Syed Waris Shah was born into a reputed Syed family in the village of Jandiala Sher Khan, district of Sheikhupura, Punjab in or around 1722 A.D. His father's name was Gulshar Shah.
Waris Shah acknowledged himself as a disciple of Pir Makhdum of Kasur.
Waris Shah died in or around 1798 A.D. when he was around 76 years of age.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Waris_Shah   (410 words)

 Afghan invaders and Waris Shah - DAWN's Biased article and its rejoinder
Waris Shah was born in the most troublesome period after the death of Aurangzeb and Shah Alam and it was the Punjab which suffered the most.
Waris Shah, though engaged in teaching and leading prayers in the mosque of Malka Haans in Deepalpur tehsil, was a distant witness to the oppression committed by Nadir Shah in Delhi and later in southern Punjab and Sindh.
Waris Shah and the author should close their eyes to the Sikhs’ ‘Satnami Movement’, their atrocities committed on the Muslims in Lahore and elsewhere and as reported by many historians of the time.
www.geocities.com /scn_pk/warisshah.html?200622   (3452 words)

 Heer Waris Shah
Waris Shah is a model poet who inspired and guided generations of Punjabi poets belonging to the medieval as well as modern period.
Waris Shah’s parents are said to have died in his early years and he must have received his education at the shrine of his preceptor.
Waris Shah is at his best when he describes the scenes of separation, details of beauty, graces of nature, human feelings and sentiments.
www.punjabilok.com /heritage/heer_waris_shah.htm   (1127 words)

 Waris Shah Summary
Waris Shah belonged to a respected family that claimed descent from the prophet Muhammad.
Shah died in his natal village where his tomb is located and where an annual festival is held in his name.
Waris Shah (1719 or 1730–1790) was a Punjabi poet from the Punjab, most well-known for his seminal work Heer Ranjha, based on the traditional folk tale of Heer and her lover Ranjha.
www.bookrags.com /Waris_Shah   (374 words)

 Two hundred years later   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Waris Shah is much misquoted and misunderstood as a poet but the scholarship needed to separate chaff from his poetic grain may not be in the offing at all.
He knew Waris Shah well enough to make a perfect copy of his style but the additions were tendentious and diagonally opposite of the spirit of the original.
The popularity of Waris Shah cannot be narrowed down to a single factor but the spirit of rebellion and anarchy is perhaps the main cause.
www.mahapunjab.org /articles/2003/03ali.html   (1109 words)

 La Waris
Waris Shah was born in Jandiala Sher Khan village in undivided Punjab (now in Pakistan), between, 1720-1735.
Waris studied in the local madrasa but was greatly influenced by the Sufi saints of the day.
Waris fell in love with a local village girl Baghvari, but her family was against the match.
www.mid-day.com /columns/nadita_puri/2006/october/144855.htm   (826 words)

 Waris Shah: Poet of the Punjab
Here Waris Shah, the social analyst is at his best and displays his knowledge of all the philosophies and ideologies of his time, offering a very powerful critique.
Waris Shah in the end of the story writes that he has written this Kissa, to educate the people.
Manzur Ejaz pointed out that Waris Shah through the pages of Heer has examined all the social institutions with minute details and criticized them with the rigor of a social scientist and exposed all the contradictions in the society of his time.
www.sikhreview.org /march2001/literature.htm   (1290 words)

 Light Within: Simply Romantic
Waris Shah had composed an illustrious Punjabi folk romance (now a film) sitting in this hujra.
The ancient mosque, now known as Mosque Waris Shah, with three green color domes and a hujra are venerated by literary figures, curiously conscious and devoted faithful.
There is another small room in the mosque premises with nameplate that reads, "Library Waris Shah" but that too was closed and the key could not be procured because "it had been misplaced".
sajshirazi.blogspot.com /2006/07/simply-romantic.html   (1081 words)

 Punjabi film ''Waris Shah''goes to oscars as an American entry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Punjabi film ''Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris'' directed by late Manoj Punj is the US entry in the foreign film category to the Oscars this year.
Waris Shah is a disciple of Baba Makhdoom, who popularised music.
To fulfill the last wish of his Guru, Waris Shah goes to a village to write the epic love story of ''Heer Ranjha'', which is now his sole mission in life.
news.webindia123.com /news/articles/India/20061127/520203.html   (251 words)

 Legendary poet of Punjab   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
poetry the arrival of Waris Shah was an epoch-making event which changed the status, tone and tenor of Punjabi poetry.
In the hands of Waris this legend was chiselled and distilled in a verse around 1766 AD which became the great bard’s poetic destiny.
by Waris is full of poetic intensity, authenticity, critical faculty, deep and wide observation, wisdom gained through living a full and rich life, critical daring, romantic imagination, poetic vision, artistic excellence and natural grace of perfect execution.
www.mahapunjab.org /articles/old/oldkapoor.html   (1076 words)

 Heer Ranjha - Pakistani film from 1970   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Syed Waris Shah (1722-98) was born in Jandiala Sher Khan, District Sheikhupura, Punjab (Pakistan).
Heer Waris Shah (or The Romance of Heer Ranjha, written in 1766) is believed to be based on the true account of two star-crossed lovers, who lived during the 16th century.
It is also said that Waris Shah sublimated his own unrequited love for a girl (Bhag Bhari) in writing the romance.
www.mazhar.dk /film/history/70s/heerranjha   (616 words)

 waris shah trade reviews
To fulfill the last wish of his Guru, Waris Shah reached a village to write the epic love story of HEER RANJHA which was now his sole mission in life.
On the whole waris shah – ishq daa waaris is an appealing fare.It should score in India as well as overseas circuit.
It is the tale of the lengendary sufi poet Waris Shah covering the period when he wrote the classic HEER.
www.gurdasmaan.com /warisshahtrade.htm   (715 words)

 Nazaria-e-Pakistan Foundation: Ideology of Pakistan Foundation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Syed Waris Shah was one of the most leading and prominent poets of the 18th Century.
Over 76 writers have written Heer but the work of Waris Shah was rare among them all.
Waris Shah o sadaee jewende nain jinah keetian naik kamaian nain.
www.nazariapak.info /sufism/waris-shah.asp   (408 words)

 The bard of Punjab, Waris Shah, now on celluloid   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A timeless story of love, tragedy and transformation, `Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waris', recounts the legend of the Punjabi Sufi saint, Waris Shah and the real-life love that inspired his epic poem Heer Ranjha.
So, playing the character of the poet in the film, I sometimes felt in myself the spirit of Waris Shah, especially when I was in full get-up," says Gurdas Maan.
Born in village Jandiala Sher Khan in 1722, Syed Waris Shah was a consummate artiste, deeply learned in Islamic and domestic cultural love.
news.webindia123.com /news/articles/India/20061103/497387.html   (360 words)

 Bulleh Shah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bulleh Shah received his early schooling in Pandoke, and later moved to Kasur for higher education, to become a student of the prominent professor, Ghulam Murtaza.
The verse form Bulleh Shah primarily employed is called the Kafi (Refrain), a traditional style of Punjabi poetry used by Punjabi Sufis and Sikh gurus (such as Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh).
Inayat Shah Qadri (or Shah Inayat, as he is referred to in Bulleh Shah’s poetry) was a Sufi of the Qadri order, who authored many Persian books on mysticism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bulleh_Shah   (1068 words)

 DAWN - Features; August 9, 2003
She chose to speak only on Waris Shah, the man. She said a lot of material was available about his creative work, Heer, but there was not much about his person.
She then revealed that although everyone says Waris Shah was born in 1722, his actual year of birth, as confirmed by her research, was 1717.
Bulleh Shah was born in 1680 or 1691 and Waris Shah, according to the learned speaker, in 1717.
www.dawn.com /2003/08/09/fea.htm   (2322 words)

 Waris Shah conference concludes
The first ever Waris Shah conference was arranged by the World Punjabi Congress (WPC) to promote peace and tolerance in the region by highlighting the great poets’ Punjabi work.
Dr SS Noor, Indian delegates representative, said that Waris Shah was among the greatest poets of the world and “a common heritage of Punjabis all around the world”.
A seminar was held on Heer Ranjha’s diction, Waris Shah and Punjabi culture, and manuscripts of Heer on the last day of the conference at Alhamra.
www.punjabilok.com /latest_news/news.php?newsid=124   (257 words)

 Featured Article, Struggle Continues: ShariaHaunt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Listening to Asma Jahangir the next day at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for Scholars, I was again reminded of Waris Shah’s Heer who would not bow to her oppressors — her parents, tribe, mullah, qazi and the ruler (raja).
Waris Shah distinguishes between love as a vehicle of social struggle — to overcome class, creed and tribal prejudices — and the desire to be with the lover by any means.
Waris Shah makes the point that mere suffering or its awareness are not enough to change an oppressive system.
www.shariahaunt.com /amritaheerasma.html   (1641 words)

 The Tribune - Magazine section - Saturday Extra
So fierce was the trauma of the holocaust on her poetic mind that she had to charter out an entirely new path for herself and her people embracing the sorrows of the community as a whole.
She emerged as one who had the mind and the power of the pen to record the sufferings of Heer as she could fathom the depth of trauma undergone by the hundreds of girls in Punjab at that time.
Amrita felt more at home with the mazars of Mian Meer Waris Shah and Bulleh Shah which were as dear to her as the Taj and Roza of Ajmer Sharif.
www.tribuneindia.com /2005/20051105/saturday/main1.htm   (1651 words)

 Heer's Way, My way or High way by Fauzia Rafiq: ShariaHaunt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Instead, I affirm it as one of the many possible ways of rebellion in Punjabi society, and a one that is practiced by Punjabi women the most as most of us are threatened with various restrictions requiring lifelong dedication to the same institutions of marriage and family.
"Shah Hussain, the most latitudinarian of these Sufi poets used to drink, dance and sing freely in the streets of Lahore and was deeply in love with Madhu Lal, a handsome Brahman boy whose name he appended to his own to become known as Maddhu Lal Hussain.
This 'mention' of Shah Hussein's gay personality is uncommon and so does not figure much in the valuable body of work done on him by Punjabi scholars.
www.shariahaunt.com /heerquestions.html   (1413 words)

 Punjabi film goes to the Oscars
Waris Shah is set in the 17th century, and is about Sufi saint Ishq Daa Waris.
It is difficult to believe that he is no more. Whenever I would wrap up a film with him, I would ask him when he would call me again.
Waris Shah is one of India's entries to the 79th Academy Awards.
rediff.com /movies/2006/nov/28waris.htm   (465 words)

 Review on Pinjar - Movie by jai_coer on MouthShut.com
ajj lakkha dheeyan roundiyan, kitthe waris shah nu kahan
The poetess is calling upon the famous sufi poet waris shah, saying when heer a daughter of Punjab cried you wrote epic about her plight.
shah and see what is happening to the country.
www.mouthshut.com /review/Pinjar-63765-1.html   (871 words)

 Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris has entered ACADEMY AWARDS 06.
We have added exclusive pages of Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris for which LOGIN is required.
This versatile actress plays the role of SAABO in Sai Productions's new venture Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris.Divya Dutta is an highly acclaimed artiste who not only features in films but has bagged prestigious roles from the TV Industry too.
www.saiproductions.com   (266 words)

 Shah 'Abdu'l-Latif   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Shah 'Abdu'l‑Latif (1689‑1752), born in Hyderabad, Sind, joined a group of wandering yogis and later settled in Bhit, where his tomb is still a revered shrine.
Bulthe Shah (1680‑1752) is one of the most admired Punjabi Sufi poets.
Waris Shah (1730‑1790), who wrote in Punjabi, uses, as mystics do in most religious traditions, the language and metaphors of earthly love.
www.macalester.edu /~cuffel/sufipoetry.htm   (1133 words)

 The Hindu : The dancing skeletons
O Waris Shah, rise and look at your Punjab...
WOUNDED in mind and displaced physically from her homeland Lahore in the greatest communal division of greater India, an anguished Amrita Pritam penned these famous lines in her mother tongue Punjabi soon after the ordeal.
Her extreme resentment against the distorted social assemblage where common people, primarily women, had to suffer horrors in the name of religion, transferred in poetic form towards one of the greatest Sufi saints of Punjab, Waris Shah, the grand old poet of Punjabi romantics.
www.hindu.com /thehindu/mp/2003/10/30/stories/2003103001080100.htm   (791 words)

 Moon Over Medina - A Sufi Bookstore   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
His Eminence Hazrat Maulana Shah Syed Waris Hassan R.A., an eminent saint of the sub-continent, India (passed away in 1355 Hijra) was born in this "Darul Aulia" in 1282 A.H. Before his birth his elder brother Tamizul Hassan had died at the age of 19 years leaving his father grief-stricken.
He also said that the coming saint would be given the exact name WARIS HASSAN.
Hazrat Maulana Shah Syed Waris Hassan belonged to the Chistiya Spiritual Order (Chishtiya Silsala).
www.moonovermedina.com /books/s_aspirants/bc.htm   (156 words)

 Read Reviews on Waris Shah - MouthShut.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Waris Shah was a legendry sufi writer of the 18 the century famed for writing the most famous version of Heer.
Heer is in the conciousness of all those are born or bred in Punjab.
If you are a journalist, looking to use information from this website, please click here.
www.mouthshut.com /product-reviews/Waris_Shah-925069800.html   (118 words)

 waris shah ... Ishq daa Waaris
The entire shooting of Sai Production's latest venture Waris shah - Ishq Daa Waaris has completed.Set in the 18th century, the film stars Gurdas Maan, Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta, Sushant Singh, Mukesh Rishi and Gurkirtan.
Touted to be the costliest and biggest film ever made in the history of Punjabi Cinema, it is based on the life of the legendary poet Waris Shah who wrote the epic love story 'HeerRanjha'
Actor Juhi Chawla will soon be seen in 'Waris Shah - Ishq Daa Waaris' the costliest film ever made in the history of Punjabi Cinema, the film tracks the life of legendary poet Waris Shah, who wrote the epic love story 'Heer Ranjha'.
www.gurdasmaan.com /warisshah.htm   (199 words)

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