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Topic: Warner Brothers Network

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  Warner Bros. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Warner bought Schlesinger's cartoon unit in 1944, and in subsequent decades characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck became central to the company's image.
To the surprise of many, the flashy, star-driven Warner Communications merged in 1989 with the white-shoe publishing company Time, Inc. Though Time and its magazines claimed a higher tone, it was the Warner Brothers film and music units which provided the profits.
In the late 1990s, Warners obtained rights to the Harry Potter novels, and released the first one in 2001 the second one in 2002 and the third one in 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Warner_Brothers   (1783 words)

 WB Television Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The WB Television Network, casually referred to as The WB, is a television network in the United States, founded as a joint venture between the Warner Bros. film studio and Tribune Company on January 11, 1995.
The network is typically referred to as The WB or sometimes as The Frog (referring to the network's former mascot, the animated character Michigan J. Frog).
It was estimated in 2005 that the WB was viewable by 91.66% of all households, reaching 90,282,480 houses in the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Warner_Brothers_Network   (693 words)

 Warner Brothers Article, WarnerBrothers Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The first Warner Bros. enterprise, "Warner Brothers Studios," was co-founded in Hollywood, California, in 1923 by four brothers, Harry Warner (1881-1958), Albert Warner (1882-1967), Sam Warner (1887-1927) and JackWarner (1892-1978).
During the 1930s, the Warner Bros. Studio became known for producing gritty, darkcrime films that were accused of glorifying the gangster lifestyle.
Warner Bros. also produced a number of action-adventure movies, practically monopolizing the genreof the swashbuckler and forever identifying the name of Errol Flynn with Robin Hood.
www.anoca.org /studio/bros/warner_brothers.html   (584 words)

 Warner Brothers --  Encyclopædia Britannica
The company was founded by four brothers, Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack Warner, who were the sons of Benjamin Eichelbaum, an immigrant Polish cobbler and peddler.
The brothers began their careers showing moving pictures in Ohio and Pennsylvania on a traveling basis.
In 1963 Reprise was sold to Warner Brothers, and, although the label continued to record Sinatra, it soon forswore 1950s...
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9076123?tocId=9076123   (760 words)

 WB Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Warner Brothers Network (the WB as it is usually refered to) is a very new network in relation to television.
It so far is not in full contention with the big 3 network or the Fox network, but it still is in the process of making a name out of itself.
These figures are not competitive with the top networks, but they do beat out the UPN network which is their most comparable competition.
www.msu.edu /~steinho3/WBnet.htm   (186 words)

Just hours after ABC dropped ``Sister, Sister,'' Warner Brothers was in touch with producers Suzanne de Passe, Mert Rich and Brian Pollack to rescue the sitcom and commit to 22 new episodes.
With the twins, Tim Reid and Jackee Harry signed for 22 episodes, Warner Brothers launches its second season tonight with ``Sister, Sister'' at 8 on the cable superstation WGN and Saturday at 8 p.m.
Also making a leap in her career on the WB Network is Ellen Cleghorne, who first broke through on ``Saturday Night Live.'' Cleghorne told the TV writers that she regards starring in a sitcom as a new frontier.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /VA-news/VA-Pilot/issues/1995/vp950906/09060051.htm   (1146 words)

The new Warner Brothers Network TV show "Smallville" was obviously inspired by "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Smallville is the hometown of a teen-aged Clark Kent, long before he has adopted the Superman persona.
It was to take another 30 years before DC, then owned by Warner [the same company behind "Smallville"], recognised their obligation to the two men whose creation was the foundation of the company's success.
In the face of a concerted public campaign, Warner accepted it had a "moral obligation" to the two men, awarding them both pensions.
www.columbia.edu /~lnp3/mydocs/culture/Smallville.htm   (1121 words)

 Warner Brothers Sponsors Podcaster
After getting into some trouble for its early marketing practices in the blogosphere, Warner Brothers Records is dipping its toes in the blog waters once again.
Warner Brothers Records got into some trouble with bloggers last year over the promotion of its band, the Secret Machines.
He said Warner Brothers isn't trying to measure results of the sponsorship in any detail.
www.clickz.com /news/article.php/3491781   (666 words)

 The That's Warner Bros.!/Bugs N' Daffy Show Page
When the Warner Brothers' Television Network, the WB, began broadcasting in 1995, with a 'Kids' WB!' assortment of animated programs, it seemed logical that the offering should feature the classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons for which Warner Brothers' animation division is famous.
The 1996 merger of Warner Brothers and Turner Entertainment gave the WB access to an additional number of shorts to air as part of the Daffy Show, and the WB's collection of post-1948 cartoons have made their way onto Warner Brothers' cartoon blocks on Cartoon Network, TNT, and TBS.
The WB Network retained the rights to the same post-1948 titles that it had been telecasting for the previous two years, and added first-run pre-1948 cartoons to compose new episodes.
looney.goldenagecartoons.com /tv/thatswb   (1176 words)

 Warner Brothers --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
The U.S. motion-picture studio Warner Brothers played a pivotal role in the development of the Hollywood film industry.
The company was founded by four brothers, Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack Warner, who were the sons of Benjamin Eichelbaum, an immigrant Polish…
More results on "Warner Brothers" when you join.
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-9339883?tocId=9339883   (753 words)

 ipedia.com: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eventually it was decided that the character of Willow would discover her sapphic destiny (at the very time she was awakening to her Wiccan superpowers), and in season four she began a romantic relationship with the character of Tara.
This created some controversy in the media: the producers and the network received criticism, both from those opposed to gay characters on television, and from some pro-gay viewers who felt that the initial physical tepidness of the relationship, as well as the fact that the gay characters were both "witches", was reinforcing negative stereotypes.
Buffy is credited (alongside the teen drama Dawson's Creek) with playing a key role in the success of the Warner Brothers television network in its early years.
www.ipedia.com /buffy_the_vampire_slayer.html   (1786 words)

Tonight at 8, the WB Television Network introduces itself to viewers with a sitcom starring the youngest brothers in the show biz Wayans family, Shawn and Marlon.
The Warner Brothers studio, long known for its animated shorts and films, was true to form in choosing a cartoon character named Michigan J. Frog to promote the network.
But Warner Brothers put its TV network together quickly in the last weeks of 1994, signing up stations in 80 percent of the U.S. markets, including the WGN superstation in Chicago.
scholar.lib.vt.edu /VA-news/VA-Pilot/issues/1995/vp950111/01110029.htm   (1371 words)

 Animaniacs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Animaniacs is a cartoon show on the Warner Brothers network.
The images on this page are copyright © Warner Brothers and can be found on the Animaniacs image archive.
Wakko is a Warner Brother, packs away the snacks, and has a voice like Ringo Starr.
www.oit.duke.edu /sa/anim.html   (132 words)

 Sucks to Yer Az-Mar!: Chilly the Cheetah vs. Michigan J. Frog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I suppose you realize that the Warner Brothers television network debuted last Wednesday, and they chose as their spokesman Michigan J. Frog, and I am outraged!
Yes, all those shows and more on the Warner Brothers Network, Wednesday nights on a station near you, and if it's not on a station near you, check it out on WGN on your cable dial.
No, it's much better than on their old network -- you know, that other network that we don't want to talk about.
www.ellwanger.tv /writing/radio/azmar/chmichigan.html   (821 words)

 Samurai Jack on DVD Petition
This petition is to get Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack series released on DVD in season-by-season sets rather than in "best-of" collections.
Warner Bros. has been releasing their television product in "best-of" collections - this petition's aim is to change this policy for the Samurai Jack series.
The Samurai Jack on DVD Petition to Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network was created by Animation on DVD.com and written by Keith Finch.
www.petitiononline.com /DVDjack/petition.html   (189 words)

 WBJobs.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Warner Bros. Entertainment stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry, from feature films to television, home video/DVD, animation, comic books, interactive entertainment and games, product and brand licensing, international cinemas and broadcasting.
For more information about Warner Bros. Entertainment, please visit http://www.warnerbros.com/.
Warner Bros. Entertainment is part of the Time Warner family of companies.
www.wbjobs.com   (90 words)

 Alligator Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After a year of changing channels and not being able to watch some of the shows she receives in her hometown, Tanicia Daley started a petition to add the Warner Brothers Network and the United Paramount Network to television networks available on Cox Cable.
Daley and a number of other students will have a welcome surprise this month when the Warner Brothers Network premieres on television screens across Gainesville, said Sue Edwards, operations manager for Budd Communications, the local broadcasting company that owns the license to air WB.
Now that WB has a local affiliate in Gainesville, Cox Cable is making room for the growing network to be included in their television lineup.
www.alligator.org /edit/issues/97-fall/971001/b14tv1.htm   (337 words)

 Learn more about Television network in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Learn more about Television network in the online encyclopedia.
A television network is a distribution network for television content whereby a central operation provides programming for many television stations.
Many early television networks evolved from earlier radio networks.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /t/te/television_network.html   (256 words)

 TV ACRES: Network Abbreviations - Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, & United States   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Nashville Network (Changed their name to The National Network in 2000.
When the title of a TV show is given in this database, it will contain the Network on which it appeared and the Year(s) it ran on television.
NOTE: This is not a complete list of all network abbreviation used in the US, Britain and Australia.
www.tvacres.com /network_abbreviations.htm   (117 words)

 Business Wire: iEntertainment Network Signs Agreement With War... @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Warner Brothers Online is a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. Under the agreement, iEntertainment Network will provide interactive content, a series of exclusive Internet games, as well as contests and promotions for ENTERTAINDOM(R).
Warner Brothers Online will provide iEN with access to their ENTERTAINDOM(R) members, giving iEntertainment Network the opportunity to benefit from Internet advertising revenue and fees from links to premium games, such as WarBirds and Dawn of Aces.
In addition, Warner Brothers Online will promote iEntertainment Network's content throughout their site and in regular updates to their customers.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:58053989&refid=ink_tptd_np   (400 words)

 Warner Bros. Online
Warner Bros. provides the most complete Entertainment News coverage, Movie Trailers, TV Listings, Showtimes, Talk Shows, Animated Cartoons and Music.
Warner Brothers provides the best entertainment news, movie trailers, TV listings, showtimes, talk shows and animated cartoons online.
WB presents state of the art original content and 3D interactive animated cartoons.
www.warnerbros.com   (339 words)

 The WB Television Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The WB Television Network is a television network in the United States, founded by the Warner Bros. film studio and Tribune Company in January 1995.
It is sold to TV markets below the number 100 in viewership as determined by Nielsen in a packaged format, with a master schedule and no local ads.
de:The WB el:The WB Network (The WB) fr:Warner Brothers Network la:The WB nl:The WB
www.netipedia.com /index.php/WB_Network   (332 words)

 eBay - wb warner brothers, Animation Art, Characters, Housewares Kitchenware items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Warner Brothers WB Looney Tunes NYC Taxi NIB *RARE* 
Warner Brothers WB Jacket New With Price Tag.
Warner Brothers WB Limited Editio 2001/2500 Plate Santa 
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=wb+warner+brothers&...   (372 words)

 Jane's Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
For a seminar I am taking on media effects on adolescents, I am having pre-teens view a television show on the Warner Brothers Network called "Dawson's Creek" and answer a series of surveys on how they identify with the characters.
I was given the URL for more than 50 pages before "Excite" listed the official Dawson's Creek Web site operated by Warner Brothers Network and even later before the search engine provided the URL for the
I tried variations on the spelling of the show's name, including "Dawsons Creek," and added words to the search string such as WB, Warner Brothers, television, and official, in varying combinations.
ils.unc.edu /~nattj/project1.html   (585 words)

 Warner Bros. Online: Homepage
WarnerBros.com is the entry point to Warner Bros. Studios entertainment, the online destination for information about WB movies, television shows, music, dvd and video releases.
Fans have the opportunity to email their favorite celebrities, shop for exclusive Warner Bros. merchandise, register to receive email newsletters, enter sweepstakes to win cool stuff and play their way to the top of the high scores lists!
Warner Bros. Sitemap -- See what we have to offer!
www2.warnerbros.com /main/homepage/homepage.html   (148 words)

 Time Warner: Working with the Best at Time Warner
As manager of Satellites and Technology, being a part of a great team – a family – makes a huge difference coming to work everyday.
Time Warner is invested in the development of its people, not just the bottom line.
Working as a web producer at This Old House, I'm able to enjoy the benefits of working at a large corporation and the feeling that comes with working at a small company.
www.timewarner.com /corp/careers   (178 words)

 Collectable Card Games - Buffy - from Near-mint.com online auction for the collectables scene   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a U.S. television series loosely based on the 1992 movie of the same name.
It first aired in March 1997 on the Warner Brothers network; after five seasons it transferred to the United Paramount Network (UPN) for two more seasons, and the final episode aired in May 2003.
The series was created by Joss Whedon, who also wrote the movie, and produced by Mutant Enemy Productions.
near-mint.com /encyclopedia/ccg/buffy.htm   (664 words)

 Main Page @ angelskiss.bravehost.com - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site
This site is intended to be a place for other Angel fans to find info and resources about the show.
Angel belongs to Joss Whedon, Warner Brothers Television Network.
The show is distributed by Warner Brothers Television Network.
www.angelskiss.bravehost.com   (428 words)

 Warner Brothers TV Network begins Tueday night programming January 20 in History
Warner Brothers TV Network begins Tueday night programming January 20 in History
Warner Brothers TV Network begins Tueday night programming
It is big enough to take care of itself.
www.brainyhistory.com /events/1998/january_20_1998_175954.html   (42 words)

 Warner Brothers Records: Web Search on The Skateboard Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
BOB JAMES AND A YAMAHA * DISKLAVIER A WINNING COMBINATION n eagerly awaited new Warner Brothers release by Fourplay, aptly entitled 4, is on the new release...
Guinness Book andamp; NBC Today Show- Skateboard Ramp * Obstacle builder designer 2003 * Worked with Warner Brothers Pictures to coordinate a segment on the NBC Today...
View the next page of search results from the SkateboardDirectory.com Skateboard Web Index about 'Warner Brothers Records'.
skateboarddirectory.com /srch/?qt=Warner%20Brothers%20Records&wo=1   (460 words)

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