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Topic: Weapon

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  Lethal Weapon (1987)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Richard Donner's 'Lethal Weapon' is one of the finest films to offer its audience the combination of strong acting, and scenes out of hell...
The final battle, where the two cops team up against the general and his henchmen, is especially thrilling...
Discuss this title with other users on IMDb message board for Lethal Weapon (1987)
www.imdb.com /title/tt0093409   (702 words)

  Nuclear weapon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some weapons are designed for special purposes; a neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon that yields a relatively small explosion but a relatively large amount of prompt radiation.
The detonation of a nuclear weapon is accompanied by a blast of neutron radiation.
Nuclear weapons have been at the heart of many national and international political disputes and have played a major part in popular culture since their dramatic public debut in the 1940s and have usually symbolized the ultimate ability of mankind to utilize the strength of nature for destruction.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_weapon   (2503 words)

 Weapon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first known traces of weapons are from the stone age with flint knives, handaxes and heads for large darts.
Magnetic weapon is one that uses magnetic fields to accelerate and propel projectiles, or to focus charged particle beams.
Suicide weapons are typically explosive in nature and exploit the willingness of their operator to not survive the attack to reach their target.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Weapon   (2645 words)

 Weapons :: d20srd.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A character can fight with both ends of a double weapon as if fighting with two weapons, but he or she incurs all the normal attack penalties associated with two-weapon combat, just as though the character were wielding a one-handed weapon and a light weapon.
An arrow used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (-4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a dagger of its size (critical multiplier ×2).
A crossbow bolt used as a melee weapon is treated as a light improvised weapon (-4 penalty on attack rolls) and deals damage as a dagger of its size (crit ×2).
www.d20srd.org /srd/equipment/weapons.htm   (5370 words)

 CNN.com - Sci-Tech - Pentagon's latest weapon: a pain beam - March 2, 2001
The weapon, called "active denial technology," was developed by Air Force research laboratories in New Mexico and Texas as part of a multi-service program run by the Marine Corps.
The weapon is designed to stop people by firing millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy in a beam that quickly heats up the surface of the victim's skin.
The Pentagon has made a strong push to develop "non-lethal" weapons in the aftermath of a humanitarian mission in Somalia in 1992-93 that put soldiers in the line of fire in urban areas where civilians were present.
archives.cnn.com /2001/TECH/science/03/02/new.weapon.02   (581 words)

 Red Faction - Weapons
This weapon is capable of inflicting critical wounds when a head or torso shot is achieved.
This weapon is a high explosive anti-personnel device with a kill radius of 5 meters.
This weapon was brought to Mars by Col. Masako's mercenaries.
www.redfaction.com /weapons.cfm   (680 words)

 Red Faction II - Weapons
The Grenade Launcher is the preferred weapon of Alias, the demolitions expert in Molov's squad of elite, nano-enhanced super soldiers.
The assault rifle is a standard-issued weapon for the Commonwealth soldiers and grunts.
This weapon is also capable of discharging incendiary rounds as a form of alternate fire, making it a very powerful weapon.
www.redfaction2.com /weapons.cfm   (413 words)

 weapon systems
Beyond the batteries of missiles and the defensive weapons, the main offensive arm of the large G.O.D. satellites was a weapon "able to destroy a Sharlin Cruiser with a single shot, at ranges exceeding the standard range of the Minbari main beam weapons".
The Beam/Pulse weapons are a family of complex, effective and versatile system that allows the use of the same barrel both as a Plasma or as a Pulse Cannon and as an heavy particle beam.
A weapon, except the internal fusion fed weapons, has a power output directly related to the power input: the Ion Cannons have an high energetic efficience, and the exceptional power of the Centauri weapons is due to the large power availability of their vessels.
efni.org /weapon.htm   (5470 words)

 Weapon Damage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The damage of the weapon, which is shown in the inventory screen, is calculated from the weapon's own properties that affect Weapon Damage.
Skills that have one of these properties may either add a normal percentage bonus to total damage, or they may (1) add a physical damage bonus in total damage calculations and (2) convert all or a portion of physical damage into another damage type in the damage type conversion step.
Let's calculate the damage of an amazon with a 100-damage weapon and 200 dexterity, when she fires a level 20 Magic Arrow attack and scores a critical strike.
users.tkk.fi /~tgustafs/weapondamage.html   (2576 words)

 Terrorism - Mini-Nukes, Bunker-Busters, and Deterrence: Framing the Debate
These weapons, generally known as mini-nukes, are relatively small nuclear weapons designed to destroy underground targets, such as chemical, biological and nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, and command bunkers.
Non-nuclear states might then be compelled to develop nuclear weapons to avoid being flmailed by nuclear states, leading to acceleration in nuclear proliferation and a heightened risk of nuclear war.
As the example of the Libyan chemical weapons plant demonstrates, weapons designed for a highly specific purpose often generate explicit threats to use them for that purpose, even when the official policy is to avoid specific nuclear threats.
www.cdi.org /terrorism/mininukes.cfm   (1830 words)

 Neverwinter Nights: Weapon Master
The weapon master requires access to several feats, so make certain that your character has at least a dexterity of 13 and an intelligence of 13.
For a weapon master, perfection is found in the mastery of a single melee weapon.
A weapon master seeks to unite this weapon of choice with the body, to make them one, and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.
nwn.bioware.com /underdark/prestige_weaponmaster.html   (380 words)

 Defense Tech: Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon
A post-action report from Iraq describes the effect of the new weapon: "One unit disintegrated a large one-storey masonry type building with one round from 100 meters.
The Soviet Union was heavily criticized for using thermobaric weapons in Afghanistan because they were held to constitute "disproportionate force," and similar criticisms were made when thermobarics were used in the Chechen conflict.
Kill the enemy and destroy his/her will to fight is the only way to victory, and weapons like the thermobaric weapons, with both the psychological and physical effects are the kinds of weapons needed to achieve this.
www.defensetech.org /archives/001944.html   (943 words)

 SoldierTech: The DREAD Weapon System
The weapon's designer/inventor has informed DefRev that future versions of the weapon will be capable of achieving projectile velocities in the 5,000-8,000 fps range with no difficulty.
The weapon will be capable of rotating 360 degrees and enjoy the same elevation and declination capabilities of any conventional vehicle-mounted gun/weapon.
And, all this from a weapon that doesn't jam.
www.military.com /soldiertech/0,14632,Soldiertech_DREAD,,00.html   (1759 words)

 Weapon transport and storage guidance UK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Weapon transport and storage guidance UK Het eerste van de twee artikelen op deze pagina verscheen in december 2003 in RUNESTAFF, het clubblad van The Vikings (www.vikingsonline.org.uk).
Weapons stored in vehicles should be placed out of sight, or covered, wherever possible.
This is no longer acceptable, as the police are now insisting on seeing your Equity card, asking which theatre company you are working for, and requesting the telephone number of the stage manager to enquire as to why their props are outside of the theatre or the warehouse.
www.lplg.nl /special/weapon_uk.htm   (1413 words)

 Amazon.com: Blake's 7 - Shadow / Weapon (1992) : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Weapon - The battle rages on between the freedom fighters and the Federation as they search for the stolen prototype of IMIPAK - delayed death at the press of a button.
But things are complicated by the disappearance of a Federation weapons technician who has created an ingenious new weapon.
"Weapon" is a bit over the top; the outrageously baroque costumes and weird, stagy sequence involving the Clone Masters seem a bit incongruous with the essential thrust of the plot.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6302719488?v=glance   (905 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bear in mind that if the mob dies from weapon damage and the proc goes off, the combat log does not show the proc.
I figure that a 10% profit margin is not unreasonable given that I have to cover the costs of buying the recipie in the first place (60g) and the rod to make it and the skill up...
anywho why is it that every druid doesnt have to buy good weapons and has cr-p a-s armor and still wants to be as good as the classes that they immetate...
www.thottbot.com /?sp=13898   (2222 words)

 How to mod a Heatercore (Dual 120mm version) - Overclockers Forums
Scrub down the sides, the top tank and the bottom tank with cast aluminum wheel cleaner (basically acid) and a brass brush - rinse it off with lots of water and let it dry.
Nice, I've seen this over at xtremesystems, the 77 Bonneville cores are $50 CDN here in Canada, when I get the chance to swing by a store I'm gonna pick one up.
Just so you know, weapon, I was able to attach my tubing to the pipes on the 2-342 without any kind of barbs - just boil the tubes and stretch them over.
www.ocforums.com /showthread.php?t=304440   (3883 words)

 CS-Nation - counter-strike info - weapon info - the future of Counter-Strike - csnation.net
This weapon may be called inaccurate in some cases (like above), but it is probably one of the most accurate in the game if used correctly.
This weapon has a good zoom, but don't try firing it at full auto as the scope will simply bounce around.
Overview: This brings the term one-shot-one-kill to life in Counter-Strike, this weapons weak points are it's zoom out period to bolt the weapon, and it's horrible performance in CQB, or Close Quarter Battle.
www.csnation.net /view.php/csinfo/weapons.csn   (1441 words)

 Secret Weapon
Prepare to learn about conventional weapons and secret weapons.
Well, this gun takes smart weapons to the next level.
The maker estimates they will be fully tested and deployed by 2006.
www.secretweapon.com   (173 words)

 Blackjack Weapon
So after making free how to win at fljack a quick buck with the idol, con set off for a little mountain town called Huaraz.
to take advantage of fljack weapon a favorable deck, he tips off his teammates.
at a statistical disadvantage this player fljack weapon will signal for the team’s bettors to swoop in.
minasolo.100megsfree5.com /blackjack/weapon.html   (344 words)

 Think Progress » Exclusive: Classified Pentagon Document Described White Phosphorus As ‘Chemical ...
The definition of a chemical weapon is not a chemical used as a weapon.
Indeed, as the historical record clearly shows, all incendiary weapons are chemical weapons, and were so regarded by the United States government at one time, before these historical facts became an embarassment to the justifications put forward in defense of the U.S. methods of waging war.
Chemical or not, I’d draw the distinction between weapons that are aimed strictly at the guys shooting back and whose side effects don’t include genetic damage, and weapons that are aimed at people not really in the fight (including kids conceived 10 years later), or at ruining the land (like Agent Orange).
thinkprogress.org /2005/11/21/phosphorus-chemical   (16046 words)

 The Unofficial Lethal Weapon Page
Included on the site is my first Lethal Weapon trivia quiz, sound files, pictures and links to detailed information on cast members and each of the four Lethal Weapon movies.
The expanded quiz includes 39 questions that are sure to test even the most knowledgable Lethal Weapon fan.
In addition to the widescreen version of the film, the disc includes behind the scenes footage from LW4, deleted scenes from the first three Lethal Weapons and original theatrical trailers for the first three movies.
www.geocities.com /pjreilly/lethal/lethal.htm   (188 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Zulian Stone Axe
But this weapon has dropped a couple times for our guild, and the paladins have passed to hunters every time.
This weapon is only useful if you want to have a weapon that is decent for both without having to switch (which is pretty silly to want).
Another good aspect of this weapon is the Int...it adds up to 300 mana or so...this makes the zulian an awesome weapon in PVP...coupled with +15 str/agil.
thottbot.com /?i=51337   (1404 words)

 Amazon.com: Lethal Weapon: DVD: Mel Gibson,Danny Glover,Gary Busey,Mitch Ryan,Tom Atkins,Darlene Love,Traci ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The `Lethal Weapon 4' disc showed all of the deleted scenes in its Extra Features section, but it just wasn't the same.
I saw lethal weapon on tbs and it was very cool!My favorite part is where Mel Gibson and Gary Busey fight on the ground in the end.
When Amanda Hunsaker is falling, she looks like she is going to hit the windscreen of the car, and yet ends up in the middle of the roof.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0790729695?v=glance   (1783 words)

 Caeryn Dryad's Weapon Damage Calculator
With the recent changes to the granite (buffing it from 0.02 to 20%) it became obvious that you needed to tinker your weapon with granite.
Well basically you input your weapon base damage (that's the max damage on your weapon).
The variance OR the min damage (which calculates your weapon's variance for you.
www.code-poets.org /weapondamage.html   (344 words)

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