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Topic: Weather gage

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weather satellite, artificial satellite used to gather data on a global basis for improvement of weather forecasting.
"A-weather" is towards the weather, or the side on which the wind strikes.
The weather-eye is towards the wind to forecast the weather.
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=weather   (273 words)

 Gage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thomas Gage (1719-1787), a British general in the American Revolution.
Weather gage, in military sea tactics, a windward position relative to an enemy ship.
Stream gage, a site along a stream where flow measurements are made.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gage   (164 words)

 Tactics - Step 1 - The Weather Gage
The weather gage (less commonly weather gauge) is the favorable position of a sailing vessel relative to the wind.
This is generally any direction upwind; vessels holding the weather gage are able to turn and move quickly downwind to their choice of new positions.
A ship with the weather gage would steal their wind, as the sails are not only capturing the wind to propel the ship, but blocking the wind from the enemy's sails.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/sail-tactics1.htm   (1274 words)

 From The Weather Gage
Of significant importance was the weather reports by Aerographer's Mates aboard PT Boats in advance of the invasion force.
The "lack of weather was directly responsible for the success of the operation" culminating with the landing on Leyte and MaCarthur's return to the Philippines on 20 October 1944.
The weather en route and over the targets was as forecasted, but without adequate observations west and north of Japan a low developed over the East China Sea thus obscuring Chinese landing fields leading to the loss of nearly all the aircraft.
www.datasync.com /~bouchard/rich/metaphor.html   (2668 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Assessing the National Streamflow Information Program (2004)
A total of 5,293 gage sites are listed under the five criteria but some gage sites serve more than one criterion, so the actual number of gage sites presently identified as NSIP base gages is 4,424 (Figure 3-1).
For a coastal unit or area of internal drainage, the farthest downstream station or gage location on the largest river is selected, and if this location drains less than 50 percent of the accounting unit area, then the location with the next-largest drainage area on a different river within the accounting unit is selected.
This periodic reassessment of emerging needs may also support gaging of streams in small watersheds or coastal plains where there is a perception of insufficient coverage and common sense dictates the inclusion of gage sites that may not be included by rigidly applying the five current criteria.
www.nap.edu /books/0309092108/html/47.html   (6142 words)

 Indiana State Climate Office - Climate Data Access Page
The types of weather elements measured such as visibility, winds, and type of precipitation were selected to meet the needs of pilots at both large and small airports.
Present weather conditions are primarily monitored by two sensors, the precipitation identification sensor and the freezing rain sensor.
In freezing weather, the application of heat to melt snowfall and prevent gage icing also causes evaporation or sublimitation, especially during light freezing rain or snow events at temperatures near 32F.
shadow.agry.purdue.edu /sc.hly-faq.html   (9050 words)

 Battle of Lowestoft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dutch were desperate to prevent a second English blockade of their ports, after the first was broken off by the English for lack of supplies.
The British main force to the west of them would have had the weather gage precluding boarding as a viable tactic.
As the Dutch had again the weather gauge in relation to the British rear, some of their ships wore to the east to attack it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Lowestoft   (1745 words)

 Watershed, Meramec River, Hydrology Chapter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Q20 for the three gage stations on the main stem Meramec River for period of record 1922-94 was calculated from USGS low flow statistics.
The Steelville gage station, the Sullivan gage at Sappington Bridge, and the Eureka gage have slope indexes of 1.7, 2.1, and 1.9, respectively.
At the Sullivan gage and the Eureka gage, the 50% (median) flow is 600.6 cfs and 1239.8 cfs, respectively (Figure 11, 12).
www.conservation.state.mo.us /fish/watershed/meramec/hydro/200hytxt.htm   (1702 words)

 Sebastian Inlet Tide and Weather Data Monitoring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The wind sensor is located at a height of approximately 10 meters (33 feet) above the water, which is the standard reference height for wind data collection, and the tide gauge is located on the south side of the north jetty.
The weather station is powered by batteries, which are recharged by 30-watt solar panels.
The sampling of the weather data is set so that accurate representation of changes in weather patterns can be detected without overloading the system with data.
www.fit.edu /AcadRes/dmes/wavedata/weathermonitor.html   (532 words)

 /title>   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The gage is in the middle of the watershed and represents a large catchment.
Compared to the Meramec River, the 90:10 ratio for the Sullivan gage station, and the Eureka gage station was 271.0 CFS : 2,412.2 CFS or 1 to 8.90, and 520.7 CFS : 6,761.8 CFS or 1 to 12.97, respectively.
The estimated magnitude of floods for gages within the Gasconade River watershed is shown in Table 10.
www.conservation.state.mo.us /fish/watershed/gascon/hydro/130hytxt.htm   (2179 words)

 Flood Warning & Data Collection - Flood Control District of Maricopa County
This means that the gages transmit their information to the District base computer via VHF radio.
The automatic gages are powered by 12-volt batteries, which are recharged using small solar panels attached to the top or sides of the gages.
Gages were first placed to monitor the major rivers, later they were installed on District dams and flood control structures.
www.fcd.maricopa.gov /Services/ALERT   (557 words)

 Sailing Ship Decks
Weather Decks are upper decks having no overhead protection from the weather, but sheltering the deck below.
Poop deck, the deck forming the roof of a poop or poop cabin, built on the upper deck and extending from the mizzenmast aft.
By placing the heaviest guns on the lowest deck the ship is less likely to capsize in rough weather.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/sail-decks.htm   (755 words)

 A History of Floods in Cumberland, Maryland - Major Floods at Cumberland (extract from APPENDIX BASIS OF DESIGN)
The flood of April, 1852 is reported to have been the greatest at Harpers Ferry since the settlement by the white people; while at Cumberland a considerable portion of the town was overflowed during this flood.
The records at the gages in the vicinity of Cumberland, Maryland, were carefully examined and all the crests above the estimated flood stage at each of them are shown in Table 9.
The U. Weather Bureau gage at the eastern end of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Dam was in operation during this flood and a stage of 15.8 feet was recorded from this gage.
www.mindspring.com /~jdevault/appendix.htm   (3771 words)

Simultaneously, because the importance of accurate short-term weather forecasts had become apparent during the war, a new emphasis was placed on expanding the meteorological sciences and their applications to naval warfare.
On a day-to-day basis, ocean and weather observations are collected worldwide from civil and military sources, processed ashore, and used to make both oceanographic and meteorological forecasts in near real-time to support the Fleet wherever it is operating.
With the end of the Cold War, particularly with the diminishing probability of having to fight a major war on the open seas, our emphasis is moving away from studying and understanding the deep ocean basins to supporting the likely necessity of fighting close to land in a regional, expeditionary context.
cosee-central-gom.org /ovweb/voyager2/summer2001/cruisebook2001/section2.html   (2711 words)

There are contained herein the records for one hundred thirty-four gages for the calendar year 1993.
Readings for two gages were furnished by the St. Louis District, one by the Vicksburg District, one by the Little Rock District, six by the U.S. Geological Survey, two by the U.S. Weather Bureau, and one by Drainage District No. 7, Poinsett County, Arkansas.
The mileages for the Mississippi River are the distances from the mouth of the Ohio river for stations north of Cairo, Illinois, and are the distances established in 1962 from the Head of Passes (La.) for stations south of Cairo.
www.mvm.usace.army.mil /hydraulics/docs/hisintro.htm   (475 words)

 Weather Station Equipment
The weather station is situated in a large, relatively flat field, so that trees do not interfere with wind currents, solar radiation, or other weather measurements.
It is anchored in concrete 4 feet deep, and at the top is a lightning rod to protect the weather instruments in case of a lightning strike.
A mercury switch is located in the gage which sends an impulse to the datalogger, with each tip or 0.01 inch of precipitation.
www.biology.wustl.edu /tyson/archiveswea.html   (720 words)

The OHP radar precipitation estimate was considered to agree with the gage estimate if the radar precipitation value in a range bin at or adjoining the rain gage location was within ñ0.05 inches of the rain gage amount.
The radar STP estimate and the gage accumulation were in agreement if the precipitation value in a range bin at or adjoining the rain gage location was within 0.10 inches of the rain gage amount.
The radar estimates agreed with 52 percent of the rain gage estimates.
www.wrh.noaa.gov /wrh/96TAs/TA9604/ta96-04.html   (1598 words)

 Weather Watchers Online
Weather Watchers Online is a non-profit organization dedicated to the free exchange of weather-related information using the latest technology.
Weather World is an excellent source for all your weather information needs.
This is the weather reported by the FreeWX program from an automatic weather station at Rochester Lodge, Wallington which is a suburb of London, United Kingdom.
b.webring.com /webring?ring=wwol   (1240 words)

 Gage Oklahoma Weather Hourly Forecast from Find Local Weather - Get Gage Hourly Weather Forecasts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Gage Hourly Weather Search, As well within Find Local Hourly Weather you will find many useful, and handy internet tools, and links, Hourly Weather Information for Gage, Gage Hourly Weather Forecast, Get your local Gage Hourly Weather Forecast, Hourly Weather outlook for Gage Oklahoma, Gage Hourly Weather.
Gage Hourly Weather - Gage OK Hourly Weather, Severe storm warning Hourly Weather Local Forecast Gage.
Gage Hourly Weather Search, As well within Find Local Hourly Weather you will find many useful, and handy internet tools, and links, Hourly Weather Information for Gage, Gage Hourly Weather Forecast, Get your local Gage Hourly Weather Forecast, Hourly Weather outlook for Gage OK, Gage Hourly Weather.
www.findlocalweather.com /hourly/ok/gage.html   (333 words)

 Gage Weather
Weather news for the area around Gage, OK.
A TRAIN carrying around 100 passengers to Windermere was derailed following a landslide caused by torrential rain on the outskirts of Lancaster.
GRITTERS and doctors are gearing up to deal with the worst predicted winter weather to hit the region in a decade.
rss.topix.net /weather/gage-ok   (340 words)

 Mapping Regional Crop Production, Soils and Climate
Gage, S.H. Biology: Computational methods examine the diversity of life from protein to populations and the balance of nature: ten years of data reveal gypsy moth patterns.
Gage, S.H. Interpretation of biological events associated with long range transport of biota using vegetation patterns derived form satellite imagery.
Gage, S.H. Establishing a research corridor to characterize the flow of biota along an atmospheric pathway in North America.
www.inhs.uiuc.edu /cee/movement/97MI.html   (1160 words)

 Gage Oklahoma Weather Local Radar Forecast from Find Local Weather - Get Gage Radar Weather   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Gage Satellite Weather Radar Search, As well within Find Local Weather Radar you will find many useful, and handy internet tools, and links, Weather Radar Information for Gage, Gage Weather Radar Forecast, Get your local Gage Weather Radar Forecast, Weather Radar outlook for Gage Oklahoma, Gage Weather.
Gage Weather Radar - Gage OK Weather, Severe storm warning Weather Satellite Radar Local Forecast Gage.
Gage Weather Radar Search, As well within Find Local Weather Radar you will find many useful, and handy internet tools, and links, Satellite Weather Radar Information for Gage, Gage Weather Radar Forecast, Get your local Gage Weather Doppler Radar Forecast, Weather Radar outlook for Gage OK, Gage Weather.
www.findlocalweather.com /radar/ok/gage.html   (322 words)

 Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail
Faster small ships reported the location of the enemy fleet and its movement, and weather was all-important at this stage.
Each admiral did his best, considering the weather and his ships, to prevent the other from crossing the T, and eventually the battle developed into ship-on-ship encounters.
Even the 8 Armstrong guns on the gun deck were supernumerary, since the two on the weather deck could do the job.
www.du.edu /~jcalvert/hist/navalwar.htm   (2950 words)

 National Weather Service - NWS Portland
The daily river gage plots for the Siletz River on the central coast and the Trask River on the north coast showed how quickly and how high the river levels rose.
During the seven days period, rainfall totals were 10 to 20 inches along the coast, 4 to 6 inches in the western inland valleys, 7 to 14 inches along the western Cascades slopes, and only 1 to 3 inches in eastern Oregon.
There are no rainfall records available for this storm because the weather observing station was completely destroyed, drowning the observer and his entire family.
www.wrh.noaa.gov /pqr/paststorms/rain.php   (2059 words)

 Summit Daily News for Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper and Frisco Colorado - News
In Breckenridge, weather watcher Rick Bly recorded 1.78 inches of rain in August, 79 percent of the average 2.25 inches for the month.
In 2004, Bly measured 1 inch more than average at his backyard gage for those three months combined, making it the third wettest summer during the last 10 years, and one of the top 25 in the last 100 years or so, Bly said.
The high for August at the Dillon weather gage was 78 degrees, registered three times - on Aug. 2, Aug. 11 and Aug. 16.
www.summitdaily.com /article/20040905/NEWS/109050016   (692 words)

 About the District- Flood Control District of Maricopa County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Although the Town was devastated and ravaged by the storm - 400 residents were evacuated, numerous were injured, many had to be rescued by Sheriff's deputies, and the Town faced suffered severe property damage - significant damage and injury was prevented by a short call from the Flood Control District of Maricopa County.
Perfrement, a former National Weather Service meteorologist provided the NWS with real-time stream gauge information and alerted NWS staff to the urgency of the life threatening event.
Following Perfrement's calls, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning and alerted the La Paz County Emergency Management Agency and County Sheriffs Department.
www.fcd.maricopa.gov /District/NewsDetails.asp?NEWS=4   (436 words)

If Aubrey's anticipated battle is taking place far out to sea (where wind and weather conditions can remain constant for extended periods), maintaining the weather gage is largely determined by crew work and the relative maneuverability of the competing ships.
Closer to shore, where many sea battles did take place, maintaining the weather gage involves a little more than factoring in the tide.
Cloud base lowering to windward - Major concern for ship with weather gage as it has to prepare first for onset of storm.
www.dailyspeculations.com /aubrey/weathergage.html   (976 words)

 Taylor Weather Instrument 1453 Wireless Temperature System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This weather system has a base unit that relays information from an accompanying outdoor sensor.
With a little meteorological foreknowledge you’ll know to pack a jacket on brisk mornings, or bring an umbrella when stormy weather’s on the way.
Taylor’s high-tech weather gage accommodates up to three remote sensors and runs on four AA alkaline batteries (not included).
www.nuris.us /Taylor-Weather-Instrument-1453-Wireless-Temperature-System-24611923914181378660.jsp   (259 words)

 TheHometownChannel.com - Weather
Chief Meteorologist Charles Salser, Sunrise Meteorologist Drew Michaels, and Weekend Meteorologist Derek Beasley are carefully tracking the weather for your hometown all in an effort to keep you safe from the storm.
Drew graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in meteorology and a minor in journalism.
While in college, Drew worked as a reporter and meteorologist for CNN Local Headline news in DeKalb, Ill. One of Drew's most recent memories that molded his interest in weather was the 1990 Plainfield, Ill., tornado that struck about 10 miles from his home.
www.thehometownchannel.com /weather   (493 words)

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