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Topic: Web colors

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  Web Colors Homepage
There's an explanation of what is meant by Web-Safe colors, and how colors in images can be "dithered" when a restricted color palette is in use.
By July 2005, less than 1 percent of the internet population were using 256 color mode (see the stats).
The 4096 color picker uses a range of hex values which can be abbreviated to hex triplets when using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
www.mywebsite.force9.co.uk /web-colors   (217 words)

  Generating Colors in HTML
Colors can be produced for a number of page elements using the color names or RGB hexadecimal codes indicated in each of the samples.
Of interest to UT Web authors/designers: the University of Texas at Austin Visual Guidelines shows #CC5500 as offical "UT burnt orange." It may not appear so on your screen; the wide disparity in color calibration among computer monitors makes it difficult to predict how accurately color will be rendered across the Web.
Colors may also be specified by six-character codes representing their relative red/green/blue (RGB) values, where the possible values for each color component are 00 to FF.
www.utexas.edu /learn/html/colors.html   (532 words)

 Color Table
Colors can be specified in HTML pages in two waysby using numbers to denote an RGB color value, or by using a color name.
An RGB color value normally consists of a '#' immediately followed by a triad of two-digit hexadecimal numbers specifying the intensity of the corresponding color: (R)ed, (G)reen, and (B)lue.
For example, the color value #FF0000 is rendered red because the red number is set to its highest value, FF (or 255, in decimal).
msdn.microsoft.com /workshop/author/dhtml/reference/colors/colors.asp   (439 words)

 VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
This is the set of colors most universally and consistently supported by web browsers.
Also known as the web-safe palette, the safety palette, the universal palette, Netscape colors, dither-free colors, or the 6x6x6 colors.
On the left is the "color menu" used by the color lab.
www.visibone.com /colorlab   (136 words)

 Dan's Web Tips: Colors
Each of these colors is set using a six-digit hexadecimal (base 16) number with the first two digits representing the intensity of red, the next two the intensity of green, and the last two the intensity of blue.
I've actually seen Web pages that did this: usually, they either had nothing but graphics (so the designer didn't think a text color was needed) or they used FONT attributes to set the text color for each section of text.
When choosing colors for non-visited and visited links, remember that the normal standard is for links to be blue when they haven't been visited yet, and either a darker blue or red when they have; if you pick colors greatly divergent from this you're likely to confuse users.
webtips.dan.info /colors.html   (1754 words)

 Internet Radio Music and News
These color values are based upon mathematical values representing 20% increments of RGB (Red Green Blue) values and assigned a hex (hexadecimal) value for Web use.
The colors used on a Web site, especially if the Web site hopes to inspire confidence in potential customers, need to be combinations that are pleasant to look at and work well together regardless of how the monitor and video card render them.
Web safe colors are comprised of 216 colors that work on all platforms, monitors, and browsers that can display 8-bits of color (256 colors) and up.
www.wcie.net /webmediaschool.htm/webmediaschool-22.htm   (825 words)

 Color Presentation of Astronomical Images
In the physical and astronomical sense, a color is the ratio of two intensities measured in two different wavelength regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, also called wavelength bands.
The term "false colors" is also used quite often for such representative three color images, whereas I think this is somewhat misleading, because the shown RGB-colors do visualize the physical colors within the used wavelength bands.
If a color image is shown with four or more primaries, it always will be reduced to a smaller gamut (color sub-space) inside the three color space of our eyes (CIE Chromaticity Diagram).
www.allthesky.com /articles/imagecolor.html   (1581 words)

 Web Safe Colors Tutorial
It is for this reason that there is a 216 color web "safe" palette that remains stable from one browser to another, between platforms, and at different monitor resolutions.
The web safe palette is available to the left, and when you roll your cursor over each color, its hexadecimal equivalent will appear in the status line below.
To the left is a JPEG version of a color spectrum and photo, each saved as RGB which requires no dithering or shifting as long as your computer screen is set to Thousands (16-Bit) or Millions (24 or 32-bit).
www.stretchedout.com /articles/websafecolors.htm   (446 words)

 Web-Safe Color Wheel
The colors are organized so they will harmonize well, just click on one of them and you will see its hexadecimal and RGB values, along with recommended colors that will look good with your chosen color.
The recommendations are based on complementary, triadic, and adjacent color schemes.
If you don't want colors that harmonize well together, you're in luck, because the 26 web-safe colors that couldn't be fit into the regular web-safe colors wheel can be found on the misfit web-safe colors wheel.
www.toptechwriter.us /web_colors_wheel.htm   (163 words)

 All You Need To Know About Web Safe Colors - Web Developer's Journal
Web Safe, or Browser Safe palettes as they are also referred to, consist of 216 colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistent on any computer monitor, or web browser, capable of displaying at least 8-bit color (256 colors).
Web Safe colors are defined in terms of RGB values of 0, 51, 102, 153, 204, and 255.
The color in the center of each wedge (the 8th color in) is a pure primary color.
www.webdevelopersjournal.com /articles/websafe1/websafe_colors.html   (2296 words)

 BrowserSafeColors - dotParagon
In order to maximize the odds of having a web page look the same on different monitors and different browsers, we are limited to 216 colors on the Web.
That being said, colors will still appear different depending on room lighting, depending upon which colors are next to them (or over them), and whether they are being viewed on a PC or Mac or Sun (brightness).
Moreover the same color will appear different to different people, because color is literally in the eye of the beholder.
www.dotparagon.com /resources/color.html   (408 words)

 Colors for Web Page Design
What may be rose colored on one monitor, may appear pinkish on another.
When making web pages, unless you have access to a host of different monitors and operating systems you'll be pretty safe using the 216 web-safe colors.
Within HTML 4.x there are 16 colors that have been given names that you can use instead of an RGB value.
www.pensacolasgreatest.com /Colors.html   (291 words)

 Color Blender
Pick a color value format, input two valid CSS color values in the format you chose, and pick the number of midpoints you'd like to see.
The palette will show the colors you input as well as the requested number of midpoint colors, and the values of those colors.
The Color Blender is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 License.
www.meyerweb.com /eric/tools/color-blend   (235 words)

 www.guineas.com - Color descriptions and photos
They are the old fashion original color of Guineas, a favorite, prized by many for their beautiful polka dotted feathers.
The head markings are a broad dark grey stripe down the center of the head with two narrow dark grey stripes on each side of it, with narrow tan stripes between the dark grey stripes.
Buff Dundottes are a soft tan color with white dots throughout.
www.guineas.com /colors.html   (505 words)

 Optimizing Web Graphics: Which Color Palette? - webreference.com
The cube consists of 216 colors, 6 colors for the red component, 6 for the green, and 6 for the blue.
The colors in the figure use RGB values of 00, 33, 66, 99, cc, and ff (hex) or 0, 51, 102, 153, 204, and 255 (decimal).
The cube consists of 125 colors, 5 colors for the red component, 5 for the green, and 5 for the blue.
www.webreference.com /dev/graphics/palette.html   (987 words)

 Web Color Reference - HTML with Style - Webreference.com
Many Web developers believe that sticking to these colors is one of the holiest commandments in the Web design scripture.
If you use different colors than these, you might see images and backgrounds of the same color appear at a slightly different tint, so that a "box" will be visible around them if the background extends beyond the image's edges.
Color codes in red and caps are also part of the Reallysafe palette.
www.webreference.com /html/reference/color/websafe.html   (516 words)

 Classic System Solutions | Web Safe Colors
The web-safe color palette is a set of 216 colors that are consistent across all video display devices, operating systems, and browsers.
An 8-bit color resolution (a function of the video card) allows for the viewing of 256 colors.
The colors in the web-safe color palette are the colors that should always be available to all images, regardless of the user's video display device, operating system, or browser.
www.classicsys.com /classic_site/html/web_safe_colors.html   (187 words)

 Web Design: Web safe colors palette
Netscape introduced a fixed color palette of 216 colors that will be used on platforms with a graphics mode with only 256 colors.
Other colors will be dithered to that color palette.
This means that the browser replaces the colors that are not in the fixed palette by the closest matching color in this palette.
www.techbomb.com /websafe   (76 words)

 Colors of the Siberian Husky
However, since the internet is a World Wide Web, I have chosen to categorize dogs according to the colors recognized by the International Siberian Husky Club and described in their book "The Siberian Husky" 2nd Edition.
The color of a Siberian is the LEAST important factor in judging the quality of a Siberian.
Additionally, breeding for a particular color should be the LAST consideration when deciding upon a breeding pair.
www.huskycolors.com /colors.html   (1204 words)

 Death of the Websafe Color Palette?
One of the givens of Web design, the holiest of holy truths, is the sanctity of the 216 websafe color palette.
It's a rite of initiation for every Web designer or developer: Use only these colors, we are told, and don't question why.
Yet we cling to the 216 websafe color palette even though it continues to be the bane of a Web designer's existence.
www.webmonkey.com /00/37/index2a.html   (484 words)

 miniature kites at Colors on the Wind kite shop
The butterfly is 4 7/8" wide x 2 1/2" high, and comes in the color shown.
The Dragonfly is 4.25" X 4.25", and comes in 3 different body colors: red, green, and gold.
The dragonfly is constructed from mylar, and the butterfly is from tissue paper and finely split bamboo.
www.colors-wind.com /single_kites/miniatures.htm   (220 words)

 Web Colors?
Perhaps the color would have come out cross-browser with some uniformity but it doesn't address the image issue.
By seeing it for myself again on another monitor I could see that there was a difference but not to the extent that the individual who reported this to me said it was.
Avery good example of this came from a web design firm in California who was kind enough to freely send me a snapshot of the image and what I saw more closely resembled what I was seeing.
help.lockergnome.com /general/Colors-ftopict45862.html   (1002 words)

 Colors for web pages | 216 browser-safe colors | Tips-Tricks.com
Both Macs and PCs have 256 colors in their system palettes, but only 216 of them are the same colors.
So, if you specify colors by randomly choosing by favor, those colors will be forced by browers to display incorrectly using the color in the system palette.
The 216 web colors are in the form of 00 33 66 99 CC FF.
www.tips-tricks.com /colors.asp   (401 words)

 Staron Colors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Available in more than 60 colors, Staron is grouped into seven categories characterized by the size and density of the particulate.
NOTE : Because computer monitors are calibrated differently, the colors you see may vary from the actual material.
Also, dark and/or saturated colors may require a finer finish and more maintenance to keep the appearance.
www.staron.com /eng/colors/colors.html   (92 words)

 Safe Color Codes Hexadecimal
The importance of these safe colors has been reduced dramatically over the years as display monitors have become more capable to display many colors.
These safe colors are presented here for their historic and reference interest.
If the monitor is an 8 bit one, a color not in this safe list will dither by adding pixels of two different colors from this safe list to the same area to try to approximate the color you want.
www.december.com /html/spec/colorsafe.html   (208 words)

 Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers
Mostly, the palette contains far less light and dark colors than I wish it did, and is heavy on highly saturated colors and low on muted, tinted or toned colors.
Right now, very few people are designing their web sites to work on those systems, so the need for the browser-safe color palette is definitely downgraded to a mere shadow of its former glory.
By eliminating the 40 variable colors, this palette is optimized for cross-platform use.
www.lynda.com /hex.html   (1065 words)

 ColorPicker 3.0
This color picker will help you fine tune the hex color codes for your web page.
To choose a color, you can click on the color chart, or the Red, Green or Blue bars at the top.
When using the bars, keep in mind that towards the right is brighter/more color and towards the left is darker/less color.
www.pagetutor.com /pagetutor/makapage/picker   (437 words)

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