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Topic: Weighing scale

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  Leaf spring weighing scale - Patent 4037675
The leaf spring weighing scale of claim 1, further comprising an adjustment spring connected between said support means and said load support structure for diminishing the load of said load support structure and said pan, which is supported by said point contact connection and said load cells.
The weighing scale of claim 6, further comprising a bottoming means disposed between said second load cell and said support means for limiting the movement of said second load cell prior to the second load cell reaching its maximum deflection.
The weighing scale of claim 6, further comprising an adjustment spring connected between said support means and said load support structure for diminishing the load of said load support structure and said pan, which is supported by said point contact connection and said load cells.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4037675.html   (2422 words)

  Weighing Scale Equipments Pediatric Oncall   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Weighing Scale is a device used to measure the weight of person and it is among the common used device by doctors.
The digital weighing scale is easy to operate and features a small LCD display where the weight is shown.
There are special weighing scales available for infants that measure difference in weight of upto 10 grams and are designed in a way that the baby can be kept lying down in the weighing tray without any worry of toppling the tray and thus harming the baby.
www.pediatriconcall.com /FORDOCTOR/DrugsandMedical/Weighing_Scale.asp   (239 words)

 Weighing scale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These scales are often used to measure the weight of a person, and are also used in science to obtain the mass of an object, and in many industrial and commercial applications to determine the weight of things ranging from feathers to loaded tractor-trailers.
To weigh an object in the measuring pan, standard weights are added to the scale pan until the beam is in equilibrium as closely as possible.
The weighing scales (specifically, a beam balance) are one of the traditional symbols of justice, as wielded by statues of Lady Justice.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Weighing_scale   (1588 words)

 Industrial Scales - Industrial Scale Manufacturers > Digital Scales, Weighing Scale Manufacturers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Laboratory scales are very sensitive and are able to measure the weight of substances, such as gas, that would normally remain indiscernible on a larger scale.
Agriculturalists use scales to weigh their livestock and other animals, as well as to measure how much grain and various produce is harvested every season.
Mechanical scales do not require a power source, and objects are either weighed by a balancing instrument, as in the case of beam scales found in doctors’ offices, or by a mechanical lever or spring.
www.iqsdirectory.com /industrial-scales   (1988 words)

 Series twin leaf spring weighing scale - Patent 4022288
The weighing scale of claim 1, further comprising a moire deflection measuring apparatus operatively connected between said support means and said first and second leaf spring means.
The weighing scale of claim 1, further comprising means for measuring the leaf spring movement, said measuring means being operatively connected between said support means and said first and second leaf spring means.
The weighing scale of claim 7, further comprising means for measuring the movement of the leaf springs of said unitized leaf spring means, said measuring means being operatively connected between said support means and said leaf springs of said unitized leaf spring means.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4022288.html   (2085 words)

 Scale (ratio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, for a scale model of an object, the ratio of corresponding lengths is a dimensionless scale, e.g.
Correspondingly, torques could be represented on the same map by areas in a scale of 1 m² : 12 500 Nm, which is equal to 1 m : 12 500 N. Torques in the plane of the map could be represented by arrows with an independent scale of e.g.
The scale of a map or enlarged or reduced model indicates the ratio between the distances on the map or model and the corresponding distances in reality or the original.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scale_(measurement)   (465 words)

 Platform Scales, Balances and Load Cells--Central Carolina Scale Weighing
Weighing Equipment -- Whatever you need to weigh, we at Central Carolina Scale have a weighing scale to fit your requirements.
We have been selling, calibrating, and repairing industrial scale and weighing equipment for over 25 years.
Most fishing clubs or organizations that hold fishing tournament weigh-ins need a quality digital scale for weighing the catches and determining an overall winner of the fishing tournament.
www.centralcarolinascale.com   (322 words)

 Weighing Device Market   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is usually placed in a designated weighing room and all non-ambulatory patients are rolled from their rooms to the scale, often requiring elevators in large multi-floor facilities.
The Portable Weighing Device was overwhelmingly regarded as a device capable of aiding care-givers in their duties, despite the wide range in rank of the respondents from supervisors to nursing assistants, and the range of facilities surveyed.
Weighing platform and lifting hoists are generally placed in special rooms to where all of the non-ambulatory patients must be brought, involving elevators for multi-floor facilities.
www.pages.drexel.edu /~garfinkm/Scale.Mkt.html   (6129 words)

 Crane scales overhead crane scale lifting weighing inventory
Crane scales help to increase efficiency during manufacturing processes as they enable the lifting stages to be utilized for weighing the lifted load.
The overhead wireless crane scales are used for weighing the foundry ladles, thus enabling the addition of an exact percentage of additives as well as preventing potential wastage or damage caused by excess molten material.
Shipbuilding: each section is weighed by a shipyard hanging crane scale during assembly, and thus the total weight of the vessel is known on completion.
www.ron-crane-scales.com /weigh_dur.asp   (348 words)

 Truck Scale Design > Glossary
A capacity rating of a vehicle or axle-load scale, specified by the manufacturer, defining the maximum load applied by a group of two axles with a centerline spaced 4 feet apart and an axle width of 8 feet for which the weighbridge is designed.
The ability to adjust a weighing or measuring device or change its sealable parameters from or through some other device that is not itself necessary to the operation of the weighing or measuring device or is not a permanent part of that device.
The value of the scale division, expressed in units of mass, is the smallest subdivision of the scale for analog indication or the difference between two consecutively indicated or printed values for digital indication or printing.
www.truckscaledesign.org /glossary.htm   (5138 words)

 CAS Scales and Weighing Instruments
The CAS S2000-JR retail scale is available in 3 capacities from 15 to 60 lbs and is available with or without a column mount.
The CAS BW-series digital scales are legal for trade bench scales that are ideal for use as shipping scales or industrial scales.
Ideal for pallet weighing, the CAS CPS series digital pallet scale is portable, fast and easy to use, and are versatile for any size room.
www.scale.bz /cas_scales.htm   (512 words)

Industrial quality weighing scale ideal for montoring portions in the food industry, but this scale is not legal for trade and not reccommend if you're selling goods by weight.
Yes this scale has a built in speaker that beeps when the target weight is exceeded to the platform.
To level the scale, adjust the height of the feet by hand until a bubble becomes stable in the center of the red circle of level gauge.
www.scalenet.com /tanita/usda-approved-scale.html   (1239 words)

 Weighing Scale Manufacturer,Counter Scale Manufacturers,Weighing Scale Suppliers,Counter Scale Supplier,India
We have a wide range of weighing scales and weight set for various applications like: household use or small grocery store, retail shop etc. The balance scale is widely accepted all over Africa and are manufactured according to different standards prevailing in different countries.
C.R. Weighing Scale Oblong Pan and Iron Plate
C.R. Weighing Scale Tray Pan and Iron Plate
www.lovson.com /weighing-scales.html   (95 words)

 Bay State Scale | Weighing Scales, weighing machines, custom weighing solutions.
This scale was ready to use the same day it came in on a flatbed.
If the scale will be high up where the operator can’t read it you will either need a remote control or a "HOLD" feature to hold the weight until you can lower the scale, or a radio controlled unit that will send the weight to a remote indicator.
The scale "platform" goes where the forks were and the forks go on the front plate of the scale.
www.baystatescale.com /weighingScales.html   (3123 words)

 Fish Weighing Scale Doran Tournament Scales
The scale can run for over 60 hours of continuous use before a recharge is needed, and you can even use the scale while it is being recharged.
The scale platter size is a generous 18" x 18" size to accommodate clothes baskets, buckets, totes, or any other weighing container.
When baskets are tared to zero on the scale, the indicator will display the weight of the basket after the basket is removed from the scale as a negative weight only on the scale indicator.
www.centralcarolinascale.com /Doran-Tournament-Series-Fish-Scale.htm   (328 words)

 Electronic Scale
A typical scale intended for such purpose has a "weigh below" hook on the underside of the scale from which to suspend a "gem holder" in a container of water.
While this works for a weighing of the stone in water, it is an awkward operation - the scale must be elevated on a stack of books or the like, and the user must work in a confined space underneath it.
A beaker of water sits within a spill-resistant support independent of the scale itself, while a lightweight gem holder rests on the scale's weighing platform, with the weighing pan suspended underwater.
www.mineralab.com /Scale.htm   (670 words)

 Electronic Weighing Scale,Digital Weighing Scale,Electronic Weighing Scale Exporter,Digital Weighing Scale ...
An ISO: 9001 certified company, Prompt Scales is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of electronic weighing scales.
Our weighing scales are highly reliable and in conformation with the international standards.
We, at Prompt Scales, have been consistently offering reliable and accurate weighing scales that are fastly replacing the old, unreliable and burdensome weighing systems.
www.indiamart.com /promptscale   (569 words)

 Cardinal Scale - Truck Weighing
Truck scales may be portable allowing them to be easily moved to new sites or may be permanently installed.
Low profile scales offer simple installation with minimal foundation requirements while pit type scales are often the best choice for use in severe climates or when grain is to be discharged out of the truck onto a conveyor mounted beneath the scale platform.
Truck scales may be equipped with many different options to increase their utility for both operator and driver.
www.cardinalscale.com /truckweighing.htm   (214 words)

 Check Weighing Scales, Crane Scales, Batch/Process Controllers, Floor and Bench Scales, Digital Counting Scales, Truck ...
A and D SK Series scale are for general applications such as shipping, check weighing, filling, mixing, lab and industrial use.
The A and D "Titan" Series scale are All purpose weighing solutions with Stainless Steel construction for durability in most weighing applications that demands Wash down Waterproof equipment.
Check Weighing Scales from GSE are the first choice when rapid throughput, ease of use and durability are a top priority.
www.perryscale.com /weighing.htm   (624 words)

 DIGITAL WEIGHING EQUIPMENT CO. :::   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We are introducing ourselves as a leading organization of manufacturing and industrial solution on a global weighing scale and equipments.
The first Model we work is 8511 and 8105 weighing terminals, IL load cells and start manufacturing of Platform for the weighing balances.
Introduce the concept of wholesale in the weighing scale field and provide the products to the personnels who want to establish in the weighing scale field.
www.weighingscaleco.com /Home.asp   (690 words)

 Scale for Weighing gold, silver, etc...from USMintQuarters.com
Large 5" X 5" platform can easily hold larger objects such as bracelets, crucibles, sterling flatware, etc. The scale runs on 9 volt batteries (included) and shuts off automatically after 2 minutes of nonuse to save battery power.
This scale weighs accurately even when it's not level as I put a 200 gram weight on it when slightly tilted and it was always "on the money".
This type of scale is excellent for weighing gold scrap, silver, platinum, medicines, herbs or whatever fits your needs.
www.usmintquarters.com /gold.htm   (164 words)

 Digital Scales - Scales and Weighing Equipment - Data Weighing Systems
Businesses looking to purchase digital scales specialize in their own field, and many appreciate a scale company that does the same.
What sets Data Weighing Systems apart from the competition is the service and maintenance offered not only on digital scales, but all of the measurement equipment sold at Data Weigh.
Scale calibration is available, and many customers find that it improves the efficiency of their operations by ensuring absolute accuracy.
www.dataweigh.com /search/digital_scale.asp   (262 words)

 BullseyeScale - Digital Electronic Scales & Electronic Weighing Scale
Bullseye Scale Company, Inc. is a leading authority in industrial, commercial, retail and medical weighing and counting scale sales, calibration, repair and rentals.
Our weighing and counting scale sales and applications specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help your company meet all it's objectives.
Our expert scale technicians are fast, reliable, courteous and we are all weighing and counting scale specialists.
www.bullseyescale.com /aboutus.asp   (311 words)

 Laureate 1/8 DIN Scale Meter for Weighing Scale Applications
The five-digit meter can be scaled to display truck weight up to 99,999 lbs with 1 lb resolution or 999,990 lbs with 10 lb resolution.
Accuracy is 0.01% of full scale at 25ºC. To avoid the effects of system-level noise, different filter settings as well as "count by" of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 with rounding are selectable.
To read out net weight of the load, the truck can first be weighed empty, and this weight can be entered as tare at the push of a button in an auto-tare mode.
www.laurels.com /scalemeter.htm   (1409 words)

 Accutron Scales
If you are looking for a state of the art, high quality precision scale with high capacity at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place.
Our Accutron digital weighing scale can be used as a shipping scale, postal scale or as an industrial scale.
As a direct discount distributor we are able to provide you with a powerful, quick operating, digital electronic weighing scale at a fraction of what you would expect to pay.
accutronscales.com   (168 words)

 Scale Designs
Scale Designs develops and manufactures fertilizer hopper/blender scales, fertilizer dealer scale management systems and custom scales and weighing systems.
Scale Designs has the solution for your fertilizer scale problem.
Components include one wireless server connected to the office computer, one wireless client attached to the fertilizer blender scale indicator, one wireless client and master controller on the loader and custom designed software imbedded in the controller with management software loaded on the computer.
www.fertilizerscales.com   (247 words)

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