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Topic: Welding

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Welding, soldering, and brazing workers
Welding also is used to join beams when constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures, and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.
Skilled welding, soldering, and brazing workers generally plan work from drawings or specifications or use their knowledge of fluxes and base metals to analyze the parts to be joined.
Welding, soldering, and brazing workers often are exposed to a number of hazards, including the intense light created by the arc, poisonous fumes, and very hot materials.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos226.htm   (2140 words)

Welding is the process of permanently joining two or more metal parts, by melting both materials.
Thickness of the parts to be welded should be equal or the ratio of thicknesses should be less than 3:1.
Prior to finishing, the spot welds have to be sanded or ground to blend the welds with the rest of the surface.
www.efunda.com /processes/metal_processing/welding.cfm   (457 words)

  Welding - MSN Encarta
Welding processes are generally classified according to the sources of heat and pressure used.
The surfaces to be welded and the welding rod are coated with flux, a fusible material that shields the material from air, which would result in a defective weld.
In shielded metal-arc welding, a metallic electrode, which conducts electricity, is coated with flux and connected to a source of electric current.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761570519   (611 words)

  Welding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Welding, however, was transformed during the 19th century—in 1800, Sir Humphrey Davy discovered the electric arc, and advances in arc welding continued with the inventions of metal electrodes by a Russian, Nikolai Slavyanov, and an American, C.L. Coffin in the late 1800s, even as carbon arc welding, which used a carbon electrode, gained popularity.
Shielded metal arc welding was developed during the 1950s, using a consumable electrode and a carbon dioxide atmosphere as a shielding gas, and it quickly became the most popular metal arc welding process.
Welding in space is also possible—it was first attempted in 1969 by Russian cosmonauts, when they performed experiments to test shielded metal arc welding, plasma arc welding, and electron beam welding in a depressurized environment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Welding   (5413 words)

 Welding   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Arc welding with the carbon arc and metal arc was developed and resistance welding became a practical joining process.
Submerged arc welding was used during the defense buildup in 1938 in shipyards and in ordnance factories.
Welding machines with the capability of accepting more than one primary input voltage and amperage must be properly connected for the incoming primary power being used.
www.occunomix.com /welding.html   (4677 words)

For welding corners on a frame or similar component, MIG welding is structurally sound and the surface can be readily ground to produce an acceptable surface for painting or other finishing.
A weld may be overdesigned to boost the strength of a thin sheet metal part (designed thin for cost saving), but final cost may surpass that of using heavier gauge metal in the first place.
For fillet welds, stresses are assumed to act in shear and weld strength depends on leg size, length of the weld, type of weld metal, and loading direction.
www.makeitmetal.com /resources/CH14_weld.htm   (2731 words)

 Welding, soldering, and brazing workers
Welding also is used to join beams when constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures, and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.
During welding, the flux that surrounds the rod’s core vaporizes, forming an inert gas that serves to protect the weld from atmospheric elements that might weaken it.
Welding, soldering, and brazing workers often are exposed to a number of hazards, including the intense light created by the arc, poisonous fumes, and very hot materials.
stats.bls.gov /oco/ocos226.htm   (2140 words)

 Friction Stir Welding
The welding parameters have to be adjusted so that the ratio of frictional to volumetric deformation--induced heating decreases as the workpiece becomes thicker.
The microstructure of a friction-stir weld depends in detail on the tool design, the rotation and translation speeds, the applied pressure and the characteristics of the material being joined.
A possible use of FSW in the welding of steels is in the context of stainless steels [Klingensmith et al.
www.msm.cam.ac.uk /phase-trans/2003/FSW/aaa.html   (1403 words)

 Welding Processes Welding Tutorial
The AWS definition for a welding process is "a materials joining process which produces coalescence of materials by heating them to suitable temperatures with or without the application of pressure or by the application of pressure alone and with or without the use of filler material".
In the third process, air acetylene welding, air is used instead of oxygen, and in the fourth category, pressure gas welding, pressure is applied in addition to the heat from the burning of the gases.
Resistance welding is "a group of welding processes which produces coalescence of metals with the heat obtained from resistance of the work to electric current in a circuit of which the work is a part, and by the application of pressure".
www.arconweld.com /welding_faq/welding_tutorial.htm   (1542 words)

 Ultrasonic Welding
Additional advantages include clean exteriors of welded parts, potential manpower savings, absence of drying time in the jig, gas tight and completely stable assemblies, possibility of welding in the presence of foreign bodies such as powders and liquids, and of welding materials which are incompatible using any other conventional assembly processes.
The liquid inlet is ultrasonically welded to the spirit dispenser's body and then the transparent viewing glass is welded on to the front of the unit.
They achieve rapid weld adjustment potential by memorising the height of the part to be welded, as well as automatic adjustment of the welding programme and the cooling time.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=119   (1408 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Included are safety practices for welding equipment operation and handling and use of compressed gases, identification of proper filler rods and base metals, types of weld joints, and procedures for weld testing.
Welding demonstrations and practice are on butt, lap, tee and corner joints in all positions.
Welding lab consists of GMAW and FCAW as shielded arc welding instruction, practices and procedures on butt, lap, tee, and corner joints in all positions on steel.
www.centralia.ctc.edu /instruction/CourseDesc/WELD.shtml   (860 words)

 Welding Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Welding is a joining process that produces coalescence of materials by heating them to the welding temperature forming a permanent bond.
Welding is also used in the construction of buildings, bridges, pipelines, power plants, and refineries.
Welding certifications include plate and pipe welding using shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, and gas tungsten arc welding processes.
www.wwcc.edu /programs/proftech/WELD   (536 words)

 Aussie Weld Introduction to Arc Welding
While this form of welding is being supplanted to a large extent in industry with higher productivity, semi or fully automatic arc welding processes, its continued place is assured by its wide range of application and overall versatility.
DC welding generators, powered by petrol or diesel engines or as an attachment for the farm tractor extend the availability of the process to field usage.
Manual metal-arc welding, the subject of this booklet, is not difficult, but like all practical arts, the learning of the basic principles and correct techniques at the start is the only real basis for its successful application.
www.aussieweld.com.au /arcwelding   (278 words)

Whatever process is used, welding requires a lot of energy to melt or fuse the metals.
The shielding of the welding chamber must be complete to insure there is no radiation hazard to the operator.
When welding in an area that is not enclosed or isolated, make sure everyone within 25 metros (75 feet) of an arc is wearing anti-flash goggles before you start.
www.safety-council.org /info/OSH/welding.htm   (1276 words)

Welding is the joining of materials with or without the application of heat, filler material, and/or pressure.
The latest welding technology as well as traditional welding skills training and a good foundation in basic welding theory, metallurgy, and blueprint reading.
Trident's Welding program is designed to provide comprehensive welding education to new students as well as experienced welders wanting to expand their skills and/or knowledge.
www.tridenttech.edu /3623.htm   (304 words)

 Ultrasonic welding
When welding thermoplastics, the thermal rise in the bonding area is produced by the absorption of mechanical vibrations, the reflection of the vibrations in the connecting area, and the friction of the surfaces of the parts.
Whereas in plastic welding, high-frequency vertical vibrations (20 to 70kHz) are used to increase the temperature and plastify the material, the joining of metals is an entirely different process.
During ultrasonic metal welding, a complex process is triggered involving static forces, oscillating shearing forces and a moderate temperature increase in the welding area.
www.staplaultrasonics.com /c2-ultra/ultra.htm   (975 words)

 Welding.Com - welding, equipment, supply, jobs, mig, tig, education, courses, schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Divers Academy International’s world-renowned and sought after reputation for producing professionally trained, highly skilled divers continues to be an integral part of our success.
Welding Solutions consist a listing of sponsors, which may be companies, individuals, or institutions that supply welding equipment.
Welding.com was founded to enable buyers and sellers of welding products to come together in an environment that would optimize their sales effectiveness and efficiency.
www.welding.com   (338 words)

Welding and metal fabricators play a key role in industry production lines, laboratories, research and development, national defense, sales and service, NASCAR and drag racing, custom motorcycle building, artwork, sculptures, pipelines, power plants, refineries, construction of all kinds and maintenance and repair to mention just a few areas.
Students should be able to lift a 60-pound spool of wire and a 50-pound box of welding rods, and should be able to pass an industrial physical examination (requirements may vary).
The Advanced Welding Certificate is designed for individuals who possess basic welding skills and want to further their knowledge and proficiency.
www.ank.tec.mn.us /AASWeld.htm   (736 words)

 Aims Community College - Academics: Welding Technology
The Welding Technology Program at Aims is designed to provide the skills necessary for the student to successfully enter the welding field.
The most common welding and cutting processes are covered in great detail as well as many other skills required of welders such as: print reading, layout, estimating, fabrication, metallurgy, and weld inspection.
Welding is a "universal" skill that is in high demand and is not limited to one industry or geographical area
www.aims.edu /academics/welding/index.php   (364 words)

 Welding Science & Technology
Welding history recognizes FORGE WELDING, which belongs to the pressure category, as one of the oldest processes performed in the flsmith's shop well before the twentieth century.
Of the fusion welding processes developed in the twentieth century, and acclaimed as a real and important breakthrough, GAS WELDING, using an open FLAME, is probably one of the earliest of modern welding history.
High Energy Welding processes are more specialized, in that they require sophisticated equipment, mostly precisely computer controlled, and are used for specific and important applications like aerospace, submarine (but not Underwater-welding!) and nuclear, or for mass production of delicate small implements.
www.weldinginfocenter.org /sci_tech/st_02.html   (1459 words)

 Welding.Com Resource Center - History - welding, equipment, supply, mig, tig, education, courses, schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Arc welding with the carbon arc and metal arc was developed and resistance welding became a practical joining process.
Bernardos' efforts were restricted to carbon arc welding, although he was able to weld iron as well as lead.
Meanwhile, resistance welding processes were developed, including spot welding, seam welding, projection welding and flash butt welding.
www.welding.com /history_of_welding.shtml   (624 words)

 Welding   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Welding operations require that approved eye protection, welding shields and gloves be worn.
Welding and cutting operations shall be performed only by authorized personnel under proper supervision.
After the EHS Department has determined that the area is safe to weld, a welding permit shall be issued for that location, valid only for that day.
www.pp.okstate.edu /ehs/manuals/ppsafety/Welding.htm   (195 words)

 Welding Careers
Welding is used to permanently join two or more pieces of metal using heat generated by lasers, gases or electricity.
Since welding is a highly technical skill and crucial to many industries, the demand for skilled welders is incredibly high.
Electricity is passed through the welding rod and the ensuing arc creates heat, which melts both the base metal and rod to form a useful coalescence of metals.
www.witc.edu /pgmpages/welding/nrich/weldingcareers.htm   (699 words)

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