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Topic: Wellington County, Ontario

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 Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police Crime Alerts Network Media Releases
County of Wellington OPP are assisting the Ontario Fire Marshall’s office with an investigation of a house fire located at 388 Main St., S. Rockwood.
County of Wellington OPP stopped a vehicle in the Village of Elora and the occupants were investigated.
County of Wellington OPP responded to a Break-Enter and Theft reported to a shed at a residence on King St., Mount Forest.
www.crimealerts.net /wellington.htm   (2853 words)

 Wellington County, Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wellington County (population 75,000) is a county located in Ontario, Canada.
The county's geographical area covers 993 square miles (2,542 square kilometres).
Bruce - Dufferin - Elgin - Essex - Frontenac - Grey - Haliburton - Hastings - Huron - Lambton - Lanark - Leeds and Grenville - Lennox and Addington - Middlesex - Northumberland - Perth - Peterborough - Prescott and Russell - Renfrew - Simcoe - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry - Wellington
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wellington_County,_Ontario   (297 words)

 Wellington County, Ontario GenWeb - WRIGHT FAMILY
He was a member of the old District Council which included the present counties of Wellington, Waterloo, and Grey, and was several times promoted to the Wardenship of the District, and frequently served as Commissioner on the county roads.
He took a deep and lively interest in the development of the local resources of Wellington County, and to him may be attributed in a great measure, the construction of the county gravel roads.
He was the father of the Brock road; the scheme which he proposed being accepted by the County Council, the co-operation of Wentworth obtained and this great undertaking became an accomplished fact, and led to the construction of other leading roads throughout the county.
www.rootsweb.com /~onwellin/pioneers/wright_family.htm   (695 words)

 Thomson Family - pafg45.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Reuben was born on 12 Jan 1893 in Rodney, Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Cnada.
Marjorie Jane KRITER was born on 10 Mar 1931 in Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Rodney, Ontario, Cnada.
Neil was born on 10 Sep 1935 in Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Rodney, Ontario, Cnada.
www.cults.freeserve.co.uk /ancestry/thomsfam/pafg45.htm   (2086 words)

 Glendinning Family - pafg11.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jane Jemmina THOMSON was born on 13 Mar 1869 in Orillia Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.
Georgina THOMSON was born on 28 Dec 1875 in Oro Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.
Effie Rae THOMSON was born on 3 Oct 1885 in Medonte Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada.
www.cults.freeserve.co.uk /ancestry/glenfam/pafg11.htm   (2571 words)

 Wiles Genealogy
She is also buried in the Glen Allen Union Cemetery, Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario.
Charlie - Charlie Powley was born on the Powley farm at Powley's Corners in Peel Township, Wellington County, on November 2, 1870.
She died 23-Dec-1931 and is buried in the Fairview, Listowel (Section A) Perth County, Ontario.
web2.airmail.net /bhende19/wiles.htm   (1063 words)

 Selected Families/Individuals - pafg23 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
William Henry NEY was born on 05 Oct 1843 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada and was christened on 04 May 1853 in Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
Sarah Elizabeth NEY was born on 17 Jul 1849 in Glen Allan, Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada and was christened on 04 May 1853 in Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
William Thomas NEY was born on 09 Jun 1860 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada and was christened on 30 Sep 1860.
members.shaw.ca /claydonpsn/pafg23.htm   (1001 words)

 Rockwood, Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rockwood is the main urban area in the Township of Guelph/Eramosa in Wellington County, Ontario.
A rapidly-growing community of approximately 3,500 people, it is located on Highway #7 between Acton and the City of Guelph.
Harris Woollen Mill preserved ruins of local wool processing mill.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rockwood,_Ontario   (183 words)

 Selected Families/Individuals - pafg24 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Thomas Armstrong NEY [Parents] was born on 05 Apr 1841 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada and was christened on 04 May 1853 in Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
She died on 03 Apr 1915 in Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, United States and was buried in Apr 1915 in Grandview Cemetery, Yakima County, Washington, United States.
Isabella Jane NEY [Parents] was born on 10 Nov 1846 in West Gwillimbury, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada and was christened on 04 Apr 1847.
members.shaw.ca /claydonpsn/pafg24.htm   (722 words)

 Wellington County Stewardship Council - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The cultural diversity of Wellington County is one of it strengths.
The economy of Wellington County is a diverse mix of agricultural, industrial and institutional businesses.
Wellington County Stewardship Council (WCSC) promotes the conservation and enhancement of land and environment resources in Wellington County for today and for the future.
www.ontariostewardship.org /ontarioStewardship/home/osWCSCIndex.asp   (350 words)

We learned from his application to purchase the land in Halton County that he moved to Niagara County, Ontario in about 1809 where he lived for 17 years before moving to what is now xxx, Ontario.
From the 1851 census of Ontario information it appears that Abraham was born in the USA and was of German decent (so we should look for Evert's birth records in NY or Germany).
Lydia was born and lived on the plot of land adjacent to the SCOTT original farm in Halton County.
web2.airmail.net /bhende19/scott.htm   (1396 words)

 The Historical Plaques of Wellington County
In 1837 the provincial legislature established the provisional District of Wellington and authorized the erection of a court house and jail at Guelph.
Built by William Allan of Guelph, the limestone court house is one of the few structures in Ontario executed in the castellated style reminiscent of medieval fortifications.
An important judicial and administrative complex, the court house continues to serve this County and in 1980-81 was enlarged and extensively renovated for use as the Wellington County Administration Centre.
www.waynecook.com /awellington.html   (3466 words)

 Open Directory - News: Newspapers: Regional: Canada: Ontario   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Northern Ontario Business - Regional publication for all major business sectors in the area, with an archive of columns from its regular contributors.
Ontario Community Newspapers Association - OCNA is a non-profit industry association comprising about 265 member newspapers located throughout Ontario, and works to help its members by lobbying, providing tools and information about the industry and acting as a means to work together on common interests.
Ontario Press Council - Documents standards of conduct for newspapers in Ontario by representing the collective opinion of a newspaper's conduct shared by people from a broad cross-section of Ontario society and from the newspaper field, and adjudicates where complaints are filed.
dmoz.org /News/Newspapers/Regional/Canada/Ontario   (1945 words)

 --- Zebros and elsophants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Using the Ennotville Mechanics' Library (a nineteenth century pioneer library still in existence), the Wellington County Museum, various archives, and several private collections, I have researched a broad spectrum of reading material which was available to and read by boys and girls living in rural and small town Wellington County between 1880 and 1890 (2).
The interest in science at Elora, Ontario, came to be expressed, not only through the establishment of the School Museum, but through the existence of the Elora Natural Science and Literary Society and the Mechanics' Institute (Killan p.57).
It was impossible for children, such as those young readers in Wellington County, not to be affected by the racial images represented in works such as those under study.
www.liangoodall.com /articles/zebros_and_elsophants.html   (5292 words)

 Alexander McGladrey, Jr. (1843 - 1930) Onterio, Canada and Michigan and Minnesota, U. S. A.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Alexander and Ellen (BURNS) MCGLADREY, was born in Eramosa, Wellington County, Onterio, Canada.
Mary (1845 - 1910), the daughter of J. DOBBIN, was born in Enniskillin, Durham County, Ontario.
Alexander and Mary Jane (DOBBIN) MCGLADREY, was born in Amabel (near Wiarton), Bruce County, Wellington County, Onterio, Canada.
www.prairienet.org /~sammcgla/five/mcgladr/a1a2.html   (305 words)

 Print Message   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I was curious to the where abouts of Wellington County in Ontario.
Puslinch Township is the extreme southern township in Wellington County.
If I were going to join the Union army and lived in Wellington County and provided that I did not know anyone else I would have gone to Buffalo, New York to enlist.
www.suite101.com /print_message.cfm/civil_war/102847/932291   (108 words)

 Oxford County Library - Ingersoll Ontario
The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Culture.
Oxford County Public Health is a partner in the regional prevention and early detection networks along with the Canadian Cancer Society, the Ontario Breast Screening Program and other regional services.
The University is donating to the County a statute of Rev.
www.ocl.net /whats_new   (11954 words)

 Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter - Wellington County Iron Duke
An early example is to be found 40 miles south of Toronto, in the town of Guelph, in Wellington County, Ontario.
In 1985, the Wellington County Brewery was established, with a view to making classic styles of ale.
One of the driving forces behind the Wellington County Brewery was a local beer-lover who traces his origins to the Scottish whisky island of Islay.
www.beerhunter.com /documents/19133-001485.html   (405 words)

 Grey County Ontario- Genealogy and History
She is buried at a large Howse family gravesite in the Pioneer Cemetery, Rose Garden #2, at Ponsonby, on the Wellington County Road near Guelph, Ontario.
Thomas, born in Aynho in 1788, died in Pilkington Township, Wellington County, Ontario Oct. 7, 1874.
Mary Churchley was born in 1787 in Aynho parish and died in 1860 in Pilkington Township, Wellington County, Ontario.
www.network54.com /Forum/13148/viewall-page-7   (4802 words)

 OMB - Welcome to the Ontario Municipal Board
The OMB is an independent, adjudicative tribunal that hears appeals and applications on land use disputes.
When people can't resolve their differences on community planning issues, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) provides a public forum for resolving disagreements.
Members are appointed by the Ontario government to mediate and/or resolve these disputes under a variety of legislation.
www.omb.gov.on.ca   (105 words)

 George Henshaw
George Henshaw was one of the early settlers of Wellington County, Ontario, in the 1820s.
George Henshaw was shown in the 1871 census, Wellington County, Ontario:
Death record of Sarah McAllister, Wellington County, Ontario.
www.rawbw.com /~hinshaw/cgi-bin/id?7038   (463 words)

 Wellington County Ontario GenWeb
OGS Cemetery Transcriptions at the Wellington County Museum
Wellington County and Beyond - by Marty Bootsman All 95016 names are connected either through birth, marriage or adoption
Wellington Owes Its Excellence in Beef Cattle to Pioneer Importers
www.rootsweb.com /~onwellin   (1680 words)

 Windsor History
Essex is the most southerly county in Ontario, bordered by Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie, the Detroit River and Kent County.
It still retains a number of buildings of the preconfederation era which are of historical significance and/or which exemplify the Neo-classical and Georgian styles of architecture which were in vogue during the first half of the nineteenth century.
If there is something that you would like to have looked up in Essex County, Ontario, please contact me and INCLUDE the name of the Researcher that you think would be able to help you best along with Essex in the subject line.
www.antonymaitland.com /geografy.htm   (3278 words)

 Scotiabank Hays Classic at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The team from Prince Edward County, finished on top, closely followed by Northumberland and Carleton, all from Ontario.
Wellington County was named the winners of the Best Group of Three.
In addition, the Bill Edelstein Bowl, for the Premier County was presented to Durham West for the 8th straight year.
www.holsteinworld.com /SSarch/SHClassic04.htm   (385 words)

 Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
for a weekend break or for life Located in Southeastern Ontario, The County has a unique island character and 800 km of spectacular coastline for diving, swimming and bird watching; unspoiled countryside for cycle tours and nature walks, farms and dozens of roadside stands, even an exotic animal sanctuary.
Renowned for its sailing, fishing and giant sand dunes, The County also offers live theatre, artists studios and galleries, unique regional cuisine and a growing wine industry.
Steeped in history and alive with vibrant communities, The County is a mecca for artists, nature lovers and anyone looking for a beautiful island adventure - for a weekend break or for life.
www.pec.on.ca /Welcome.html   (144 words)

 Masson Family in Oregon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Eramosa, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada where they farmed.
Her family immigrated to the Elora area of Wellington County, Ontario, Canada in 1854.
It is from "Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario".
members.aol.com /portlandduree/MassonFamily.html   (492 words)

 Grice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
) was born 22 Nov 1893 in Minto Township, Wellington County, Ontario, and died 1963.
) was born 22 Nov 1893 in Minto Township, Wellington County, Ontario, and died 1961.
) was born 17 Dec 1895 in Minto Township, Wellington County, Ontario, and died Unknown.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Styx/1260/Grice.html   (971 words)

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