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Topic: Welsh people

 No. 02SC340. People v. Welsh. - December 8, 2003 - Colorado Supreme Court Opinions
Yet the People’s own expert witnesses were unable to reach any sort of consensus that her silence was probative of her sanity, or, more importantly, that her purported dissociation and subsequent memory failure had any bearing on her legal culpability.
Additionally, we reject the People’s argument that evidence of the defendant’s silence was properly admitted, not as substantive rebuttal evidence of the defendant’s sanity, but solely for the purpose of impeaching her later statements to mental health experts that she could not recall the shooting.
We reject the People’s argument that the evidence of the defendant’s silence was properly admitted for impeachment purposes.
www.cobar.org /opinions/opinion.cfm?OpinionID=3991   (9738 words)

 Welsh people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The surviving poem Y Gododdin is in early Welsh and refers to the Brythonic kingdom of Gododdin with a capital at Din Eidyn (Edinburgh) and extending from the area of Stirling to the Tyne.
It is spoken natively in parts of Wales, in the Chubut Valley, a Welsh immigrant colony in the Patagonia region of Argentina, and along the English-Welsh frontier.
Although Welsh is a minority language, and thus threatened by the dominance of English, support for the language grew during the second half of the 20th century, along with the rise of Welsh nationalism in the form of groups such as the political party Plaid Cymru and Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Welsh_people   (2989 words)

 Welsh - Uncyclopedia
The old reputation of Welsh folk as being dangerous to approach is unfounded, and was started by an English type who mistook a hearty Welsh greeting as a declaration of war, not understanding that in Wells, it is customary to greet someone with a hearty left hook.
Nowadays, only really old people or people who are trying to be trendy speak Welsh: the vast majority of Welsh people now speak a bizarre language called Wenglish, which is superficially similar to English, but is entirely impossible to understand, and may even seem to defy logic.
Welsh belongs to the Organmorganic or PU-Keltic branch of the Celtic arm of the Provisional Wing of the Red Indian family, and is distinguished from Gargoylic languages such as Irish by scraping a fingernail across the speaker's face and examining it for coal dust.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Welsh   (1060 words)

 Welsh - Heritage Community Foundation
Welsh mapmaker David Thompson was one of the great explorers of the North West Company in the late 1700s and early 1800s, and is often called "Canada's Greatest Geographer." He covered 130,000 kilometres on foot and surveyed most of the Canada-United States border in the early days of exploration.
Welsh cultural society meetings during the early years were often conducted in the Welsh language, a Celtic language related to Breton and Cornish.
Today the Welsh community in Alberta is served by three main organizations: The Calgary Welsh Society, St. David's Welsh Society of Edmonton and the Ponoka Welsh Society.
www.abheritage.ca /albertans/people/welsh.html   (930 words)

 Welsh in Pennsylvania - Page 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The mass immigration of Welsh to Pennsylvania before 1700 was due largely to the desire of Welsh Quakers for religious freedom and escape from persecution, and for the creation of a separate colony or “barony” in America.
A verbal agreement was reached, reportedly, which assured the Welsh that their settlement would be indivisible and would constitute a “barony” with the right of self-government.
Many of the settlers were members of the Welsh gentry and their servants, and the others came from the yeoman class.
www.phmc.state.pa.us /ppet/welsh/page2.asp?secid=31   (612 words)

 Articles: Balderdash and flummery
Welsh rabbit is basically cheese on toast (the word is not “rarebit” by the way, that’s the result of false etymology; “rabbit” is here being used in the same way as “turtle” in “mock-turtle soup”, which has never been near a turtle, or “duck” in “Bombay duck”, which was actually a dried fish called bummalo).
A Welsh dresser is regarded as very typical of rural Wales, but is really a survival of the medieval board of the grander sort of English home, once used to pridefully display examples of ceramics and pottery, but in Wales banished to the farm and cottage kitchen as a utilitarian storage item.
As a verb, to welsh on someone is to swindle him or her out of money, originally and strictly by a bookie at a racecourse decamping with the money laid as bets without paying out any winnings; such a person is a welsher.
www.worldwidewords.org /articles/welsh.htm   (1833 words)

 Welsh Royal Families   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
For the history of the Welsh kingdoms we have to wait until about 960 when a collection, known as the "Annales Cambriae," was compiled, somewhere in Wales, that included pedigrees of Welsh royal families.
His reorganization of the administrative machhinery of Wales, his maintenance of cordial relations with the Pope and the English Church, and the bringing of an era of peace and prosperity to the territories under his control were all testaments to his remarkable diplomatic and military skills.
The head of the last of the native-born Welsh princes was sent to London to be mounted as that of a traitor.
www.welshdragon.net /resources/people/royal_welsh.shtml   (1674 words)

 Patagonia's People: The Welsh - PATAGONIA-ARGENTINA.COM
It was 1865, long before Argentina began to show serious intentions of conquering and colonizing the south, when a group of Welsh settled in the lands that today belong to the Province of Chubut.
On that day, at all the Welsh chapels alongside the valley they hold ceremonies where tea is served, and Welsh songs and poems are sung and read.
The surrounding tribes did not attack them, since the human treatment given to the aborigines by the Welsh was quite different from the brutal, cruel one of the argentine militaries during their 'Desert Campaign'.
www.patagonia-argentina.com /i/content/la_gente_galesa.htm   (1155 words)

 Welsh People
However, his aggressive behaviour apparently upset a lot of people and he was replaced as mayor in 1837.
Elihu Yale, founder of Yale University, was born in Boston of Welsh parents.
Yale, too, is an anglicisation of the Welsh ll, which refers to a limestone outcrop near Wrex-ham.
members.tripod.com /~BDaugherty/cymru/people.html   (2834 words)

 Liverpool and the Welsh Reservoirs
The people earned their merely modest living through farming, and their social life, with its strong cultural stream and chapel base, followed an old and rich pattern.
With the Welsh tradition being everywhere eroded by economic forces and depopulation, such a culturally rich, Welsh-speaking community was of immense value, something that, however small, Wales could not afford to lose.
People were appalled to see how vulnerable Wales was; they had expected or hoped that English authorities would consider the social aspects, would take care where they trod.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/park/346/welshreservoirs.html   (1598 words)

 Welsh Republican Comment
Tracing its origins to the 1960's - when plans were drawn up for a new town of 60,000 people, mainly from the West Midlands conurbation, at Caersws - he explains how the policy was intended to suppress the resurgence of national feeling prevalent at the time and far from welcome to those in authority.
Yes, it attracted English companies as well, but instead of providing jobs for Welsh people, these companies were encouraged to bring with them there entire workforce: van drivers, odd-job men, even the tea-lady were classified as "key workers", people whose jobs could never be filled by stupid locals.
In the end nothing could disguise the fact that the activities of the DBRW were serving only to increase the population of central Wales by bringing in people from England.
www.msnusers.com /WelshRepublicanComment/desmondtutu.msnw   (2033 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The people of Wales are the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Britain before the English arrived in the 5th century.
The Welsh language is also descended from the language of the Ancient Britons and there is a continuous literary tradition going back to the earliest period of the language's existence - much of this is deeply Christian, such as innumerable Mediaeval odes in honor of Welsh Orthodox Saints as well as a rich hymnography.
People in western Europe may very much need to hear the Gospel of Christ and to live the sacramental life of the Church, but until they become aware of that and acknowledge that need, then they are not really ready.
www.belaoc.com /engl/Wales/index.htm   (4083 words)

 History and Status of the Welsh Language
Welsh is one of the Celtic languages still spoken, perhaps that with the greatest number of speakers.
Welsh is an Indo-European language and so has much of the deep structure of its grammar shared with other Indo-European languages, as well as much vocabulary cognate with that of other members of the family - including English.
It led the campaign for the first Welsh Language Act and is held to be responsible for many of the symbols which have made the existence of the Welsh language more a natural part of public life in the last half of the twentieth century.
users.comlab.ox.ac.uk /geraint.jones/about.welsh   (4126 words)

 Welsh - Welsh immigration - Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand
Proportion of Welsh migrants to New Zealand by county of birth, 1853–70
People born in Wales only ever formed a small proportion of all British immigrants who came to New Zealand.
Welsh men also appeared in the ranks of the early holders of sheep runs, one notable example being William Gilbert Rees, another native of Pembrokeshire.
www.teara.govt.nz /NewZealanders/NewZealandPeoples/Welsh/1/en   (473 words)

 GO BRITANNIA! Wales: The History of Wales
It is a tribute to the people of Wales' determination to survive against overwhelming odds -- a struggle reflected not only in its castle-dominated landscape and its surviving Celtic language, but also in its long literary history.
It tells the story of a people who are still struggling to avert the loss of their ancient culture and language upon which much of that culture depends.
This is the story of that struggle: the theme is constant: it is a struggle for survival against almost impossible odds.
www.britannia.com /wales/whist.html   (125 words)

 Menzies signals Welsh Liberal drift to the right: Welsh Labour Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Welsh Labour said Campbell had refused to rule out the Liberals joining forces with the Tories in the Assembly and that this was simply the latest attempt to position his party on the right of Welsh and British politics.
Welsh Labour Deputy Health Minister and AM for Newport East John Griffiths said the rightward drift would be received poorly in Wales and warned the Lib Dems would pay the price at the ballot box.
They oppose Welsh Labour's free breakfasts initiative for primary school children, which is providing a healthy start to the day for children and creating more community-focussed schools.
www.welshlabour.org.uk /index.php?id=libdemsdrift   (620 words)

 Salon.com People | Irvine Welsh
A collection of Welsh's short stories, "Acid House," was published in 1994, followed by his second novel, "Marabou Stork Nightmares" in 1995, and "Ecstasy," consisting of three drug-related novellas, in 1996.
When people drink it gives them permission to be a kind of way they wouldn't normally be.
Irvine Welsh reads from his new book, in which an obese window cleaner enters the hotel room of an American singer celeb to eat her club sandwich.
archive.salon.com /people/conv/2001/07/09/welsh/print.html   (2285 words)

 A Study of Welsh Culture and Staying Power in Wales and Argentina
Welsh people have always been independent and somewhat rebellious, refusing to be entirely conquered by their English neighbors.
On my trip to Wales, I began to understand some of the most prominent aspects of Welsh culture: the pride in their language, the love of music and the arts, and their independent spirit, whether dealing with politics, religion, or anything else.
The people whom I met both in Wales and Patagonia were all very proud of their special relationship.
www.wm.edu /so/monitor/fall2000/paper2.htm   (2693 words)

 GWYBODIADUR: Why Learn Welsh?
Welsh (or something like it) was once spoken over a large area of what is now the UK, but is now confined to a small corner of the British Isles, and the numbers of native speakers have declined steadily for many decades.
And of course Welsh is an official language of the new Welsh Assembly.
If the Welsh language was important to him, it was important to me.” She notes that J. Tolkien wrote an essay about reasons for studying Welsh, among which were the sheer beauty of the words, and ends with the following quotation: “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.
members.tripod.com /gwybodiadur/whylearn.htm   (1736 words)

 Welsh / English Springer Spaniels: A Tale of Two Springers
The Welsh Springer's coat should be a rich red and white, with hair that is straight, flat and soft, never wiry or wavy.
The Welsh is also a good choice for people who would like to show their dogs themselves, since there are not many professional handlers involved in the breed.
It is these personalities, those of both the English and the Welsh, that have made these dogs two of the mots enduring in the ancient culture of canines.
www.welshie.com /2springers   (2300 words)

 Victoria Welsh Society
The current Victoria Welsh Society was founded in 1979 by several Welsh friends at the house of Dr. and Mrs.
The Welsh Society of Victoria is small but active and has a variety of events throughout the year including sing-alongs, St. David's Day and Christmas dinners, and film evenings.
The Welsh Society hosted Welsh people from all over North America and beyond during the North American Gymanfa Ganu convention in Victoria in 1989.
victoriawelshsociety.org   (829 words)

 Constructing 16th Century Welsh Names
In theory, after Henry VIII passed the Act of Union, Welsh people were supposed to adopt English-style fixed, hereditary surnames, just as the English had been using for a considerable period at that point.
The sources for this pamphlet are a collection of late-16th century toll records from Pembrokeshire and summaries of legal procedings from Chancery records of the first half of the 16th century.
Most people's names tell their ancestry for one or more generations -- nearly 90% of the people have names of this sort.
www.sca.org /heraldry/laurel/welsh16.html   (1202 words)

If you are of Welsh Descent, I hope this essence will lead you on a path of healthy pride in who you are and, in time, that you will also be able to pass that same essence on to your friends and others.
If you are not descended from the Welsh people, I hope this journey will give you an idea of who we are and why we have so much pride in our heritage.
To be Welsh, it is not good enough to hang out a flag, celebrate St. David's Day by sending your Grandmother daffodils, cook Leeks, or have several recordings of choirs or folk tunes.
www.tylwythteg.com /wintro.html   (378 words)

 Puget Sound Welsh Association - PSWA > > > (go PSWA)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Citing significant achievements by the Welsh in building the state and its industry over the years, the resolution states that the Welsh have played a major role as pioneers and innovators in Washington.
WHEREAS, Wherever people of Welsh descent congregate, March 1 is observed as St. David's Day in tribute to their patron, Saint David, who died on that date in the year 589; and
WHEREAS, The traditions and heritage of the Welsh have, and continue to, enrich the culture of our society throughout our state and it is fitting that Washington State and its residents join in paying tribute to Saint David and the accomplishments of all Welsh Americans.
www.scn.org /people/welsh/stdavid.html   (362 words)

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