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Topic: West Coast hip hop

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

 EURweb.com - THE WEST COAST HIP HOP SUMMIT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
OG Bone who works with Hip Hop artist Mystikal noted that many of the people present from the LA area including Tray Dee were known more for their being involved and dealing with the gang situation then they were for their work in the music arena.
Their presence at the Hip Hop Summit was important because you had once warring gang factions all sitting together in unison in the Four Seasons Hotel.
The main themes of the speech he gave at the West Coast summit centered around the Hip Hop community becoming closer to God, recognizing the power of words and a call for the Hip Hop community to use their influence and become peace makers for the society.
www.eurweb.com /story/eur5747.cfm   (4186 words)

 West Coast hip hop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The origins of West Coast hip hop can be traced back to the late 1970s, after quickly jumping coast from its creation in New York City, where it was mainly prominent in block parties and some clubs.
However, The West Coast scene became truly established during the 1980s as hip hop music first gained national appeal, and established itself in California in general (and in Los Angeles in particular).
While the West Coast still got some exposure such as Dr. Dre's sophomore album 2001, Xzibit's introduction to the mainstream, and Snoop Dogg's continued crossover appeal, most artists like Warren G, Kurupt, WC, Mack 10, DJ Quik, and Daz and the remaining veteran artists of the 1990's continue to struggle for recognition among music fans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/West_Coast_rap   (3444 words)

 Rap News Network - West Coast Hip Hop Icon To Release Solo Album
Banks’ assertion on his madly successful album keenly demonstrates how deeply it is ingrained within hiphop consciousness that rapper MC Eiht is known as being the streets’ ultimate spokesperson for the West Coast.
As signified by the title of Eiht’s new album, Veterans Day, slated for release on September 28, Eiht is one of the true O.G.’s of L.A. hiphop, a true veteran of the ghetto, emerging in 1989, with the debut release from Comptons Most Wanted, It’s A Compton Thang.
Again, as noted by the album’s title, Eiht is reveling in the light of a long career that has garnered him sheer respect from the streets, as well as countless props from other artists.
www.rapnewsdirect.com /News/2004/08/18/West.HH.Icon.Solo   (1042 words)

 East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hip hop had originated in the streets of New York City, and the city remained rap's foremost musical scene until the early 1990s.
Signs of the tension first appeared when East Coast rapper Tim Dog released the diss track "Fuck Compton." "Fuck Compton" was a huge underground hit and caused ripwaves in the hip hop scene at the time; it was aimed at NWA, and made explicit that Tim Dog was "cool with Ice-T" - another LA rapper.
Chino XL, primarily known in hip hop circles as a 'punch-line rapper' and a direct predecessor to artists such as Eminem, became embroiled in the feud after he joked that 2Pac had been raped in jail on the song 'Riiot'[sic] featuring Californian rapper, Ras Kass.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/East_Coast-West_Coast_hip_hop_rivalry   (2372 words)

 Hip Hop summit convenes on West Coast
The west coast summit was a prelude to the national hip hop summit scheduled for later this year.
The life and flavor of the wild, wild west coast summit was seasoned with the late appearance of Death Row Records Marion "Suge" Knight, who walks under a cloud of suspicion and intimidation.
They showed one element in hip hop that has to be addressed and reflected how hip hop artists often project themselves, he said.
www.finalcall.com /national/hiphop_summit02-26-2002.htm   (936 words)

 5 Classic West Coast Hip Hop Albums - Rap Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
West coast hip hop is often known for low riders, hittin switches, gangsta rap and getting blunted.
However, there are several albums by west coast rappers that came out in the 90's that you might have straight slept on.
West coast hip hop is more than 2pac, Snoop, NWA, Dre and Ice Cube.
www.bellaonline.com /ArticlesP/art11459.asp   (640 words)

 A Profile on West Coast Old School Hip-Hop E-Z Style - Message Board - ezboard.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
After High School, E~Z was invited to DJ a West Coast concert Tour that put his name out there and then he rocked every kind of party from public functions in clubs to private bikini beach parties in Carmel.
West coast hip-hop history includes west hip-hop with that g-funk flavor, gangsta rap and those unforgettable lyrics and beats.
Most people think west coast as Tupac, Snoop, and Dre; and more recently as the Game or Gorilla Black, but the roots run so much deeper than that and this Vol.1 mix tape in the How The West Was Won series from DJ E-Z Cutt shows you that.
p076.ezboard.com /fpoliticalpalacefrm56.showMessage?topicID=550.topic   (1338 words)

 Hip Hop Article Directory
Long time West Coast Hip Hop artist Kam pens an article that speaks to the current trend by the media to shun west coast Hip Hop from the airwaves.
Hip Hop vs Civil Rights Hip Hop journalist Lee Hubbard writes about the contentious mayoral election in Newark, New Jersey that pitted an old guard Civil Rights veteran against an up and coming offspring of the Hip Hop generation.
In this article Hip Hop DJ Chris Hall raises some penetrating questions as to why Em inem is being shunned because of skin color.
www.daveyd.com /hiphopdir.html   (2295 words)

 :: -- ¦¦ w e s t c o a s t 2 k ¦¦ -- ::
The Wacsta also spoke his mind on the current state of West Coast Hip Hop and addressed the situation about new and established artists networking with eachother.
As an artist himself Flawless recognized the lack of West coast representation in magazines and on music charts, but he also knew some of the best emcee's in the game were from the streets of Southern California so he hit the block to chronicle urban living firsthand.
Hop on the time machine and catch MC Eiht spitting the realness on this timeless classic, because unfortunately these kind of videos aren't being made anymore.
www.westcoast2k.net   (3435 words)

 The West Coast Hip Hop Summit: Who? What? Where? Why? & How?
The third wheel set in motion was the outreach efforts done by Minister Ben Muhammed who had made a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area this past November and met with a large number of artists and Hip Hop activists.
Suge noted that the Hip Hop community needed to have that type of unity, leverage and power.
Are we willing to be strong 'Hip Hop presence in their lives so they are not easily swayed by the gangsta lyrics that are often being force fed down our throats?
www.daveyd.com /westcoasthiphopsummarticle.html   (4892 words)

 Re-ignite West Coast Rap - HHD Forums
Then in 1992, Compton's own Dr. Dre released his album The Chronic, which quickly became one of the biggest selling hip hop albums in history and led to Los Angeles replacing New York as the center for Hip Hop.
Working to continue to reinvent West Coast hip-hop is Los Angeles' own Damion Young, aka Damizza.
Damizza's plan to form a West Coast coalition includes his internationally acclaimed Baby Ree Mix Tapes; Volume 2 is hosted by Pamela Anderson; Volume 3, hosted by various entertainers, is set to be released by the end of 2004.
www.hiphop-directory.com /forums/showthread.php?t=3789   (298 words)

 West Coast Rap Music: The Executives - Executive Decisions Snippets presented by The Company Records
Please beleive the West Coast is in the buidling.
The West Coast Rap Music movement has to continue and the Executives are here to make sure the message is heard by all regions.
West, and many more, the Executives debut album should be a good foundation for this newly formed company.
co.raptalk.net   (298 words)

 DJ Pauls Gimp Arm>>The West Coast Hip Hop Scen - SOHH.com Global Forum
hip hop is dead and i aint goin to the funeral........this is the new era of rap and imma be right here the more ignorant sh1t gets.
I think you are confusing the West Coast mainstream Hip Hop scene with the West Coast Hip Hop Scene.
I agree the West ain't sh1t in the mainstream.
forums.sohh.com /showthread.php?t=530533   (646 words)

 - W O R K S H O P R E C O R D S - Broken Family - Verbal Anatomy - Smoking Section -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
hiphop culture biggest free smoking section original will hiphop west coast hip hop latin not news workshop records hiphop biggest downloads california hip hop original the people latin rap original best free Soliva culture and people Devious hip hop and community california downloads not latin latin rap culture is interest l.a.
hiphop community is entertainment verbal anatomy downloads biggest free underground rap hip hop best music latin hiphop entertainment do original west coast hip hop culture do latin latin hiphop news is interest west coast hip hop culture best underground workshop records hip hop can downloads l.a.
hiphop original is news underground rap hip hop was culture latin hiphop entertainment best original west coat rap interest not news workshop records hiphop and music verbal anatomy original the downloads california rap original the underground l.a.
www.workshoprecords.net   (370 words)

 West Coast hip hop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Individual members also were able to write pages in hip hop history.
By 1997, West Coast hip hop had began to diminish from the mainstream.
However, for much of the 2000s, the West Coast continued losing its appeal to the then growing Dirty South.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/West_Coast_hip_hop   (3444 words)

 Press Release: Flakiss Becomes the First West Coast Latina Hip Hop Act With Her Debut Album “Liberate”
Woodland Hills, CA -- Univision Records is pleased to present Flakiss, the first female artist of the West coast Urban Regional movement and her debut album “Libérate” (Free Yourself), which undoubtedly makes her the undisputable queen of the emerging Latin Hip Hop genre.
Young, Latin and urban, Flakiss is the female reaction to Latin Hip Hop sensation Akwid and in her February 2004 debut, she is ready to cause some serious havoc in the “boy’s club.” For Flakiss the message is loud and clear: Women can get a good education and be self-sufficient.
Originally from Sacramento, California, Flakiss is Univision Records’ most recent release in the emerging Urban Regional music genre, making her the first female voice in the movement that fuses the rhythms of traditional Regional Mexican music with the decadent sound of the urban rap of a Hip Hop-infused generation.
www.univision.net /corp/en/pr/Woodland_Hills_04022004-1.html   (1394 words)

 PR Leap: West Coast Rap Hip-Hop Group, AllFrumTha I Members Binky Mack and Squeak Ru Talk To ThugLifeArmy.com in ...
West Coast Rap Hip-Hop Group, AllFrumTha I Members Binky Mack and Squeak Ru Talk To ThugLifeArmy.com in Separate Interviews.
Comprised of well-known west coast hip-hop rap artists Binky Mac and Squeak Ru, their new album and upcoming projects have caught the eyes and ears of everyone in the hip-hop community.
AllFrumTha I stands for ‘All From Inglewood’ and these are proud Inglewood California residents and strong west coast style rap artist.
www.prleap.com /pr/6019   (321 words)

 Hip Hop West Coast Swing Workshop, Saturday 11-Dec-2004 6:30pm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Next, G Madison will teach a Hip Hop combination focusing on isolations, footwork, style and body movement.
He has been an instructor of various styles including Hip Hop, Salsa and Jazz-Funk.
Currently she teaches private lessons at the Starlight and is Michael's teaching partner in several classes covering a variety of dance styles and levels.
www.starlightdance.com /hiphop.shtml   (376 words)

 The Game 'Documentary' is Set to Rebirth West Coast Hip Hop - Message Board - ezboard.com
This CD is expected to be the most compelling and controversial CD ever to come out of the G Unit camp.
Every publication states that he is the rebirth of the West Coast.
The Documentary will be the biggest refreshing CD that has come out in a long time, Hip Hop needed this change, G-Unit has a member that has substance, grit, and an old soul like Tupac.
p076.ezboard.com /fpoliticalpalacefrm34.showMessage?topicID=1319.topic   (957 words)

 High Times On The West Coast - Hip Hop News - The Elements - Your One Stop For Hip Hop and Rap Music
The new imprint launched by the celebrated counterculture magazine, High Times, assembled a 14-song Hip Hop compilation.
The disc boasts all new and exclusive material crafted with High Times in mind, by RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), B-Real (Cypress Hill), The Pharcyde, The Beatnuts, The High and Mighty, Afu-Ra and Black Moon.
Having begun on the East Coast simultaneously with the release of the LP, the tour picks up again for a 14-date West Coast run in the fall.
www.hiphop-elements.com /article/read/4/5597/1   (261 words)

 Defari - Artist Profiles - The Elements - Your One Stop For Hip Hop and Rap Music
Over the past four years, the West Coast Hip-hop Scene has undergone a major resurgence.
In doing so, he became one of the first participants in the West Coast's Hip-hop renaissance to in effect "graduate".
Unlike many new artists, the blueprint for Defari's debut LP "Focused Daily" was defined and honed early on through his experiences via releasing records independently.
www.hiphop-elements.com /article/read/5/5780/1   (525 words)

 West Coast Rydaz :: Your Source For All Things Westcoast
An Inglewood native, Damani is pioneering a new approach to West Coast rap, breaking musical and lyrical boundaries as a dominant force in the current Los Angeles hip-hop scene.
Raised on the streets of LA, Damani was determined to develop a sound and style that would transform the LA hip-hop world.
"Damani is an important new voice in West Coast hip-hop, combining the truth and soul of the streets with hypnotic rhythms and an incredible musical sophistication," said Lisa Ellis, President, Sony Urban Music.
www.westcoastrydaz.com /news/10134   (463 words)

 Breakdown FM: An Interview with West Coast Hip Hop Pioneer Egyptian Love...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Many people don’t realize that these two guys were part of a much larger LA deejay/ Hip Hop seen that was coming into prominence during the late 70s early 80s.
They were throwing huge parties at places like the LA Coliseum and laying down the building blocks for what would later be Cali’s vibrant Hip Hop scene.
Egypt explains that like his east coast counterparts Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa, he too was working the early drum machines/ beatboxes and making record specifically to enhance his booming parties.
odeo.com /audio/461196/view   (404 words)

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