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Topic: West Garfield Park, Chicago

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In the News (Wed 26 Sep 18)

  West Garfield Park
Central Park, renamed for the assassinated President Garfield in 1881, featured an administrative building with a gilded dome, exhibit houses for exotic plants, picnic groves, and a bicycle track.
West Garfield Park's rise was tempered by bank closures, deprivation, and neglect during the Great Depression and World War II, but residents and businesspeople emerged into the postwar years ready to restore its standing.
During the early 1960s, West Garfield Park was increasingly stigmatized as a poor, disorganized community by observers who did not see its block-by-block variations or its struggling, unpublicized organizations.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/1338.html   (812 words)

 Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance
The Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation.
Garfield Park Conservatory is located in Garfield Park — an 184-acre site located on Chicago's redeveloping Westside designed as a pleasure ground by William LeBaron Jenney — and is the oldest of the three great original Westside parks (Humboldt, Garfield, and Douglas).
In 1905 Chicago's West Park Commission's general superintendent and chief landscape architect, Jens Jensen, demolished the three smaller greenhouses in Humboldt, Douglas and Garfield Parks to create what was intended as "the largest publicly owned conservatory under one roof in the world" in Garfield Park.
www.garfieldconservatory.org /history.htm   (813 words)

 Jazz Age Chicago -- Garfield Park
While most of the park policemen were well-trained and quite competent, a number were known for their cavalier patrol style and lust for professional prestige and neighborhood celebrity.
Garfield Park, like the other large city parks, served a the citizens of Chicago in a number of ways, some of which were widely acknowledged and some of which were not.
To be sure, as many have liked to point out, Garfield Park, surrounded as it was by public transportation of all kinds, provided the city's poorer residents the chance to escape shabby tenement districts for a day and enjoy the nature's splendors.
chicago.urban-history.org /sites/parks/garfield.htm   (445 words)

 Chicago ''L''.org: Operations - Lines -> Garfield Park
Although the Garfield Park was technically the branch that began at Marshfield and continued west, many often group the Met main line and branch together when referring to the "Garfield Park" line.
The Garfield Park branch entered service on June 19, oddly behind the Northwest branch even though it had been completed first and was used for rolling stock deliveries for some time.
Garfield Park line trackage is extended through the old Wells Street terminal to connect with Loop elevated just south of Quincy, replacing the old Loop connection via Van Buren at Tower 8 (Wells/Van Buren).
www.chicago-l.org /operations/lines/garfield.html   (1095 words)

 Social Scientists Map Chicago
Geographer Chauncy Harris often argued that Chicago in the first half of the 20th century was the most studied city in the world.
This claim is unprovable, but there were certainly an enormous number of scholarly studies of Chicago between the 1920s and the middle of the 20th century.
[Chicago : University of Chicago, Dept. of Sociology?, 193-?].
www.lib.uchicago.edu /e/su/maps/chisoc   (1680 words)

 East Garfield Park
The designation of the park in 1869 prompted a flurry of real-estate dealing, but after subdividing the property south and east of the park for sale, developers provided neither buildings nor infrastructure.
Instead, the railroads that described East Garfield Park's northern, eastern, and southern boundaries attracted manufacturers expanding westward from the Near West Side at the turn of the century.
Finally, a cluster of Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) projects—Harrison Courts, Maplewood Courts, and Rockwell Gardens—delineated the western edge of family public housing in Chicago and the eastern edge of East Garfield Park by 1960.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/404.html   (764 words)

 Chicago Park District: Garfield Park Conservatory
The Chicago Park District responded with major construction projects in the 1950s including the demolition of the Palm House and its replacement in fiberglass instead of glass.
In 1994, the Chicago Park District embarked on a multi-million dollar restoration plan that has brought vast improvements to the aging facility.
In 1995, the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance was created, a private organization that has raised millions of dollars for educational programming, community relations, and visitor services.
www.chicagoparkdistrict.com /index.cfm/fuseaction/parks.detail/object_id/3BD1CB82-1868-4FD7-840C-C4FCE847857B.cfm   (541 words)

 Garfield Park Postcard Views
Early guides for travel to and through Chicago utilized the existing Park Boulevard system as much as possible, since the Boulevards were established routes originally planned and built starting in the early 1870s.
310-311] "this headquarters of the politically powerful West Park Commission...housed their administrative offices, engineering department, and police force." The connection of the parks and their boulevards to the highways of the state is given an artistic depiction inside the building's rotunda.
Garfield Park is located on the west side between Hamlin Avenue and Central Park Avenue, from West Kinzie Street to Colorado Avenue.
www.windycityroadwarrior.com /Stories/garfield_park.htm   (747 words)

 Chicago Historical Society - Near West Side/East Garfield Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Near West Side has served as a port of entry for immigrants for more than a century and has undergone tremendous change over the past three decades.
By 1930, fls made up one-sixth of the total populations and grew to 15 percent, or 26,000, in 1940; Italians were the most numerous among the foreign born, followed by the Mexican and Greek populations.
Hull-House, Chicago's first social settlement founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr, is located on the Near West Side.
www.chicagohistory.org /DGBPhotoEssay/nwintro.html   (511 words)

 The Change Project: Bethel New Life
A map shows Garfield Park to be an expanse of greenery with two lakes and a grand botanical conservatory about four miles straight west from the Loop on the Eisenhower Expressway or the Lake/Dan Ryan El (the "Green Line").
Nearly 30 percent of the births are to teenage mothers, and 64 percent of the households are led by single parents, so perhaps it is not surprising that nearly 60 percent of the children live in poverty; Two thirds of all high-school students drop out, and 62 percent of adults have no high school diploma.
Now, in West Garfield Park, she became a part of her brother's ministry, helping with "social action" such as starting an alternative high school for dropouts, and 17 daycare centers.
www.well.com /user/bbear/bethel.html   (4941 words)

 Chicago Park District: Garfield Park
In 1869, the Illinois state legislature established the West Park Commission, which was responsible for three large parks and interlinking boulevards.
The centerpiece of the system, the 185-acre Central Park, was renamed to honor President James A. Garfield (1831- 1881) after his assassination in 1881.
In 1934, Garfield Park became part of the Chicago Park District, when the city's 22 independent park commissions merged into a single citywide agency.
www.chicagoparkdistrict.com /index.cfm/fuseaction/parks.detail/object_id/127F0F88-404E-4477-8E90-CE99F383B1D5.cfm   (392 words)

 West Garfield Park Community Collection
Settlement of the area known as the West Garfield Park community was stimulated in the late 1800s by the extension of transportation and municipal services to the area.
The West Garfield Park Community Collection was originally part of the collections of the West Side Historical Society, which formed at the Legler branch of The Chicago Public Library in 1930 to promote and collect the history of Chicago’s west side.
The West Garfield Park Community Collection is available to the public for research in the Special Collections and Preservation Division Reading Room on the 9th floor of the Harold Washington Library Center, 400 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60605.
www.chipublib.org /008subject/012special/wgp.html   (1755 words)

Kingsbury on the Park - Newly built and located in Chicago, Kingsbury on the Park is on Kingsbury south of Chicago Avenue.
Park 2400 Condominiums - Built in the early 2000's, Park 2400 Condominiums is located in the chicago- Near West Side on Western south of I-290.
West Point Meadows - Built in the early 2000's, West Point Meadows is located in Tinley Park on Oak Park South of Harlem.
www.aboutcities.com /newconstruction.asp?strAction=ShowAll   (5637 words)

This is the partnership between Bethel New Life, located in West Garfield Park in Chicago, Illinois, and Argonne National Laboratory.
The partnership between Bethel and Argonne is bringing much more than employment to the area; it allows the residents of the West Garfield Park area to be involved in every step of revitalization in their neighborhood.
They are prospering from both sustainable community development and the employment that their efforts bring to the West Garfield Park neighborhood.
www.ncced.org /cpp/argonne.html   (1074 words)

 Hefferan (West Garfield Park) Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois
Hefferan, on the west side of Chicago, boasts (1) a daily attendance rate that exceeds 94 percent, (2) large blocks of training and planning time in the workplace during school hours, and (3) the treatment of teachers as professionals.
Hefferan Elementary School is located in the West Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago.
Decisionmaking in schools in Chicago is the responsibility of the 11 member Local School Councils (LSCs), but at Hefferan the decisionmaking is spread wider and deeper into the school so that meaningful change can happen.
www.ncrel.org /sdrs/areas/issues/envrnmnt/go/94-4heff.htm   (730 words)

 Chicago ''L''.org: Stations - Irving Park
Irving Park opened with the initial construction of the Ravenswood branch of the Northwestern Elevated, which was placed into service May 18, 1907.
This booth was removed in the mid-1990s when the electronic farecard turnstiles were installed, replaced by a new booth on the west wall.
Irving Park became an AB station when the skip stop system was instituted August 1, 1949, but reverted to an all-stop when A/B service was discontinued in 1995.
www.chicago-l.org /stations/irving_park-ravens.html   (445 words)

 Garfild Park Chicago Real Estate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The communities of East and West Garfield Park surround their namesake jewel, Garfield Park.
Spanning more than 180 acres, the park is an urban oasis of gardens, lagoons and greenspaces designed by Midwestern landscape architect Jens Jensen.
The park also boasts a free conservatory that opened in 1906 and is one of the world's largest "gardens under glass."
www.nextchicago.com /garfield_park_chicago.htm   (166 words)

 Kohl's helps build playground in West Garfield Park - Children's Memorial Hospital (Chicago, IL)
More than 175 Chicago area Kohl's associates will be working side by side with approximately 50 members of the community to construct the new facility for children of all ages.
According to a recent study conducted by Children's Memorial Research Center and funded by Kohl's, West Garfield Park has a high rate of pedestrian and motor vehicle injuries among children compared to the overall rate for the city of Chicago.
The Kohl's gift is supporting Children's Memorial's leadership of a local coalition with the Chicago Park District and Friends of the Parks to create greater awareness of playground safety, develop standards for playground maintenance and supervision and create a network of safe places for kids to play.
www.childrensmemorial.org /newsroom/release07012005.asp   (626 words)

 Jazz Age Chicago--Garfield Park
Garfield Park, originally known as Central Park, was the westernmost link in the parks and boulevards system that was constructed in Chicago during the late 1860s and early 1870s.
Police drills and similar training excercises were meant to instill discipline and a knowledge of the law in members of the force, but they also had the unexpected consequence of feeding the egos of those who enjoyed the ceremonialism of police work more than their everyday duties.
More often than not, Garfield and its counterparts served the leisure needs of the city's growing middle class best, especially up until the turn of the century.
chicago.urban-history.org /ven/pks/garfield.shtml   (597 words)

 Chicago East & West Rogers Park: Real estate listings, restaurants, shopping, maps, and more
The Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park is the northern doorway to Chicago.
West Rogers Park is bordered by Kedzie, Howard, Ridge and Peterson and is dominated by single-family homes.
Rogers Park is a diverse community and truly is a melting pot, with census reports as recently as 2001 reporting an almost equal blend of white, fl and hispanic residents.
www.chicagoneighborhoods.cc /neighborhoods/rogerspark.html   (241 words)

 West Garfield Park Real Estate, West Garfield Park Homes For Sale, 60624 MLS
garfield park area, accessible to xpway and dwntwn chgo!
Our professional West Garfield Park agents are very knowledgeable and have years of experience with West Garfield Park schools, neighborhoods and West Garfield Park local market conditions.
The West Garfield Park data is updated daily.
www.chicagorealestate-bw.com /searchresults.asp?Area=8026   (1185 words)

 Man fatally shot in West Garfield Park neighborhood
A 41-year-old man was shot and killed Sunday in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.
The shooting occurred in the 3900 block of West Madison Street at 1:30 p.m., according to police News Affairs Officer JoAnn Taylor.
The man and the shooter were seen fighting in a parking lot, Taylor said.
www.suntimes.com /output/news/garfield14.html   (153 words)

 cbs2chicago.com - Police Shoot And Wound Man In Garfield Park
Chicago news, weather, sports, traffic and video from cbs2chicago.com: Police Shoot And Wound Man In Garfield Park
A man was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot by a Chicago Police officer, for refusing to cooperate with authorities.
The shooting occurred during a domestic dispute in West Garfield Park neighborhood late last night.
cbs2chicago.com /local/local_story_164093727.html   (272 words)

 Homesbymarco - Buying a Home
Adler Park West - Built in the early 2000's, Adler Park West is located in Libertyville on Milwaukee Ave.
Brookhill Park - Located in Libertyville, Brookhill Park is on Milwaukee north of Route 137.
Cambridge West - Built in the mid 70's, Cambridge West is located in Libertyville on Rockland west of Milwaukee.
www.homesbymarco.com /subdivision/subdivisions.asp?intCityid=55   (1360 words)

 Transit Oriented Development Revitalizes Chicago Neighborhood | Urban Habitat
Garfield Park is an older urban community within the Chicago Empowerment Zone, an area torn by riots in the 1960s and weakened by decades of declining population, abandoned properties, poverty, crime, and drugs.
Without the El, Garfield Park residents would have had great difficulty in getting to jobs downtown and throughout the city.
Bethel New Life began in 1979, when Mary Nelson and her brother David, a minister at Bethel Lutheran Church in West Garfield Park, decided to literally interpret a line from the Bible’s Book of Isaiah to address the disinvestment and distress in the neighborhood.
urbanhabitat.org /node/343   (1144 words)

 Chicago real estate search - Chicago Home Estates.
Chicago Home Estates is your number one link to real-time Chicago real estate listings.
Set up your own search parameters, create an inventory of saved properties or request showings from our team of first class real estate experts who are ready to assist you with your buy, sell or development strategies.
You are just a few keystrokes away from the world of Chicago real estate.
www.chicagohomeestates.com   (139 words)

 Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance
The Garfield Park Conservatory Docent Program engages high school students on Chicago’s West Side in two years of challenging, hands-on learning experiences that provide important, personal development opportunities and job training, while at the same time fulfilling the service learning hours that Chicago Public Schools require students to have for high school graduation.
This is just day two of an eight-day of a study abroad eco-adventure planned for and by the Garfield Park Conservatory’s docents.
They have studied the rare plants that make up the Conservatory’s collection; learned about the history of Chicago’s park system and conservatories; improved on their speaking skills, and performed the duties of collections interpreter.
www.garfieldconservatory.org /teen_programs.htm   (777 words)

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