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Topic: Western (genre)

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  Westerns Films
Westerns are often set on the American frontier during the last part of the 19th century (1865-1900) following the Civil War, in a geographically western (trans-Mississippi) setting with romantic, sweeping frontier landscapes or rugged rural terrain.
The western film genre often portrays the conquest of the wilderness and the subordination of nature, in the name of civilization, or the confiscation of the territorial rights of the original inhabitants of the frontier.
Western heroes are often local lawmen or enforcement officers, ranchers, army officers, cowboys, territorial marshals, or a skilled, fast-draw gunfighter.
www.filmsite.org /westernfilms.html   (1550 words)

 Bing Crosby - Music Downloads - Online
Jazz was by no means his main concentration, though, especially after the 1930s; Crosby instead blended contemporary pop hits with the best songs from a wide range of material (occasionally recording theme-oriented songs written by non-specialists as well, such as Cole Porter's notoriously un-Western "Don't Fence Me In").
Though he had recorded several cowboy songs earlier in the 1930s as well as the occasional song of inspiration, Crosby began covering everything under the sun, the popular hits of every genre of contemporary music.
Arriving in 1940 was the first of his popular "Road" movies with old friend Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, along with three of the biggest hits of the year ("Sierra Sue," "Trade Winds," "Only Forever").
musicstore.connect.com /artist/529/Bing-Crosby/1000442.html   (1331 words)

  Dave P. Fisher - Western Writer & Cowboy Poet - The Western Genre - What Is It?
Unlike most genres, the Western Novel has its roots firmly planted in its history, but like all genres there are good and poor writers of it.
Unfortunately, many people who are not particularly knowledgeable about the western period see only the bad examples — films that are ridiculous in their portrayal of the west and the books that echo them.
The Western writer who feels the need to liberally lace his work with foul language and sex to sell his book has missed the whole point and probably never even knew the point.
www.davepfisher.com /wst_page7.html   (1202 words)

  Western (genre) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Westerns are art works – films, literature, television and radio shows, sculpture (particularly that by Frederic Remington), and paintings – devoted to telling stories set in the 19th Century American West (and sometimes Mexico, Canada or the Australian Outback, during the same time period), with the setting occasionally portrayed in a romanticised light.
Westerns, by definition, are set in the Western United States during the period from the start of the US Civil War in 1860 to the end of the so-called "Indian Wars" at Wounded Knee in 1890.
The popular perception of the Western is a movie that centres on the life of a semi-nomadic wanderer, usually a cowboy or a gunfighter, whose possessions include a canteen; period clothing that might include a large Stetson hat, a bandana, spurs and buckskins; a revolver or rifle; and a saddle, but not necessarily a horse.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Western_(genre)   (3123 words)

 Western - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Western is an adjective and is used to refer to things that are in the West.
Western (genre), a literary and dramatic genre found in books, films, paintings, and television and radio programs throughout the 20th century.
Western blot, a method in molecular biology to detect a certain protein in a sample by using antibody specific to that protein.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Western   (214 words)

A genre is a division of a particular form of art according to criteria particular to that form.
Genres are formed by sets of conventions, and many works cross into multiple genres by way of borrowing and recombining these conventions.
Genre is originally a French word meaning "kind", "sort" or "type"; in grammatical terminology, it refers to the artificial concept of masculine or feminine grammatical gender (the noun "genre" itself belongs to the masculine gender in French, for example).
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/g/ge/genre.html   (601 words)

 The Western: Discussion Points
The Western is a useful introduction to the iconography of genres and can give rise to discussion about audience expectation of a particular genre.
At first sight Westerns can be identified by a range of elements which allow the audience easy recognition but if we take this further we can explore the complexities of Westerns which are regularly redefined.
Sam Peckinpah is another director associated with Westerns He worked in the sixties and seventies and focuses on the image of the ageing Western hero being reduced to a carnival attraction (‘Ride the High Country’, 1962).
www.filmeducation.org /secondary/concept/filmandgenre/docs/west3.html   (688 words)

 Western Movies @ Filmbug
Westerns are arts works (films, books, television shows, and paintings right off; see Frederic Remington; we focus on movies) devoted to telling romanticized tales of the American West (see Westward Expansion in History of the United States).
While the western has been popular throughout the history of movies, as the United States progresses farther away from the period depicted, the western has begun to diminish in importance, though (as of August 2003) it has been revived with the Kevin Costner western Open Range.
An offshoot of the western genre is the "post-apocalyptic" western, in which a future society, struggling to rebuild after a major catastrophe, is portrayed in a manner very similar to the 19th century frontier.
www.filmbug.com /dictionary/westerns.php   (1062 words)

 Western Swing Downloads - Download Western Swing Music - Download Western Swing MP3s
Western swing was the most eclectic form of country music and in its free-wheeling diversity, it set the stage for rock & roll.
One of the fathers of Western swing, Milton Brown was a vocalist and bandleader who was one of the first to fuse country, jazz, and pop together into a unique, distinctly American hybrid.
Western swing's popularity was declining, though Wills' regional fame remained unchanged and he continued to appear regularly on KVOO until 1958.
www.mp3.com /western-swing/genre/213/subgenre.html   (3663 words)

 Genre and the western   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In fact, one of the major challenges in genre studies, one which is rarely confronted despite the literary origins of the field, is to provide yardsticks for analysing the quality of works that for the most part are considered to "defy extended aesthetic analysis" (ibid:458).
Genre products, therefore, apart from their intrinsic quality, exclude themselves from some audiences as well as appealing to others, with the result that movie makers soon learned to combine genres, and producers today hire script doctors who can intermix genres to apparently interest a broader audience.
These are sharply defined acquirements, giving to the figure of the westerner an apparent moral clarity which corresponds to the clarity of his physical image against his bare landscape; initially, at any rate, the western movie presents itself as being without mystery, its whole universe comprehended on what we see on the screen.
www.mediantics.com /emediate/films/western.htm   (8918 words)

Genres can be seen as re-staging and re-fashioning cultural myths and rituals that are taken up by the cinema to be given new forms of expression and transmission.
The Western explores various historical realities with all their legal, geographical and racial dimensions, but it also explores questions of personal identity, usually in the form of heroic male quest for personal self-definition and self-validation, often in opposition to other competing identities such as the savage and the bandit.
Genre is important to the film industry is because filmmaking is expensive and commercial cinema exploits the public’s appetitive for variations of the familiar while limiting risk.
www.northallertoncoll.org.uk /media/genretheory.htm   (1569 words)

 Alessandro Alessandroni - Music Downloads - Online
During the early '60s, Alessandroni crossed paths professionally with a slightly younger former boyhood friend, Ennio Morricone, who, after a few years as a musician working in jazz clubs, had begun to emerge in the field of movie music.
Morricone had just scored his first Western and was working on another, and wanted to add some new sounds to his work.
Alessandroni's guitar and his abilities as a whistler came to the fore on the resulting score for Guns Don't Argue, within the framework of a traditional Western ballad.
musicstore.connect.com /artist/537/Alessandro-Alessandroni/1002517.html   (447 words)

Western Web Directory - Author's A forever growing web directories of Western authors of today and of the past.
The Wild West - Fiction that transcends genre to focus on the West and Southwest..
Wild West Stories - Classic Western pulp fiction at Arthur's Classic Novels More than 100 online western novels available free..
www.opentopia.com /dir/Arts/Literature/Genres/Western   (156 words)

 Best Buy Canada Web Store: Music, Movies, Games: Movies: Wild Bunch (Widescreen) (1969)
William Holden, Robert Ryan, and Ernest Borgnine star as the leaders of a grizzled crew of Texan bandits who ride to Mexico, where, one by one, they are unceremoniously slaughtered by a Mexican revolutionary.
The western, a genre steeped in legend and the concept of loyalty, was a dying breed when Sam Peckinpah unleashed this amoral and violent opus.
Peckinpah brilliantly used aging Western stars such as Ryan and Holden to convey this passing of the cinematic torch.
www.bestbuy.ca /catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0926INGFSM2106561&catid=20553&logon=&langid=EN&MSCSProfile=3C79F0C7EA3162B29078EFCFF8C1FEE552C688D0061068990A57A33E5C21026584807E37E0C6FA2900228EBB436F05530AAE082BF708100B170550A21DB2E5DE198B44828EAF47C2240B2B1C2C990EDD5DA4FA21BE6412AA5395DB7F14BB47B501B39F1227A5FC3EF4ADD4420C1A9FC4CE3D048E50BAFAEE   (572 words)

 SpaceWesterns.com: The e-zine of the Space Western sub-genre
I'll be at Balticon—in Baltimore, Maryland on May 25th through May 28th—doing interviews for SpaceWesterns.com, so, if you're going to be at Balticon, and have written, sung, performed in, or have some other relationship to the Space Western sub-genre, then contact me.
It should—it’s merely a western transplanted to some alien and impossible planet.
What you’ll find at SpaceWesterns.com is the finest science fiction westerns, western science fiction, and outright space westerns...mixed, shaken, and stirred...by authors who can automatically switch over from the Western frontier to the final frontier; by people who know and love the space western genre...for people who also know and love it.
www.spacewesterns.com   (512 words)

 IMDb Genre Browser   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Click on the genre links below to go to the biggest and best collection of films sorted by their type.
A genre is simply a categorization of certain types of art based upon their style, form, or content.
Most movies can easily be described with certain umbrella terms, such as Westerns, dramas, or comedies.
imdb.com /Sections/Genres   (130 words)

 Newegg.com - Platinum Disc Corporation Great American Western - 4-DVD Set Vol. 2 Not Rated Westerns DVD - Retail
Newegg.com - Platinum Disc Corporation Great American Western - 4-DVD Set Vol.
Platinum Disc Corporation Great American Western - 4-DVD Set Vol.
This incredible collection of westerns features 16 classics from the genre.
www.newegg.com /Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E168096009101190DV   (206 words)

 Future Shop: DVD Movies: Western: Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
In a classic that puts style above substance, Italian director Sergio Leone uses vivid Cinemascope imagery to depict a bleak and bloody American West in this final installment of his collaboration with Clint Eastwood in the Man with No Name Trilogy.
A prototype for the so-called Spaghetti Western genre, the film solidified Eastwood's position as a major international star with his stoic, brooding presence.
Cinematographer Tonino Delli Colli's stunning visuals are a match for the vivacious Ennio Morricone score, one of the most recognizable in all of cinema.
www.futureshop.ca /catalog/proddetail.asp?sku_id=0665000FSM1702649&catid=14784&logon=&langid=EN&MSCSProfile=3C79F0C7EA3162B2AD2D24472DF6467FA3AF91DDC3CAF376AA0D8CC622B213BDE6ABCC353B8D1A326CFFBDF559054CFB75E90725E7D7DCCB09E7C9F584541F894D6D9DC4B240B97ACD192E90CE5B0105B78887C18194931035E7B9EB19B53AA277FB41F047FC48EC5FD9C58027DF921AF0B11F01BD2CE0DF   (381 words)

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