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Topic: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Westmoreland County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.
Westmoreland County is part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area.
In the county, the population was spread out with 22.00% under the age of 18, 6.80% from 18 to 24, 27.50% from 25 to 44, 25.40% from 45 to 64, and 18.30% who were 65 years of age or older.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Westmoreland_County,_Pennsylvania   (354 words)

 History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Thomas Anderson, aforementioned, was born in Ireland, 1718, emigrated to America, locating in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, fought through the revolutionary war when between fifty and sixty years old, died on the old Elder farm near New Alexandria in 1822, aged one hundred and four years, and is buried in Old Salem churchyard.
She was a daughter of David and Martha (Whiteside) McConnell, of Lancaster county, who with their children crossed the mountains in a covered wagon in the year 1800 and settled in Salem township.
Her brother Daniel McConnell, born 1794, was the grandfather of Judge A. McConnell, of Westmoreland county, whose father was the late Kirk McConnell, of Salem township.
www.familytrail.com /elder/records/PAwestmorelandco.html   (2870 words)

 Birding in Westmoreland County, southwestern Pennsylvania.
Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County was formed from Bedford County by the act of 26th of February 1773, the first county west of the Allegheny Mountains and the 11th county established by the Pennsylvania colony, the last under the hereditary Penn Propriety Government.
The county is rich in streams and rivers, though too many of these have been tainted by drainage from old coal mines, a legacy of the coal mining past.
The summit of Laurel Ridge is the eastern boundary of the county, bordering Somerset and Cambria counties.
www.westol.com /~towhee/sighting.htm   (2937 words)

 Information on Westmoreland County, PA - In Westmoreland.com
Westmoreland County, PA is comprised of 21 townships and over 280 boroughs, cities, towns, and villages.
The County moves toward the future according to a Comprehensive Plan, the goals of which are to create a healthy and safe living environment in the county, to provide for good schools and diversified and affordable housing, accessible shopping, quality recreational and cultural attractions, and jobs that pay a living wage.
The Westmoreland County Agricultural Land Preservation Program (WCALP) was developed in 1990 to conserve and protect agricultural lands and assure that farmers in Westmoreland County have sufficient agricultural lands to provide farm products for the people of the county and the Commonwealth.
www.inwestmoreland.com /countyinfo   (1379 words)

 The Westmoreland County Connection: About Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County is located in southwestern Pennsylvania in the United States and is composed of approximately 1,033 square miles.
Westmoreland County was reduced to its current size in 1803.
After Hanna’s Town was burned by the Indians, the Westmoreland County seat was moved to Greensburg in 1797.
wcconnection.tripod.com /aboutwc.htm   (257 words)

 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (U.S.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The retention of the British symbol on the flag indicates that the inhabitants of Westmoreland County, although ready to resist the tyrannical acts of the British Parliament, still considered themselves loyal subjects of King George III.
It was designated the official flag of Westmoreland County in 1973, the county's bicentennial year.
The initials 'J.P.' and 'I.B.W.C.P.' stand for Colonel John Proctor's 'Independent Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.' This was one of the military groups known as Associators, volunteers from Pennsylvania, where the Quakers did not wish for an active militia.
areciboweb.50megs.com /fotw/flags/us-pa-wc.html   (471 words)

 Description of the Geology of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
The geology of this large and wealthy county is a continuation of that of Fayette County already described.
A continuation of this anticlinal roll runs down the county line across the Yough to the Monongahela River near Webster; it is so gentle as rarely to show a dip greater than 1º.
From: A geological hand atlas of the sixty-seven counties of Pennsylvania :embodying the results of the field work of the survey, from 1874 to 1884.
www.libraries.psu.edu /emsl/guides/X/westmoreland.htm   (511 words)

 John Jacob Rugh Sr. of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
She related to James Rugh that her great-grandfather had come from Holland to Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and that her grandfather (Michael Rugh) had married Anna Francina Markle, a daughter of Christopher Markle and Anna Germina Wertz, "also of Holland".
She reported that they had located in Westmoreland County in 1772 on a tract of land, much of which subsequently became part of the site of the City of Greensburg.
Jacob ZEHNER (SEANOR) was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1787.
home.earthlink.net /~pknox/jac-sr.html   (581 words)

 John Jacob Rugh Jr. of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania (1784-1869)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Betsy (Elizabeth Louise) KEPPEL (KEPPLE) was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1789.
was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1827.
was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1832.
home.earthlink.net /~pknox/jac-jr.html   (557 words)

 InWestmoreland - Westmoreland County's Online Directory
Its County Seat, Greensburg, is 34 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA. The eighth largest county in Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County encompasses some 1,025 square miles and has a population of 368,983.
Westmoreland County, PA's history goes back before the American Revolution, when Governor Richard Penn approved an Act of Assembly that formed Westmoreland County on February 26th, 1773.
Kecksburg, in Westmoreland County, is famous for a UFO incident that occurred on December 9th, 1965.
www.inwestmoreland.com   (397 words)

 Westmoreland County Historical Society
In one of the final battles of the war, Hanna’s Town was attacked and burned on July 13, 1782 by a raiding party of Indians and their British allies.
The town never recovered, and the county seat was moved to Greensburg in 1786.
The Westmoreland County Historical Society and Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation have formed a partnership to administer and maintain Historic Hanna’s Town.
www.starofthewest.org /html/hanna.html   (319 words)

 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Genealogical Records Information
Greensburg, the county seat after 1785, was incorporated as a borough on February 9, 1799 and as a city in 1928.
Robert Hanna and Arthur St. Clair led the move to erect a Pennsylvania county to thwart the extension of Virginia's political control of the area.
The county's location on both the Forbes and Braddock Roads was vital to the rise of Pittsburgh.
www.mypennsylvaniagenealogy.com /pa_county/we.htm   (1289 words)

 Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666 Westmoreland County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mount Pleasant is a small town in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania.
I emphasize Westmoreland county because there are at least 2 other Mount Pleasants in Pennsylvania, one in Adams county and one in Berks county.
This school was later known as the Western Pennsylvania Classical and Scientific Institute.
www.mtpleasantpa.com   (397 words)

 Fifth Generation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
His Final Petition was filed on August 14, 1813 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and is recorded in Naturalization Dockets, Vol.
Upon their arrival in Westmoreland County in 1804, John M. Bierer, and his brothers were employed by a farmer named William
Margaret Holtzinger (daughter of Jacob Holtzinger and Christina Barbara Lukens) was born on 2 May 1777 in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA.
pages.prodigy.net /dangar/genealogy/bierer/b113.htm   (559 words)

 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
The County Links on the left will keep you specifically in or near Westmoreland County, the Laurel Highlands of PA right next door to Pittsburgh.
Pennsylvania has hundreds of colleges and universities to choose from...
Pennsylvania has hundreds of Bed and Breakfasts scattered across all of our regions and 67 counties.
pavisnet.com /westmoreland   (433 words)

 Historic Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - Fay-West.com
When the first Europeans arrived in southwestern Pennsylvania in the early 1790's, they set the stage for a drama that was to extend over the next two centuries.
The story of these settlers and the experience of their descendants and the later waves of immigrants who followed them to the Allegheny Mountains, has become a take of an American Transformation.
Westmoreland Museum of Art - Greensburg PA Westmoreland County was known as "Mother of the Western Counties" because 16 counties have been formed from its original colonial territory.
www.fay-west.com /westmoreland/historic   (169 words)

 DUI Lawyer Greensburg Pennsylvania PA Westmoreland County DWI DAI Attorney
A DUI lawyer in Greensburg PA or elsewhere, needs to stay abreast of the law, and offer a vigorous defense, as well as assist the client in understanding the charges and potential consequences.
An individual’s prior offenses, three-tier determination, and extenuating circumstances (was an auto accident involved in the arrest?), all contribute to the probability of incarceration or the possibility of acquittal.
However, the DAI / DUI will remain on your driving record for 10 years.  A  DAI / DUI lawyer in Westmoreland County or Indiana County that is able to achieve an ARD for the defendant, will have the result of no jail time, and a shorter license suspension (30-60 days).
westmorelandlaw-lp.lawoffice.com   (403 words)

 VoteTrustUSA - Pennsylvania: Westmoreland County Lawsuit Has Hearing in Commonwealth Court
At stake is a Pennsylvania constitutional issue, and whether or not citizens should have the opportunity to vote in a referendum on the move to electronic voting under the Help America Vote Act.
The object of the lawsuit filed by the voters is a provision in the Pennsylvania State Constitution that requires a referendum to be placed on the ballot prior to a county moving to voting by machine.
The Pennsylvania Department of State and other entities have taken the position that the referendum is not needed because HAVA, as a federal law requiring that older lever machines and other systems be replaced, overrides state law.
www.votetrustusa.org /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=905&Itemid=113   (763 words)

 Welcome to the Westmoreland Bar Association
The Westmoreland Bar Association is among the oldest, continuous professional organizations of lawyers in Pennsylvania.
Our mission is to continue a long-standing tradition of fostering excellence in professional service by our members to their clients and to the general community while engendering respect, civility and camaraderie among the members of the bench and bar.
Savor some of the best food in and around the county at the Westmoreland Bar Association Dine Around, showcasing a few of the finest local restaurants--as chosen by WBA member and fine-food aficionado John Scales.
www.westbar.org   (395 words)

 Digital Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania maps and map.
Westmoreland County Map, Maps of Westmoreland County and all Pennsylvania County Maps.
Our map of Westmoreland County is fully editable, logically layered (View Layer Directory), and royalty free.
Every county map is available, but we may not yet have your county of interest completed.
www.creativeforce.com /county_maps/county_maps.asp?ID=2306   (224 words)

 Generation I
She died after 1860 in Springfield Twp., Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
Female McMANUS was born about 1804/10 in Donegal Twp., Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
Eleanor McMANUS was born about 1819 in Donegal Twp., Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
www.nataliesnet.com /mcmanus/desc02.htm   (146 words)

 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - info, facts, communities on Key to the City
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - info, facts, communities on Key to the City
The Cities and communities of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania*
The first county of the colony of Pennsylvania erected west of the Allegheny Mountains and the last under the hereditary Penn proprietaries and the 11th county established by the colony The county was probably named either for Westmoreland County in England or in Virginia, or for both.
www.usacitiesonline.com /pawestmorelandcounty.htm   (223 words)

 Westmoreland County Greensburg, Pennsylvania (Counties)
The county seat of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, is Greensburg.
The county population on July 1, 1999, was 370,658, an increase of 337 over the 1990 census.
For information on county government, contact the National Association of Counties Web site.
www.ohwy.com /pa/y/y42129.htm   (109 words)

 Westmoreland GOP Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
His family has controlled the politics of Cambria county for nearly 75 years by effectively blocking out every challenger to the county committee by hand picking the committee members and rigging the elections.
Although Gus never served as GOP chairman, he was influential in the county Republican Party and served on its executive committee for eight years.In fact, Gus controlled much of the state patronage in the county after he backed Gifford Pinchot for governor in the 1920s.
Westmoreland County residents and Rolling Rock drinkers from around the world unite!
westmorelandgop.blogspot.com   (5681 words)

 The Westmoreland County Connection - A Local Guide to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
A brief history of Westmoreland County from its beginnings on February 26, 1773 to the present day.
Listing of natural recreation areas in Westmoreland County including parks, nature centers, and trails.
The Westmoreland County Connection is a trademark of Annette Blanar Steadle.
wcconnection.tripod.com   (239 words)

 Caruthers & Caruthers, PC, Greensburg, Westmoreland County Pennsylvania PA Accident, Injury, General Practice Lawyers, ...
In addition to his private practice, he is also the Solicitor for the Westmoreland County Register of Wills and Secretary and Director for Penn State Tool and Die Corporation.
Bill is a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, where he previously served as a member of its Board of Governors.
He is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, and is the Chairman of the Criminal Law Committee for the Westmoreland County Bar Association.
www.carutherslaw.com   (607 words)

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