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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Westworld: a thing about type, htpc (Home theater pc's), scripting and other kinky stuff
Westworld: a thing about type, htpc (Home theater pc's), scripting and other kinky stuff
Westworld: A site about Home theaters, Type, domotica and other kinky stuff.
We need more, or so it seems :)
www.westworld.be   (2323 words)

  WestWorld of Scottsdale
WestWorld is a premier, nationally recognized, user-friendly equestrian center and special events facility serving our community and target market visitors.
The history of WestWorld begins in 1982, and continues through January 1997, when the City of Scottsdale reacquired the management rights and assets to the facility.
WestWorld is comprised of approximately 120 acres which are available for a variety of uses and events.
www.scottsdaleaz.gov /westworld   (186 words)

 Westworld by Gerald Mead and Sam Applebaum
It is clear, for example, from the opening shot, that the very existence of the “Westworld” complex is the result of a conscious human decision to exploit men and women—and the reasons for that particular style of exploitation are irrelevant.
And it is even clearer that the decision to keep “Westworld” open, even after some potentially dangerous malfunctions are recognized, is made in the interest of the economic health of the organization, the corporation.
At least it is functioning here within the framework of the fiction of WESTWORLD by providing support for the characters’ attitudes in the form of signs of real life, reinforcements of their enjoyment through belief in the illusion.
www.ejumpcut.org /archive/onlinessays/JC07folder/westworld.html   (2713 words)

 Westworld | Classic Movie and TV Reviews | SCI FI Weekly
Westworld is actually one of three resorts at a massive theme park named Delos, all of which utilize sophisticated robots as the supporting players in fantasy worlds where tourists get to play adventurous heroes for once in their lives.
Westworld itself allows (male) tourists to play Old West desperadoes who make short work of local tough guys and cut a sexual swath through the selection of local robotic prostitutes.
Westworld is a relic of that lamented earlier time when B-movie concepts had B-movie budgets and therefore relied on their own charms, rather than bloating to the point where they collapsed under their own weight.
www.scifi.com /sfw/screen/classic/sfw12523.html   (819 words)

 Westworld 2000 for Windows - MobyGames
Westworld 2000 is basically a typical 3D shooter with a strong dose of adventure elements.
Westworld first came to the world in 1973 in the form of a motion picture written and directed by famed novelist Michael Crichton.
The original Westworld remains to this day a Sci-fi classic, and was actually a pretty successful movie in it's day grossing a considerable amount for a SF flick done on a meager $1.25 budget and which featured one of the first computer-generated visual effects on a motion picture (the robot's distorted point of view shots).
www.mobygames.com /game/westworld-2000   (356 words)

 Westworld (1973)
Set during an unspecified future era on Earth, Westworld features Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin) and John Blane (James Brolin) on their way to a new kind of amusement park, Delos, located way out in the middle of a desert.
All of these questions and more are explored in Westworld, albeit most are not explicitly broached--probably in an attempt to avoid sounding preachy or over-intellectual.
Because at the heart of Westworld, at least on a surface level, is a fantastic thriller/suspense story.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0070909   (1220 words)

 And You Call Yourself a Scientist! - Westworld (1973)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In contrast to the "lusty treat for the senses" of Romanworld, Medievalworld and Westworld – the two predominantly male destinations – promise, respectively, "chivalry and combat" and "lawlessness, a society of guns and action".
This theme is present from the opening scene, where a guest, asked to describe his Delos experience, exults, "I shot six men!" As the film progresses, the acts of violence perpetrated by the guests escalate in both frequency and intensity: gun fights, bank robberies, and jail breaks, all resulting in streets strewn with "bodies".
John has brought his friend to Westworld to help him get back in touch with his masculine side – and, incidentally, to get over his divorce, in which, modern wimp that he is, he allowed his ex-wife to "take him for a ride".
twtd.bluemountains.net.au /Rick/liz_westworld.htm   (2875 words)

 Amazon.ca: Westworld (Widescreen): DVD: Michael Crichton,Yul Brynner,Richard Benjamin,James Brolin,Norman Bartold,Alan ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Westworld has moments of camp and the look of a low-budget backlot production, but two decades before Crichton revamped his idea to create Jurassic Park, this movie made the most of its interesting and exciting premise.
WESTWORLD is a bit too earnest to have yet become a CULT classic--a status it is likely to achieve as technology continues to grow leaps and bounds beyond that which the film depicts--but it continues to be held in high regard by the majority of SF fans.
'Westworld' basically is the story of Delos, a dazzling theme-park of the not-too-distant future, which, like its counterpart created by Uncle Walt, charges insane admission fees in order to cater to its guests' every whim and perverted pleasure.
www.amazon.ca /Westworld-Widescreen-Michael-Crichton/dp/B00004VVND   (2091 words)

 Amazon.com: Westworld: DVD: Yul Brynner,Richard Benjamin,James Brolin,Norman Bartold,Alan Oppenheimer,Victoria ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Brolin and Benjamin choose Westworld (what American boy has never played cowboy at some time in his childhood?) and for a few days they have the time of their lives shooting up bad guys, starting barfights, and drawing a bead on deadly rattlesnakes.
Meanwhile, back in Westworld, the bad-guy-in-fl robot challenges Brolin and Benjamin to a gunfight, but instead of being shot dead as he is every night, the bad guy decides to turn the tables.
They choose "Westworld" wherein visitors are incorporated into an ongoing interactive play with other visitors and complex cybertronic/animatronic figures, who follow their roles, and not a specific script.
www.amazon.com /Westworld-Yul-Brynner/dp/0792839714   (2502 words)

 Westworld Cyberdreams CD
Westworld: Tony Harnell (vocals); Mark Reale (guitar); Josh Pincus (keyboards); Bruno Ravel (bass); John O. Reilly (drums).
Both Cyberdreams and Skin, their previous effort, are excellent.
I've always liked TNT but I think Westworld is better.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/5348361/a/Cyberdreams.htm   (296 words)

 The 11th Hour Web Magazine - Video Review - Westworld
Westworld once existed in an age of innocence, an age in which the film's vision of an amusement park run amok with guests-turned-prey seemed fresh and novel.
Instead of Laura Dern sprinting gleefully across a field to stick her arm in triceratops poop, we get Norman Bartold adjusting to his role as stud knight in Medieval World and looking about as pleased with himself as Mel Brooks in History of the World, Part I ("It's good to be the king!").
Westworld takes the second option; the only women featured are not even secondary characters; more like tertiary.
www.the11thhour.com /archives/022001/videoreviews/westworld.html   (777 words)

In both cases, a bunch of “geniuses” who aren’t quite as smart as they think they are attempt to create the ultimate amusement park by exploiting hyper-advanced technology, only to have the fruits of that technology turn on them and their customers with catastrophic results.
This is actually Blane’s second trip to Westworld, and his motivation in bringing Martin along seems not unlike that of Lewis in leading his pals on that ill-advised canoeing trip in Deliverance— Martin’s too soft, and is in desperate need of some Manly Man action, especially after his recent divorce.
Especially when seen through the prism of the early 70’s, Westworld looks like the ultimate fantasy for men who fear that modernity means the end of masculinity, and because of that, it’s interesting that traditional machismo proves so totally unavailing when the robots go berserk.
www.1000misspenthours.com /reviews/reviewsn-z/westworld.htm   (1301 words)

 Westworld - Teambuilding
Westworld Corporate Paintball Adventures offers an exciting alternative to routine sales meetings and typical employee parties.
Two teams are selected and given a set of objectives: to develop the best strategy for capturing and controlling the oppositions' territories and flag stations while simultaneously defending own flags and their coworkers.
Westworld Corporate Paintball Adventures offers a variety of packages for almost any occasion, from incentive meetings to company picnics.
www.westworldpaintball.com /team.php   (884 words)

WESTWORLD is set at a time in the future where seventies fashions have come back with a vengeance and science has progressed to the point where robots have been made realistic enough to pass for human beings.
WESTWORLD was not a very inexpensive film, however the inventive production design makes it look like a whole lot more.
WESTWORLD is a minor science fiction classic that benefits from Michael Crichton's unique touch.
www.thecinemalaser.com /dvd_reviews/westworld-dvd.htm   (621 words)

 Westworld film movie trailer review at The Z Review
Rumours are circulating that Arnold Schwarzenegger is beavering away on the Westworld remake.
Schwarzenegger is poised to reprise Yul Brynner's "Westworld" role of a robotic Old West gunman programmed to be slain by wannabe gunslinger tourists in a fantasy vacation.
This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Westworld and hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise and storyline.
www.thezreview.co.uk /comingsoon/w/westworld.htm   (463 words)

 TheArnoldFans.com Westworld
"Westworld" is the direct precursor to "Jurassic Park" as the story of a technological amusement park gone out of control, with tourists becoming victims.
Two Chicago businessmen, Martin and Blane, spend their vacation in Westworld, where they live out their fantasies of the Old West mythology: chaotic barroom brawls, random love with beautiful prostitutes, and a violent jailbreak during which they shoot the local sheriff.
On November 21, 1973 "Westworld" was released in America after being filmed in California.
www.thearnoldfans.com /movies/westworld/westworld.htm   (228 words)

 Quick Reviews: Westworld
Tourists Richard Benjamin and James Brolin choose Westworld, a lawless saloon town full of testy gunslingers, barroom brawlers, and sultry women of pleasure -- all of them robots, ready to be shot or shagged for consumer pleasure during the ultimate vacation.
Although Westworld lacks the skillfully crafted suspense of Steven Speilberg's dinosaur film, Brynner makes for a more compelling villain, even if the robot mutiny makes no sense whatsoever, and Benjamin a smarter and better realized hero.
This adventure is short at just under 90 minutes, and at its shallow depth that's a blessing, but a longer, more complicated treatment of the same subject could have been something really special.
www.dvdjournal.com /quickreviews/westworld.q.html   (187 words)

Westworld, written and directed by Dr. Michael Crichton and released in 1973, was a seminal science fiction movie starring Yul Brynner as a malfunctioning robotic Western movie-style gunslinger in a futuristic amusement park (called Delos) where wealthy patrons vacation to role-play their fantasies.
An important point of the film is that the androids are virtually indistinguishable from human beings; early in the film, one of the guests (Benjamin) shoots and kills the gunslinger (who actually bleeds, just as a human would) and is worried he might actually kill a guest.
Currently, a remake of Westworld is in development and slated for release in 2007.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Westworld.php   (810 words)

 Asset Management
WestWorld Telecom Corporation can assist network operators in increasing their revenue streams and cash flow by maximizing the value of decommissioned or idle assets through its extensive network of providers.
WestWorld Telecom Corporation designs its Asset Management programs in flexible and creative ways to satisfy the specific objectives of its customers.
By engaging WestWorld Telecom Corporation to coordinate the sale of its surplus equipment, our customers are able to focus their competencies on their core businesses.
www.westworldtelecom.com /wst/assetrecovery.htm   (346 words)

Fueled by the explosive title track, the brooding radio friendly, "Uneasy", the epic rocker, "Black Shadow Symphony" and the bluesy ballad, "Heart Is A Heavy Load" WestWorld put no limitations on what they'll do in the studio.
Combining the best elements of the last three decades of music, the band bridges the gap between Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden to a note.In 1999 WestWorld released their self-titled debut on Spitfire Records.
"WestWorld has been a band from the day we finished tracking the first album," says Harnell.
www.mp3tunes.com /album_details.php?album_id=19771   (348 words)

 Dumb Distraction - Your source for movie reviews and what not!
Welcome to Westworld, a technologically enhanced dude-ranch where wealthy yuppies pay $1000 a day to experience life in an 1880 frontier town.
Manned with robotic bartenders, sheriffs, and outlaws, Westworld is just the place for a city slicker to let off some steam.
Anyway, this is John's second time at Westworld, so he knows what to expect.
dumbdistraction.com /Reviews/westworld.html   (500 words)

 Westworld Raceway @ Spirit of the West @ Chycor Cornwall
Westworld Raceway @ Spirit of the West @ Chycor Cornwall
For Further Details Please Contact Westworld Raceway On:
www.chycor.co.uk /spirit-ofthe-west/racing.htm   (86 words)

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