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Topic: Weyerhaeuser Company

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  Weyerhaeuser Company v United States
Weyerhaeuser's contention that Scott was not entitled to elect under Section 631(a) as to the timber delivered to Weyerhaeuser is likewise unavailing.
Weyerhaeuser reaches the conclusion that Scott is not entitled to the section's benefits on this timber because, as stated in its opening brief, "an unrestricted right to sell or use the logs was requisite for Section 631(a) benefits." Therefore, reasons Weyerhaeuser, since Scott is "excluded from enjoyment of that essential proprietary right with respect to...
Weyerhaeuser's second principal argument is that because it has had the benefit of the appreciation in value since 1946 of the timber it receives from Scott's land-by reason of the prices fixed in the 1946 con-tract-it should also be allowed the section 631(a) benefits for this same timber.
www.timbertax.org /research/caselaw/cc/W/weyerhaeuser.html   (5064 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Hardboard Siding Class Action Settlement
A: All Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard siding installed on structures from January 1, 1981 through December 31, 1999 is included in the settlement, with a few limited exceptions explained in the Long Form Notice For more information, please refer to the Long Form Notice.
Weyerhaeuser has agreed to pay Class Counsel a non-refundable initial payment of attorneys' fees of $18 million plus 12% of the dollar value of any claims paid between $120,000,000 and $190,000,000.
In addition, Weyerhaeuser has agreed to reimburse Class Counsel for costs incurred during the course of litigation and for future costs associated with administration of the settlement.
members.cox.net /scottspainting/html_pages/weyerhaeuser.htm   (3294 words)

 EPA-Weyerhaeuser Company
If the company were to determine in advance of the change that the emissions would exceed the cap then the company would have to comply with the full PSD review process.
If the company were to go forward with the change and it was determined later that the cap was exceeded, then the cap acts as an enforceable limit and the company would be in noncompliance with its permit.
Weyerhaeuser has committed in the FPA to conduct Feasibility Studies that may result in changes that reduce the amount of effluent coming out of the bleach plant.
www.epa.gov /projectxl/weyer/repons.htm   (5955 words)

 No. COA03-1337--White v. Weyerhaeuser Company
Weyerhaeuser had a “lockout” safety procedure that required each employee performing maintenance on equipment to place his or her personal padlock on the power control device for the equipment in order to prevent the equipment from being turned on.
Weyerhaeuser would have us hold that by choosing to resign in order to enhance his employability, White should be completely blocked from receiving benefits, even though had he waited for the inevitable firing, he would still be eligible for benefits.
Weyerhaeuser’s argument that the Commission should have weighed and viewed the evidence differently is not an argument that this Court may consider.
www.comp.state.nc.us /ncic/pages/court/132092.htm   (4819 words)

 HistoryLink Essay:Weyerhaeuser Company
The company also is among the world’s largest private land owners, controlling 7 million acres of forest in the United States and another 31 million acres in Canada.
Weyerhaeuser was survived by seven children, one of whom, John P. Weyerhaeuser, succeeded him as president of the company.
Weyerhaeuser argued that, with federal lands becoming less productive, private lands like its own were even more important to the supply of lumber and paper.
www.historylink.org /essays/printer_friendly/index.cfm?file_id=1675   (1113 words)

Weyerhaeuser has come to be known as one of the worldÆs shrewdest timber companies, having developed sophisticated public relations campaigns - including a television advertising campaign to gain recognition as "the tree-growing company" - to allay public concerns over the ecological impacts of the companyÆs patented clear-cutting techniques.
Weyerhaeuser Mortgage is one of the five largest mortgage-banking companies in the United States, with over $11 billion in loans in the late 1980s.
Weyerhaeuser spends millions of dollars on radio spots and full-page newspaper advertisements extolling the benefits of industrial, intensively managed "forest" operations, and the virtues of "tree-growing." Not surprisingly, it fails to mention the costs to communities and ecosystems once clear-cutting comes to its logical end.
multinationalmonitor.org /hyper/issues/1992/10/mm1092_12.html   (2396 words)

 CELB - Partners - Weyerhaeuser Company
Weyerhaeuser is a member of the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance, a group of companies and non-governmental organizations committed to developing tools to combat climate change, while contributing to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
Weyerhaeuser and CI are working together on development and implementation of biodiversity conservation measures adopted by the Sustainable Forestry Board and applied by the American forest and paper industry.
Weyerhaeuser and CI are working together as members of The Forests Dialogue to promote multistakeholder collaboration for conservation and sustainable management of the world's forests.
www.conservation.org /xp/CELB/partners/com/weyerhaeuser.xml   (154 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company and Willamette Industries Sign Definitive Merger Agreement;   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-12)
Company Holdings, Inc. ("CHI"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser Company, has commenced a tender offer for all the outstanding shares of common stock of Willamette Industries, Inc. at $55.50 per share, net to the seller in cash, without interest.
Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the world's largest integrated forest products companies, was incorporated in 1900.
Weyerhaeuser is principally engaged in the growing and harvesting of timber; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products; and real estate construction, development and related activities.
www.buildings.com /Articles/detail.asp?ArticleID=636   (905 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company Headquarters
Weyerhaeuser's corporate headquarters is this Skidmore, Owings and Merrill-designed building near Tacoma, built in 1971.
The company was founded in Washington with the 900,000 acre purchase of forest land by Frederick Weyerhaeuser over 90 years ago, and is now the largest private landowner in the state, with 1,570,000 acres.
The company is among the nation's top ten house builders, with five major developments underway in the Puget Sound area alone, creating homes for 36,000 people, as well as several commercial business parks, and developments in other states.
ludb.clui.org /ex/i/WA3298   (152 words)

 Endgame Profile of Weyerhaeuser
Weyerhaeuser today is the world's largest private owner of timber land, the largest producer of lumber, and a leader in the production of cardboard and paper packaging and disposable diapers.
Weyerhaeuser (family members and companies) in turn owns shares of other companies; it has been estimated that forty percent of Potlatch is still controlled by Weyerhaeuser interests.
Weyerhaeuser and its associated companies have been involved in monopolistic bid-rigging, price-fixing, and other predatory practices from their beginnings in the 1880s in the Midwest.
www.endgame.org /weyerprofile.html   (4246 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Hardboard Siding Class Action Settlement.
A: All Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard siding installed on structures from January 1, 1981 through December 31, 1999 is included in the settlement, with a few limited exceptions explained in the long form notice.
Owners of structures on which Weyerhaeuser Siding was installed between January 1, 1988 and December 31, 1993 have until December 22, 2006 to file a claim.
Owners of structures on which Weyerhaeuser Siding was installed between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 1999 have until December 22, 2009 to file a claim.
www.weyerclaims.com /qa.html   (3183 words)

 ADEQ - Solid Waste - Recycling Br - Grants - Weyerhaeuser   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-12)
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation’s Excellence in Recycling Awards reward schools that teach the wise use and reuse of our natural resources through school-wide recycling programs.
Weyerhaeuser, which has been in the recycling business since 1974, is one of the nation's largest recycling companies -- and the largest that actually uses the recyclable materials it collects.
The forest products company does not operate any recycling centers in Arkansas, but is a major purchaser of post-consumer recyclable paper in the state.
www.adeq.state.ar.us /solwaste/branch_recycling/weyerhaeuser.htm   (310 words)

 Weyerhaeuser to Build New Sawmill, Permanently Close Another, in Lebanon, Oregon, W
The company plans to begin construction in the fourth quarter of 2006 and begin operations in the first quarter of 2008.
Weyerhaeuser is providing 60 days notice to those associates, as well as closure benefits consistent with company policy and applicable union agreements.
Weyerhaeuser is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of lumber products, which provide value for builders and other customers.
news.thomasnet.com /companystory/492308   (654 words)

 Weyerhaeuser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Weyerhaeuser is one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world.
Weyerhaeuser was founded in January of 1900 by Friedrich Weyerhäuser and 15 partners with 900,000 acres (3,600 km²) of Washington timberland.
Weyerhaeuser announced it would merge with Domtar's fine paper business in a $3.3 billion cash-and-stock deal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Weyerhaeuser   (1497 words)

 EPA-Weyerhaeuser Company
Weyerhaeuser's materials which are to be land applied exclusively to forest land areas are not required to comply with Georgia Rules 391-3-6-.17 and accompanying Guidelines in order to be permitted under Rules 391-3-6-.11 or 391-6-6.19.
Weyerhaeuser can apply for a General Permit for a Land Application System under Georgia Rules 391-3-6-.19 which allows for multiple land application activities in a defined geographic area.
Weyerhaeuser shall not be required to prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan nor receive a permit for its storm water discharge other than NPDES Permit No. GA 0049336.
www.epa.gov /projectxl/weyer/nodate.htm   (1462 words)

 Weyerhaeuser - Home
Weyerhaeuser - a 100-year-old industry leader with annual sales of $11 billion - is one of the largest forest products companies in the world.
Weyerhaeuser employs about 35,000 people in 12 countries and serves customers across the globe.
This vision also includes a commitment to employees, customers and shareholders to support the communities where the company does business, to hold itself to the highest standards of ethical conduct and environmental responsibility, and to listen to and communicate openly with Weyerhaeuser people and the public.
company.monster.com /weyer   (178 words)

 Weyerhaeuser, Domtar ink paper deal - U.S. Business - MSNBC.com
Weyerhaeuser said it will distribute ownership of the fine paper business and related assets to its shareholders in either a spin-off or split-off transaction before the combination of the businesses.
Weyerhaeuser manufacturing assets included in the combination include eight paper mills and associated pulp mills; 14 converting centers; a market pulp mill in British Columbia; a coated groundwood mill in Columbus, Miss.; and two softwood lumber mills.
Weyerhaeuser had said in April that it might sell its fine paper business, which produces paper for commercial printing and publishing and business uses, as part of ongoing efforts to improve Weyerhaeuser’s operations.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/14471078   (873 words)

 CNW Group
The transaction, which has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies, is expected to close in the first quarter of 2007.
A split-off would provide Weyerhaeuser shareholders the option to elect to exchange Weyerhaeuser shares for stock in the "new Domtar." Regardless of the method, upon closing of the merger former Weyerhaeuser shareholders will own 55 percent of the "new Domtar." Former Domtar shareholders will own 45 percent of the new company.
Weyerhaeuser's financial advisor on the transaction was Morgan Stanley & Co.
www.newswire.ca /en/releases/archive/August2006/23/c7826.html   (1372 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company: The Next 100 Years
Synopsis: Focuses on the company's development since the turn of the century into a leading upstream producer of pulp and paper products, and the strategic challenges it faced as it tried to implement sustainable forestry.
The Weyerhaeuser Company was the world's largest private owner of standing softwood timber, North America's largest producer of softwood lumber, and the world's largest supplier of softwood pulp.
Weyerhaeuser Company: The Next 100 Years focuses on the company's development since the turn of the century into a leading upstream producer of pulp and paper products, and the strategic challenges it faced as it tried to implement sustainable forestry.
business.wri.org /pubs_description.cfm?PubID=2850   (196 words)

 PRESS RELEASE Weyerhaeuser Acquires OrganicID, an ITU Ventures Portfolio Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-12)
This news was previously released by Weyerhaeuser Company on August 30, 2006.
"The acquisition of OrganicID by Weyerhaeuser is a testament to the type of success that can occur when incredible innovation from universities is coupled with driven entrepreneurs and investment capital," commented Jonah Schnel.
ITU Ventures is the premier venture capital firm serving the unique needs of technology businesses emerging from the nation's leading universities, research institutions, federal labs, and technology corporations.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=169971   (350 words)

 04-7118 -- Kruchowski v. Weyerhaeuser Company -- 09/13/2005
Plaintiffs admit the process was not coercive, nor were they intimidated by Weyerhaeuser or its representatives.
Weyerhaeuser, having satisfied both OWBPA requirements and having demonstrated a knowing and voluntary participation under a totality of the circumstances approach, is entitled to a summary judgment determination that the releases at issue, signed by each named Plaintiff, are valid and preclude Plaintiffs' claims under the ADEA.
at 17 ("Weyerhaeuser having satisfied both OWBPA requirements and having demonstrated a knowing and voluntary participation under a totality of the circumstances approach is entitled to a summary judgment determination that the releases.
www.kscourts.org /ca10/cases/2005/09/04-7118.htm   (2110 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company Term Papers, Essay Research Paper Help, Essays on Weyerhaeuser Company
Since 1998, our Weyerhaeuser Company experts have helped students worldwide by providing the most extensive, lowest-priced service for Weyerhaeuser Company writing and research.
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www.essaytown.com /topics/weyerhaeuser_company_essays_papers.html   (803 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Stock Price (WY), Stock Quotes, Charts, Trades & Market News.
Company Description : The Company is principally engaged in the growing and harvesting of timber; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products; and real estate development and construction.
Weyerhaeuser to close plants, cut jobs : EUGENE, Ore. (AFX) - Weyerhaeuser Co., one of the nation's largest producers of lumber and paper products, said Monday that it is closing a plywood mill in Springfield, Ore., and a veneer plant in Coburg, Ore., causing...
Register for FREE access to the latest Weyerhaeuser company information and fundamental data for other USA Equity companies.
www.advfn.com /quote_weyerhaeuser_nyse_wy.html   (405 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company jobs - GetTheJob.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-12)
Their skill and ingenuity have made Weyerhaeuser one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of wood products in the world.
Weyerhaeuser Company · Cypress, CA · Save Job Saving...
The unit is chartered to play a major role in the implementation of SAP application systems within the company.
www.getthejob.com /Weyerhaeuser_Company_jobs.aspx   (999 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Acquires Canadian Timber Company, Clayoquot & Elsewhere at Risk
Weyerhaeuser Acquires Canadian Timber Company, Clayoquot and Elsewhere at Risk
Weyerhaeuser intends to account for the transaction as a pooling of
The company is also a large exporter and is
forests.org /archived_site/today/recent/1999/envconce.htm   (1352 words)

 05-7037 -- Bastible v. Weyerhaeuser Co. -- 02/13/2006
Plaintiffs in these consolidated appeals are either former employees of defendant Weyerhaeuser Company ("Weyco") or former employees of contractors that supplied personnel for Weyco at its paper mill facility in Valliant, Oklahoma.
Plaintiffs were terminated after a search by Weyco security personnel uncovered firearms in their vehicles parked in the employee parking lot at the mill, in violation of Weyco policies.
Because we perceive no conflict between the two sections or between the two Acts, and because we are confident that the Oklahoma courts would perceive no conflict, we decline plaintiffs' request to certify that question to the Oklahoma courts.
www.kscourts.org /ca10/cases/2006/02/05-7037.htm   (3971 words)

 Weyerhaeuser Company Business Contacts & Company Information
Jigsaw provides business contact and company information for Weyerhaeuser Company and other public and private companies.
With over 4 million business contact records within 300,000 + companies, Jigsaw allows you to target key decision makers by rank, industry, department and geography.
Get business contact information at Weyerhaeuser Company or other Manufacturing companies, at C-level, VP, Director and Manager level in any department at any company.
www.jigsaw.com /Weyerhaeuser-Company/ID208414/company-information.xhtml   (91 words)

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